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new recipes in

the new vegetarian cooking for everyone

sauces and condiments

sandwiches, a casual meal


108 A Beefsteak Tomato Open-Faced


Peggys Spice Rub

Spicy Butter with Smoked Paprika
Garlic Scape Pesto or Puree
Green Yogurt Sauce with Pepper
Flakes and Sumac
Sunflower Seed Sauce
Smoked Chile Salsa
Roasted Pepper and Chile Paste
Cranberry, Orange and Tangerine

71 Sweet and Sour Onions with Dried


72 Pickled Carrots and Garlic with


72 Dried Fruit Chutney with

Tamarind, Cilantro and Mint

73 Spicy Ginger Chutney

greetings from the cook
80 Nut Packages
80 Glazed Sunflower Seeds with
Shichimi Togarashi

83 Pea and Avocado Dip with Lemon

Zest, Tarragon and Chives

84 Avocado with Meyer Lemon,

Toasted Sesame Oil, and SevenSpice Powder

86 Edamame and Sesame Puree on

Black Seaweed Crackers


Spicy Chickpea Puree (Hummus)

Grilled Cheese and Green Chile

99 Crispy Roasted Chickpeas with

Spice and Smoke

103 Fried Halloumi Cheese


119 Other Toppings for Supper


salads for all seasons

124 Wooden Bowl Salad
125 Red Lettuces with Radish Sprouts
126 Endive Leaves with Walnuts and
Blue Cheese

127 Sea Greens and Sesame Salad

134 Beet with Flowering Collards and
Other Sprouting Brassicas

137 January Cabbage Salad with Blue

Cheese and Mustard Vinaigrette

138 Kale Salad with Glazed Sunflower

Seeds and Hot Cider Vinaigrette

140 Celery Salad with Asian Pears,

Walnuts, and Blue Cheese

186 Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with

Thyme and Mushroom Garnish

190 Yellow Squash Soup with Saffron

and Basil

192 Winter Squash Soup with

Cinnamon, Cloves and Mint

198 White Bean and Winter Squash

Soup in the Slow Cooker with
Parsley Sauce

200 Red Lentil Soup with Turmeric and

Lime, plus variations

201 Lentil Soup with Walnut-Marjoram

Cream in the Pressure Cooker

201 Smoky Split Pea Soup

205 Boston, Black Bean Soup
204 Chickpea Soup with Pine Nut and
Chile Garnish

205 Black Bean Chili in the Slow

Cooker with Smoked Paprika

208 Buttermilk Soup with Barley or


142 Salted Cucumbers with Golden


142 Cucumber, Lovage and Farro Salad

with Pine Nuts

143 Shaved Fennel and Red Cabbage

with Sunflower Seeds

147 Tomato Salad on Grilled Eggplant


152 Wild Rice Salad with Dried Cherries

and Fresh Pomegranate Seeds

156 Lentil Salad with Golden Purslane,

Cucumbers, and Walnuts

158 Michele Anna Jordans Spring

Farro Salad

158 Transitional Flageolet and Garden

Vegetable Salad

166 Saffron Vinaigrette with Basil and


soups from scratch

175 Bean Broth or Stock
182 A Special Chestnut and Lentil Soup
184 Corn and Salsify Chowder

vegetable stews, sauts, and

stir fries

Vegan Biscuit Topping

Asparagus and Artichoke Ragout
Corn, Tomato and Okra Stew
Simple Summer Stew with Herb

