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The 13 Planes of Existence

Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas

Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
After meditating for many years, days and hours at a time, I have reached the deepest level
of transcendental meditation. Meditation is my life. As long as I can remember, I have always
gone into an altered state of consciousness easily and effortlessly. As a young boy, I use to
close my eyes, and wish for something with all my heart and all my soul, with all my emotions
and when I opened my eyes most of the time within a short period of time it came to me.
Sometimes it would take a few days may be long as a few weeks or months, but it always
came. It's amazing how we as children think, believe, and process information. As we grow
older, we are conditioned by our parents, by our teachers, and by society. hen we were
children, we were told that we can be anyone or do anything that we want to be or do in the
whole wide world. As we grow older, we are conditioned that we cannot. hy!
e start limiting ourselves, and allow others to limit us. e allow other people to tell us that
we cannot be someone or do something. hen I was a little kid, I wanted to be a singer. All
my friends, family, and teachers told me that I can be a anyone I want to be. As I became a
teenager, my friends thought it was a pipe dream, my family thought I should be more
realistic, and my teachers told me that my chances of becoming a famous singer were slim to
none. "he problem was that I believed them what the told me. As we finish our #ourney here,
we will return you to the age of innocence.
Many years ago, I learned the difference between thinking, believing, and knowing. "hinking
carries a lot of uncertainty with it. $or e%ample, when someone says &I think 'st Street is two
blocks to the left,( it comes with a lot of doubt. hen someone says &I believe 'st Street is
two blocks to the left,( there is still some uncertainty. If you look at the word &believe( you
will notice it has the word &)I*( in the middle of it. +othing in life is coincidental. At one time,
many people believed that the world was flat, until one day a satellite was placed into outer,
space, and we saw the world was around. "oday, we know without a shadow of doubt of the
world is round. In the pages of this book, we will learn not to think or believe, but to know the
"hroughout this book, you will hear me refer to myself, as &we.( "his too is no accident. "he
word &I( always refers to a single person. In the pages of this book, you will discover that we
are not separate from our astral bodies, our spiritual higher self, our soul or the source at the
center of eternity. -eeping this in mind, you will learn to become .+* with A)) or all things.
e will attempt to keep the language simple and easy to understand as we describe some of
the higher planes of e%istence to you. e as humans are very limited to language and other
forms of communication. As we enter the planes / to '0, we will go into a deep
transcendental meditation state to describe these realms to you. -eep in mind, that these
planes of e%istence are very abstract and at times are challenging to describe being bound to
the limitations of language and other modes of e%pression.
As we shortly embark in our #ourney down the road of awakening and for some of you,
enlightenment, we will uncover ancient secrets, untold stories and incredible truths. As we
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
write this book, you will learn that we are without beliefs, without e%pectations and without
#udgment. e will learn together that we are all one without beginning or end.
$or those of you who like to #ump through these chapters, we would like for you to keep in
mind that before learning calculus you must learn basic math. 1umping ahead will only cause
confusion and imbalance of the information that you will receive. "his book was designed to
guide you easily along a path with structures that bind us to this particular plane of e%istence.
hen you are finished reading this book cover to cover, you will find that the layout and flow
of this book is very easy to read and understand.
2y now, you have noticed that we call the first si% planes of e%istence the illusion within the
matri%, and we call the last seven planes of e%istence the consciousness. As you read on,
you also notice, whether or not you are in the illusion, the matri% or in the consciousness
beyond the matri%. 3ou will know and understand, how to, first move around the matri%
and then change or alter the matri% using the higher planes of consciousness.
As you graduate or ascend, you will be able to connect and communicate with your soul.
3ou will be able to travel further than Astral 4ro#ecting and boldly go where a few
consciousness have ever gone before. 3ou will learn, understand and master the secret
techni5ues that the "ibetan monks, ancient *gyptian 4haraohs, Avatars and the Ascended
Masters always known.
6ela% and en#oy the #ourney in which you will travel with us into the une%plored realms and
the knowledge that you will find there.
1. The Illusion 1st Plane of Existence Inorganic Objects
"he illusion of the first plane of e%istence is made up of inorganic ob#ects or matter. Ask any
5uantum physicist and they will tell you that matter or inorganic ob#ects have atoms, protons,
electron and photons that move. hen we, as humans, see or pro#ect an inorganic ob#ect,
with our eyes or our mind it does not recognize its vibration and nuclear movement.
+evertheless, All inorganic ob#ects move at the atomic level and vibrate. e are conditioned
at a very early age that we see things with our eyes. e are conditioned that there are
people and ob#ects in front of our eyes and that light bounces off of these ob#ects into our
eyes through a retina and forms an up,side down image in the visual corte% of our brain.
"his is simply not true. e do not see the world. e pro#ect it7 "he illusion of people or
that we pro#ect in front of us are sent to us from the higher levels of consciousness to our third
eye chakra or sometimes called the mind's eye. "he illusion is pro#ected out in front of us as
an ob#ect or person. e understand your disbelief, we were once at this point as well.
hen you were younger, have you ever in your life had a dream that felt as if it were real!
Maybe you once dreamed that a poisonous cobra snake bit you. 3ou could see the snake
bite. 3ou could feel the venom in your leg. 3ou can feel the pain of its sharp teeth
puncturing your skin. 3ou even woke up in a cold sweat. *ven though, none of those things
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
happened to you, it felt very real. hat made your body sweat! as it the neurons in your
brain! as it all your bodily senses reporting to your brain! as it the illusion of being
bitten by a poisonous cobra! "he illusion was very influential wasn't it! 4owerful enough to
fool your body to break out in a cold sweat. If your body can break out in a cold sweat #ust
from a dream that you had, imagine what else the mind can do7
e are here in this illusion in which we are conditioned to call the physical world. e are
taught that only the physical world e%ists, and that ob#ects must be physical to be real. "his
brings me to my ne%t topic. hat is the difference between the brain and the mind! "he
brain, of course, is the illusion of the physical mass within your head which you can see 8or
pro#ect9, touch, feel, smell, listen to it s5uish and for some people tasting, a calf brain is a
delight. "his brings me to the mind. e talk about the mind. e even tell people &have you
lost your mind.( +ow I ask you, have you seen a mind! :ave you previously smelled a
mind! :ave you tasted a mind in the past! :ave you ever heard a mind! *ven, felt a mind!
+o, but you are positive that the mind e%ists. *ven the medical doctors cannot argue with you
on that. "he mind is the abstract part of your thinking 8or your consciousness9. +ow, this
brings me back to those things that we know e%ist, but cannot physically use our senses to
know that they e%ist.
e know an inorganic ob#ect, like a rock e%ists. A rock, a table or a chair have the same
properties as anything else. "hat's the physical part of an inorganic ob#ect. "hat we know. A
rock has atoms that move very slowly. A rock is the same energy as organic ob#ects. All
matter, for the most, you can touch, taste, smell, feel, see and maybe listen to it. According to
the +ative American Indians, all ob#ects including inorganic ob#ects have a spirit. It has been
discovered that the earth itself has an energy grid around it. *ven though we cannot see,
feel, hear, taste or touch this energy grid, we know it e%ists. In addition to its energy grid,
the earth has an abstract magnetic field and the same chakra system as humans do.
Another e%ample of an inorganic ob#ect that has an energy field is a magnet.
e understand and pointed out that an inorganic ob#ect or piece matter has movement at the
atomic level and has an energy field around the ob#ect, and even though we cannot see the
energy field we know and accept that it is there.
