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Nugroho Heru : Father

Chandra Fitriya : Senior Nurse
Jesiskha Ratri : Nurse Jesiskha
Megasanda D. : Nurse Mega
Khoirul Anwar : Patient

Dialog :
In nursing room

Mega : Where are you yesterday?
Jesiskha : I have a bussiness yesterday.
Mega : With your boyfriend, right?
Jesiskha : No no no, come on. Its not!
Mega : Dont be lie.
Jesiskha : Oke, I admit it. Jesiskha, are you finish prepare medicine for
in room Mawar No. 2A?
Mega : Oh yeah, here it is.
Jesiskha : Thanks, I will bring this. See you.

10 minutes later
Jesiskha : Excusse me Sir. How are you today kid? Get better that
Patient : ( Nodded )
Father : Yes, he gets better nurse. But, still hard told to eat.
Jesiskha : You must to eat a lot. Because if you want to go home, you need
food to recover your body. Oke, now is time to take medication.
Patient : Oke nurse.
Jesiskha : Oke, it is done. If there is a probem, you can call me in nursing
Father : Thank you.

2 hours later
Mega : The medicine has been gived to patient?
Jesiskha : Yes, I already do it.
Mega : And now I will clean this stuff. Oh now, why this medicine can
here ?
Jesiskha : You are who prepare the medicine, right ?
Mega : Yes I am, but I dont know why this medicine can be here.

Medical staff come to nursing room and tell that patient in room Mawar No.
2A had a convulsion. Jesiskha and Mega quickly to the room Mawar.

Jesiskha : What the medicine do you dawn to him? Now call the senior
Mega : Oke, I will call her.

Senior nurse come and give the injection to stop the convulsion to the patient.

Senior Nurse : How can this possible?
Mega : Im sorry Sus, I made a mistake when take the medicine .
Senior Nurse : Im afraid that this can be next in another time.

The patients father come to nursing room

Bapak : Why my son being convulsed after take the medicine ?
Mega : Im sorry Sir, I am who prepare the medicine and I made a
and untidy when prepare that
Bapak : How could be possible ? How you can wrong give the medicineto
son. What the hell this hospital !
Mega : Im sorry Sir.
Bapak : Im cant to accept ! You must responsible of it.

Senior Nurse coming

Senior nurse : Take it easy Sir! The problem had been clear, the problem is
of nurse Megas mistake and untidy, and beside that your son is
already fine. But Im as the senior of nurse Mega realy realy sorry
this problem. Pkease forgive this mistake Sir.
Father : Oke, I accept your apologize. But, dont do this again, human life
not game you must careful abot all of your work !
Senior Nurse : Oke Sir, thank you.