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Abriana Gresham

September 11, 2014

UWRT 1103
Homework 9/11

Describe your previous experiences with workshopping. If you have
never had a peer workshop session, discuss teacher feedback (both
good and bad--essentially what has worked and what hasn't worked).
In previous experiences with workshopping I have not been as detailed as
the Straubs passage explained. We have never really had to go in depth
and give good feedback. Mostly it was just a way for our teachers to kill a
class period. The only good workshopping I ever had was in my 11th grade
year AP English 3 class. Our teacher was really good and had an
individual meeting with every student giving really great feedback about
our papers, what to fix, and how to make them better. She honestly made
me consider majoring in English for awhile because she was such a great
English teacher but that was the only good workshopping experience I
have had.

Articulate the difference between editing and revision. At what stage
of the writing process do you edit vs. revise? Is it necessary to do
both, and defend your position.
The difference between editing and revising is pretty important. Revising
should happen first in the writing because it deals with changing the actual
content of the writing. I think you should get all your ideas out before you
start editing. Editing is fixing the actual grammatical errors and making the
paper proper enough for a final product- which should be done last.

What are some concerns you have about peer workshopping?
Mostly Im concerned that Im not going to be detailed or helpful enough to
provide good enough feed back since I have never had an actual good
peer workshopping experience.

Describe at least two suggestions and cite* from Straub's article,
explaining the strategy he suggests and how you see yourself
implementing it during our workshops in class.
Straub provides many different strategies to provide good peer
workshopping. The first is to make sure you are reading the paper as a
reader and not as a writer (Staub, 137). This is important to keep the
writers perspective in mind. Another important strategy is to be really
specific about your corrections and suggestions (Straub, 140). This is
important to actually provide help to the writer instead of frustration.

*When parenthetically citing from Straub's article, be sure to use the
appropriate citation style for your major. Remember you can consult the
UNCC library homepage under "Research and Course Help" and select
"Citation Tools.;