.b#ects can be moved7 In 5uantum physics, it has been proven that the conscious mind has
an impact on a photon. ;uantum physicists discovered that photon particles of an atom will
react differently when being watched or witnessed. ;uantum physicists learned that a photon
particle only appears when being watched or observed. "hat means that a photon particle
e%ists only when we are observing it and does not e%ist when we are not watching it. hen
we turn our back on it the particle disappeared7 It was +." there or present7 "hese particles
would only appear when being observed and would disappear when they were not being
observed. "he 5uestion that many 5uantum physicists have asked is &where do these
particles go when they are not here.( "he answer is to another dimension7 Atomic photon
particles have the ability to move in or out of the other dimensions or teleport. "hat means
the smallest part of an atom has the energy to move in and out of other dimensions. :ow
does one move an ob#ect! Simply, the 5uantum physics way, by pro#ecting one's
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
consciousness on the ob#ects energy field and concentrating on changing its energy field.
"his will A)). the ob#ect to move7 "his takes a strong mind and lots of practice. Illusionist
practice this techni5ue.
ater too can change its form. ater can react to different type of music. hen a love song
is played and water is then frozen, the frozen water looks like a snowflake. <ifferent kinds of
music can create a variety of patterns when the water is frozen. If the music playing is erratic,
the structure of the frozen water will be disfigured.
=rystals have some uni5ue properties of amplification. "here are many different types of
crystals, each with its own unusual properties and uses. Some people believe that our bodies
are more like batteries and crystals amplifiers that transmit signals to the other side. In my
younger years while mastering this first plane of e%istence, we decided consumed large
5uantities of colonial silver, copper and crystals, mostly 5uartz and selenium, in our physical
body. Silver seems to be an incredible conductor of electricity and copper was used by the
ancient *gyptians for youth and beauty regimens. =opper is also a wonderful conductor of
electricity and crystals are amazing amplifiers7
In numerology, the numbers ''' or '>'' means ?the @ateway,? it is the doorway to your
evolving self, your place within the current ascension of the planet. Monitor your thoughts
carefully, and think only about what you want, not what you do not want. "he se5uence is a
sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into a
form at record speeds. "he number ''' is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means that
the universe has #ust taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into a form.
Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured! If not, correct your thoughts
and ask your angels to help you with this. If you are having difficulty controlling or
monitoring your thoughts, the number ''' is your manifestation number. It means you are in
a moment where you can create your own life. 2e sure your thoughts are very positive.
e are keeping the chapters short which is intentional.
2. The Illusion 2nd Plane of Existence Organic Objects
"he illusion of the second plane of e%istence are the organic ob#ects like plants. hen we
were younger, we had a fruit and vegetable garden. )ike all things, plants also have
movement at the atomic level that is much faster than inorganic ob#ects. 2ecause plants
vibrate at a higher fre5uency than organic ob#ects, we can actually watch them grow. e
have learned that plants have feelings to music. 4lay some nice rela%ing music for your
plants and watch them grow. 4lace sad and depressing music for your plants and
watched them wither away and possibly die.
"he +ative American Indians believe that all plants, especially trees have a spiritual higher
self. Many other ancient civilizations believed the same thing. 6ight now, will focus on the
+ative American Indians. hat is the one thing that everything on the planet needs to
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
A"*67 Some animals, such as bats and deep,sea creatures can live without sunlight,
but no creature on this planet can live without water. "he +ative American Indians
considered water to be sacred and that water has a life and a spirit. hen we say +ative
American Indians, we refer to all three continents of +orth America, South America and
=entral America. "oday, the world's water supply is filled with to%ins and the water that we
drink comes from plastic bottles filtered and filled with fluoride.
As a young soul, we played in the illusion of life with nutrition and native medicines. e
studied herbs, roots and other pure ways of healing. As we mastered the first plane of
minerals and the second plane of plants, herbs and other healing techni5ues, we 5uickly
came to realize that each plane can heal the body. Many people today still practice the
illusion of healing the body using minerals, herbs and cleanses for the body. "his is a good
idea, if you believe or think that you e%ist in the physical body. As we ascend to higher
planes, we will learn the that the body is part of this amazing illusion we called the matri% or
the universe.
In the last five years, the earth has lost nearly ABC of its o%ygen. 3ou may have noticed that
people, animals and even plants are much smaller now than ever before. "his is not to say
that there are no large people or tall people in the world. :owever, the number of tall people
in the last five years have rapidly declined. As we continue to deplete rain forests and other
plants that turn carbon mono%ide into o%ygen, we create the illusion of the o%ygen and in turn
the lack of growth. As we continue to build cars that run of gasoline and pollute the
atmosphere with carbon mono%ide, we also create the illusion of a lack of o%ygen on our
In numerology, the number AAA means to have faith. *verythingDs going to be all right. <o
not worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.
e can spend 5uite some time talking about plants and minerals, however, let's ascend on up
to the illusion of the third plane of e%istence.
3. The Illusion 3rd Plane of Existence The Life Plane
e now come to the illusion of the third plane of e%istence. e live in the 0rd dimension
80<9, third plane in this universe on the planet that we call *arth 80rd planet from the Sun9 or
sometimes called &Erantia(. 3ou are probably wondering by now why refer to the first si%
planes of e%istence as illusions. e like to say that we are either in the Matri% or out of the
Matri% or sometimes call the Eniverse. e understand that the movie &"he Matri%( is
considered a science,fiction film. :owever, there are some interesting points made in the
movie that allow us to rediscover who we really are. In the film, &"he Matri%( we were
educated how much energy a person really has. "hey used human beings as a source of
energy. "he movie seems to suggest that our bodies are more like batteries. "his has
some truth to it.
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
As we entertained watching movies or go about our daily lives, the soul sends us clues about
rediscovering who we really are. hen we are born, we find ourselves naked and alone, and
separated from all we know and understand. "he #ourney of our life is to piece together those
clues from which we came from, who we really are, and who we will become.
"here are many veils around us in many different ways, shaping a barrier between us and our
true <ivine Self, and between you, your family and friends, and between your own sense of
reality that you have been conditioned to perceive. And yet with care, effort and love from
within your heart and soul, you start to awaken to see those veils lifting and rediscover who
you really are and allowing yourself to appreciate this life e%perience on *arth or Erantia.
Many of you have already received or are currently receiving the 11:11 sign, the call of the
soul, which we will talk about later in this book.
2y now, we are sure everyone has heard that fluoride will shut down your 4ineal @land, "hird
eye, spiritual eye, &"he all,seeing eye? or we call it the &mind's eye(. It has been proven that
fluoride does nothing for your teeth and gums, and we were surprised to see it in distilled
water for infants, since they have no teeth. Most peoples 4ineal @lands are shut down by the
age of four years old sometimes even earlier.
e have learned that those things which are forbidden to go to have the biggest treasures
hidden within them. Many things in life that you've been conditioned to believe to be true is
actually the opposite7 If you wanted to hide some toys from your children, what would you
do! 3ou would hide the toys in a closet, and then you would tell your kids that there is a
monster hiding in the closet using fear to keep them from finding the true treasure. $ear,
doubt and disbelief are powerful emotions used to keep the truth hidden. 6emember, the
most valuable treasures are concealed by fear.
