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A Proposal for North Lawrence

Executive Summary September 2014 | The 308 Group | Zach Tusinger

Vision: With the guidance of citizens and shareholders, build on the
existing strengths of the North Lawrence neighborhood to create an
urban village with improved connections, greater resiliency,
enhanced beauty, respect for its history, and with its own unique
identity based on a shared sustainable future.
Proposal: The 308 Group has an understanding of
the community, the forward-thinking
ideas, and the necessary skills to lead
the process of developing a Sustainable
Land Use Plan for North Lawrence
focusing on improving connections,
fostering resilience against hazards, and
enhancing its attractiveness and unique
identity by building on existing strengths
and capitalizing on new opportunities.
SWOT In order to clearly craft realistic goals
Analysis: for the future of a sustainable North
Lawrence, it is necessary to first look at
the various Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats faced by the
community today.

Strengths: Small Town Feel, Sense of
Community, Proximity to Nature,
Restored Historic Train Depot, Historic
Business District, Community
Gardening, Elementary School, Community Center, Proximity to the
river, High Traffic Corridor, Riverfront Trail, Diverse Architecture
Weaknesses: Spread Out/Disconnected, Lack of Convenient
Access to Essentials and Amenities, Traffic, Storm Water Issues,
Unattractive Levee and Riverfront, Lack of Consistent
Sidewalks/Walkability, Single Connection to southern Lawrence not
pedestrian friendly, Encroachment by Industry
Opportunities: Capture Traffic and Improve Visibility, Large
Amounts of Contiguous Land Available, Reuse of Existing
Structures, Enhanced Beautification, Create New Connections
Threats: Risk of Flooding, Potential for Continued Disinvestment,
Railroad Freight Traffic, Continued Encroachment of Industry
A Proposal for North Lawrence
Executive Summary September 2014 | The 308 Group | Zach Tusinger

Goals: To improve connections throughout the neighborhood, foster
greater resiliency against natural hazards, and enhance the beauty
and unique identity of the community
Connectivity: Create and improve internal and external linkages in
and to North Lawrence by repairing and enhancing the existing
sidewalk infrastructure and adding new sidewalks where needed,
improve bike-friendliness by the addition of bike lanes and/or bike
trails, improve connections to the riverfront by the addition of well-
identifiable access points, improve the safety of railroad crossings,
and work to enhance the pedestrian/cyclist experience on the
bridge connecting to the south side of the river. Additionally, work to
create community connections by developing well-defined
commercial nodes and fostering the growth of a walkable mixed-
use area along Locust. Develop people to people connections
through a renewed focus on community gardens. Work to
encourage infill to further activate the pedestrian experience. Plan
and implement improvements to increase handicap accessibility.

Resiliency: Encourage steps to control
storm water runoff issues through the
use of rain gardens and appropriately
landscaped storm water retention areas.
Evaluate effectiveness of current
pumping system. Take steps to evaluate
the risks of major flooding. Encourage
higher construction standards and the
sustainable reuse of existing structures.
Enhanced Beauty and Identity:
Through the use of streetscaping and
lighting improvements, further improve
the experience of citizens and visitors.
Create a more attractive community to
encourage people to stop and explore.
Preserve historic architecture and create
incentives to build modern and Green
structures. Improve the look and safety
of property adjacent to the railroad tracks
along Locust Street to further improve
the attractiveness of this as a central
corridor for the community. Improve the attractiveness of the levee
area by creating a more naturally landscaped riparian zone.