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Statement of Purpose

What the mind of man can conceive and believe the man can achieve. I aspire to
reach great heights, and for this I feel that I need a masters degree in Computer
Science followed by .!.".
#s an undergraduate I had the privilege and e$posure to visit %nited States. &han's
to Microsofts Windows Embedded Student Challenge, a world wide
competition held at (icrosoft head)uarters Seattle, W# on *une ++
, +,,-. (y
pro.ect was one among the /, best pro.ects selected globally to give a presentation.
"uring my brief stay at (icrosoft I had the privilege to demonstrate my pro.ect to
Mr. Bill Gates and a gala$y of world renowned entrepreneurs. &his pro.ect titled as
Pollution Buster an innovative 0eal1time 2mbedded system application proved
very efficient in detecting the pollution levels of all types of vehicles and in reporting
the culpable to the pollution control board. &he primary ob.ective of this system is to
save and protect our environment from being polluted. &his pro.ect was ran'ed as
the !
best pro.ect for its efficiency and e$emplary wor'. 3#n overview of this
pro.ect is available at www.windowschallenge.com45inal6+,0eports4+,,-4780I&.pdf 9.
(y undergraduate study in the "epartment of Computer Science and Information
&echnology at Padmasri "r.B.#.$a%u &nstitute of 'echnolog(, one of the best
*.:.&.% affiliated colleges, has e$posed me to this sort of stimulating environment
where learning and research go hand1in1hand. !aving been e$posed to the various
facets of Computer Science in the course of my undergraduate studies I find
Switching theory & logic design, Computer Organization, Programming
Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Emedded Systems, Operating Systems,
Interfacing through !icro Processors and "ataase !anagement Systems as
the most appealing areas of Computer Science for its fascinating results to many a
real1life tas's. !owever, I also li'e to forge ahead in the different sectors of the
present I& field for my (S degree.

(y wor' e$perience of - months as an intern at World 'ech in the I& sector has
enriched me to learn the practical concepts of "atabase (anagement, Software
engineering and other considerations needed to meet industrial re)uirements and
I am currently engaged in developing a comprehensive solution for educating the
physically challenged and disabled people .&he new methodology that I am
developing utili;es the recent trends in Computer Science and Information
&echnology. I am in correspondence with rofessor '.S. Surendra, Mr. )bhi%it
*oshi 3Sr. Software 2ngineer in (icrosoft, !yderabad9 and Mr. Paul Clee 3&echnical
head for the school of disabled, !yderabad9 about the design considerations and
other aspects.

With an aim of research, I am convinced that I should pursue a challenging
career in graduate studies which call for personal commitment to the fulfilling craft of
independent research. I believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability and
preparation to set out on this e$hilarating path and to ma'e significant contributions
to the on1going research wor'. I am confident that my strong motivation, my
profound practical e$posure and my analytical aptitude would help me to measure up
to the rigors of graduate study.
I loo' forward to ma'e my contributions to the research4< yet to append my
research on the university pro.ects and research areas<4 going on at 8illanova
%niversity and wish to wor' with you. I would be grateful to you if Im accorded the
opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with financial assistance at 8illanova
%niversity and am able to .ustify your faith in me.
&han' you for your time and consideration.