226 Southwest Bean and Summer

Vegetable Stew

229 Red Onion and Spinach Saut in

Coconut Oil

229 Green Mix Saut with Coconut and


230 Winter Squash and Cabbage Saut

with Toasted Sesame Seeds

230 Cauliflower, Spinach and Potato

Saut with Coconut Milk

231 Broccoli Leaves and Onion Saut

232 Sauted Cooking Greens with
Pepper Sauce

232 Sauted Brussels Sprouts with


vegetables: the heart of the


383 Pan-Fried Summer Squash with

302 Long-Simmered Green Beans and

386 Coconut Pan-Roasted Sweet

245 Zucchini Gratin with Basil, Olives

307 Steamed Purple Peacock Broccoli

310 Slivered Brussels Sprouts with

387 Sweet Potato Puree, Black Walnuts,

246 Individual Spinach Gratins with

311 Savoy Cabbage and Leek with

250 Flageolet Bean, Leek and Artichoke

318 Roasted Cauliflower with Turmeric,

251 Tamale Pie

251 An Over-the-Top Holiday Sweet

318 Cauliflower, Paprika, and Garlic

gratins: hearty dishes for

all seasons
245 Kohlrabi Gratin with Blue Cheese
244 Cauliflower Gratin with Smoked

Green Chickpeas

Cheddar and Caraway

and Pine Nuts

Smoked Paprika and Sharp Cheddar

Red Pepper Sauce

Cream and Juniper


Spice, and Cilantro


320 Celery Root and Potato Puree with

Potato Gratin with Red Chile and



and Molasses

393 Early Japanese Turnips with their

Greens and Lemon Thyme

396 Roasted Red Kuri Squash Wedges

with Spice Rub and Pistachio

pasta, dumplings and

403 Einkorn or Brown Rice Spaghetti

with Arugula, Walnuts, and Ricotta


Truffle Salt

252 Battered and Baked Stuffed Chiles

323 Chard Ribbons with Cumin and

253 Eggplant al Forno

254 Fresh Corn Pudding

326 Endive Saut on Toast

326 Seared Radicchio
329 Seared Corn with Manchego and

with Roasted Tomato Sauce

beans plain and fancy


Smoked Paprika

268 Beans with Juniper

268 Pot Beans with Crema, Pine Nuts,
and Mint

404 Whole Wheat or Einkorn Spaghetti

with Handfuls of Sage

405 Einkorn Spaghetti with Garlic,

Parsley and Bread Crumbs

406 Whole Wheat Spaghettini with

Cauliflower, Butter and Pepper

332 Grilled Eggplant with Miso Sauce

335 Fava Beans, Cilantro, and Parsley

426 Rice Noodles in Curry Sauce with

337 Three-Fennel Braised with Pine

tarts, pies, galettes, and

438 Chard Tart with Saffron and Fennel


with Rice

272 Mung Bean Dal with Cumin and


Nuts, Goat Cheese, and Arugula

273 Red Lentil Puree with Green

338 Fresh Fennel Jam

342 Collard Greens, Black Rice, and

Coriander Buds

274 Black-Eyed Peas, Carolina Rice,

Coconut Butter

and Smoked Paprika

276 Chickpeas on the Stove

281 Black Nightfall Beans with Red

Vinegar, Tomatoes, and Feta

342 Kale with Garlicky Sesame Sauce

344 Mashed Potatoes with Kale and

Chile Pods, Tomatoes and Avocado

Green Onions


439 Savory Cottage Cheese and Herb Pie

448 Tomato Sauce for Pizza
(new version)

449 Pizza with Grilled Eggplant,

Tomato and Basil Puree

347 Roasted Kohlrabi

352 Oyster Mushrooms in Parchment
353 Pan-Grilled King Oyster

450 Pizza with Eggplant and Oregano

451 Tomato Pizza with Olives and

287 White Bean, Escarole and Tomato

357 Braised Cipollini, Boiling Onions,

289 Crisp and Tender White Bean

366 Blistered Shishito, Fushimi, and

452 Zucchini Pizza with Salsa Verde

453 Red Onion Pizza with Rosemary
453 Roasted Pepper Pizza

282 Pot Beans in the Slow Cooker

283 Alabama Speckled Butter Beans
286 Rio Zape Beans with Cumin and