"he illusion of keeping fluoride out of your body creates the illusion of activating your 4ineal
@land, which is truly your si%th chakra. e have seven primary chakras, and an eighth
chakra called the heart of compassion or the seat of the soul. e also have some minor
chakras that we will cover later. If you are not familiar with chakras you can find some
videos on the Internet about them. e simply meditate on each main chakra, opening all the
chakras first, then we meditate on the &kundalini( coming out of the tailbone area and opening
up each chakra from base to crown. .nce all primary seven chakras are opened, the
kundalini coming from the crown downward will create a bridge between the fifth throat or
communication chakra and the fourth heart chakra. "he connecting bridge allows one to
speak from the heart, and therefore, opening the eighth chakra between the throat and the
heart chakra which is called the spiritual heart, the heart of compassion or the &seat of the
soul(. "hese chakras or energy centers are around or close to the ma#or organs in the body.
"hose of us who choose to eliminate fluoride from our bodies and meditate on our si%th
chakra or third eye chakra or pineal gland area can reactivate the chakra using a vibration
tone, hum or humming .M7 <o not activate the kundalini until all seven main chakras are
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
opened 'st7 <o not activate or meditate on the eighth chakra, the heart of compassion, the
spiritual heart or the seat of the soul until all seven primary chakras are opened first7
e have many layers of energy fields around our bodies called the subtle bodies that we
will discuss in later chapters.
In numerology, the number 000 represents the =hrist =onsciousness, and that you have
nothing to fear. It is a sign that you are being blessed and the high holy beings are directly
overseeing your life or something in your life at this time. "he Ascended Masters are near
you, wanting you to know that you have their help, love and companionship. =all upon the
Masters often, especially when you see the number three patterns around you. Some of the
more famous Ascended Masters include> 1esus, Moses, Mary, ;uan 3in and 3ogananda.
"he number 'A>0F is the number of ascension.
":* S.E) S*+<S ES =)E*S *G*63<A3 ". <*, =.<*, :. * 6*A))3 A6*7 As
you read on in the later chapters, we will learn to silence the mind to hear the S.E).
. The Illusion th Plane of Existence The !stral Plane
6ight now things will get very interesting as we venture into "he Illusion Fth plane of
*%istence H "he Astral 4lane. e have an Astral 2ody which is the And field of energy
around the physical body ne%t to the subtle body or chakra system, and it is responsible for
psychic abilities, communicating with spirits and *S4. e have been Astral 4ro#ecting for
many years, and we realize that the movie industry has instilled many fears about Astral
4ro#ecting. 6emember that the more fears that are used to hide something the bigger the
treasure you will find. "he government spent IAB million on an Astral pro#ection program for
remote viewing. 2efore anyone decides to spend IAB million on anything you can be sure
that they did their homework or research.
"he Shamans used a heavenly potion for altering their states of consciousness and entering
the &Spirit orld( or the world of the &:igher Self7( .ut of respect to our shaman friends and
+ative American Indian 2rothers, we will not discuss the ingredients of the sacred drink in
this book.
Are you seeing 'A>A' on your electronic devices! Maya in Gedic philosophy, is the illusion
of a limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has
become entangled, a veiling of the true Self. "he word &Maya( means &Illusion7( Maya the
Illusion Indians of =entral and South America and their Mayan calendar, the "zolkin, started
on August ''th, 0''F 2.=, and ending on the inter Solstice at ''>'' am Eniversal time
8E"=9 on <ecember A'st AB'A, which is four Ahau, three -an,kin 8'0.B.B.B.B9. "his will end a
J'AJ year cycle according to our new @eorgian calendar, and we will enter the age of
A5uarius. =urrently, we are in the age of 4isces and in astrology, the ages go backwards.
4isces is the 'Ath and last sign of the zodiac. A5uarius is the ''th sign in the zodiac. "he
Maya or Mayan Indians were the keepers of the illusion time. In the Spirit orld, time is not
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
the same as it is on *arth or Erantia. In fact, time anywhere else on any planet even in our
solar system would not be the same as it is here because various planets travel at completely
dissimilar speeds around the sun, they have totally unlike days and entirely different nights.
.n the inter Solstice at ''>'' am Eniversal time 8E"=9 on <ecember A'st AB'A, it has
been said that a @alactic Alignment will occur. "his alignment is when our Sun aligns with
the dark rift in the Milky ay this happens about every AK,BBB years. "he ne%t time this will
take place is at 11:11 am Eniversal time 8E"=9 on "ece#ber 21st 2$12.
<ecember AKth ABBF there was a deep,sea earth5uake in the Indian .cean causing a
"sunami on the coast line of "hailand. "he ocean floor earth5uake was recorded at L.0.
"his was the And largest ever recorded and happened eight years before the end of the
Mayan calendar. March L
AB'', +ASA recorded an M,=lass 8%'.J9 solar flare7 .n March
1apan was hit with a L.B earth5uake and "sunami. $ebruary 'F
AB'' +ASA recorded
another M,=lass 8MA9 solar flare from our sun and on $ebruary A'
AB'', +ew Nealand was
hit with a /.B earth5uake7 It seems that every time when there is a flare from the sun, the
pressure of the earth's mantle to shift the plates and erupt from deep,sea volcanoes. If +ew
Nealand continues to get earth5uakes, then it may be likely that the near by 6oss Ice Shelf
will sink into the ocean. "his shelf is about the size of $rance. If =hili or Argentina continues
to get heavy earth5uakes, then the near by )arson and 6onne Ice Shelf may collapse. If
these ice shelf fail, the entire Antarctica 4eninsula and est Antarctica would fall into the
ocean causing a 0BBB,JBBB foot tidal wave. 1anuary 'L
AB'', 3ellowstone super volcano
ground swells 'B,'A inches. "he powerful volcano erupts with a near,clockwork cycle of
every KBB,BBB years. "he last eruption was more than KFB,BBB years ago. e are FB,BBB
years overdue. "he :opi Indians of +orth America in Arizona, ESA claims that the world
was created and destroyed three times, we are now in the Fth world entering the Jth world
on the %inter &olstice at 11:11 a# 'ni(ersal ti#e )'T*+ on "ece#ber 21st 2$12.
"errance Mc-enna developed the ?"imewave zero? theory which is a numerological formula
that intents to calculate the ebb and flow of ?novelty,? defined as an increase over time in the
universes organized comple%ity. According to "erence Mc-enna, the universe has a
philosophical theory point at the end of time that increases interconnectedness, eventually
reaching a singular point of dateless simplicity towards the end of AB'A, at which point
anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously. "errace Mc-enna e%pressed
?novelty? in a computer program which supposedly produces a waveform known as ? time
wave zero.? 2ased on Mc-enna's interpretation of the -ing en se5uence of the I =hing, the
graph shows great periods of novelty related with ma#or shifts in humanity's biological and
social group evolution. :e believed that the events of any given time are recursively related
to the events of other times, and choose the atomic bombing of :iroshima as the basis for
calculating his end date of +ovember AB'A. hen he later discovered this date's pro%imity to
the end of the '0th b' a' tun of the Maya calendar, he revised his theory so that the two dates
Michel de +ostredame 82orn on the 'Fth or 21st "ece#ber 'JB0 H died on A 1uly 'JKK9 in
Saint,6Omy,de,4rovence, $rance in *urope. :e died at the age of K0 known as
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
,ostrada#us. Many of +ostradamus predictions did come true, but the most ironic thing
about +ostradamus is when he was born, 21st "ece#ber7
"he Asian :indu religion has four ages the Sat,ya,3uga, "rata,3uga, <wapara,3uga and
-ali, 3uga in its 3uga System cycles of life. e are in the last and final -ali,3uga system
cycle of life, which started on 1anuary A0, 0'BA 2.=. on the +ew @eorgian calendar. +o one
is certain when the -ali 3uga life cycle ends. :owever, it is said that ?hen flo!ers will
bloom within flowers, and fruits within fruits, then the 3uga comes to an end. And the clouds
will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the 3uga approaches.? hen )ord Gishnu is in
the form of the infant, -rishna, on a leaf and will come to earth, and again. *verything will
start producing from the beginning.
