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Study of Performance Appraisal System
Dabur Pt! "td!
Submitted in Partial Fulfllment Of Degree in Master of
Business Administration
Sunder Deep Institute Of Management Technology
Submited to# Submited by
Ms! Ric$a %uls$rest$a Smita Rai
Roll No.0724070046
This is to certify that the project work done on Study of Performance
Appraisal System and its Effectiveness in an organization by S!TA
"A! in partial fulfillment of the re#uirement for the award of the degree of
$A is a bonafide work carried out by him%her under my supervision &
guidance' This work has not been submitted any where else for any
other degree%diploma as per my knowledge'
This project ill accomplish to !"dersta"d ho the people i"teract ith tech"olo#$
sa%$ prod!cts a"d if the$ are read$ for doi"# all the tradi"# thro!#h "et. The project
also helps i" !"dersta"di"# the tre"d of the scripts of the partic!lar sector & 'a"(i"#
sector ) i" differe"t mar(et co"ditio".
To mai"tai" a"d cope !p ith the #roi"# competitio" from the %ario!s o"li"e
tradi"# pro%iders* +a'!r P%t. ,td. "eeds to fi"d pote"tial clie"ts* also the "e
i"%estors a"d satisf$ there "eeds.
The Broad o'jecti%e of the project is to e-!ipped the trai"ees ith all the -!alit$
hich is esse"tial to face a"$ circ!msta"ces hich ca" arise hile pro%idi"#
All these steps help me to !"dersta"d ho to cope !p ith differe"t t$pes of people
a"d there di%ersified "eed a"d satisfactio" le%el.
.* SMITA RAI( st!de"t of MBA 3
Sem here '$ declare that the project e"titled
)Performance Appraisal System in Dabur Pt! "td!* is m$ ori#i"al or( a"d the
same has "ot 'ee" s!'mitted to a"$ other ."stit!te / 0"i%ersit$ for the aard of a"$
de#ree. The s!##estio"s #i%e" '$ s!per%isor ha%e 'ee" d!l$ i"corporated i" this
Smita Rai
M$ si"cere tha"(s to Ms.Richa !"der hose a'le #!ida"ce a"d (i"d
cooperatio" . as a'le to complete the project or( titled ,Study of
Performance Appraisal System in Dabur Pt! "td!, .
. o!ld also li(e to tha"( Mr. Siddharth Mali(* 0"it Ma"a#er* +a'!r ."dia
,td. for #!idi"# me.
Also* . do tha"( a"d remem'er m$ frie"ds for their effort a"d helpi"# ha"d.
1%er$ effort has 'ee" made to e"ha"ce the -!alit$ of or(. 2oe%er* . oe the
sole respo"si'ilit$ of the shortcomi"#* if a"$* i" the st!d$.
3hapter 45 ."trod!ctio"
3hapter 25 6'jecti%e a"d Methodolo#$ of the St!d$
3hapter 35 6r#a"i7atio" Profile
3hapter 45 Performa"ce Appraisal8 Theoretical Re%ie
3hapter 95 Performa"ce Appraisal S$stem i"
+a'!r ."dia ,td.
3hapter 65 A"al$sis a"d ."terpretatio" of +ata
3hapter 75 3o"cl!sio" a"d S!##estio"s
3hapter : A""e;!re
Study of Performance Appraisal System and Its
Effectieness in an Or/ani0ation
T$e $istory of performance appraisal is 1uite brief!
.ts roots i" the earl$ 20th ce"t!r$ ca" 'e traced to Ta$lor<s pio"eeri"# Time
a"d Motio" st!dies. B!t this is "ot %er$ helpf!l* for the same ma$ 'e said
a'o!t almost e%er$thi"# i" the field of moder" h!ma" reso!rces ma"a#eme"t.
As a disti"ct a"d formal ma"a#eme"t proced!re !sed i" the e%al!atio" of or(
performa"ce* appraisal reall$ dates from the time of the Seco"d =orld =ar
8"ot more tha" 60 $ears a#o.
>et i" a 'roader se"se* the practice of appraisal is a %er$ a"cie"t art. ." the
scale of thi"#s historical* it mi#ht ell la$ claim to 'ei"# the orld<s seco"d
oldest professio"?
There is* sa$s +!leic7 &4@:@)* A... a 'asic h!ma" te"de"c$ to ma(e
j!d#eme"ts a'o!t those o"e is or(i"# ith* as ell as a'o!t o"eself.A
Appraisal* it seems* is 'oth i"e%ita'le a"d !"i%ersal. ." the a'se"ce of a
caref!ll$ str!ct!red s$stem of appraisal* people ill te"d to j!d#e the or(
performa"ce of others* i"cl!di"# s!'ordi"ates* "at!rall$* i"formall$ a"d
The h!ma" i"cli"atio" to j!d#e ca" create serio!s moti%atio"al* ethical a"d
le#al pro'lems i" the or(place. =itho!t a str!ct!red appraisal s$stem* there
is little cha"ce of e"s!ri"# that the j!d#eme"ts made ill 'e laf!l* fair*
defe"si'le a"d acc!rate.
Performa"ce appraisal s$stems 'e#a" as simple methods of i"come
j!stificatio". That is* appraisal as !sed to decide hether or "ot the salar$ or
a#e of a" i"di%id!al emplo$ee as j!stified.
The process as firml$ li"(ed to material o!tcomes. .f a" emplo$ee<s
performa"ce as fo!"d to 'e less tha" ideal* a c!t i" pa$ o!ld follo. 6" the
other ha"d* if their performa"ce as 'etter tha" the s!per%isor e;pected* a pa$
rise as i" order.
,ittle co"sideratio"* if a"$* as #i%e" to the de%elopme"tal possi'ilities of
appraisal. .f as felt that a c!t i" pa$* or a rise* sho!ld pro%ide the o"l$
re-!ired impet!s for a" emplo$ee to either impro%e or co"ti"!e to perform
Sometimes this 'asic s$stem s!cceeded i" #etti"# the res!lts that ere
i"te"dedB '!t more ofte" tha" "ot* it failed.
Cor e;ample* earl$ moti%atio"al researchers ere aare that differe"t people
ith ro!#hl$ e-!al or( a'ilities co!ld 'e paid the same amo!"t of mo"e$
a"d $et ha%e -!ite differe"t le%els of moti%atio" a"d performa"ce.
These o'ser%atio"s ere co"firmed i" empirical st!dies. Pa$ rates ere
importa"t* $esB '!t the$ ere "ot the o"l$ eleme"t that had a" impact o"
emplo$ee performa"ce. .t as fo!"d that other iss!es* s!ch as morale a"d self8
esteem* co!ld also ha%e a major i"fl!e"ce.
As a res!lt* the traditio"al emphasis o" reard o!tcomes as pro#ressi%el$
rejected. ." the 4@90s i" the 0"ited States* the pote"tial !sef!l"ess of appraisal
as tool for moti%atio" a"d de%elopme"t as #rad!all$ reco#"i7ed. The #e"eral
model of performa"ce appraisal* as it is ("o" toda$* 'e#a" from that time.
Modern Appraisal
Performa"ce appraisal ma$ 'e defi"ed as a str!ct!red formal i"teractio"
'etee" a s!'ordi"ate a"d s!per%isor* that !s!all$ ta(es the form of a periodic
i"ter%ie &a""!al or i" hich the or( performa"ce of the s!'ordi"ate is
e;ami"ed a"d disc!ssed* ith a %ie to ide"tif$i"# ea("esses a"d stre"#ths
as ell as opport!"ities for impro%eme"t a"d s(ills de%elopme"t.
." ma"$ or#a"i7atio"s 8'!t "ot all 8appraisal res!lts are !sed* either directl$ or
i"directl$* to help determi"e reard o!tcomes. That is* the appraisal res!lts are
!sed to ide"tif$ the 'etter performi"# emplo$ees ho sho!ld #et the majorit$
of a%aila'le merit pa$ i"creases* 'o"!ses a"d promotio"s.
B$ the same to(e"* appraisal res!lts are !sed to ide"tif$ the poorer performers
ho ma$ re-!ire some form of co!"seli"#* or i" e;treme cases* demotio"*
dismissal or decreases i" pa$. &6r#a"i7atio"s "eed to 'e aare of las i" their
co!"tr$ that mi#ht restrict their capacit$ to dismiss emplo$ees or decrease
=hether this is a" appropriate !se of performa"ce appraisal 8the assi#"me"t
a"d j!stificatio" of reards a"d pe"alties 8is a %er$ !"certai" a"d co"te"tio!s
&ontroersy( &ontroersy
Ce iss!es i" ma"a#eme"t stir !p more co"tro%ers$ tha" performa"ce
There are ma"$ rep!ta'le so!rces 8researchers* ma"a#eme"t comme"tators*
ps$chometricia"s 8ho ha%e e;pressed do!'ts a'o!t the %alidit$ a"d
relia'ilit$ of the performa"ce appraisal process. Some ha%e e%e" s!##ested
that the process is so i"here"tl$ flaed that it ma$ 'e impossi'le to perfect it
&see +er%e"* 4@@0* for e;ample). At the other e;treme* there are ma"$ stro"#
ad%ocates of performa"ce appraisal. Some %ie it as pote"tiall$ A... the most
cr!cial aspect of or#a"i7atio"al lifeA &,arie* 4@@0).
