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also get a list of other Central acts
Hindu (including Sikhs, Jains and Buddists) : Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
Muslims : Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939
Christians : Indian Divorce Act, 1869
Parsis : The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936
Inter-Cast of Inter-Religion : Special Marriage Act, 1954
Though the second marriage during the lifetime of the first spouse is illegal, m
any men get away with bigamy because of a loophole in the criminal law.
Despite the liability of imprisonment up to seven years, bigamy is not a cogniza
offence for which the police can register an FIR, either on their own or on rece
iving information from others. A violator of Section 494 IPC can be prosecuted o
nly on a complaint filed by the first wife before a court.
24 3/4/5
cannot stay in my house dont need and adjust to our
dont have job
my way or hiway
waiting for me to call
i make clear
she call her uncle reply
do rcr to show i am in control
trust analogy
not important them
not only they can leave or make case
tell everybody i am not bringin her here because i am gay
act before any evidence + list of unrelated + spread
clear xx probe otherwise a wrong i do to her
in or out no on touched my manhood - have to clarify
no stone untouched in allegations
till now cosideration wife woman
untrustworthy, etc.
acts show that wanted to go owhterwise why act
and why come back now??
i have not been center .. my father said ... her father
their act not think bad for girl or bad not a problem our mission is not success
un trust
attitude - repeated attempts, no communication
insult me purposely
married for wrong reasons - financial, idea of marriage involve family, modernxx
paper not enoug to stay married
not satisfied and not do anything under pressure and disatissfied
i gave deadline
repeated attempts
will facer bigger challenges dont think she ready for it
and to let them know any body can get divorce
why al this they can ask for divorce
father me prob no one interfere
mohammed i
hothing though me
she not call me
they not aske me for divorce
inspite indirect requests
unsolicited attempts
no care sinpite
many attempts from my side
they alineate themselves
wating period is over
deadline reached
father call her donforget us
me not the center .. my father say ... her father and mother say
if problems like this then they wont mind about money
consumation - her virginity test and sexual impotency - potency certificate
impotency - bar chances of remarriage
they came in the begining asking for divorce
say take test any time any where
ask is she prepared to drop the case or 5 lac if test is taken
if yes she is a fraud otherwise she let her give reason
sexual compatibility is a learned behaviour meaybe her disability
make allegation with intention to contest or challenge
some one who can say sex
some one who can divorce
no trust and trust a foundation
sexual imcompatibility means propblem in her also .. see file seven big ...
A person who makes an allegation also has the responsibility to prove it
can 498a be quashed after apllying for mutual consent
no negotiation on this matter my sex
i have aidea of where it is going .. last need haras menet from 498 .. early cop
laint makes sure we are not just retaliating
let her call and discuss, her need other wise just stay immune and leave her at
the end of 2 yrs
i have not yet got a strategy discussionfrom you other than pity and ... etc
after hearing now they say relatives problem
they problem they responsible for their actoins
i can slo div
did the feeling ripe just like mango
as you said the horse...