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Marine Machinery, Auxiliary

marine machinery designed to ensure the proper functioning of a ships mainengines, pi

ping systems, and equipment. Auxiliary marine machinery includespumps, compressors
, and blowers for circulating fuel and the fresh water andseawater used in cooling syste
ms, for supplying air to the starting system of themain engine, for cooling refrigerated ho
lds, and for airconditioning various partsof the ship and for refrigeration machinery. Auxil
iary marine machinery alsoincludes separators for removing water and other contamina
nts from fuel and oil,steering machinery, capstans, windlasses, winches for anchoring,
mooring, andcargo loading, and cranes. Other items include heat exchangers used toco
ndense vapors and to heat and cool working fluids, such as water, oil, and air,filters for t
he seawater and fuel supplies, and separators for bilge water.,+Auxiliary
air heater
Stoker/Grate Boilers- Stoker-fired boilers can be the technology
of choice in certain applications, particularly for troublesome, low moisture, high Btu
Fluidized-Bed Boilers- Fluidized-bed technology offers the
advantage of reduced NOx and SO2 emissions by allowing the control of bed
temperature and using reagents such as limestone as bed material. Additional benefits
include the ability to use fuels such as biomass or waste fuels which are difficult to burn
in conventional boiler systems.
Sootblowers- Using superheated steam, saturated steam,
compressed air or water, Diamond Power sootblowers remove deposits, prevent
plugging of gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency.


DRYMAX material dryers and SILMAX drying hoppers from WITTMANN are characterized by
the highest flexibility. Furthermore, they are very powerful and also offer special energy


FEEDMAX single and central loaders are known as very reliable. The WITTMANN network
control system enables the administration of up to 320 single network participants.


The GRAVIMAX series comprise WITTMANN blenders with real gravimetric analysis. The
unique RTLS 2-stage metering method achieves the most precise dispensing for batch-to-batch
consistency and accuracy. The series is completed with volumetric blenders for additives and

Temperature controllers

WITTMANN temperature controllers and water flow regulators are classic production solutions
for the plastics processing industries. The range of temperature controllers ranges from cheaper
basic units to formidable 2-circuit units with numerous additional functions.

WITTMANN offers a comprehensive range of granulators for the recycling of plastics: screened
and screenless granulators for the use directly beside the molding machine or for central
Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to basic metering machines, auxiliary equipment can provide enhanced properties
and processing. There are many types of auxiliary equipment, including the following examples:
Metering equipment
Multi-station ringlines for multiple mix heads operating from a single high-pressure machine
Equipment for the addition of fillers and long fiber technology
Bulk storage of chemicals
Conveyors, turntables and mold carriers
Automation equipment
Hydraulic and pneumatic presses
Prepolymer reactors
Spray equipment for In-Mold-Coatings (IMC) or In-Mold-Paintings (IMP)
Moca melters
Vacuum degassers for elastomers

Bulk Storage CO2, N2 Metering Unit Conveyor

Blowing Agent Meter Turntable