+ASA has confirmed over AB,BBB asteroids in our milky way solar system and with only
K,BBB officially identified. "here are many asteroids in the asteroid,belt between Mars, the
planet from the Sun, and 1upiter, the Jth planet from the Sun, that may have come from
one of the destroyed 1upiter moons.
Some believe that a wandering planet called +ibiru and its life entities, the Annunaki's, were
discovered by +ASA in 'LP0 when +ASA launched the I6AS satellite and found a planet the
size of 1upiter, which is four times that of *arth or Erantia. It is believed that +ibiru was the
cause of the asteroid belt in our Milky ay. Although, there is an additional planet on the
Mayan hieroglyphics, it is unconfirmed by modern scientists or covered up by the government
that a wandering planet e%ists. It is said that the passing of this planet happens every 0,KBB
years, and the ne%t passing of this planet is predicted for "ece#ber 21st 2$12. If wandering
planet the size of 1upiter is even thousand of kilometers or miles away from *arth or Erantia it
would cause *arth or Erantia to be pulled into its gravitating suction causing a pole shift, as
predicted by Albert *instein. "he stress of this gravitational pull would cause the melting of
the polar ice caps, serious earth5uakes, massive volcano eruptions, countless tsunamis,
enormous movements of the continental plate tectonics.
@ordon Michael Scallion drew some $uture Maps that you will find on the internet of what he
predicts the *arth's or Erantia's continental plates would look like after a pole shift. :e
claims that Angels showed him this information. "here are more than his predictions on the
internet as well, but this person stands out to us.
"he Sun goes through an '',year solar cycles. "he M,class Solar $lares are the strongest
and most powerful. A Solar flare is a burst or spark that shoots out from the Sun. "hese
Solar $lares are measured in three classes, = class, M class and M class and there are nine
levels to the = class and M class. :owever, there is no level limit to the M,class. In $ebruary
AB'', we got a MA solar flare and in March AB'', we got an M'.J solar flare +ASA predicts
that the solar flare activity during AB'A will be at the highest levels. "he grid around this planet
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
has always protected us from all solar flares even from the strongest one recorded on
+ovember F ABB0 an MAP was recorded7
"here are '0 month lunar cycles or months. In a lunar cycle or month, there are
appro%imately AL.J0BJL days, which are AL days, 'A hours, FF minutes and 0 seconds. It is
the most accurate. :owever, it would be difficult for time keepers to create a watch based
on a lunar calendar.
eb,bot keywords or M*"A "A@S 8-eta means &be.ond(9 developed by =lif :igh and
@eorge Ere was used to predict stock market trends using some very advanced algorithms
for our time, and it was utilized for calculating, data processing, and automated reasoning
also known as or artificial Intelligence. "he AB'A the web,bot predict that there will be an
untimely demise for millions by AB'A, brought upon by some combination of pandemics,
economic collapse, breakdown of health care and unknown energies from space.
In numerology, the number FFF is an angelic realm number for prosperity and abundance.
"housands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. 3ou have
a very strong and clear connection with the celestial realm, and are an *arth angel
yourself. 3ou have nothing to fear. All is well.
If you are wondering what our prediction for AB'A is, we will be sharing that with you soon in
the ne%t few chapters.
/. The Illusion /th Plane of Existence The "ualit. Plane
e now come to the Illusion Jth plane of e%istence, the duality plane. e call it the &<rama
4lane.( "his plane is the plane of the 3in and 3ang, Male and $emale, *%panding and
=ontracting, 4ositive and +egative, <ay and +ight, @ood and 2ad, <6AMA, <6AMA,
In this illusion, Jth plane of e%istence has an amazing planet called Morontia, which is similar
to *arth. "hey call *arth &Erantia.( "his is our parent planet, and it vibrates at a much higher
level than Erantia. Morontia is sometimes called 4aradise or :eaven.
.n Morontia all religions, all angels, all Avatars, all masters, all pharaohs and universal
creators reside. :ere, you will find =hrist, Shiva, Allah, 6a, Iris, 2uddha and many more. It
is believed by Erantian's 8people of *arth9 that 1esus and =hrist are the same entity.
Morontian's refer to 1esus as the Man of $lesh or :uman 2ody and the =hrist as the Spirit
which at one time occupied the body of 1esus and as the mortal body dies the Spiritual
:igher,Self in time will move to another worthy physical body. Morontian's cannot lower
vibrationally fre5uencies low enough for Erantia. "hey have to be born on Erantia, and these
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
entities are referred to as ascended masters. An e%ample of this would be when Master
=hrist was born to the body of 1esus. "he people of Morontia consider themselves @ods and
the humans the children of these @ods. $orgive us, if we offended anyone, we mean no
disrespect. e will close this book with the .+*, the Source at the center of eternity.
"he Morontian's send their =hildren to the Fth plane of e%istence to the Spirit orld of the
:igher,Self where they practice and learn moving their Spirit energy or :igher,Self into a
fetus to be born on Erantia. e can only lower our energy and vibration when we are born
into a body of this planet. e then grow up in our human bodies, as our teachers and
sometimes family and friends watch and observe their children learn to create.
"he *nergy body associated with this Jth plane of e%istence is the =ausal 2ody, the third
layer of the subtle body system which surrounds our physical body, and it is related to
memories of karma, past, present and future lives. -arma and the Akashic records covered
in the ne%t chapter, under the laws of the universe.
hen Morontian children are born human, they receive a )ife 4ath number. 3our )ife 4ath
+umber is a simplified number associated with your birth date. $or e%ample, if you were born
on 'AQAKQ'LPF you #ust add up all the numbers 'RARARKR'RLRPRFS00, 800 is a master
number9, then you merely take 00 again to a single number 0R0SK. 3ou are a )ife 4ath K.
Master numbers are powerful numbers. *ach )ife 4ath number is associated with a certain
skill. A )ife 4ath ' is a natural,born leader. A )ife 4ath A are all important peace,keeping
diplomats. A )ife 4ath 0 are the outstanding entertainer of the world. A )ife 4ath F are the
master builder. A )ife 4ath J are the free spirit. A )ife 4ath K are the ultimate nurturer. A
)ife 4ath / are the e%traordinary investigator. A )ife 4ath P are the Infinite e%ecutive, and a
)ife 4ath L are the wonderful humanitarian. -eep these numbers in mind, when we talk
about the free will or free agency in chapter K. "hese are the simplified e%planations of the
)ife 4ath numbers. 3ou also have a <ay 4ath, Month 4ath and 3ear 4ath number as well.
In the e%tended version of this book, we will go into further detail.
+ow if you are a Morontian child born in the 0rd dimension, 0rd plane of Erantia 8*arth9 into
the limitations of a human body, you are bound to the earthly senses. :owever, once you
master you mortal motor skills and language the S.E) will leave you clues everyday to re,
discover who you really are. If you are spiritual or even religious, congratulations, you are
operating from the Jth plane of e%istence, which is 5uite an accomplishment.
