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Programming Guide Addresses

Add. Function Add. Function

: Start of program / Toolchange S Spindle speed
Square Pocket cycle A Rotary motion about X axis S Spindle angle with M19
A Rotation angle T Tool call
Sequence of program steps for machining with several tools B Rotary motion about Y axis U Axis parallel to X axis
C Rotary motion about Z axis V Axis parallel to Y axis
Program Start :G0G90G40G71G17G94T1M6 ,C Chamfer Blend W Axis parallel to Z axis
Pre-position to required position X? Y? Z100 H? S? M3 ,D Corner feed overide (D0-D100) X X axis
Drill - define/call G81 Z-? R? F? M8 D Fixture offset trim Y Y axis
Cancel G80 R? E Polar co-ordinate angle Z Z axis
Next Tool :G0G90G40G71G17G94T2M6 F Feed (INV, Mirror Image
Endmilll - Pre-position X? Y? Z100 H? S? F? M3 F Dwell time with G04 (ROT, Rotation
Pocket Mill (rough) - define/call G23X?Y?Z-?R?U?V?Q?L?K?P?E? G Program functions (CLS, Call sub-routine
Retract to safe clearance G0 Z100 M5 H Fixture offset number (DFS, Define sub-routine
End of main program, return tool M30 I X circle centre (ENS) End sub-routine
J Y circle centre (MSG, Onscreen message
K Z circle centre (CHN, Program Call
L Length of Polar Movement (JRN,) Custom Journals (optional)
L Radius of Polar Movement (ALM, Alarm creation (optional)
Radius compensation of the contour subprograms:
M Machine functions (INP,) Operator Input (optional)
Contour Sequence of programmed Radius
N Block No.'s (OPR,) Operator Prompt (optional)
contour elements compensation
O Programmable tool offset (WTF,) Write to File (optional)
Inside Clockwise (CW) G42 (RR)
P Polar co-ordinate radius (FIL,) File creation (optional)
(pocket) Counterclockwise (CCW) G41 (RL)
P Scaling Factor (PRT,) Print (optional)
Outside Clockwise (CW) G41 (RL) fo
ldP Arc Radius @ Common Variable
(island) Counterclockwise (CCW) G42 (RR)
R Canned cycle surface & Parameter Variable
,R Blend Radius # Local Variable
S Spindle Revolutions with G4 $ System Register
Mill cycle Addresses
Add. Function Add. Function
Co-ordinate transformations:
X "X" axis program position P Cutting width percentage (10%-80%)
Y "Y" axis program position J Total stock removal (Frame cycles)
Transformation Activate Cancel
Z Incremental depth J Finish stock - bottom (Not frame cycles)
Datum Shift G52 X+20 Y+30 Z+10 G52 X+0 Y+0 Z+0 R Absolute working surface Q Cutting cycle type (See main example manual)
Mirror Image "X" Axis (INV, X1 Y0) (INV, X0 Y0) F Finishing feed (Finishing "Q"'s) S Finishing speed (Finishing "Q"'s only)
Rotation (ROT, X? Y? G? A?) (ROT, X0 Y0) W Nonmodal additional retract U "X" axis length of shape (Linear shapes)
Scaling Factor G151 I? J? K? P? G150 K Peck amount U Finish Diameter (Circular frame & Pocket cycles)
,R Corner radius V "Y" axis width of shape (Linear shapes)
Program Example: Milling
O Angular rotation I Finish stock - walls (Not facing cycles)
Mathematical Expressions
,D Corner feed overide (D0-D100) E Plunging feedrate (Pocket cycles only) Program start metric / Tool call :G0 G90 G40 G71 G17 T? M6
L Pocket cycle entrance type (L-1,L>1,L0) Starting position, next to the workpiece X-20 Y-20 Z100 H? S? M3
Program Function Program Function
Hole cycle Addresses
Working depth Z-20
** Square ARCSIN(?) ArcSine
Add. Function Add. Function
1st contour point with CRC (RL) climb mill G1 G41 X+0 O? F200 M8
+ Addition ARCCOS(?) ArcCosine X "X" axis centreline position P Spindle reverse revolutions (G84.1) Straight line with chamfer Y+100 ,C20
- Subtraction ARCTAN(?) ArcTan Y "Y" axis centreline position J Retract multiplier (G84, G84.1) Straight line with blend radius X+100 ,R20
* Multiplication > Greater than Z Incremental depth J Spindle angle orientation (G86,G87,G88) Straight line Y+50
Division < Less than R Absolute working surface J G83 Peck type (1,2,3,11,12,13) Incremental c ircle with known circle centre G2 G91 X-25 Y-25 I-25 J+0
SQR(?) Square Root = Equal to F Feed U "X" axis incremental shift (G86,G87,G88) Incremental c ircle with known radius G3 X-25 Y-25 P25
SIN(?) Sine < > Not Equal to W Nonmodal additional retract V "Y" axis incremental shift (G86,G87,G88) Last linear contour point (absolute) G1 G90 X-20
COS(?) Cosine RND(?) Round up K Peck amount (G83, G84.1) I Part thickness (G87) End position, next to the workpiece G0 G40 Y-20
TAN(?) Tan (IF?=?GOTO[?] If equal to value , go to label number K 1st part thickness (G88) I Cavity depth (G88) Retract Z+100
INT(?) Integer ABS(?) Absolute value K Tool nose width (G87) Return tool to carousel & end program M30