Croquettes with Chard

290 Cannellini Beans and Savoy

Cabbage with Cumin

Mushrooms with Toasted Sesame

and Chives
or Shallots


Padron Peppers

371 Fingerlings with Slivered Garlic

373 Walnut and Potato Croquettes
375 Pan-Roasted Radishes with Butter,
Lemon and Tarragon

376 Salsify and Potato Puree

grains: seeds of life

466 Spoon Bread with Fresh Corn

467 Pecan-Covered Grits

468 Dried Posole, Avocado and Lime in

New Recipes in The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

the Slow Cooker

469 Masa Cakes with Black Beans

471 Savory Millet Grit Timbales
474 Red Quinoa and Fresh Corn with
Green Onions and Feta

479 Truly Wild Wild Rice

480 Wild Rice-Stuffed Cabbages with
Sweet and Sour Tomato Sauce

483 Rice or Quinoa Stuffing with Pine

Nuts and Currants

484 Wild Rice and Celery Root Gratin

492 Wheat: New and Ancient Forms
495 Israeli Couscous in Mushroom

Scrambled Eggs and Corn Tortillas

Improvised Pancakes
Wild Rice and Ricotta Pancakes
Orange and Dried Fruit Coffee Cake
Currant Buns
Breakfast Bread Pudding
Anns Cheese Stollen
Cornbread or Muffins with Fresh
Corn Kernels

577 Northern Cornbread

581 Boston Brown Bread
582 Graham, Rye and Spelt Cracker

eggs and cheese

509 Double Spinach Souffl Tofu,
Tempeh and Miso

534 Tempeh in Spicy Coconut Sauce

with Spinach

534 Tempeh with Braised Peppers,

Mushrooms, and Olives

537 A Simple Miso Soup

537 White Miso Soup with Aburage and
Seven-Spice Powder

538 A Miso Dip or Dressing for

539 Roasted Squash with Miso-Tahini

539 Grilled Small Eggplant with Sweet

Miso Sauce


609 Braised Apricots with Greek

Yogurt, Pomegranate Seeds, and

Pine Nuts
Orange Juice, and Passion Fruit

610 Tropical Fruits with Passion Fruit

611 Caramelized Pineapple
611 Yogurt with Wine-Simmered Dried

546 Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds,

616 Prunes Stuffed with Walnuts,


617 Apricot and Cherry Crisp with

Compote with Beaumes de Venise

and Raspberries

617 Peach, Raspberry and Blackberry

Berry Shrub
Breakfast Quinoa with Raisins and

552 Wild Rice Cereal with Currants

552 Amaranth with Cooked Rice or

552 Creamy Rice Cereal

554 Granola

Chocolate and Orange Zest

Almond Topping

Ginger-Honey Switchel

Ground Nuts

632 Chocolate-Chestnut Loaf with

Hazelnuts and Whipped Cream

635 Coconut and Black Rice Pudding

with Tropical Fruit

636 Cream Cheese Mousse with

Blackberries and Rose Geranium


643 Finnish Biscotti (Rusks)

649 Manouri Cheese with Warm Thyme

613 Peach and White Nectarine

My Morning Smoothie

Raspberry Coulis

631 Chocolate Terrine

632 An Airy Chocolate Cake with

desserts: ending on a
sweet note
608 Nectarine Gratin with Almond


Orange and Lemon


630 Tangerine Pudding Cake with

641 Fig and Kefir Ice with Lemon Thyme

640 Lemon-Rose Sherbet
643 Hachiya Persimmon Bars with

breakfast any time

546 Kale Smoothie with Lemon and

629 A Moist Orange-Currant Walnut

583 Emilys Oat Cakes

595 No-Knead Bread and Variations
602 Cardamom Holiday Bread

610 Sauted Bananas with Dates, Blood




620 Olive Oil Pie Crust

620 Pie Crust with Coconut Oil and
Spelt Flour

622 Nutmeg Pie

623 Pecan Coffee Tart
628 Semolina Cream Cake

New Recipes in The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

Meyer Lemon Glaze

Honey and Sea Salt

649 Whole wheat Biscuits to Eat with