Many psychics use third eye to connect to the Fth plane spirits, the teachers and spirit guides.
A few psychics can connect to the Jth plane energy and ask the angels and masters for
guidance or readings. *ach plane has laws, which are bound to it. $or e%ample, the +ative
American Indian connected to the Spirit orld using a holy potion. "he first time this divine
potion is used you will feel the initiation of the Fth plane of e%istence. "his is called the little
death, because you will feel like you are going to die. +o one ever has7 3ou #ust feel like it.
It is kind of like taking your first drink of li5uor. 3ou choke on it and everyone laughs at you.
After that it gets easier connecting to the Spirit orld. If you ask for something in the Jth
plane of e%istence, they will always ask for something in return. "here is never is something
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
for anything on the Jth plane of e%istence.
If you are manifesting from the Jth plane of e%istence, we recommend that you ascend a little
further. "he price to pay on this plane is way too high. If you ask for unworldly eye sight,
they may ask for a lot of your mortal eye sight. "he ne%t time you see someone with thick
eye glasses, you might wonder if they are traded some of their physical vision for spiritual
Morontia is a beautiful planet a lot like Erantia with two suns, mountains, rivers, lakes and
oceans. In the incoming few chapters, we will teach you to connect to the illusion of this Jth
plane of e%istence, if you want to e%plore it. $urthermore, we will be giving you our AB'A
prediction in the ne%t two chapters.
In numerology the number JJJ is the number of creating positive change and forward
movement. A ma#or life change is upon you. "his change should not be viewed as
being &positive( or &negative( since all change is but a natural part of lifeDs flow. 4erhaps
this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing, seeing and feeling yourself to be
at peace.
@..<23* <6AMA 4)A+*7 .nce you ascend above a plane you are no longer bound to it7
0. The Illusion 0th Plane of Existence The La1s of the 'ni(erse
=ongratulations7 3ou reached the final plane of illusion and the end of the matri%7 "he
illusions of Kth plane of e%istence are the )aws of the Eniverse. "hese laws give the matri%
structure which allows us to live, learn, operate and grow spirituality. As well as, allowing
us to live within the boundaries of the illusion of having a physical body. e will learn the
body energy associated with this Kth plane and the laws that keep you believing that is the
holographic matri% is real7
"he Fth layer of the subtle energy body is the Mental body which is associated with
cognitive teachings, philosophies, the conventional concepts of god, cosmic consciousness
and focusing on thought or thinking.
"his is the last and final illusion. "he 'A ma#or )aws of the Eniverse are needed as a structure
and boundaries to operate within. "here are many other names, then we have listed here,
because other cultures are bound by different limitations for language.
"he )aw of .+* is also unknown as the law of A)), =onnectivity, =onnective Self, :igher,
Self and the Soul9. "his law merely states we are .+* with A)) or all things, and that the
A)) is .+* with us. "here is +. separation7 $or the sole purpose of teaching, we are
describing the illusions of these planes, as if they are separate, however, they are not7
"he language structures that we are bound to make it easier for you to understand in
pieces of information. * A6* 6*A))3 .+*7
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
"he )aw of =reation is also known as the law of +urture, Abundance and +eeds. "his law
states that you will have everything you need to operate in the illusion of the matri%
"he )aw of $ree ill or $ree Agency is the law states that you will have the I))ESI.+ of
free will, or you think, believe or feel you have some kind of free will to choose. If you really
had free will you would probably live in an enormous house, have lots of money, have an
e%travagant car and have fame and fortune beyond the imagination. "hat's why this law is a
feeling of an illusion7 If you are a life path F or P, you have no free will. "his is actually good,
because a life path P have mapped out their life or destiny before they were ever being born.
"hat means that everything that happens to a life path eight is supposed to happen because
you planned it before being born. A life path F also have a destiny. :owever, they have
some fle%ibility to select the road to accomplish their destiny. All other life path numbers have
more freedom to choose. *ven though, as we will discover in later chapters that the soul will
protect you from any harm. 3ou will have the illusion of free will, although the soul will not
allow to be harmed or to ascend before your time. 3ou will understand a little better once
we have moved you beyond the illusion of this matri%.
"he )aw of =ause and *ffect is also known as the law of Action, =hange, -arma and Motion.
"his law of states that no matter what you do, it will always affect something different. hen
you change one thing, something else will also change. Albert *instein said &every action has
an opposite and e5ual reaction.(
"he )aw of *nergy is also known as the law of Magnetism, Attraction and 4olarity. "his law
of illusion states that all things must have energy, and this energy has a polarity which attracts
or repels something else.
"he )aw of Space is also known as the law of time or the void. "his law of states that there
must be some space between matter or energy. :owever, small or large it might be. "ime
is an illusion that humans created7 8'A hours of day, 'A hours of night, 0KJ days in a year9.
we lived on Mars or Genus, these planets would travel slower or faster than earth, and
people would measure time differently. e have the 1ulian calendar, 6oman calendar,
*gyptian calendar, Mayan calendar, Iranian calendar, @eorgian calendar, Macedonian
calendar and @reek calendar #ust to name a few. In the ne%t few chapters, we will learn that
time, and space has a totally different meaning.
"he )aw of Gibration is also known as the law of sound, tone and rhythm. "his law state that
sounds and tones will have vibration and rhythm, and these sounds will allow humans to hear
with their mortal ears. In the ne%t few chapters, we will learn vibration is much more than
sounds that we hear with our bodily ears.
"he )aw of -nowledge is also known as the law of the Akashic 6ecords, =ollective
=onsciousness, "ruth and the -nowing. "his law state that knowledge is not locally or stored
in the brain, but comes from an e%ternal collective source.
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
"he )aw of <uality is also known as the law of 3inQ3ang, MaleQ$emale, *%pandQ=ontract,
4ositiveQ+egative. "his law of illusion states that if you have a yin, you must have a yang. If
you have a positive, you must also have a negative. <rama is very entertaining. :owever,
drama is not good when you seek inner peace. Soon, we will teach you inner peace.
"he )aw of Structure is also known as the law of @eometry, Math, Science, 4hysics,
6elativity, etc. "his law of illusion states that there must structure for humans to
understand, which may come in the forms of math and sciences. Albert *instein is the one
who said that
(everything is relative.( :umans like to compare something to other things which they are
familiar with. "his is understandable when being limited to the physical senses.
"he )aw of 2alance is also known as the law of 4eace, :armony, Support and Spirituality.
"his law of illusion states that there must be some kind of balance to operate in the matri%.
"his give and take or the dividing of your resources or time makes sense only when operating
in the matri%.
"he )aw of *ssence is also known as the law of 6eality, Illusion, "he Matri%, 2eing,
*motions, $eelings, <imensions and the Eniverse. "his is the law that keeps the illusions in
place. If
the matri% looks genuine and feels tangible than you will be convinced that it is real.
).G* and )I@:" are +." )aws. "hey #ust are.
In numerology, the number KKK is telling you that your thoughts are out of balance right now.
3ou are focused too much on the material world. "his number se5uence asks you to
balance your thoughts between :eaven and *arth. )ike the famous, &Sermon on the Mount(
the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional
needs will be met as a result.
$asten your seat belts, you are about to leave the illusion behind. 4lease keep an open mind
as it can get really abstract beyond this point.
