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1. Honble LG of Delhi.
2. Honble Chief Justice, Delhi High Court.
3. The Chief Secretary to Govt. of Delhi.
4. Inspector General of Wildlife, MoEF.
5. Secretary to AWBI.
6. The Chief Wildlife Warden of Delhi and Haryana.
7. Honble Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court.
8. SHO, Police Station, Nuh.
9. The CEO, Haryana Election Commission.
10. RO cum SDM, Nuh.
Subject: FIR against INLD candidate Zakir Hussain along with the custodian of male
The Election Commission of India (ECI) issued an order banning the use of animals by
political parties during campaigns. In an advisory issued, the election commission has
asked political parties not to use any animals for campaign in any manner, animal rights
group OIPA - Indian People for Animals said that following repeated
requests by animal activist Naresh Kadian and Sukanya Kadian, the election commission
asked political parties and candidates to refrain from using animals for their campaigns.
"The Commission has received representations from OIPA India, alleging that animals like
horses, ponies, donkeys, elephants, camels and bulls are subjected to cruelty in different
ways in connection with election campaigns," the election commission advisory stated. "It
is alleged that the animals are often made to carry loads beyond permissible limits, made to
work long hours, and some candidates even paint slogans and election symbols on them
using harmful chemicals," the advisory said. The election commission has issued an
advisory to all political parties and asked them not to violate the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act, 1960, and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. "Bulls, donkeys, elephants and
other animals used in election campaigns are commonly beaten, pushed into crowds,
overloaded and otherwise abused.They are also often undernourished and denied
adequate food and water. Wounds and other injuries are common. "Animals have no
political allegiances and do not deserve to be whipped and forced through crowds or
bullied by people who don''t agrees with the other party''s politics.
On September 26, 2014 Ch. Zakir Hussain, candidate of INLD abused male elephant while
submitting his nomination, wild animal was badly abused, can damage public property and
life due to heavy crowd, public nuisance as well, no permission was obtained from the
competent Authorities, where as male elephant abuser custodian also to be booked for the
violation of the terms and conditions of the ownership because elephant can not abused for
these kinds of political functions read with the section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and Wildlife Protection Act, 1972; IPC 268, 341,120-B etc.,
being an non official Member of the State Board for Wildlife, Haryana along with the
volunteers of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (Ministry of Environment and Forest), I
here by requested you to please lodge FIR against the candidate Zakir Hussain along with
the elephant abuser custodian after confiscating the abused elephant, it is further requested
that CWLW may kindly take up the matter of cancellation of male elephant ownership,
immediate rescue and rehabilitation of this National heritage animal of India.
It is further submitted that Notice was issued by the RO at Nuh but SHO failed to lodge
FIR against all offenders, where as proof of burden on the accused instead of prosecution,
hence we are compelled to issue notice under section 55 of the Wildlife Protection Act,
1972, because National Heritage animal of India can't be abused as vehicle of pride, where
as Hon'ble Supreme Court of India uphold animal rights in the recent judgement of
Jallikattu, MoEF instructions about elephants are not implemented by Haryana and Delhi,
which were issued in 2008, where as constitution of Animal Rights Commission is also
required, Hon'ble Court of Law may kindly treat it as Public Interest Litigation. It is also
reported that this male Elephant belongs to Delhi, already FIR No. 274 dated 19-8-2012
was lodged with Police Station, Hodal by Naresh Kadian but syndicate of Wildlife official
along with elephant custodians are working and this crime was happened with the
consultation of Wildlife Inspector of Sohna and CWLW of Delhi, criminal conspiracy
against male elephant.
Now questions arise:
1. Why elephant ownership was granted to a private person and for what purpose?
2. Whether custodian of an elephant has proper housing facilities for treatment, care
and shelter?
3. Whether MoEF instructions which were issued in 2008 properly followed along with
the Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court orders banning iron ankush?
4. Whether section 38-H of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 properly implemented?
5. Why elephant was abused for pride, joy rides, publicity tool, as vehicle, personnel
gain and profit?
6. Whether custodian of elephant properly trained to handle elephant and properly
financial sound, to keep elephant?
7. Whether Delhi and Haryana are natural habitat of the elephants?
8. When elephant presence banned by the Wildlife Department of Maharashtra in
Mumbai and Thane then why elephants are being allowed in the urban areas of
Haryana and Delhi?
9. Whether custodian of elephant along with District Administration is competent to
handle public nuisance, damage of public life and property because another male
elephant became out of control in Delhi at Rajghat?
10. When thorn bits are prohibited by the Government under law then why these male
elephant custodians are using ban thorn bits?
11. Why Government functionaries are failed to perform their official duties and does
not have resources to keep captive elephants in rescue centers, where as private
custodians are abused elephants for their personnel gain and profit?
Past incidents:
1. Many captive elephants are being killed in road accidents in Haryana, UP and
2. Elephant was caught for begging in Sonipat and FIR was lodged, like wise FIR was
lodged with Hodal Police Station and Dhand Police Station in Kurukshetra.
3. Elephant was abused for pride in marriage functions at Palwal.
4. Where are the female elephants missing from Dabhchik and Kurukshetra?
Sincerely yours,
Naresh Kadian,
Volunteers of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, MoEF,
Rep. of UN affiliated OIPA in India,
Chairman, People for Animals Haryana,
Master Trainer, AWBI,
C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar, sector-14,
Rohini, Delhi 110085.

This female elephant missing from Haryana, required by the Special Environment Court at
Kurukshetra because Yakub of Delhi claimed her owner and handed over to Radhey
Shyam, who is not appearing before the Court of Law.