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of September 2014 )
Before lesson started, we have given a task to read about a basic introduction to
childdevelopment theories in 1 week before. During in class, we have started discuss what that have
we read before. In learning theories there have similarities and differences which most us just
remember the theories without apply in context of learning. When we talk about theories actually
there are some ways of learning. There have many theories that we can apply in students learning.
For example, Eric Erikson that focuses on social and emotional development. This theory tells us
about stages of learning that we can call as ability. In this theory come up with 8 stages presents a
developmental view of peoples lives in stages and every stage has their own chateristics. In these
stages was determine by environment and many others factor, for example in kinder garden care
giving is one of strategies because children didnt know anything so they wait for us to guide or help
them. During this class also, Dr Teoh ask about how we going to help kid as educator in teaching
mathematics by using this theory. Some of us give their opinion and for my opinion, in first stage
where initiative versus guilt stages, we as educators encourage initiative in young children; we allow
them to choose what activity they want engage in. Provide exciting materials that will stimulate their
imagination for example using candies and anything that can attract them in do counting principle.
We cant scold them when they didnt get right answer because we didnt develop them with feeling
of guilt and anxiety. At the end the children will give up to learn mathematic. Furthermore, I also
agree with relationship also take part in development of children learning. We can combine together
with Eric Erikson and John Bowlby theories. For example, in Erik Erikson second stage, he come out
with industry versus inferiority that can apply when children in elementary school. This situation
happen in our educational system which there have standardise syllabus for mathematic in primary
school. As parent, we cant teach them more from their level but follow their level and always praise
them when they get right answer, then it will fosters feelings of confidence. In that kind of situation,
they have build relationship between children and their parents