@..<23* MA"6IM7 6emember> .nce you ascend above a plane, you are no longer
bound to the lower planes7
2. The *onsciousness 2th Plane of Existence The Illu#ination Plane
=.+@6A"E)A".+S7 3ou have ascended beyond the Matri% of Illusion7 Some of you may
have heard of the Archangel M*"A"6.+. Meta means &be.ond( and Tron means &#atrix.(
therefore, the word #etatron literally means &be.ond the #atrix.( Some people believe that
Archangel Metatron is the closest archangel to @od, and he is known for being the voice of
@od. "his is not true. @od does not have a hierarchy nor does he need anyone to speak for
him. Metatron is simply a clue from the soul that it's time for you to ascend beyond the
matrix of illusion. If you have seen =)E*S such as ''>'', the call of the S.E) or 'A>'A,
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
"he @ateway to the S.E)S, then the S.E) is handing you some =)E*S. "he S.E) rarely
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
communicates with you bound by the limitations of language. "he S.E) communicates with
you, mostly with =)E*S, the things that pop up in your life, hieroglyphics or visions in a
dream state of deep meditation and sometimes through feelings emanating from the solar,
ple%us or as humans call it the gut.
"he Jth subtle body that surrounds the physical body is the etheric body which is an
instinctive barrier between the matri% and the consciousness. Some of you may be very
intuitive. "his will make it easier to connect to this plane of consciousness. e use to
connect to the place using a theta state of F,/ hertz, now we use a deeper delta state at
about ',0 hertz. It was at first difficult to stay awake or conscious in this state.
sometimes we can fluctuate between the more visual theta state and a deep stable delta state
of meditating. e en#oy listening to 2inarual 4ure <elta tones while meditating and pro#ecting
our essence or consciousness to the higher planes. "he mathematical sign for change is
"his ne%t group of people has gotten a lot of negative publicity on the internet. :owever,
we are merely observers in this illusion, and we are without believes, without e%pectations
and without #udgments seeking the truth with unconditional love. 6emember, when other
people have to make you look bad, so they can look better you should be cautious. "his is
the conscious plane of &Illumination.( If you place a dash between the letter, i and the letter
o, you get Illuminati,on. "he word Illuminati literally means &the enlightened one.( "hey are
worshipers of the light and the sun. "hey could connect to this plane and manifest things
without any religion. 6emember the illusion of Jth plane of e%istence is where religion
resides. e understand that the general conception of this group with the idea of .+* world,
which is the same idea of the late 1ohn )ennon. "he creative energy of this plane of
consciousness is unconditional ).G*7 e understand why religious leaders did not take this
hen we ascend or as humans call it &die.( "hey say we to go to a sparkly white light. "his
is the /th plane of consciousness where your spirit is cleansed. +ot all human ascend to the
sparkly white,light energy. Some spirits remain in the Fth astral plane or the spirit world and
wait for the light. "hese entities are called aywards or the more powerful or e%perienced
ones are called $allens. "heir energy levels are so low, and they are #ust scared of running
out of energy. e cannot count how many lost spirits that we have brought to the light.
Many spirits believe that they cannot return from the light, but after taking them to the /th
plane of Illumination and recharging them with unconditional love energy, they happily return
to the Fth
plane the astral spirit world and wait for a fetus to reincarnate into. hen you come back as a
newborn, your spiritual mind merges with your new infant brain, and you start to forget who
you really and the ego takes over. +ewborns are still connected to the spirit world. :owever,
by the time they learn a language and are flooded with the fluoride in the water shutting down
the 4ineal @land, they are not able to communicate with you, and they are by then
disconnected from the spirit world. hen a human is near ascension or as humans call it
death, the spiritual higher,self starts to disconnect from the physical body or start to astral
pro#ect, they may see other familiar spirits as they across over to the other side.
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
3our spirit never dies7 <ying to your spirit is like shedding your old skin and finding a new
younger more beautiful skin underneath it. 3our memory resides in your intangible mind not
in the matter of what you call the brain. If your memory where to reside in the physical brain,
then, when you ascend or die you would have no knowledge of anything7 "hat's why we
know that your memories are +." local. Ask anyone who died and chose to come back.
3our spiritual mind remembers all past, present and future lives. 3our spiritual higher,self is
different than the S.E). e will learn the difference in chapter ''.
+ow, we are certain that you will understand our prediction of the winter solstice of
AB'A. "he Maya 8Illusion9 Indians knew that they were living in a matri%, illusion or
moving hologram. "hey started the Mayan calendar appro%imately ABBB years ago.
e move through the astrological ages every A,'JB that means that their grandfathers
e%perienced the change of the new age. hat did they e%perience! "hey saw the
true illusion7 "hey dedicated their lives as the keepers of time to pass their knowledge
onto us. .n the inter Solstice at ''>'' am Eniversal time 8E"=9 on <ecember A'st
AB'A, the matri%, the illusion or moving hologram will shut down for what we perceive
as appro%imately 0 days. e will see a blue shinning light, and a brand,new matri% will
be re,loaded. "he dawning of this new age will shift our consciousness to the higher
planes of e%istence. :owever, if we do not graduate to a higher vibrational fre5uency,
then everything will remain the same.
hile we were mediating in the /th plane of consciousness in the sparking white energy,
we searched for a higher plane. *very time, we connected. e searched the infinite plane
countless times. e 8a good friend of mine, <on9 asked the creative energy of the /th plane
of consciousness for the highest vibrating plane of e%istence. e saw the number /,''
everywhere, in fact, as we are writing this now, we are seeing /,'' on the clock. /,'' is the
@ateway between the /th plane of consciousness and the ''th plane of consciousness, the
S.E) plane7 e made the command to be taken to the ''th plane of e%istence. "he
vibrational fre5uencies were so high that we could only hold the energy for a few minutes.
+ow, we spend hours each day in the ''th plane of consciousness meditating with the
S.E). hen you see />'' anywhere, it is the /th plane of consciousness letting you know
that it is the gateway to the ''th plane of consciousness to the S.E) 4lane.
In a transcendental meditation, visualize going deep within your spiritual heart and ne%t
visualize the illumination of the sparkly white energy of the /th plane of e%istence. "hen give
the @ateway command that takes you from the /th plane of *%istences to the ''th realm of
consciousness, and it goes like this>
&Mother, $ather, =reative Illumination, <ivine, Infinite, *ternal S.E) consciousness,
Source at the center of A)) *ternity, it is commanded that I am taken to the ''th
realm of consciousness now in the highest and best way with your love, grace, ease
and understanding. "hank you. "hank 3ou. "hank you.(
"he /th plane of consciousness is a great place for manifestations, divine healing and using
the sparking white energy to recharge our faint energy bodies 8batteries9 with the
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
unconditional love energy sometimes called Eniversal )ife $orce energy. As a
transcendent healer, we have filled the subtle bodies and the physical body of a human with
this energy, and they bounced back 5uickly from a drained state to a lively happy self. e
witnessed a growth the size of an orange instantaneously shrank down to the size of a
walnut and within three, days completely disappear using the /th plane illumination energy7
e have brought the sugar levels of a K/,year old diabetic women from A'K to /B instantly
using this power creative illumination energy7 e give thanks and gratitude that you have
come this far.
In the /th plane, you can find your inner peace. Make peace with @od, "he =reator andQor
"he Source, 3.E6S*)$, your Mothers, $athers, Sisters, 2rothers, Aunts and Encles here.
