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Roberta ( Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis lived in London with their loving parents. They were happy
and contented. One day, two strangers came to their house and took their father away. After
this sudden event, the children and their mother moved to a small house in the country. There
was a railway line near their new house. The children became friends with the people who
worked at the railway. They enjoyed waving to the passengers on the 9.15am train. An old
gentleman who travelled on the train always waved back at them. This gentleman became
their friend. The children had several adventures with the railway. They stopped the train when a
landslide covered the tracks. They also saved a boy who was hurt in the train tunnel. The
children often thought of their father . Then Roberta ( Bobbie ) found out why their father was
taken away. She wrote to the old gentleman for help. With his help, their father finally returned
to the family.

Character : Roberta @ Bobbie

Evidence: She takes charge and gets her siblings to think of a way to get their mother the things
the doctor said she must have when she is ill.

Evidence: She runs onto the railway track to stop the train when a landslide covers the railway

Evidence: She is determined to get help so that she can help her father who is in jail. She tells the
old gentleman about him and with the gentlemans help, her father finally returns to the family.

1 1. The importance of family love
Bobbie and her siblings have loving parents. After their father is taken away, Mother is very sad
but she does not tell the children and the children do not ask questions so that their mother will
not be upset.
The children always work together to solve problems, for example when their mother is ill and
needs special food and when they have to save the train.

2 2. Facing lifes challenges with courage
The children and their mother face problems bravely. Mother does not show how sad she is and
works hard to provide for the children.
When a landslide covers the railway tracks, the children act with courage to save the train from
a terrible accident.

Moral Values
We learn about:
1. Family love and loyalty
The children show their love for their mother by not asking questions about their father.
They are loyal to their father and never forget him.

2. Kindness and compassion
The station master lets Peter go when he learns that the family is too poor to buy coal.

3. Bravery
The children are brave to confess that they have taken the coal and they also tell their
mother that they asked a stranger to get the things the doctor asked them to get for her.

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