Betee" these to e;tremes lie %ario!s schools of 'elief. =hile all e"dorse
the !se of performa"ce appraisal* there are ma"$ differe"t opi"io"s o" ho
a"d he" to appl$ it*
There are those* for i"sta"ce* ho 'elie%e that performa"ce appraisal has
ma"$ importa"t emplo$ee de%elopme"t !ses* '!t scor" a"$ attempt to li"( the
process to reard o!tcomes 8s!ch as pa$ rises a"d promotio"s. This #ro!p
'elie%es that the li"(a#e to reard o!tcomes red!ces or elimi"ates the
de%elopme"tal %al!e of appraisals. Rather tha" a" opport!"it$ for
co"str!cti%e re%ie a"d e"co!ra#eme"t* the reard8 li"(ed process is
percei%ed as j!d#me"tal* p!"iti%e a"d harroi"#. Cor e;ample* ho ma"$
people o!ld #ladl$ admit their or( pro'lems if* at the same time* the$
("e that their "e;t pa$ rise or a m!ch8a"ted promotio" as ridi"# o" a"
appraisal res!ltD Eer$ li(el$* i" that sit!atio"* ma"$ people o!ld de"$ or
do"pla$ their ea("esses.
Nor is the desire to distort or de"$ the tr!th co"fi"ed to the perso" 'ei"#
appraised. Ma"$ appraisers feel !"comforta'le ith the com'i"ed role of
j!d#e a"d e;ec!tio"er.
S!ch rel!cta"ce is "ot diffic!lt to !"dersta"d. Appraisers ofte" ("o their
appraisees ell* a"d are t$picall$ i" a direct s!'ordi"ate8s!per%isor
relatio"ship. The$ or( to#ether o" a dail$ 'asis a"d ma$* at times* mi;
sociall$. S!##esti"# that a s!'ordi"ate "eeds to 'r!sh !p o" certai" or(
s(ills is o"e thi"#B #i%i"# a" appraisal res!lt that has the direct effect of
"e#ati"# a promotio" is a"other.
The res!lt ca" 'e rese"tme"t a"d serio!s morale dama#e* leadi"# to
or(place disr!ptio"* so!red relatio"ships a"d prod!cti%it$ decli"es.
6" the other ha"d* there is a stro"# ri%al ar#!me"t hich claims that
performa"ce appraisal m!st !"e-!i%ocall$ 'e li"(ed to reard o!tcomes. The
ad%ocates of this approach sa$ that or#a"i7atio"s m!st ha%e a process '$
hich reards 8hich are "ot a" !"limited reso!rce 8ma$ 'e ope"l$ a"d fairl$
distri'!ted to those most deser%i"# o" the 'asis of merit* effort a"d res!lts.
There is a critical "eed for rem!"erati%e j!stice i" or#a"i7atio"s. Performa"ce
appraisal 8hate%er its practical flas 8is the o"l$ process a%aila'le to help
achie%e fair* dece"t a"d co"siste"t reard o!tcomes. .t has also 'ee" claimed
that appraisees themsel%es are i"cli"ed to 'elie%e that appraisal res!lts sho!ld
'e li"(ed directl$ to reard o!tcomes 8a"d are s!spicio!s a"d disappoi"ted
he" told this is "ot the case. Rather tha" feeli"# relie%edB appraisees ma$
s!spect that the$ are "ot 'ei"# told the hole tr!th* or that the appraisal
process is a sham a"d aste of time.
T$e "in2 to Re3ards
Rece"t research &Ba""ister F Bal(i"* 4@@0) has reported that appraisees seem
to ha%e #reater accepta"ce of the appraisal process* a"d feel more satisfied
ith it* he" the process is directl$ li"(ed to reards. S!ch fi"di"#s are a
serio!s challe"#e to those ho feel that appraisal res!lts a"d reard o!tcomes
m!st 'e strictl$ isolated from each other. There is also a #ro!p ho ar#!es that
the e%al!atio" of emplo$ees for reard p!rposes* a"d fra"( comm!"icatio"
ith them a'o!t their performa"ce* are part of the 'asic respo"si'ilities of
ma"a#eme"t. The practice of "ot disc!ssi"# reard iss!es hile appraisi"#
performa"ce is* sa$ critics* 'ased o" i"co"siste"t a"d m!ddled ideas of
." ma"$ or#a"i7atio"s* this i"co"siste"c$ is a##ra%ated '$ the practice of
ha%i"# separate a#e a"d salar$ re%ies* i" hich merit rises a"d 'o"!ses are
decided ar'itraril$* a"d ofte" secretl$* '$ s!per%isors a"d ma"a#ers.
There are 'asicall$ three p!rposes to hich performa"ce appraisal ca" 'e p!t.
Cirst* it ca" 'e !sed as a 'asis for reard allocatio". +ecisio" as to ho #ets
salar$ i"crease* promotio"* a"d other reards are determi"ed '$ their
performa"ce e%al!atio". Seco"d* these appraisals ca" 'e !sed for ide"tif$i"#
areas here de%elopme"t efforts are "eeded. The performa"ce appraisal is a
major tool for ide"tif$i"# deficie"cies i" i"di%id!als. Ci"all$ it ca" 'e !sed as
a criterio" a#ai"st hich selectio" de%ices a"d de%elopme"t pro#rams are
%alidated. As a (e$ i"p!t i"to ma"a#eme"t<s reard a"d p!"ishme"t decisio"*
performa"ce appraisals ca" moti%ate or de8moti%ate emplo$ees.
Three differe"t approaches e;ist for doi"# appraisals. 1mplo$ees ca" 'e
appraised a#ai"st
4. A'sol!te sta"dards
2. Relati%e sta"dards
3. 6'jecti%es
Si"ce or#a"isatio"s e;its to achie%e #oals* the de#ree of s!ccess that i"di%id!al
emplo$ees ha%e i" reachi"# their i"di%id!al #oals is importa"t i" determi"i"#
or#a"isatio" effecti%e"ess.
Performa"ce s$stem is f!"dame"tall$* a feed 'ac( process* hich re-!ire
s!stai"ed commitme"t. The cost of fail!re to pro%ide s!ch feed'ac( ma$ res!lt
i" a loss of (e$ professio"al emplo$ees* the co"ti"!ed poor performa"ce of
emplo$ees ho are "ot meeti"# performa"ce sta"dards a"d a loss of
commitme"t '$ emplo$ees* i" s!m* the m$th that the emplo$ee ("o hat.
the$ are doi"# itho!t ade-!ate feed'ac( from ma"a#eme"t ca" 'e a"
e;pe"si%e fa"tas$.
4. 1sta'lishi"# Performa"ce Sta"dard
2. 3omm!"icate Performa"ce e;pectatio"s to emplo$ees
3. Meas!re act!al performa"ce
4. 3ompare act!al performa"ce ith sta"dards
9. +isc!ssio" ith the emplo$ees a"d ide"tificatio" de%elopme"t pro#rams
to 'rid#e the #ap.
6. ."itiate actio"
." #e"eral the appraisal s$stems ser%e a to fold p!rpose
4. To impro%e the or( performa"ce of emplo$ees '$ helpi"# them
reali7e a"d !se their f!ll pote"tial i" carr$i"# o!t their firms missio".
2. To pro%ide i"formatio" to emplo$ees a"d ma"a#ers for !se i" ma(i"# *
or( related decisio"s.
More specificall$ appraisals ser%e the folloi"# p!rposes.
a) Appraisals pro%ide feed'ac( to emplo$ees a"d help the. A< ma"a#eme"t
ide"tif$ the areas here de%elopme"t efforts are A< "eeded to 'rid#e the
#aps there'$ ser%i"# as %ehicles for perso"al A a"d career de%elopme"t.
') .t helps ma"a#eme"t spot i"di%id!als ho ha%e specific s(ills so that
their promotio"s/tra"sfer are i" li"e ith or#a"i7atio"al re-!ireme"ts.
c) Appraisal ser%e as a (e$ i"p!t for admi"isteri"# a formal or#a"isatio"
reard a"d p!"ishme"t s$stem.
d) The performa"ce s$stem ca" 'e !sed as a criterio" a#ai"st hich
selectio" de%ices a"d de%elopme"t pro#rams are %alidated.
Relia'ilit$5 The foremost re-!ireme"t of a so!"d s$stem is relia'ilit$. ." this
co"tact it refers to co"siste"c$ of j!d#eme"t. Cor a"$ #i%e" emplo$ee*
appraisals made '$ raters or(i"# i"depe"de"tl$ of o"e a"other sho!ld a#ree
closel$. B!t raters ith differe"t perspecti%e &e.#. s!per%isors* peers*
s!'ordi"ates) ma$ see the same i"di%id!als jo' performa"ce %er$ differe"tl$.
To pro%ide relia'le data* each rater m!st ha%e a" ade-!ate opport!"it$ to
o'ser%e hat the emplo$ee has do"e a"d the co"ditio" !"der hich he or she
has do"e it. B$ ma(i"# appraisal s$stem rele%a"t* se"siti%e a"d relia'le e
ass!me the res!lti"# j!d#eme"t are %alid as ell.
Accepta'ilit$5 ." practice* accepta'ilit$ is the most importa"t re-!ireme"t of
all* for it is tr!e that h!ma" reso!rces pro#ram m!st ha%e the s!pport of.
those ho ill !se them. 0"fort!"atel$* ma"$ or#a"isatio"s do "ot p!t m!ch
effort i"to #ar"eri"# the fro"t e"d s!pport a"d participatio" of those ho ill
!se the appraisal s$stem. 0ltimatel$ it is ma"a#eme"t<s respo"si'ilit$ to
defi"e as clearl$ as possi'le the t$pe a"d le%el of jo' 'eha%io!r desired of
.t is importa"t to e"list the acti%e s!pport a"d cooperatio" of s!'ordi"ates '$
ma(i"# e;plicit hat aspects of jo' performa"ce the$ ill 'e e%al!ated o".
Practicalit$5 This implies that appraisal i"str!me"ts are eas$ for ma"a#ers a"d
emplo$ees to !"dersta"d a"d to !se.
