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The Green Post


Volume 1—issue 3 July—August 2009

Low Carbon school, “wat Saket” school opens

The third school has just became Green khun Paisal or better known to all as
and , under the banner of the low car-
bon school project. Wat Saket school
at Baan Taling Ngam,
The school has been adopted by Baan
Talingnam Hotel, Khun Somyot, khun
Nigel and their team have been work-
ing very hard to establish a separation
section, garden areas for the children
to grow their own herbs and spices,
EM production.
On the day of the opening Baan
Talingnam and the school had great
green games set up to bring out the
best in the children, a wonderful pres-
entation and speech from the local
Khun Suraphong “the Tanrong” or as-
sistant to the mayor of koh samui,
gave his speech and recognition of the
project, Head of the Village khun Vit,

Khun Somrod and Nigel with the kids

The children from the school perform-
ing a traditional welcome dance, in
color full costumes.
Behind them are the newly laid sepa-
ration section just behind their canteen,
the cages hold what the kids bring in
from home as well as the school.
The Green Post
Adopting schools
Khun Nigel and khun
Pravit Pakalatho With
the pupils in their gar-
den, morning glory seen
below their feet on this
picture, was on the menu
for lunch that day.
From a 1 kg bag of
seeds you can grow
60kg and that will feed
a full school.

ONLY WITH Major beach clean up - 7th February 2009

Khun Somyot and khun
COMMITMENT Nigel next to their recy-
AND A VIEW FOR cling pens, there were
THE FUTURE, WE donated by the Govern-
ment, but never used cor-
rectly until the team at
AND ENHANCE Baan Taling nam came
LIVE ON TODAY Now the children are
taking charge of their
own environment and

Grand opening of the Low Carbon school projects

Creating EM from cut up
fruits, mixed with brown
sugar or molasses and
leave for a month.
Great stuff to clean the

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Volume 1—issue 3
Check this out!
Jimmy the Gardener,
apologies not sure what
his name was, but one
thing for sure he showed
me his garden and there
to behold were the morn-
ing glory, pumpkins and
great purple egg plants
They also had lemon
grass sweet and hot
basil, young sweet coco-
nut trees.

Recycle, Reuse
.Som great recycling went
on at the school, card- THE KIDS IN THEIR
board houses were COMPOST PIT.
crated, plastics straws
were made into mats, a GET THEM WHILE
dress made from recycled THEYA RE
bags was on show. YOUNGA ND
The imagination goes wild THEY WILL BE IN
once again form the kids FOR THE LONG
! RUN!

Games to be played
The team at Baan Talingnam
and teachers at the school cre-
ated a recycling game for the
kids and that went down a
treat with them all.
Getting them accustomed to
separating while playing a
game goes further.

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Re cycle, reduce and re use—what else is there to do!


Those that matter! The schools and P-Liang 1 @ 2

The major players who were involved in wat Saket