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Oasis, and his new word Wonderwall, live foreversuccessful, considered among the
best rock bands of the history, sometimes above the too English band The Beatles, band
what influenced them, also like The Stone Roses, Jimmy Hendrix, Neil Young, The Jam, and
other British band; and with many songs between the best songs of the history, they are
Oasis, a band formed in Manchester, at the United Kingdom. The band, that was created
before 23 years, and separated in august of 2009, and with 8 studio albums, leave to many
actual rock bands a very great legacy, giving influences to bands like Artic Monkeys, The
Killers, Coldplay, Ryan Adams, Maroon 5. Definitely a great musical band, maybe the best
of the history. Paul Ress, director of an important music magazine called Q Magazine, said
about them after a survey about the best music bands: They had got three times more
votes than any other band; they are clearly the most loved band at the United Kingdom.

Definitely maybe, the debut album of Oasis, recently re-mastered and re-released the past
May, this album was released at 29
August in 1994, as soon as it was released, went
straight to the first places at world charts, it was a complete commercial hit, it got the first
place at the UK charts, the album, sold over 700.000 copies in America, until today, the
album has sold over 8 million copies, it was the fastest selling debut album of all time in
the United Kingdom, with 7 platinum certifications; at the USA, it got the first place at the
Top Heatseekers chart. In 1997, Definitely Maybe was named the 14th greatest album of
all time in a 'Music of the Millennium' poll conducted by HMV, Channel 4, The
Guardian and Classic FM. In a 2008 poll by Q and HMV in 2008, Definitely Maybe was
ranked first on a list of the greatest British albums of all time. There arent charts where
Oasis has been not located. Maybe the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, should be
proud, because, at 2008, in a survey of Q Magazine, it got the first place, followed of his
second album, named Whats the story? (Morning Glory), released in 1995; where the
two first albums of Oasis occupied the two first places, between the 50 best albums of the
history of music at the UK, published by the BBC.

Oasis, with his most famous songs, with many anecdotic stories about their inspiration, its
reflects in some songs fragments, maybe this is one of the reason what did this band so
popular in the young people, with lyrics what says us Dont look back in anger, Stop
Crying Your Heart Out, Live Forever, and fragments what give us inspiration, like *+
Im free to be whatever I *+, there are too much songs with so good lyrics, lets see the
most popular. Lets begin with the more representative: Wonderwall. This song, the
most fans favorite song, and definitely my preferred song, released in 1995, in his second
album, Whats the story (Morning Glory), Noel Gallagher, guitarist of the band from
1991 to the separation of the band in 2009, and writer of the song, said in an interview to
the NME (New Musical Express): The song is about my girlfriend, Meg Matthews, thing
that was denied by Noel after his separation of Matthews, and then said: its about an
imaginary friend whos gonna come and save you from yourself, thing what was said
based on a fragment of the song: *+ Cos maybe, youre gonna be the one that saves me
*+. Another song whit a great back story is Live Forever, with a meaning about the
best friends, the teenage best friends, those friends that to whom we say: We see things
they'll never see and saying that friendship live forever. We cant ignore the song
Whatever, also written by Noel Gallagher, whit a great message, it says us that we are
free: Im free to be whatever I *+, the first lines (Im free, to be whatever I, and Ill sing
the blues if I want) were written in answer to his father, who insisted him to join to the
construction business, but he went to be a musician, and He made it clear when writing
this lines. Another representative song of the band of Manchester is Stop Crying Your
Heart Out, also written by Noel, and released in 2002, The song references hard times,
we must go on with our lives, Noel, said about it: A friend was having a hard time with his
children, and I wrote it whit he in my mind. In every Oasiss song, we can have a million
of stories, and thousands of messages, inspired in personal stories, with a great message
what can be interpreted by different ways for everyone, relative to the situation in we are
in that time, but ever well found some song that represents our feelings.

The fame was one of the facts that Oasis never knew to hold up, maybe they said: Who
Put the Weight of the World on My Shoulders? as titled one of their songs, written by
Noel Gallagher, but between all these awards that they won, there is a black side, the
Gallagher brothers, we can say that they were too fools, the more fame, they were worse,
they were ridiculous, in every gig, in every hit, in every award, they behaved worse, for
example, in 2010, one year after band-separation, in the Brit Awards, they won the award
to the best album of the last 30 years for Whats The Story?(Morning Glory), Liam received
the award and thank to the members of the band in exception of his brother Noel
Gallagher, after the words, Liam shot the microphone and the award to the public amid
the laughs. Things like this happened often, but no only with the public, too in the
backstage, but lets go from the beginning, in 1994, in their first tour in North America,
after Liam decided to change some songs lyrics, angering to Noel, writer of over 70 songs,
at the backstage they threw the chairs, and the tour was cancelled, renouncing Noel by
the first time. After that, in 1996, while Oasis was preparing for his MTV Unplugged, but
minutes before the show, Liam decided not participating, what wasnt approved by Noel
and decided to presentarse? alone, what proved Noels talent, with Liam at ringside,
criticizing Noel song by song. In august 2009 in a show in the Rock en Seine, near Paris,
after a fight between the brothers, and Liam broke Noels guitar, the show was cancelled,
and this time the band was ended, in the website Noel published: It's with some sadness
and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they
like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer, this was the end of
Oasis, now Noel is performing as soloist and Liam and the rest of the band conformed
Beady Eye, and now theres not reunion, Oasis dont exist anymore, but their legacy ever
will be in our memories.

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