Cor $ears* perso""el specialists ha%e searched for the <PerfectB appraisal
method as if it ere some (i"d of mirac!lo!s c!re for ma"$ pitfalls that
pla#!e or#a"isatio"s. S!ch a method does "ot e;ist. ." tommorro<s orld of
or( far more emphasis "eeds to 'e placed o" process iss!es. Cactors s!ch as
timi"# a"d fre-!e"c$ are "o less importa"t. ." s!m performa"ce appraisal is
a dialo#!e i"%ol%i"# people a"d data. Both tech"ical a"d h!ma" iss!es are
i"%ol%ed. Neither ca" 'e o%eremphasi7ed at the e;pe"se of the other.
The most f!"dame"tal re-!ireme"t for a"$ rater is that he or she has a" .
ade-!ate opport!"it$ to o'ser%e the rates jo' performa"ce o%er a reaso"a'le
period of time. This s!##est se%eral possi'le raters.
The immediate s!per%isor5 Ge"erall$ appraisal is do"e '$ this perso". 2e is
pro'a'l$ the most familiar ith the i"di%id!al<s performa"ce a"d i" most
jo's has had the 'est opport!"it$ to o'ser%e act!al jo' performa"ce. C!rther
more* the immediate s!per%isor is pro'a'l$ 'est a'le to relate the i"di%id!al<s
performi"#s to departme"t a"d or#a"isatio"alo'jecti%es.
." some jo's s!ch as o!tside sales* la e"forceme"t a"d teachi"#* the
immediate s!per%isor ma$ o'ser%e a s!'ordi"ate<s act!al jo' performa"ce
rarel$ &a"d i"directl$ thr! ritte" reports). 2ere j!d#eme"t of peers pla$
importa"t role. 2oe%er* there is a da"#er of pote"tial 'ias.
S!'ordi"ates5 Appraisal '$ s!'ordi"ates ca" 'e !sef!l i"p!t to the immediate
de%elopme"t. S!'ordi"ates ("o first ha"d the e;te"t to hich the s!per%isor
act!all$ dele#ates* ho ell he comm!"icates* the t$pe of leadership he has
a"d the e;te"t to hich he or she pla"s a"d or#amses.
Self appraisal5 6" o"e ha"d it impro%es the rate<s moti%atio" a"d moral* o" the
other it te"ds to 'e more le"ie"t* less %aria'le a"d 'iased. The e%ide"ce o" the
acc!rac$ of self assessme"t is fairl$ comple;.
." i"d!str$ it is see" that feed 'ac(/ i"p!t is ta(e" from %ario!s so!rces 8Peers*
s!'ordi"ates* s!periors etc. Some compa"ies ha%e #o"e step ahead i" ta(i"#
feed'ac( from the c!stomers a"d i"te#rati"# it i"to the performa"ce
ma"a#eme"t process.
The traditio"al approach5 The o"e dime"sio"al model
The Ho' +efi"e hat res!lts Performa"ce co"tact
ha%e to e achie%ed
+efi"e a set of (e$
o'jecti%es a#ai"st the
Acco!"ta'ilities i.e*
Re%ie performa"ce
a#ai"st the (e$
." this model jo' e;pectatio"s are defi"ed i" terms of hat res!lts ha%e to 'e
achie%ed. This model does"<t ha%e a lo"# term foc!s a"d ca"<t 'e !sed for
emplo$ee de%elopme"t a"d career path pla""i"#*
A satisfactor$ performa"ce implies doi"# a jo' effecti%el$ a"d efficie"tl$* ith
a mi"im!m de#ree of emplo$ee 8created disr!ptio"s. 1mplo$ees are
performi"# ell he" the$ are prod!cti%e. >et prod!cti%it$ itself implies 'oth
co"cer" for effecti%e"ess a"d efficie"c$. 1ffecti%e"ess refers to #oal
accomplishme"t. 1fficie"c$ e%al!ates the ratio of i"p!ts co"s!med to o!tp!ts
achie%ed. The #reater the o!tp!t for a #i%e" i"p!t* the more efficie"t the
emplo$ees. Similarl$* if o!tp!t is a #i%e"* co"s!med to #et that o!tp!t res!lts i"
#reater efficie"c$.
There are 'asicall$ three p!rposes to hich performa"ce appraisal ca" 'e p!t.
Cirst* it ca" 'e !sed as a 'asis for reard allocatio"s. +ecisio"s as to ho #ets
salar$ i"creases* promotio"s* a"d other reards are determi"ed '$ their
performa"ce e%al!atio". Seco"d* these appraisals ca" 'e !sed for ide"tif$i"#
areas here de%elopme"t efforts are "eeded. Ma"a#eme"t "eeds to spot those
i"di%id!als ho ha%e specific s(ill or ("oled#e deficie"cies. The
performa"ce appraisal is a major tool for ide"tif$i"# these deficie"cies. Ci"all$*
the performa"ce appraisal ca" 'e !sed as a criterio" a#ai"st hich selectio"
de%ices a"d de%elopme"t pro#rams are %alidated.
&$apter 8
&$apter 8
.! Ob;ectie of t$e study
This project aims at st!d$i"# the s$stem of performa"ce appraisal a"d its
effecti%e"ess i" a" or#a"isatio". Performa"ce appraisal is the most si#"ifica"t
a"d i"dispe"sa'le tool for the ma"a#eme"t as it pro%ide !sef!l i"formatio" for
decisio" ma(i"# i" area of promotio" a"d compe"satio" re%ies.
Th!s 'road o'jecti%es of the st!d$ i"cl!des5
To ("o the prese"t s$stem of performa"ce appraisal
To ("o the e;te"t of effecti%e"ess of the appraisal s$stem
To ide"tif$ a"d ("o the area for impro%eme"t s$stem
8! Sample of t$e study
The pop!latio" co%ered for the prese"t st!d$ co"sisted of emplo$ee 'elo"#i"#
to s!per%isor$ a"d the le%el a'o%e. Cor the p!rpose of this st!d$* s!r%e$
co%ered the emplo$ee of +AB0R .N+.A ,T+. falli"# !"der s!per%isor a"d
the le%el a'o%e.
The st!d$ co%ered a sample of 400 emplo$ee 'elo"#i"# to s!per%isor$ le%el
a"d a'o%e.
<! Met$odolo/y of t$e pro;ect
The project or( has 'ee" carried o!t i" three sta#es* a str!ct!red
-!estio""aire ith o'jecti%e a"d -!estio" as comm!"icated tested a"d
fi"alise. +!ri"# the seco"d sta#e* the -!estio""aire as admi"istered to the
emplo$ees at +a'!r ."dia ,td. '$ co"tacti"# them. The or( relati"# to data
e"tr$ compilatio"* data a"al$sis a"d report riti"# co"stit!ted the third sta#e.
."ter%ie i"de; as also !sed at some places to #et i"formatio" o" the project
The details of the methodolo#$ adopted are prese"ted 'elo5
T$e 4uestionnaire
Ieepi"# i" %ie the o'jecti%e of the st!d$* -!estio""aire as desi#"ed a"d
tested o" fe emplo$ees. After #etti"# the proper respo"se a"d sa"ctio" from
the co"cer"ed departme"t the -!estio""aire as fi"alised.
Response to 4uestionnaire
." all @6 -!estio""aire ere #i%e" to emplo$ees falli"# i" the cate#or$ of
s!per%isors a"d a'o%e. 6!t of hich 4: co!ld 'e collected 'ac( d!l$
completed. The researcher i"di%id!all$ co"tacted the emplo$ees to #et
respo"se o" the -!estio""aire.
Data entry and analysis
.t has 'ee" a" !phill tas( to e"ter the e"ormo!s data recei%ed thro!#h the
-!estio""aire hich co"sisted "earl$ 20 -!estio"s. Res#o"se to the descripti%e
-!estio"s tho!#h %er$ fe '!t as %al!a'le for the p!rpose of st!d$. 2e"ce
these ere f!rther str!ct!red i" time ith the s$stem adopted for compilatio"
a"d data a"al$sis.
Ma"$ emplo$ees #a%e #!arded a"sers to some cr!cial -!estio"s.
Some of them did "ot fill the -!estio""aire d!e to lac( of time
Respo"se co!ld "ot 'e collected from the total sample selected.
Some of the -!estio""aire co!ld "ot 'e completed d!e to reaso"s other tha"
time factor.
The co"fide"tialit$ of the s$stem created some pro'lem i" #etti"# i"formatio".
&$apter <
&$apter <
The stor$ of +a'!r #oes 'ac( to 4::4* to a $o!"# doctor armed ith a
de#ree i" medici"e a"d a '!r"i"# desire to ser%e ma"(i"d. This $o!"# ma"*
+r. S. I. B!rma"* laid the fo!"datio"s of hat is toda$ ("o" as +a'!r
."dia ,imited. Crom those h!m'le 'e#i""i"#s* the compa"$ has #ro" i"to
."dia<s leadi"# ma"!fact!rer of co"s!mer healthcare* perso"al care a"d food
prod!cts. This phe"ome"al pro#ress has see" ma"$ milesto"es* some of
hich are me"tio"ed 'elo5
.==> 8+r. S I B!rma" la$s the fo!"datio" of hat is toda$ ("o" as
+a'!r ."dia ,imited. Starti"# from a small shop i" 3alc!tta* he
'e#a" a direct maili"# s$stem to se"d his medici"es to e%e" the
smallest of %illa#es i" Be"#al. The 'ra"d "ame +a'!r is deri%ed
from the ords 'Da' for Daktar or doctor a"d 'bur' from B!rma".
.=?@ 8As the dema"d for +a'!r prod!cts #ros +r. B!rma" feels the
"eed for mass prod!ctio" of some of his medici"es. 2e sets !p a
small ma"!fact!ri"# pla"t at Garhia "ear 3alc!tta.
Early .?AAs 8The "e;t #e"eratio" of B!rma"s ta(e a co"scio!s
decisio" to e"ter the A$!r%edic medici"es mar(et* as the$ 'elie%e
that it is o"l$ thro!#h A$!r%eda that the healthcare "eeds of poor
."dia"s ca" 'e met.
