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Democracy is Not Shirk

One important thing I learnt in my life is that knowledge is one of the greatest gifts of Allaah
but incomplete or partial knowledge can be an absolute disaster. In todays political scenario
with Azadi and Inqalaab movement going on in full swing, I read people spreading confusion
amongst their readers with partial truths which is very damaging. I do not doubt their sincerity
but must educate them that Democracy is not at all Shirk, rather it is very similar to Khilaafat
model if applied in its true spirit. What Allama Iqbal envisioned and what Quaid e Azam wanted
was not this form of democracy that we are witnessing today. Iqbal wanted Spiritual
Democracy in which the government would be established according to the golden principles
of Islam and that is exactly what Quaid e Azam stated in his countless speeches. Our forefathers
made a huge effort and passed the Objective Resolution which stated that No Law shall be
made repugnant to the Quran and Sunnah. This meant that it was a declaration of supremacy
of Allaah and thus a Khilaafat alaa minhaj e Nabuwat in its spirit, based on the same pattern
of earliest Islamic rule. This system was hijacked by vested interest groups soon after Quaids
death and Pakistanis lost their way which landed them in the slavery of the ruling class with no
honor or dignity. We can disagree with the personalities of Imran Khan or Tahir ul Qadri, their
short comings, their wrong moves or compromises in this struggle but I believe from the core of
my heart that this mission is worth fighting for and we are doing a Jihad for an Islamic system.
This rotten system has to go and whoever comes forward to give us a better system, anyone, I
am with him.
I invite people to come and understand what it is that we are struggling for today. Some
religious people say that there is music and dancing in Imran Khans gatherings so it is Haram.
To answer them politely, we are living in a pure un Islamic system where people have gotten
used to these practices but they can change if they are educated after implementing an
alternative system. It is the same age old question of what came first, the egg or the chicken.
The question is still whether only pious people should struggle or that people become pious
after creating the suitable environment through education and justice. Our Prophet (s) created
a wonderful system in the state of Madinah with the help of his loyal companions, which made
it easy for everyone to live a life based on Quran and Sunnah. Most of them were hardcore
Muslims full of Eemaan but even those people who were hypocrites were forced to live
according to its rules and regulations and nobody could dare to live above the law. It was the
motivated educated youth which led the Pakistan movement under the leadership of an
apparently secular man Jinnah but they trusted him that he will not misguide them and they
were right. Pakistan would have looked very different if Mr Jinnah would have lived a little
longer because he was a staunch Muslim despite his outward appearance. What about Qadri
sahib? He is head of a religious party and there are no songs or women dances in his sit in so
why not join him? The answer is very apparent in the case of many religious parties which talk
about Islamic system and implementing Sharia; they will not follow anyone who does not
belong to their own Maslak.
I am going to cut short my story and simply share a lecture of Dr Israr Ahmed which will make
everything crystal clear for all skeptics. I was his loyal student, gave my allegiance or Bait to him
and remained a very active member of his organization for almost 15 years. I left many years
after his death thoroughly disillusioned by inaction and double standards in the organization. Dr
Israr used to say, If you can not apply Islam to your own 6 foot body then how would you
implement Islam in the whole world. I saw people talking about Islam and implementing
Sharia but apart from giving lectures sitting in air conditioned halls, selling books or DVDs , all I
ever saw was some brothers holding ply cards near Press Club at Shimla Pahari which read
Bring back the Khilafah! Who should bring it back? Are we waiting for angels to descend from
heavens and one day we wake up to see its blessings? If we say we are few in numbers then we
must join hands with other Muslims to give them strength, with a pure intention that we are
doing it for Allaah and Im sure our efforts will be highly rewarded by Him. Please dont be like
people who are content to teach about revolution but do nothing except talk about it on the
pulpits of mosques because Allaah condemns this attribute in a Muslim.
This is our time and this is our Jihad! It does not matter if we fail or succeed because Allaah will
just ask us about our sincere effort and not about the outcome which is purely in His hands.
Pakistan was created on the slogan of Pakistan ka matleb kia.Laa illah ha illal llaah and the
second part Muhammad dur Rasul Allaah is yet to be achieved which means, implementing a
just system given by our holy Prophet (s). Each one of us can make a difference so no one is
useless and every person counts. In the words of Iqbal,
Afraad key hathoon mei hai aqwaam ki taqdeer
Har Fard hai Millat ke muqadar ka sitara Here is the link to Israr Sahibs lecture which
is bound to change your heart about Democracy in its true spirit.