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A free patent is a mode of acquiring a parcel of

alienable and disposable public land which is suitable
for agricultural purposes, thru the administrative
confrmation of imperfect and incomplete title.
Agricultural public lands classifed as alienable and
disposable are subject for disposition under Free
The applicant for a free patent must comply with the
following qualifcations
!. "e must be a natural born citi#en of the Philippines.
$. "e must not be the owner of more than twelve %!$&
hectares of land.
'. The land must have been occupied and cultivated
for at least thirty %'(& years prior to April !), !**( by
the applicant or his predecessors+in+interest and shall
have paid the real estate ta, thereon.
-. A minor can apply for a free patent, provided he is
duly represented by his natural parents or legal
guardian and has been occupying and cultivating the
area applied for either by himself or his predecessor+in+
The following are the steps leading to the approval and
issuance of a free patent
!. Filing of application.
$. /nvestigation.
'. Posting of notice for two %$& consecutive wee0s in
the provincial capitol or municipal building and
barangay hall concerned.
-. 1rder of approval of application and issuance of
2. Preparation of Patent in 3udicial Form 2- and 2-+4
and the technical description duly transcribed at the
bac0 thereof.
). Transmittal of the Free Patent to the 5egister of
4eeds concerned for the issuance of the corresponding
1riginal 6ertifcate of Title.
The following o7cials of the 4epartment of
8nvironment and 9atural 5esources %4895& are
authori#ed to approve applications for homestead and
free patents
!. :p to 2 hectares ; Provincial 8nvironment and
9atural 5esources 17cer %P8951&
$. <ore than 2 "a. to !( "a. ; 5egional 8,ecutive
4irector of the 4895.
"omestead Patent is a mode of acquiring alienable and
disposable lands of the public domain for agricultural
purposes conditioned upon actual cultivation and
Where should Homestead Application be fled?
A "omestead application li0e any other public land
applications should be fled at the 4895+6ommunity
8nvironment and 9atural 5esources 17ce where the
land being applied for is located.
Who are qualifed to appl
!. 6iti#ens of the Philippines.
$. 1ver != years old or head of the family.
'. 9ot the owner of more than !$ hectares of land
pursuant to the !*=> constitution
!an a married "oman ma#e a Homestead entr?
A married woman can now apply for a patent
application under 4A1+$(($+!' dated 3une $-, $(($
issued by the then ?ecretary of the 4epartment of
8nvironment and 9atural 5esources "eher#on T.
Alvare#. This is in accordance with Article //, ?ection !-
of the 6onstitution and 5epublic Act 9o. >!*$
otherwise 0nown as the @Aomen in 4evelopment and
9ation Building Act@ as implemented by 4A1 9o. *=+!2
of <ay $>, !**= on @5evised Cuidelines on the
/mplementation of Cender and 4evelopment %CA4&
Activities in the 4895@. This Administrative 1rder gives
women, equal right as men in fling, acceptance,
processing and approval of public land applications.
$e%al &equirements
!. Application fee of P2(.((.
$. 8ntry fee of P2.((.
'. Final fee of P2.((.
-. Approved plan and technical description of the
land applied for.
2. Actual occupation and residence by the
Steps leadin% to the issuance o'
a Homestead patent
!. Filing of application.
$. Preliminary /nvestigation.
'. Approval of application.
-. Filing of fnal proof which consists of two %$&
a. 9otice of intention to ma0e Final Proof
which is posted for '( days.
b. Testimony of the homesteader
corroborated by two %$& witnesses
mentioned in the notice. The Final Proof
is fled not earlier than ! year after the
approval of the application but within 2
years from the said date.
2. 6onfrmatory Final /nvestigation.
). 1rder of /ssuance of Patent.
>. Preparation of patent using 3udicial Form 9o. )>
and )>+4 and the technical description duly
inscribed at the bac0 thereof.
=. Transmittal of the "omestead patent to the
5egister of 4eeds concerned.
Si%nin% and Appro(in%
Authorit For "omestead and Free Patents
!. :p to 2 hectares %has.& + P8951
$. <ore than 2 "as. to !( "as. + 584
'. <ore than !( "as. + 4895 ?ecretary