.?.? 8The search for processes to s!it mass prod!ctio" of A$!r%edic
medici"es itho!t compromisi"# o" 'asic A$!r%edic pri"ciples leads
to the setti"# !p of the first Research F +e%elopme"t la'orator$ at
+a'!r. This i"itiates a pai"sta(i"# st!d$ of A$!r%edic medici"es as
me"tio"ed i" a#e8old script!res* their ma"!fact!ri"# processes a"d
ho to !tili7e moder" e-!ipme"t to ma"!fact!re these medici"es
itho!t red!ci"# the efficac$ of these dr!#s.
.?8A= 8A ma"!fact!ri"# facilit$ for A$!r%edic Medici"es is set !p at
Nare"drap!r a"d +a'!r#ram. +a'!r e;pa"ds its distri'!tio" "etor(
to Bihar a"d the "ortheast.
.?<@ 8+a'!r ."dia &+r. S I B!rma") P%t. ,td. is i"corporated.
.?>A 8+a'!r di%ersifies i"to perso"al care prod!cts ith the la!"ch
of its +a'!r Amla 2air 6il. This perf!med hea%$ hair oil catches the
ima#i"atio" of the commo" ma" a"d film stars ali(e a"d 'ecomes
the lar#est hair oil 'ra"d i" ."dia.
.?>? 8+a'!r 3h$aa"prash is la!"ched i" a ti" pac( a"d 'ecomes
the first 'ra"ded 3h$aa"prash of ."dia.
.?B@ 8+a'!r '!$s its first comp!ter. Acco!"ts a"d stoc( (eepi"# are
o"e of first operatio"s to 'e comp!teri7ed.
.?CA 8+a'!r e;pa"ds its perso"al care portfolio '$ addi"# oral care
prod!cts. +a'!r ,al +a"t Ma"ja" is la!"ched a"d capt!res the
."dia" r!ral mar(et.
.?C8 8+a'!r shifts 'ase to +elhi from 3alc!tta. Starts prod!ctio"
from a hired ma"!fact!ri"# facilit$ at Carida'ad.
.?C= 8+a'!r la!"ches the 2ajmola ta'let. This is the first time that a
classical A$!r%edic medici"e is 'ra"ded 8from Sh!dha'ardha( 'ati to
2ajmola ta'let.
.?C? 8The +a'!r Research Co!"datio" &+RC)* a" i"depe"de"t
compa"$* is set !p to spearhead +a'!r<s m!lti8faceted research.
.?C? 3ommercial prod!ctio" starts at Sahi'a'ad. This is o"e of the
lar#est a"d most moder" prod!ctio" facilities for A$!r%edic
medici"es i" ."dia at this time.
.?=> 8The +a'!r 'ra"d t!r"s 400 '!t is $o!"# Je"o!#h to
e;perime"t ith "e offeri"#s i" the mar(et.
.?=@ 8+a'!r 'ecomes a p!'lic limited compa"$ thro!#h re%erse
mer#er ith Eido#!m ,imited* a"d is re8christe"ed +a'!r ."dia
.?=? 82ajmola 3a"d$ is la!"ched a"d capt!res the ima#i"atio" of
childre" a"d esta'lishes a lar#e mar(et share.
.??8 8+a'!r e"ters i"to a joi"t %e"t!re ith A#rolime" of Spai" for
ma"!fact!ri"# a"d mar(eti"# co"fectio"er$ items s!ch as '!''le
#!ms i" ."dia.
.??< 8+a'!r sets !p the o"colo#$ form!latio" pla"t at Baddi*
2imachal Pradesh.
.??> 8+a'!r ."dia ,imited comes o!t ith its first p!'lic iss!e. The
Rs.40 share is iss!ed at a premi!m of Rs.:9 per share. The iss!e is
o%ers!'scri'ed 24 times.
.??> 8+a'!r reor#a"i7es its '!si"ess ith sales a"d mar(eti"#
operatio"s 'ei"# di%ided i"to 3 separate di%isio"s.
.??> 8+a'!r e"ters the o"colo#$ &a"ti8ca"cer) mar(et ith the
la!"ch of ."ta;el &Paclita;el). +a'!r 'ecomes o"l$ the seco"d
compa"$ i" the orld to la!"ch this prod!ct. The +a'!r Research
Co!"datio" de%elops the !"i-!e eco8frie"dl$ process of e;tracti"#
the dr!# from the lea%es of the Asia" >e tree.
.??B 8+a'!r e"ters i"to a joi"t %e"t!re ith 6sem of .srael for food
a"d Bo"#rai" of Cra"ce for cheese a"d other dair$ prod!cts.
.??@ 8+a'!r la!"ches Real Cr!it H!ice hich heralds the compa"$<s
e"tr$ i"to the processed foods mar(et.
.??C 8The Coods di%isio" is created* comprisi"# of Real Cr!it H!ice
a"d 2ommade coo(i"# pastes to form the core of this di%isio"<s
prod!ct portfolio.
.??C 8Project STARS &Stri%e To Achie%e Record S!ccesses) is
i"itiated '$ the compa"$ to achie%e accelerated #roth i" the
comi"# $ears. The scope of this project is strate#ic* str!ct!ral a"d
operatio"al cha"#es to e"a'le efficie"cies a"d impro%e #roth rates.
.??= 8The B!rma" famil$ ha"ds o%er the rei"s of the compa"$ to
professio"als. Mr. Ni"! Iha""a joi"s +a'!r as the 3hief 1;ec!ti%e
6fficer. ..
.???D8AAA 8+a'!r achie%es the Rs..666 crore t!r"o%er mar(
=hat is that life orth hich ca""ot 'ri"# comfort to othersA* these
ords of +r. S I B!rma" ha%e i"spired #e"eratio"s of +a'!r. Ieepi"# rA
these #olde" ords i" mi"d* Sa"desh or the S!stai"a'le +e%elopme"t
Societ$ as set !p to carr$ o!t elfare acti%ities aimed at impro%i"# the
A -!alit$ of life of the r!ral people i" its area of operatio". This societ$ is
#i%e" complete fi"a"cial a"d ma"a#erial s!pport '$ +a'!r ."dia ,imited.
A %ast arra$ of prod!cts to!chi"# the li%es of almost e%er$ i"di%id!al* from a"
i"fa"t to a #ra"d old ma"* from poor to richB that<s ho the +a'!r<s ra"#e of
health perso"al care a"d food prod!cts co!ld 'e 'est e;plai"ed. Toda$ +a'!r
tr!st has tra%eled 'e$o"d the 'o!"daries of ."dia a"d is a%aila'le i" more tha"
90 co!"tries orldide. These %al!e for mo"e$ prod!cts ha%e made +a'!r a
ho!sehold "ame 2ealthcare is o"e of the 'i##est a"d oldest di%isio"s of +a'!r
ith a ide ra"#e of 6T3 healthcare prod!cts. .t comprises of5
Ayuredic -ealt$ Tonics
The leader i" the ch$aa"prash mar(et i" ."dia* +a'!r 3h$aa"prash is
o"e of the most ell ("o" A$!r%edic prod!cts i" ."dia a"d a'road. A"
effecti%e her'al imm!"e mod!lator* +a'!r 3h$aa"prash has the esse"tial
#ood"ess <of amla a"d o%er 90 other her's. +a'!r has co"d!cted se%eral
cli"ical trials o" this prod!ct* hich co"firm its efficac$ as a !"i-!e prod!ct
that stre"#the"s the 'od$ from ithi".
-a;mola Tablets
2ajmola Ta'lets are the first classical A$!r%edic prod!cts to 'e 'ra"ded a"d
positio"ed as f!"8filled prod!ct ith medici"al properties. .t fi"ds me"tio"
i" A$!r%edic script!res as Ish!dha%ardha( Bati* a"d as 'ra"ded as
2ajmola* a "ame deri%ed from 2ajma hich mea"s di#estio" i" 0rd!. .t is
a%aila'le i" re#!lar a"d tamari"d fla%o!r.
-aimola &andy
To cash i" o" the 'ra"d e-!it$ e"jo$ed '$ 2ajmola* +a'!r la!"ched 2ajmola
3a"d$ i" 4@:@. Si"ce the"* the compa"$ has added Ma"#o a"d tamari"d
fla%ors 'esides the re#!lar o"e.
Pudin -ara
6"e of the oldest prod!cts i" +a'!r portfolio* P!di" 2ara is a%aila'le i" li-!id
as ell as caps!le form. .t has a special com'i"atio" of mi"t oils a"d c!res
#astric pro'lems itho!t a"$ side effects.
The compa"$ has added effer%esce"t poder ith #ood"ess of Mi"t for #as
a"d acidit$ a"d "amed it P!di" 2ara G.
Asafoetida or 2i"# is me"tio"ed i" A$!r%eda as a" effecti%e aid i" di#estio"*
a"d is !sed a lot i" ."dia" coo(i"#. +a'!r<s 2i"#oli has all the #ood"ess of
asafoetida a"d other her's.
&$ildcare Products
Dabur "al Tail
The lar#est 'a'$ massa#e oil i" ."dia* it has the #ood"ess of her's hich helps
i" stre"#the"i"# the 'o"es of i"fa"ts.
Dabur :anma G$utti
This A$!r%edic preparatio" helps i" stre"#the"i"# the di#esti%e s$stem of "e
+omen &are Products
1farelle 3omfort
A her'al medici"e i" self #el caps!le form to help o%ercome a'domi"al pai"
d!ri"# PMS. A com'i"atio" of "at!ral oils* this form!latio" #i%es immediate
relief from pai" itho!t a"$ side effects.
The lar#est di%isio" i" terms of sales* the Camil$ Prod!cts +i%isio" of +a'!r
has i" its portfolio hair care a"d s(i" care prod!cts* oral care a"d select foods
li(e ho"e$.
