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Dear friend,

Most of you have taken apsara in the wrong sense and the desperation for her phy
sical presence, invocation and manifestation is not justified.
First of all, apsara sadhana has been overwhelmingly described in books just to
attract the sadhaks, its not that whatever is mentioned is false!!
You must understand that there are different planes of existence.
Apsaras are celestial beings as important as gods; they are categorized as daugh
ters or sisters of gods or gandharvas, their creation was solely for the purpose
of experiencing the beauty and joy of life and life force. They bring with them
selves such immense treasures of pleasure which is unknown to this world, they a
re the main inspiration behind creation and creative forces, they are the essenc
e of all creation and procreation.
The divine mother is called the maha apsara.
Normally, when we worship a deity, we either think of them as a father or a moth
er, or our guardian or friend.
After, reaching a certain degree in spiritual pursuit, when we keep asking for g
od's indulgence in everything in every matters of life, through attainment of va
rious sadhana, when we keep on asking for help of our revered deity, it so happe
ns if you are the follower of the shaakt cult, the divine mother's will brings a
psara sadhana in your life.
Basically, apsara is no ones mother, no ones sister, no ones beloved, no ones wi
fe or daughter, she is purely the raw feminine energy(resembling mostly the tend
erness, playfulness, loveliness of this energy). Rabindranath tagore has express
ed it beautifully in his poem on urvashi. This kind of sadhana can only be done
by a vira sadhaks one who is well versed in shree vidya sadhana, because primari
ly shree vidya sadhana is the sadhana of the core, the raw energy, that is the r
eason why this was always so sought after and includes all aspects of shakti whi
ch is resembled with it unique yantra. Whatever sadhana in whatever religion you
perform is actually performing a branch of this shree vidya sadhana. Even if yo
u do not do apsara sadhana seperately but do shree sadhana, apsaras will automat
ically come to you in any form. This is because all the gods and goddesses are a
ccompanied by apsaras, energy by itself is not controllable or always boon givin
g, the apsara tattava makes any deity boon giving, which basically means that th
e condensed part of all the gods tenderness, purity and beauty of his heart is a
psara,(this is why one of her name is 'Urvasi' one who dwells in heart.) so its
one of the supreme sadhana, to do this ritual is to connect with the beauty of g
od's heart to ours. Apsaras are present therefore, in all cults and religion, ev
en in jainism whose sect follows strictest celibacy co-exist with apsara which m
ay not be very obvious because of the sects belief. Apsaras always existed in al
l the ancient world religions including paganism, wiccan, sabbath,roman,egyptian
religions and also christianity and islam. They have different names and they h
ave million forms not just 108 or 1008 forms mentioned in hindu texts. This is a
n essential part of any spiritual path you follow as its the feminine energy whi
ch is the creative force.
Gurudev has mentioned her sadhana in the form of beloved or wife solely because
these are the only forms of a female with which we normal mortals would have no
inhibitions of heart or desires, which most of us has understood in the literal
sense only, because of which on this basis they try to judge whether sadhana is
accomplished or not. When you do shree sadhana in stages at one point the divine
mother gives you an apsara without even asking for her, because she wants to ma
ke her sons independent and this will only happen if we understand the source of
the divine feminine energy hidden in our body and mind, apsaras play a great de
al of this task, but mostly when doing apsara sadhana in the form of wife or bel
oved we are filled with lust and we cannot do her sadhana in the form of sister
or mother because we are then not very open. Sadhanas take a long time to show f
ruits mostly because we want to see things in a presumed way. We do not keep a o
pen attitude and we measure it with the benefits it brings.
Actual apsara sadhana is done in the form of a woman who is just a woman, no mot
her, no sister,wife, or beloved. This is the truest form of this , but to start
with you must be like a beginner, believe me whatever you think doesnt matter as
long as you are true to the feelings of unconditional love. Apsara sadhanas do
not involve much chantings or formality, they only appreciate the beauty, innoce
nce, purity, truthfulness of your hearts feelings. The pompous use of fragrance,
flowers, perfume,incense, etc is symbological to the beauty of our heart that w
e try to express during the sadhana process This type of sadhana is an ongoing p
rocess and can be accomplished only with patience. When its mentioned that this
sadhana is accomplished in 1,3,7,11,21 or 40 days its actually true. But most of
us will not see her at the end of the sadhana because she exists in the astral
plane. Most of us cannot claim to have reached this plane of existence or else t
here would be no problems in life as there are unlimited possibilities in this k
ind of existence. So even when she is with you you may not know and feel sad. At
this point any sadhana that increase your intuition, your meditative power shou
ld be able to help you sense her, feel her presence e.g aatma chetna sadhana or
kundalini sadhana.
I feel sorry to say that people do not want to take risks in sadhanas, they want
immediate fulfilment like they are buying a commodity. Apsara can come to you e
ven without calling her name, or by just remembering her or in 1 or 21 days sadh
ana and if she is not to come you may keep trying for years without seeing any r
esult because it all depends on how well you listen and trust your heart.
Hope this would have answered all the queries many had in this group.
Well Gurudev has spoken about apsara but most of it is unspoken left for us to s
earch. For the beginners, she can woe your heart to such an extent that you cann
ot forget her for a moment, she is playful with her words and clever, in intelli
gence she is unmatched to the greatest scholars as she speaks the language of lo
ve. Its difficult to continue in this pursuit as she is the egoless feeling and
can be accomplished only that way. Her quality is that of water you must know sw
imming in that water.