If you cannot find your inner,peace, then you will find it in the =onsciousness of the ''th
plane of *%istence.
In numerology, the number /// is a very high spiritual number that signifies teaching or
learning a more divine conscious way of thinking and being. "he angels applaud you,
&congratulations, youDre on a roll7 -eep up the good work and know that your wishes are
coming true.( "his is an e%tremely positive sign, and you should also e%pect more miracles
to occur.
3. The *onsciousness 3th Plane of Existence The E#otion Plane
"he Kth subtle body that surrounds the human physical body is the emotional body.
Although, this faint energy body is present in all humans, not all humans have it active. )ife
and life e%periences have shut this subtle body down for some humans. .ur Erantia or *arth
mother has the strongest emotional body that we know of. She has been astral pro#ecting all
her life due to a near,death e%perience as an infant in the And world war, and she thinks that
this is normal for everyone. "o top this off, she is the most emotional person we know. :er
emotions come deep from within her heart and soul, and she seems to be able to manifest
#ust about everything. "he problem is that she thinks many pessimistic thoughts, which
always appear to manifest in her life. If she shifted her thoughts to only positive thoughts and
not allow negative thoughts to enter her sphere, she would be an incredibly powerful creator.
It is a work in progress, shifting ones believes after /B,years of being conditioned on Erantia
and is not an easy task to overcome.
"he Pth emotional plane is the abundance plane. e now understand why people cry in
church. It takes them from the religious Jth plane of e%istence to the Pth plane of
consciousness in an instant7 6emember is must be true tears from the heart and soul.
If you can think with your heart and feel with your mind, you are on your way to master this
plane. Music moves the soul. If you have some music that brings out your emotions while
you are meditating on something that would be wonderful. All of our emotional 4isces raise
your hands. 3ou were born to master this plane, especially now while we are still in the
age of 4isces.
"his is a great place to be manifesting for a soul, mate. Meditate within your heart chakra,
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
and then when you are in a sentimental state from a song, memory or anything that
activates your passions you can say the following, while you are at the peak of your
emotional state>
&Mother, $ather, 8@odT, =reator andQor Source9, =reative Illumination, <ivine,
Infinite, *ternal S.E) consciousness, Source at the center of A)) *ternity, thank
you for sending me my most compatible S.E),mate now in the highest and best
way with
your love, grace, ease and understanding. I trust in you 8@odT, =reator andQor Source9,
and if it is your will, then it is my will, and it will be done. 2y the power of three times
three, so * will it, so shall it be7 "hank you. "hank 3ou. "hank you.( T we are and
always have been at peace with @.<. "herefore, we use @.<.
In numerology, the number PPP means that a phase of your life is about to end, and this is
a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. "his number se5uence may mean you are
winding up an emotional career or relationship phase. It also means there is light at the end
of the tunnel. In addition, it means. "he crops are ripe. <onDt wait to pick and en#oy them. In
other words, donDt procrastinate in making your move or en#oying the fruits of your labor.
4. The *onsciousness 4th Plane of Existence The 5ibration Plane
elcome to the consciousness of the Lth plane of e%istence, the vibration plane7
Gibration fre5uencies create the structures of everything. As these vibration fre5uencies
change so do the holographic illusion or the matri% and sometimes called hologram
movement. As these vibration fre5uencies rise, we move or shift into the new matri%.
+ot everyone has this /th subtle body that we call the vibration body. It must be
earned or ac5uired. e recommend Solfeggio :armonic fre5uencies and Solfeggio
Mirror fre5uencies while holding two Shiva rocks in each hand and meditating in an .M
hum tone. 3ou will know when the vibrational body activates. It is when your physical
body vibrates in the same way, a woman has an orgasm. 4lease forgive our
e%pression of this description, we mean no disrespect. "he /th subtle body will then
surround the physical body, and it is massive and glows7 In the Lth plane of e%istence,
there is an emanating vibrational &:um( sound everywhere.
As humans, we e%ist within the FLth .ctave of Gibration of the electromagnetic light
spectrum. 2elow this range, we are barely visible radiant heat, like infrared light,
television and radio,waves, sound and brain wavesU above it, we are #ust like visual
ultraviolet light, like the invisible fre5uencies of chemicals and perfumes, followed by %,
rays, gamma rays, radium rays and unknown cosmic rays.
Indian 3ogic teachings assign colors to the seven ma#or chakras' specific 5ualities, such
as color of influence from the / rays of spectrum light, elements such as earth, air, water
and ether, body sense such as touch, taste, and smell, and relation to an endocrine
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
In numerology, the number LLL means get to work7 "he world needs your <ivine life
purpose right now. $ully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or
1$. The *onsciousness 1$th Plane of Existence The Infor#ation Plane
e now enter the consciousness 'Bth plane of e%istence, the information plane. "here is no
light in this place it is totally dark. 3our third eye, mind's eye or all,seeing eye cannot see
anything7 At first, we thought we were in great void. It is the nothing, but when you silence
your mind, something amazing happens7 2locks of information come to you. Sometimes
they are visual movies, and not like anything you have ever seen on Erantia or *arth, and
other times they are visions of the past, present or even the future, that comes out of the
darkness and #ust gives you instant knowledge. e call it &"he -nowing.(
If you are looking for your <estiny or purpose in life, you will find it here, #ust 5uiet your mind
and focus on breathing from your diaphragm while keeping your focus on e%panding and
contracting your diaphragm, and keeping your mind silent about all thoughts. If you are
doing this with the intent of knowing your life destiny. It will come to you as a block of
information. 1ust ask for it, silence the mind and wait patently for the information block to
come to you.
hen you go to sleep at night and have lucid dreams in 6*M 86apid *ye Movement9, you
are actually 5uantum traveling to another dimension that you have created by shifting your
vibration fre5uencies high enough that it can create an infinite amount of possibilities, and
each possibility is called alternate dimension or secondary matri%. 3our spiritual higher,self
and the S.E) are playing the &what if( and, &then? scenario during your 6*M Sleep. 3our
physical human body must rest. :owever, your spiritual higher,self and the S.E) does not.
"eleportation, *S4, =lairvoyance, =lair,audience, =lair,sentience and many more are
all possibilities of ;uantum "raveling. ith Astral 4ro#ecting, the matri% already e%ists,
but with ;uantum "raveling, one creates many alternate dimensions or matrices at
once. =an this be done in the physical body! 3es. e actually teleport all the time
when we are sleeping, we are astral pro#ect. e are conditioned from early childhood
by society that it is impossible due to the laws of physics. hat modern physicists did
not understand is the power of the human psyche or conscious mind being able to raise
its vibration fre5uencies7 If you bought up a child teaching the child whom we live in an
illusion and with a higher vibration fre5uency, and that it is achievable to teleport, and
since that child has no preconceptions it cannot be done, most likely the child could
change the vibration fre5uencies and therefore, changing of the matri%. -eeping in mind
that with the low vibration fre5uencies and the limitations of the physical human body, to
teleport is possible, but not very probable. e are looking forward to the day when
scientists and psychics work together as .+*.
In numerology, the number 'B>'B is the Alpha,.mega number. "he number of
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
beginnings and endings, it is full of promise, and of open to the ?:eart of =ompassion.?
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
3ou can't get more powerful than this. -eep your visions high and heaven bound.