-air E S2in &are
+a'!r is the leader i" hair care prod!cts i" ."dia* a"d has co%ered almost all the
cate#ories of hair oils.
+a'!r Amla 2air 6il 8As a 'ra"d has made its mar( 'e$o"d ."dia a"d is a
leadi"# hair oil 'ra"d i" Middle 1ast a"d Africa. A perf!med hea%$ hair oil* it
is +a'!r<s lar#est 'ra"d.
+a'!r Special 2air 6il 8.t is li#ht hair oil that com'i"es the "at!ral hair care
properties of lemo" a"d hi'isc!s.
Eati(a 8The fastest #roi"# hair oil 'ra"d of ."dia* Eati(a has si"#le ha"dedl$
created a" alto#ether "e cate#or$ of her'al e"riched "at!ral oils. The Eati(a
ra"#e also i"cl!des a" her'al shampoo* hich has made its mar( i" the %er$
first $ear of its la!"ch i" the competiti%e shampoo mar(et of ."dia.
The compa"$ has rece"tl$ la!"ched Eati(a A"ti 8+a"dr!ff Shampoo ha%i"#
her'al i"#redie"ts to fi#ht the pro'lem of +a"dr!ff
G!la'ari 8Rose ater deri%ed from 'est of ."dia" roses ma(es the s(i" s!pple
a"d #loi"#.
Oral &are
+a'!r ,al +a"t Ma"ja" 8.t is the seco"d lar#est tooth poder 'ra"d of ."dia
a"d the lar#est i" colo!red tooth poer cate#or$. This her'al tooth poder
is %er$ pop!lar i" r!ral parts of ."dia.
Bi"aca Tooth'r!shes 8After ha%i"# ac-!ired this dorma"t 'ra"d a fe $ears
'ac(* +a'!r la!"ched tooth'r!shes !"der this !m'rella. There are pla"s to
la!"ch other oral care prod!cts !"der the Bi"aca 'ra"d.
Dabur -oney
=he" repositio"ed i" 4@@3* it totall$ cha"#ed the perceptio" of ."dia"
co"s!mer. 2o"e$* hich as mai"l$ !sed for its medici"al properties i"
."dia* is toda$ competi"# for space o" 'rea(fast ta'le.
A$!r%edic Specialties is a ra"#e of o%er 390 A$!r%edic Medici"es 8'oth.
classical A$!r%edic dr!#s a"d proprietar$ A$!r%edic medici"es 8 de%eloped '$
+a'!r<s o" research a"d de%elopme"t. +a'!r has prod!cts for all the 46J
cate#ories as defi"ed i" the A$!r%eda. Some of the leadi"# prod!cts i" this
cate#or$ are5
Asa% Aris$tas 8These are medicated decoctio"s ith a self8#e"erated alcohol
co"te"t. +a'!r has a ra"#e of o%er 30 Asa% Arishtas. Some of the ell8("o"
o"es i"cl!de +ashm!larishta* +ra(shasa%a* ,ohasa%a* Parthad$arishta a"d
&$umas 8These are fi"el$ #ro!"d medici"al poders !sed to treat a %ariet$ of
ailme"ts ra"#i"# from di#esti%e pro'lems to co!#h a"d fe%er.
Ras Rasayans 8Preparatio"s co"tai"i"# mi"eral dr!#s as mai" i"#redie"ts are
called Ras Rasa$a"s. +a'!r has a ra"#e of more tha" 90 Ras Rasa$a"s hich
are !sed '$ A$!r%edic practitio"ers i" the c!re of host of ailme"ts.
Medicated Oils 8The oils 'oiled alo"#ith certai" prescri'ed dr!#s are ("o"
as medicated oils. These oils retai" the c!rati%e properties of her's a"d is !sed
for i"!"ctio" a"d massa#e. ,a!"ched o%er to $ears 'ac(* the +a'!r Coods
ra"#e i"cl!de j!ices !"der the 'ra"d "ame Real a"d coo(i"# pastes !"der the
'ra"d "ame 2ommade. To #i%e a 'etter foc!s this di%isio" has 'ee" car%ed o!t
as a s!'sidiar$ compa"$ of +a'!r ."dia ,imited. S!'sidiarie.
+a'!r Coods ,imited 8+a'!r Coods ,imited* a 400K s!'sidiar$ of +a'!r ."dia
,imited* is spearheadi"# +a'!r<s fora$ i"to food processi"# i"d!str$. The
compa"$* set !p i" April 4@@@* is mar(eti"# a ra"#e of fr!it j!ices !"der the
'ra"d "ame Real* 2ommade 3oo(i"# Paste a"d Sa!ces a"d ,emo"ee7 lemo"
+a'!r as the first compa"$ i" ."dia to i"trod!ce fr!it j!ices i" pac(a#ed form
itho!t a"$ artificial additi%e. Real is toda$ the mar(et leader i" this cate#or$
ith more tha" 90K mar(et share. 2ommade coo(i"# paste is the opl$ "atio"al
'ra"d i" this cate#or$. ,emo"ee7 is the o"l$ prod!ct i" its cate#or$ a%aila'le i"
!"i-!e drop a"d tric(le pac( a"d uni1uelP$armaceuticals
9randed P$armaceuticals 8.t i"cl!des a ra"#e of "at!ral ethical prod!cts li(e
Ne ,i%fit* 2o"it!s* 0l#el etc. a"d a ra"#e of co"trast media a"d
Oncolo/y 8This ide a"d formida'le ra"#e i"cl!des 'ra"ds s!ch as ."ta;el*
+oceta;el a"d Topoteca"* all of hich ere ma"!fact!red for the first time i"
."dia '$ +a'!r. ,ittle o"der the"* that +a'!r is the !"disp!ted mar(et leader
i" this cate#or$ i" ."dia a"d has pla"s to esta'lish itself as a #e"eric o"colo#$
pla$er i" select #lo'al mar(ets.
9ul2 Dru/s and &$emicals 8This ra"#e co"sists primaril$ of '!l(s i" the
o"colo#$ cate#or$.
:oint 6entures
Dabon International "imited 8+a'!r has also colla'orated ith Bo"#rai"
of Cra"ce for the ma"!fact!re a"d mar(eti"# pf specialt$ cheese a"d other
dair$ prod!cts. This joi"t %e"t!re compa"$ has alread$ made its prese"ce felt
i" the ."dia" cheese mar(et thro!#h the la!"ch of processed cheese !"der the
'ra"d "ame ,eBo"* a"d a specialt$ cheese !"der the 'ra"d "ame +elicie!;.
+a'!r has si; s!'sidiar$ !"its* hich come !"der the !m'rella of the +a'!r
."dia or#a"i7atio". These are5
Dabur 'oods "imited 8+a'!r Coods ,imited* a 400K s!'sidiar$ of +a'!r
."dia ,imited* is spearheadi"# +a'!r<s fora$ i"to food processi"# i"d!str$.
The compa"$* set !p i" April 4@@@* is mar(eti"# a ra"#e of fr!it j!ices !"der
the 'ra"d "ame Real* 2ommade 3oo(i"# Paste a"d Sa!ces a"d ,emo"ee7
lemo" j!ice. +a'!r as the first compa"$ i" ."dia to i"trod!ce fr!it j!ices i"
pac(a#ed form itho!t a"$ artificial additi%e. Real is toda$ the mar(et leader
i" this cate#or$ ith more tha" 90K mar(et share. 2ommade coo(i"# paste
is the o"l$ "atio"al 'ra"d i" this cate#or$. ,emo"ee7 is the o"l$ prod!ct i" its
cate#or$ a%aila'le i" !"i-!e drop a"d tric(le pac( a"d !"i-!el$ shaped
ta'letop pac(.
Dabur Nepal Priate "imited 8+a'!r Nepal as the first ma"!fact!ri"#
'ase o%erseas for +a'!r #ro!p. The compa"$ is toda$ the leadi"# e;porter of
Nepal a"d the third lar#est a"d most moder" ma"!fact!ri"# 'ase for +a'!r.
+a'!r Nepal is toda$ i"%ol%ed i" promoti"# c!lti%atio" of her's a"d
apic!lt!re acti%ities i" Nepal. The compa"$ has set !p state of the art
#ree"ho!se at Ba"epa for de%elopi"# sapli"#s for 20 medici"al pla"ts. +a'!r
Nepal has also set !p a" Apic!lt!re ce"tre for promoti"# 'ee8(eepi"# acti%it$
i" Nepal a"d de%elopi"# -!ee" 'ees a"d 'ee colo"ies for e;ports.
Dabur E/ypt "imited 8+a'!r 1#$pt is #ro!ps #atea$ to Africa. This
ma"!fact!ri"# 'ase set !p a co!ple of $ears 'ac( to cJater to the dema"ds of
Middle 1ast a"d Africa" mar(et is prod!ci"# 2air 3are* S(i" 3are Prod!cts
a"d Coods.
Dabur Oncolo/y PIc! 8Set !p rece"tl$ i" 0I* this s!'sidiar$ of +a'!r ."dia
,imited ill 'e ma"!fact!ri"# a"ti8ca"cer form!latio"s for 1!ropea" mar(et.
The compa"$ is i" the process of setti"# !p ma"!fact!ri"# 'ase "ear ,o"do"
a"d is e;pected to start operatio" from $ear 2004.
Dabur 'inance "imited
+a'!r has a" ill!strio!s Board of +irectors ho are committed to ta(e the
compa"$ o"to "eer le%els of h!ma" e"dea%o!r i" the ser%ice of ma"(i"d.
