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Powerful Karya Siddhi Mantra

Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins

Most powerful mantra for luck

Ganesh mantra to progress in your job
This is a very simple, yet most powerful Ganesh mantra to progress in your job. This mantra
like all Ganesh mantras and prayers is a Sattvik [pure] mantra. Hence there are no other
requirements other than good intentions and sincerity.

The procedure is simple all you have to do is to recite this Mantra 108 times daily; one must be
regular in this practice.

This mantra; the ancient Indian texts say removes all obstacles which hinder ones progress at
work and ensures promotions in the job or one might even get a better and higher paying job .
All this with the blessings of Ganesh.

Mantra for Money Problems
In an age where Money makes the world go round and round, the most requests which I get are of more and more Wealth
The most common problem which most people face is undoubtedly the Finincial Problems.So her I am giving one more
strong and powerful Mantra which is to be recited 108 times daily.
This Mantra is recited to seek the blessings of the Goddess of wealthMahalaxmi.So all the best
in tiding over your Money Problems.

Narasimha Protection Mantra
The Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu, symbolizing the fierce form of Vishnu as half man, half lion is worshipped by many
in India. The mantra which is given here is a rare and powerful Shaabri protection mantra recited to seek protection of
the self, family and property; including agricultural. This mantra is dedicated to Narasimha. The mantra has to be recited
108 times as and when you feel you are in need of divine protection .

Uladthi Narasimha Palatthi Kaaya l
Rakshakaradhi Narasimha Raaya ll
Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins
Various remedies in the form of unique mantras are prescribed in the Hindu religion for a large
number of problems; some of a material nature and other paranormal in nature. This is
a Dattatreya mantra for removing past life sins. This is a unique mantra prescribed by the
practitioners of the paranormal for those whom they feel have committed sins in their past lives
and those sins have to be eradicated. This Dattatreya mantra is a Shloka in the form of a mantra
called Mantratmak Shlokas. This Mantra is prescribed to be recited 108 times daily in the
morning till the practitioner feels that the past life sins have been eradicated.

Mantra to remove Past life Sins