*ven though there is darkness around you, you have to keep the faith, trust and keep
moving forward and care about yourself and about your life. *ach situation gives you
the opportunity to pray and forgive. *ach situation has a blessing. 6emember this
when you see what happens in the world in these days.
11. The *onsciousness 11th Plane )real#+ of Existence The &oul Plane
=ongratulations, you have ascended to the consciousness of ''th realm, the Soul plane.
$rom in this place, it gets very abstract that it is difficult to describe being bound to a mortal
form and with the language structures that are bound to human beings. "he vibrational
fre5uencies here are so high that the earthly human body would simply disintegrate. "hank
@od that we are a spiritual higher,self and that our physical bodies are #ust vehicles in the
illusion of the matri%.
"here are infinite numbers of spirits or higher,self who is connected to each S.E). "his is
why many Erantian's know that we are one of the same souls. "his ''th realm radiates a
beautiful iridescent 2)E* light in color. "he S.E) or the Soul body looks like you. It is a
reflection of you. *ach person who goes to the ''th realm and looks at the S.E), they
will see themselves as the S.E). "his is why some people say &my soul.(
"he S.E) has these infinite spirits, like long hair and at the end of each long hair is a spirit or
higher,Self. "his long hair is of light and looks more like a wormhole of light. At the end of
this wormhole of light is the spirit and with the spirit are these layers of subtle bodies of
energy 8astral, casual, mental, etheric, emotional, vibrational9 and on or passing through the
physical human body are the / primary chakras and the Pth seat of the soul chakra along with
some secondary chakras. "his is why monks shave their heads. It is a symbol of being close
to @od. "he S.E) emanates from a &:u( Gibrational sound.
:ere, you must $.6@IG* A)), ask for forgiveness from A)) things and return to
innocence to ascend to the 'Ath realm of consciousness. In this realm, you can say or
memorize this>
&Mother, $ather, @od, =reator, =reative Illumination, <ivine, Infinite, *ternal S.E)
consciousness, Source at the center of A)) *ternity, I $.6@IG* A)) entities that I
have ever done anything wrong with me intentionally or unintentionally including
":* S.E), and M3S*)$ and I ask for $.6@IG*+*SS of A)) entities that I have ever
done anything wrong with intentionally or unintentionally including @.<, ":* S.E),
and M3S*)$ in A)) lives and A)) lifetimes, past, present and future, on A)) )evels,
in A)) directions, in A)) aspects, in A)) Matrices, in A)) universes, in A))
<imensions, on A)) 4lanes of *%istences, in A)) realms and for A)) *"*6+I"37 I
trust in you @od, and if it is your will, then it is my will, and it will be done. 2y the power
of three times three, so * will it, so shall it be7 "hank you. "hank 3ou. "hank you.(
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
In numerology, the number ''>'' is the call of the S.E)7 It is a wake call for those that are
sleeping and a ready to ascend message from the soul for those you have been awakened. It
is time for spiritual growth7
12. The *onsciousness 12th Plane )real#+ of Existence The *ollecti(e &ouls
"he =onsciousness 'Ath realm is where the collective souls are. "here are only 'A S.E)S
in A)) *ternity, and you are connected to one of these S.E)S. <o you see the numbers
'A>'A often! 'A>'A is the @A"*A3 to eternity.
.ne must be of 4E6* :*A6" and 4E6* S.E) to be allowed to enter the realm of A))
S.E)S. "his means that you must be stripped of everything, all your spiritual bodies
everything e%cept for the vibration of ).G* and understanding. A)) negative emotions,
A)) drama, A)) thoughts, A)) believes, A)) e%pectations, A)) #udgments. *verything
must be stripped from your mind, spirit and S.E), and you must become &"he +.":I+@7(
hen you have become &"he +.":I+@( you are considered to be 4E6*. .n the Internet,
you can search for the :awaiian <r. Ihaleakala :ew )en, who practices the :o'oponopono
techni5ue of become nothing. It is a very simple and e%tremely powerful techni5ue.
According to <r. )en whatever is going on e%ternally is going on internally. If an e%ternal
person is angry with you, you have to focus your attention on your internal self and ask
yourself why am I angry! After that, you say to yourself &I am sorry. 4lease forgive me. I
love us. "hank you.( "he emotion of anger from that e%ternal person will disappear7 3ou
repeat this process until the anger goes away. As you practice this techni5ue repeatedly
you will strip yourself of A)) emotions and social conditioning and are left with +.":I+@.
6emember, all e%ternal things are internal things hidden by emotions and the subconscious
mind. 3ou cannot ascend to the '0th realm without clearing out everything and becoming
&"he +.":I+@.( In the ne%t chapter, you will understand why this is.
e call the 'A S.E)S &"he *lders( and we call the 'Ath realm of consciousness &*lderon.(
A)) 'A S.E)S are connected as .+* in a round circle. Since A)) 'A S.E)S are connected
as one, we say &e are .+* with A)) and A)) is .+* with us.( "his is our way of
e%pressing unity.
In numerology, the number 'A>'A is the number when the :igher 6ealms wants to download
into your consciousness new ways of being a human being and e%periencing life on *arth. It
is like the switch, turned on for you to step into your <ivine 4ath to be of service for
humanity and every living thing on the planet.
"he number 'A>'A is the ?@ateway to $reedom.( As 'A is the number of completion, 'A>'A is
the gate of completion. e are, in essence, completing ourselves, and preparing the way for
others and on this day, the people of *arth graduate, and officially enters the @olden Age. In
her heart, she knows there is no turning back. :er ascension is imminent. 'A>'A brings us
the gift of wholeness, and is our key to mastery.
Copyright 2011 by Michael Thomas
The 13 Planes of Existence
13. The *onsciousness of the 13th Plane )real#+ of Existence The &ource of !LL
at the *enter of Eternit..
"he consciousness of the '0th realm is the Source of A)) at the center of eternity, which is
located in the center of the circle of the 'A S.E)S. It is the power source of the 'A S.E)S,
&"he *lders.( .ne must be of pure intention and of pure consciousness to be allowed into
this realm. If you are a cup of coffee, and we are a glass of 4E6* water, you must empty
your cup of coffee to receive the 4E6* water from our glass. If we pour the 4E6* water into
your cup of coffee without your emptying your cup of coffee first, you will not be able to
receive the 4E6* water. $or this reason, you MES" first become &The ,OT6I,7.(
"he Source of A)) at the center of *ternity is a constantly changing plasma .62 of energy.
"he Source at the =enter of *ternity radiates P'8E LO5E E,E879. It feels like a
euphoric +irvana. hen we first saw the .62, we were in a trace with its beautiful
changing colors and vibrational energy which it is emanating. "here are no words in any
language or no spiritual e%pressions that could ever describe it. 3.E MES" S** I" A+<
$**) I" $.6 3.E6S*)$7
In numerology, the number BBB is a reminder you are one with @od, and to feel the
presence of your =reatorDs 4E6* ).G* within you. $urthermore, it is a sign that a situation
has gone full circle.
&e are A)) energy sources, like battery powered mirrors that reflect the consciousness of
the Source of A)) at the center of eternity,( Michael "homas. &e are .+* with A)) and
A)) is .+* with us.(
.ur 4E6* ).G* *+*6@3 and unconditional support go out to you as you travel on your
#ourney to ascend to the Source of A)) at the center of eternity. e bid you a pleasant
trip with grace and ease until we meet again my friends.
6emember, &*verything is mind over matter, if you do not mind it does not matter7(
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