&$apter >
&$apter >
Si"ce or#a"isatio" e;ist to achie%e #oals* the de#ree of s!ccess that i"di%id!al
emplo$ees ha%e i" reachi"# their i"di%id!als #oals is importa"t i"
determi"i"# or#a"i7atio"al effecti%e"ess. The assessme"t of ho s!ccessf!l
emplo$ees ha%e 'ee" at meeti"# their i"di%id!al #oals* therefore* 'ecomes a
critical part of 2RM. This leads !s to the topic of performa"ce appraisal.
There are 'asicall$ three p!rposes to hich performa"ce appraisal ca" 'e p!t.
Cirst* it ca" 'e !sed as a 'asis for reard allocatio"s. +ecisio"s as to
ho #ets salar$ j"creases* promotio"s* a"d other reards are
determi"ed '$ their performa"ce e%al!atio".
Seco"d* these appraisals ca" 'e !sed for ide"tif$i"# areas here
de%elopme"t efforts are "eeded. Ma"a#eme"t "eeds to spot those
i"di%id!als ho ha%e specific s(ill or ("oled#e deficie"cies. The
performa"ce appraisals is a major tool for ide"tif$i"# these
Ci"all$ the performa"ce appraisal ca" 'e !sed as a criterio" a#ai"st
hich selectio" de%ices a"d de%elopme"t pro#rams are %alidated. .t is
o"e thi"# to sa$* for e;ample* that o!r selectio" process is s!ccessf!l i"
differe"tiati"# satisfactor$ performers from !"satisfactor$ performers.
Establis$ed performance standard
&ommunicate performance eFpectations to employee
Measure actual performance
&ompare actual performance 3it$ standards
Discuss t$e appraisal 3it$ t$e employees!
If necessary( initiate t$e correctie action
The appraisal process 'e#i"s ith the esta'lishme"t of performa"ce
sta"dards. These sho!ld ha%e e%ol%ed o!t of jo' a"al$sis a"d the jo'
descriptio" disc!ssed !"der h!ma" reso!rce pla""i"#. These performa"ce
sta"dards sho!ld also 'e clear a"d o'jecti%e e"o!#h to 'e !"derstood a"d
meas!red. Too ofte"* these sta"dards are artic!lated i" some s!ch phrase as Aa
f!ll da$<s or(A or Aa #ood jo'A. 3omm!"icatio" o"l$ ta(es place he" the
tra"sfere"ce has ta(e" place a"d has 'ee" recei%ed a"d !"derstood '$ the
s!'ordi"ate. Therefore feed'ac( is "ecessar$ from the s!'ordi"ate to the
ma"a#er. Satisfactor$ feed'ac( ce"s!res that the i"formatio" comm!"icated
'$ the ma"a#er has 'ee" recei%ed a"d !"derstood i" the a$ it as i"te"ded.
The third step i" the appraisal i" the meas!reme"t of performa"ce. To
determi"e hat act!al performa"ce. To determi"e hat act!al performa"ce is*
it is "ecessar$ to ac-!ire i"formatio" a'o!t it. =e sho!ld 'e co"cer"ed ith
ho e meas!re a"d hat e meas!re.
=hat e meas!re is pro'a'l$ more critical to the e%al!atio" process tha" ho
e meas!re* si"ce the selectio" of the ro"# criteria ca" res!lt i" serio!s
d$sf!"ctio"al co"se-!e"ces. A"d hat e meas!re determi"es* to a #reat
e;te"t* hat people i" the or#a"i7atio" ill attempt to e;cel at.
6"e of the most challe"#i"# tas(s faci"# ma"a#ers is to prese"t a" . acc!rate
appraisal to the s!'ordi"ate a"d the" ha%e the s!'ordi"ate accept the appraisal
i" a co"str!cti%e ma""er. Appraisi"# performa"ce to!ches o" o"e of the most
emotio"all$ char#ed acti%ities the assessme"t of a"other i"di%id!al<s
co"tri'!tio" a"d a'ilit$. The impressio" that s!'ordi"ates recei%e a'o!t their
assessme"t has a stro"# impact o" their self8esteem a"d* %er$ importa"t* o"
their s!'se-!e"t performa"ce.
The fi"al step i" the appraisal is the i"itiatio" of correcti%e actio" he"
"ecessar$. 3orrecti%e actio" ca"* 'e of to t$pes. 6"e is immediate a"d deals
predomi"a"tl$ ith s$mptoms. The other is 'asic a"d del%es i"to ca!ses.
.mmediate correcti%e actio" ofte" descri'ed as Ap!tti"# o!t fires*A hereas
'asic correcti%e actio" #ets to the so!rce of de%iatio" a"d see(s to adj!st the
differe"ce perma"e"tl$.
.mmediate actio" corrects somethi"# ri#ht "o a"d #ets thi"#s 'ac( o" trac(.
&$apter B
&$apter B
." +a'!r ."dia ,imited the$ ha%e the s$stem of performa"ce appraisal of
their emplo$ees. The mai" o'jecti%e of this performa"ce appraisal s$stem is
to e%al!ate the performa"ce* promote their emplo$ees a"d to arra"#e for
their %ario!s trai"i"# pro#rammes if the$ re-!ire for e"ha"ci"# their s(ills i"
their respecti%e areas a"d i" co"tri'!tio" e"ha"ceme"t..
1mplo$ees are e%al!ated '$ ho ell the$ accomplish a specific set of
o'jecti%es that ha%e 'ee" determi"ed to 'e critical i" the s!ccessf!l
completio" of their jo'. This approach is fre-!e"tl$ referred to as .
ma"a#eme"t '$ o'jecti%es. Ma"a#eme"t '$ o'jecti%es is a process that
co"%erts or#a"i7atio"Jl o'jecti%es i"to i"di%id!al o'jecti%es. .t ca" 'e
tho!#ht of as co"sisti"# of fo!r steps5 #oal setti"#* actio" pla""i"#* self8
co"trol* a"d periodic re%ies. ." #oal setti"#* the or#a"i7atio"<s o%erall
o'jecti%es are !sed as #!ideli"es from hich departme"tal a"d i"di%id!al
o'jecti%es are set. ." actio" pla"i"#* the mea"s are determi"ed for achie%i"#
the e"ds esta'lished i" #oal setti"#. That is* realistic pla"s are de%eloped to
attai" the o'jecti%es. Self8co"trol refers to the s$stematic mo"itori"# a"d
meas!ri"# of performa"ce. Ci"all$* ith periodic pro#ress re%ies*
correcti%e actio" is i"itiated he" 'eha%io!r de%iates from the sta"dards
esta'lished i" the #oal8setti"# phase. +a'!r !ses %er$ co"str!cti%e
performa"ce appraisal process hile e%al!ati"# its emplo$ees. .ts e%al!atio"
is 'ased o" -!a"titati%eise a"d o'jecti%eise.
3ompa"$ set #oals to its emplo$ee '$ properl$ reporti"# ith its emplo$ees
a"d the" e%al!ati"# them !pto hat e;te"t it has 'ee" achie%ed a"d if there is
fail!re i" reachi"# the tar#et hat are the ca!ses or reaso"s 'ehi"d it.
1%er$ e%al!ator has his or her o" %al!e s$stem hich acts as a sta"dard
a#ai"st hich appraisals are made. Relati%e to the tr!e or act!al performa"ce
a" i"di%id!al e;hi'its* some e%al!atorJ mar( hi#h a"d others lo. The former
is referred to as positi%e le"ie"c$ error a"d the latter as "e#ati%e le"ie"c$
error. =he" e%al!ators are positi%el$ le"ie"t i" their appraisal* a" i"di%id!al<s
performa"ce 'ecomes o%er8 statedB that is* rated hi#her tha" it act!all$ sho!ld.
Similarl$* a "e#ati%e le"ie"c$ error !"derstates performa"ce* #i%i"# the
i"di%id!al a loer appraisal. As s!ch there is "o scope of error as far as the
+a'!r compa"$ is co"cer"ed* '!t sometimes o%er estimatio" of tar#et 'ri"#s
a'o!t a descriptio" i" the e%al!ati"# criteria. Th!s* tho!#h cha"ces are less*
positi%e le"ie"c$ errors ha%e 'ee" stated to 'e committed.
Outcome of Performance Appraisal
As far as +a'!r compa"$ is co"cer"ed* there are fo!r o!tcomes possi'le5
a! Outstandin/ 8.f the performa"ce e%al!ated '$ the ma"a#eme"t t!r"s
o!t to 'e o!tsta"di"#. .f the emplo$ee performs i" s!ch a a$ as to
collect 3 co"sec!ti%e o!tsta"di"# performa"ce i"to his/her credit) he /
she #ets promoted.
b! EFcellent 8.f the performa"ce e%al!ated '$ the ma"a#eme"t t!r"s o!t to
'e e;celle"t. .f the emplo$ee performs i" s!ch a a$ as to collect 3
co"sec!ti%e e;celle"t performa"ce i"to his/her credit* he/she #ets
c! Good 8.f the performa"ce e%al!ated '$ the ma"a#eme"t t!r"s o!t to 'e
#ood. The ma"a#eme"t se"ds the emplo$ee to the trai"i"# pro#ramme
to impro%e his/.her s(ill to perform form.
d! 9elo3 aera/e 8.f the performa"ce e%al!ated '$ the ma"a#eme"t t!r"s
o!t to 'e 'elo a%era#e. A"d* if the emplo$ee collects 3 'elo a%era#e
to his/her credit* the" he/she dismissed
Duration of Appraisal System
The time co"strai"ts e"a'les the emplo$ee to sho or project his/her
capa'ilities i" term of performa"ce as per the d!ratio" alloed. ." +a'!r ."dia
,imited* the performa"ce appraisal s$stem is carried o!t a""!all$.
The compa"$ pro%ides the a""!al feed'ac( to its emplo$ees a"d th!s* i" term
'ri"# o!t the hi#hli#hts of the self assessme"t pro#ramme. This e"a'les the
'etter comm!"icaito" 'etee" the ma"a#eme"t a"d emplo$ees ad th!s* helps
i" promoti"# the '!si"ess f!t!re.
There are mi;ed respo"ses from the feed'ac( '$ the emplo$ees. .t has helped
some of the emplo$ees i" moti%ati"# themsel%es hile those ho felt 'ad
ere thoro!#hl$ comm!"icated a"d all the co"f!sio" a"d fail!re part ere
disc!ssed ith emplo$ees.
&$apter @
&$apter @
After collecti"# the data o" APerforma"ce Appraisal S$stemA data as
A"al$7ed a"d i"terpreted. The %ario!s topics co%ered for a"al$sis a"d
i"terpretatio" of data are5 )
.! Promotions
A promotio" ma$ 'e defi"ed as a" !pard ad%a"ceme"t of a" emplo$ee i" a"
or#a"isatio" to a"other jo'* hich comma"ds 'etter pa$/a#es* 'etter stat!s /
presti#e a"d hi#her opport!"ities / challe"#es a"d respo"si'ilit$* a 'etter
or(i"# e"%iro"me"t* ho!rs of or( a"d facilities etc.
Promoters ha%e a sal!tar$ effect o" the satisfactio" of the promoted perso"<s
"eed for esteem* 'elo"#i"# a"d sec!rit$. The$ also afford a" opport!"it$ for
#reater self8act!ali7i"# actio" thro!#h more %aried a"d challe"#i"#
assi#"me"ts. The promotio" policies differ from a" or#a"isatio" to a"other.
The #!ideli"es for departme"tal promotio" i" are same for male a"d female
emplo$ees. The period of e;perie"ce re-!ired for filli"# a hi#her post
departme"tall$ %aries from 389 $ears. 9 $ears e;perie"ce for promotio" to
ma"a#erial staff a"d 3 $ears e;perie"ce for promotio" to H!"ior Ma"a#eme"t
staff is "eeded. The other area of promotio" apart from se"iorit$ are merit a"d
fit"ess. Tho!#h these #!ideli"es are "ot i" a ritte" format the s!per%isor a"d
ma"a#er #et it at the time of appraisal from the perso""el departme"t.
As per the #!ideli"es from the perso""el departme"t emplo$ees are to 'e
promoted accordi"#l$. 2oe%er there is co"f!sio" amo"# the emplo$ee as
these #!ideli"es are "ot 'ei"# e;plai"ed time to time* ma"$ are "ot aare of
the e;isti"# promotio" polic$ i" the or#a"isatio".
Respo"de"ts ere as(ed hether the promotio" is ell defi"ed i" the
or#a"isatio". The respo"ses are #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
>es 46 46.66
No 92 94.46
3a"<t sa$ 2: 2@.46
Crom the a'o%e ta'le* it ca" 'e see" that 30K a#ree that promotio" is ell
defi"ed i" the or#a"isatio". 2oe%er 94K ere "ot a'le to sa$ it as there is
lac( of i"formatio" a'o!t the promotio" polic$. 1%er$ emplo$ee "eed to 'e
comm!"icated a'o!t the e;isti"# promotio" polic$.
Respo"de"t ere also as(ed to s!##est a"$ cha"#e i" the polic$. The respo"ses
ere as #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
Merit "ot reco#"i7ed 20 20.:3
+oes "ot defi"e career pla" 26 46.66
Not i"te#rated ith '!si"ess 0 0
2etero#e"eit$ ithi" polic$ for 96 9:.:3
differe"t positio"
Majorit$ s!##ested for "o cha"#e i" the polic$. .t seems the$ are satisfied ith
the c!rre"t polic$.
Ali/nin/ /oal
Respo"de"t ere as(ed a'o!t the prese"t s$stem* does it help i" ali#"i"#
i"di%id!al #oal ith those of the or#a"isatio". The respo"ses ere as #i%e"
Response Number Percenta/e
>es 44 49.:3
No 42 42.9
3a"<t sa$ 36 37.9
No respo"se 4 4.46
2ere the respo"se from the s!per%isor ere 49.:3K for the factor that it help
i" ali#"i"# their #oal ith those of or#a"isatio".
&areer Pro/ress
3areer pro#ress is somethi"# hich is co"ti"!o!s* ith the i"p!t from
or#a"isatio" i" term of trai"i"#* feed'ac( a"d co!"selli"#. ." toda$<s
cha"#i"# sce"ario this has to 'e folloed i" e%er$ or#a"isatio" so that a"
i"di%id!al ma(e pro#ress i" the career addi"# %al!e to himself a"d the
or#a"isatio". Respo"de"t ere as(ed a'o!t the c!rre"t s$stem helpi"# i" their
career pro#ress.
3areer ad%a"ceme"t is the most moti%ati"# factor he" emplo$ee aspire for
the ad%a"ceme"t of his career a"d for 'etter opport!"ities to !se his/her
tale"ts. Crom the or#a"isatio"<s poi"t of %ie* it is "ecessar$ to de%elop i"
ma"a#er. Some e;pectatio"s of opport!"ities for the f!t!re i" order to (eep
their moti%atio" hi#h. 3areer pla""i"# mea"s helpi"# the emplo$ee pla" his
career i" terms of his capa'ilities ith the co"te;t or or#a"isatio"al "eeds.
."di%id!al* after 'ecomi"# aare of some of his/her capa'ilities a"d career a"d
de%elopme"t opport!"ities chooses to de%elop himself/herself i" a directio"
that impro%es his/her cha"ces of 'ei"# a'le to ha"dle "e respo"si'ilities. .t is
also the respo"si'ilit$ of the emplo$er to help him/her to ide"tif$ the career
opport!"it$* ma(e choices a"d de%elop his/her career a"d pro%ide
opport!"ities for career pla""i"# a"d s!ccessio" pla""i"#
M!estio" as(ed as as follos5
Are the iss!es li(e career pla""i"# a"d s!ccessio" pla""i"# a part of compa"$s
The respo"ses to the a'o%e ere as #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
>es 46 46.66
No 44 49.:3
3a"t sa$ 36 37.9
2ere o"l$ 46K of the respo"de"t #a%e respo"se that it does "ot hile 3:K
#a%e respo"se that there is "o career de%elopme"t pla" at all.
Pro%idi"# feed'ac( pla$a co"str!cti%e role. .t helps the emplo$ee ("o
his/her ea("ess a"d stre"#th. Ceed'ac( pro%ides for the area of
Respo"de"t ere as(ed a'o!t the fre-!e"c$ of feed'ac( 'ased o" their
performa"ce. The respo"ses ere as #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
Rarel$ 24 29
6" a fe occasio" 40 44.66
Sometimes 24 29
6fte" : :.34
Almost ala$s Nil Nil
44 perce"t respo"ded that feed'ac( is pro%ided tho!#h o" a fe occasio". The
fre-!e"c$ has to i"crease 'oth from the i"di%id!al a"d or#a"isatio" poi"t of
%ie to (eep the i"di%id!al moti%ated for or( i" li"e ith the or#a"isatio"al
Remedial measure
Based o" the performa"ce the remedial meas!res are ta(e" to do aa$ ith
ea("ess if a"$ a"d '!ild o" the stre"#th a"d add to the e;isti"# capa'ilit$
Respo"se o" the remedial meas!re ere as #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
Ho' rotatio" 44 49.:3
Se"t to trai"i"# pro#ramme 40 44.66
3o!"selled 42 42.9
A"$ other Nil Nil
No"e Nil Nil
2ere the respo"se ere 'oth for jo' rotatio" a"d trai"i"# pro#ramme. +!ri"#
the co!rse it as felt that more trai"i"# i"p!t is to 'e pro%ided to the emplo$ee
to o%ercome the ea("ess a"d impro%e !po" the e;isti"# capa'ilit$ of the
Respo"de"t ere as(ed ether the promotio" polic$ is li"(ed ith the
performa"ce appraisal s$stem
The respo"ses ere as #i%e" 'elo5
Response Number Percenta/e
(es )* )+',)
-o ,. ,/'0)
3a"t sa$ 44 44.9:
Majorit$ respo"se ere that promotio" polic$ is li"(ed ith the performa"ce
appraisal s$stem.
.! Stren/t$ 8+a'!r ."dia ,imited is the first ."dia" major compa"$ hich
came !p ith the idea of A$!r%edic co"cept i" %ario!s famil$ a"d health
care prod!cts. mostl$ hate%er i"#redie"ts it !ses i" its prod!ct are
e;tracted from "at!re as it has %er$ less s$"thetic chemical co"stit!e"ts
!sed i" its prod!ct a"d so it does "ot has a"$ threat of side effect. As it has
its prod!ct i" major areas %i7. famil$* health care a"d i" food di%isio" it ca"
easil$ has lar#er share of mar(et. B$ this performa"ce appraisal s$stem act
as moti%ati"# factor for its emplo$ees to a #reat e;te"t '$ i"creasi"# their
efficie"c$ a"d s(ills. Cor e;ample* if e see +a'!r ,al +!"t Ma"ja"* it is
."dia<s "!m'er o"e tooth poder doi"# %er$ ell i" r!ral as ell as i" !r'a"
8! +ea2ness 8The mai" ea("ess of the compa"$ is that the compa"$ is
ta(i"# the performa"ce appraisal i" o'jecti%e ise* hile e%al!ati"# a
partic!lar emplo$ee performa"ce* o" o'jecti%e ise* the emplo$ee does "ot
#et e"o!#h opport!"it$ to e;press completel$ a"d freel$ the %alid reaso"s
of his/her fail!re to the or#a"i7atio". =ea("ess is also hi#hli#hted he"
+a'!r ."dia ,imited do this performa"ce appraisal proced!re a""!all$.
<! Opportunity 8=ith the help of this performa"ce appraisal s$stem the
emplo$ee ala$s #et feed'ac( from the compa"$. 2e / she ca" reali7e
easil$ his/her le%el of efficie"c$. B$ this performa"ce appraisal s$stem the
emplo$ee #ets e"ormo!s opport!"it$ to e"ha"ce their s(ills '$ special
trai"i"# a"d %ario!s other mJ"a#eme"t pro#rammes.
>! T$reats 8=hile e%al!ati"# a" emplo$ees performa"ce the performa"ce
appraisal s$stem there is ala$s a cha"ce of fear that those emplo$ees ho
are !"a'le to achie%e their tar#et ca" ta(e it as a h!#e set 'ac( for them a"d
i" the lo# term it te"ds to decrease their efficie"c$ le%el ho #ood the
emplo$ee is a"d th!s it effect the o%er all performa"ce of the or#a"i7atio".
&$apter C
&$apter C
The a"al$sis a"d i"terpretatio" of data o" st!d$ of performa"ce appraisal a"d
its effecti%e"ess i" a" or#a"isatio" led to the folloi"# co"cl!sio"s5
The promotio" r!le tho!#h defi"ed "eed to 'e comm!"icated to e%er$
emplo$ee 'efore appraisal process is do"e a"d also j!stif$ the promotio" as
a res!lt of the appraisal. That the promotio" polic$ folloed differs at
differe"t positio" a"d cate#or$. A !"iformit$ has to 'e there i" the
impleme"tatio" of promotio" polic$ at all le%els
The process of performa"ce appraisal folloed i" +a'!r ."dia ,td. at the
s!per%isor$ a"d a'o%e le%el .S to sa$ "ot #ood '!t of satisfactor$ le%el.
The emplo$ees do "ot rate it %er$ #ood
The appraisal o!tcome has to 'e !sed fre-!e"tl$ for the p!rpose of reard
o" performi"# ell to#ether ith the feed'ac( o" the performa"ce. Also
he" performa"ce #oes do" emplo$ee has to 'e #i%e" feed'ac( a"d
moti%ated to do 'etter.
The or#a"isatio" at prese"t does"<t la$ career pla""i"# "ad career s!cessio"
." +a'!r ."dia ,td. feed'ac( is 'ei"# pro%ided to the emplo$ee tho!#h o"
a fe occasio".
Performa"ce appraisal i" +a'!r ."dia ,td is do"e o" a" a""!al 'asis.
More emphasis o" trai"i"# a"d jo' rotatio" as remedial meas!res.
The mecha"ism of co!"selli"# pre8performa"ce a"d post performa"ce is
"ot i" practice at the or#a"isatio" i" strict term. +!ri"#. the co!rse of st!d$
s!##estio" came from the emplo$ee side for the "eed of co!"selli"#.
The st!d$ !"derta(e" 'ri"# some i"teresti"# res!lt.
Trai"i"# the Appraisee5 .t is proposed that appraiser 'e trai"ed for clear
!"dersta"di"# of the s$stem a"d its o'jecti%e a"d also co!"selled to 'e
ho"est* fair* j!st* !"'iased i" appraisi"# the appralsee.
Cactors/traits of e%al!atio"5 .t is proposed that appraisee e%al!ated o"
a'o%e factors/traits 'e #i%e" s!ita'le remar( or j!stificatio" for 'ei"# #i%e"
differe"t -!a"titati%e #rade.
Greater clarit$ has to 'e has to there i" terms of jo' respo"si'ilit$. This is
possi'le he" the appraisal is do"e o" the 'asis of the descriptio".
." the or#a"i7atio"* performa"ce appraisal is do"e o" a" a""!al 'asis
hich sho!ld 'e do"e M!aterl$ to ma(e it more effecti%e.
3o"siste"c$ is dema"ded i" the promotio"al polic$. .t sho!ld "ot cha"#e
e%er$ $ear.
Mo"etar$ differe"ce 'etee" to #rades sho!ld "ot 'e lar#e* it sho!ld 'e
moti%ati"# i" "at!re.
Performa"ce appraisal s$stem sho!ld 'e made more tra"spare"t a"d
Performa"ce feed'ac(5 The performa"ce feed'ac( sessio"s sho!ld 'e
impro%ed hich o!ld res!lts i" i"creasi"# emplo$ee moti%atio" to
impro%e performa"ce. The folloi"# co!ld 'e i"corporated.
Pi" poi"t the pro'lem 'eha%io!r a"d ma(e s!re the emplo$ee is aare
of it
Ma(e s!re the emplo$ee !"dersta"ds the co"se-!e"ces of the pro'lem
'eha%io!r. Get emplo$ee<s commitme"t to cha"#e a"d ma(e s!re he
cares a'o!t the cha"#e
Assista"ce sho!ld 'e pro%ided to impro%e poor performa"ce. Ma(e a
realistic pla" appropriate to the 'eha%io!r a"d set a time frame for
To ma(e s!re to re%ie performa"ce time to time
The other cha"#e hich has to 'e i"corporated at the s!per%isor a"d the
le%el a'o%e are5
These sho!ld 'e listi"# do" of tas( !"derta(e" d!ri"# the last o"e
$ear a"d the res!lt achie%ed.
." some areas of performa"ce there sho!ld 'e self appraisal a"d more
a"d more co!"selli"# so that emplo$ee impro%e !po" ea( area a"d
!"dersta"d hat is e;pected of him/her at the or#a"i7atio" le%el.
Based o" the a'o%e a" ope" appraisal s$stem is s!##ested.
." a" ope" appraisal the emplo$ee o!ld come to#ether to set the tar#ets* to
!"dersta"d the m!t!al e;pectatio"s a"d s!pport to 'e pro%ided '$ the
appraiser to the emplo$ee for achie%i"# m!t!all$ accepted #oals/tar#ets.
Thro!#h this process of setti"# tar#ets the i"terperso"al relatio"ship 'etee"
the appraiser a"d the emplo$ee o!ld impro%e.
The ope" appraisal s$stem red!ces the hims a"d fa"cies of the appraiser. .t
promotes res!lt8orie"tatio" as it is 'ased o" performa"ce rather tha" o"
perso"alit$ 'ased appraisal.
aG 4uestionnaire
bG 9iblio/rap$y
M.4. .s the promotio"al polic$ ell defi"ed i" $o!r or#a"i7atio"D
a. >es '. No c. ca"<t sa$
M.2. +o $o! ("o the o'jecti%es of the Performa"ce appraisal s$stem. .f $es (i"dl$
M.3. 2o ofte" the performa"ce appraisal form is filled or Performa"ce Appraisal is
a. fort"i#htl$. '. mo"thl$ c. si;8mo"thl$. d. a""!all$
e. "ot fi;ed.
M.4. 6" hat 'asis is the performa"ce appraisal do"e.
a. merit c!m se"iorit$ '. se"iorit$ c!m merit. c. merit o"l$
d. se"iorit$ o"l$. e. a"$ other. Pl. specif$
M.9 =ho appraises $o!D
a. appraisal committee. '. $o!r immediate s!per%isor
c. self8appraisal d. 360 de#ree appraisal.
e. a"$ other please specif$
M.6. =hat methods are 'ei"# !sed for performa"ce appraisal
a. forced choice distri'!tio" method. '. essa$ method
c. ra"(i"# method. d. critical i"cide"t method
e. a"$ other* (i"dl$ specif$
M.7. ." $o!r opi"io" does it ide"tif$ the trai"i"# "eedsD
a. to a lar#e e;te"t '. to some e;te"t c. ca"t sa$ d. "ot at all
M.:. .s the promotio"al polic$ li"(ed ith the performa"ce appraisal s$stem
a. $es '. "o c. ca"<t sa$
M.@. Are the iss!es li(e career pla""i"# a"d s!ccessio" pla""i"# a part of compa"$<s
a. $es '. "o c. ca"<t sa$.
M..0 +oes the s$stem help $o! i" ali#"i"# $o!r #oals ith those of the or#a"i7atio".
a. $es '. "o c. ca"<t sa$
M.44. =hat role does top ma"a#eme"t pla$ i" the performa"ce appraisal. (i"dl$
M.42. Are $o! a part of the appraisal committee
a. $es '. "o
M 43 . +o the emplo$ees #et the feed'ac( of performa"ce appraisal
a. $es* e%er$ time. '. ofte"* '!t "ot ala$s.
c. o"l$ he" re-!ired
d. rarel$ e. "e%er
M.44 +oes the or#a"i7atio" pro%ide co!"seli"# after the appraisal.
a. ala$s '. ofte" c. rarel$ d. "e%er. e. ca"<t sa$.
M.49. =ho does the co!"seli"#
a. trai"ed professio"als '. !"trai"ed co!"selors. c. ca"<t sa$
M.46. =hat (i"d of remedial meas!res are ta(e".
a. jo' rotatio" '. se"t to trai"i"# pro#rammes c. co!"seled
d. a"$ other* (i"dl$ specif$
M.47. 2o do $o! rate the o%erall assessme"t of performa"ce appraisal
a. 6!tsta"di"# '. Eer$ #ood c. Good d. Satisfactor$
e. Poor
M.4:. =hat do $o! feel are the positi%es i" the perfoma"ce appraisal s$stem i" $o!r
or#a"i7atio"* Ii"dl$ me"tio"
M.4@ =hat do $o! feel are the shortcomi"#s of the performa"ce appraisal s$stem
'ei"# folloed i" $o!r or#a"i7atio"* Ii"dl$ me"tio"
M.20. Cor ho lo"# ha%e $o! 'ee" or(i"# i" this or#a"isatio"
M.24. S!##estio" toards impro%i"# the performa"ce appraisal s$stem i" $o!r
4) Clippo 1di"B.* Perso""el ma"a#eme"t* 1ditio" si;th* Tata Mc Gra 2ills*
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2) G!pta* 3.B.* 2!ma" Reso!rce Ma"a#eme"t* 1ditio" Cifth&Repri"t)*S!lta"
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