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The purpose of a communication plan is to support the strategic objectives and provide action items for
the organizational communication of the ( ) for the next (__________________)
years/months. This plan serves as a guiding map for all internal and external communication regarding
_______________________for (target audience(s) ____________________________.
It includes strategic objectives messages audiences media responsibility assignments measurements
evaluation and budget.
2. Mission/Vision
3. Situation Analysis
!hat methods of communications "or#$ !hich methods are ineffective$
%essons learned
!hat are the communication issues "e "ish to address$
&rame the issues' "hat are the issues really about$ !ho is affected$
!hat is our communication infrastructure$ (capacity) !ho "ill do the "or#$ (o" much
staff time are "e "illing to commit to the effort$
4. Business Goals/ Objectives (complete)
Identify the business objectives/goals of ______________________
Internal/external factors to be considered
!hat do "e "ant to achieve through our communication$ !hy$
. !orrespon"in# !o$$unication Goals/Objectives
!hat is the positive vision for the future$ !hat are the changes "e "ish to see$
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14
!o$$unication Plan
'. (ey &)e$es/ Messa#es (-ee table of Table of .essages and /udiences)
0ot necessary to organize messages in this manner but sometimes helpful1
&)e$e* broad 2high"ay3 of directional meaning "ith several lanes or 2messages3
Messa#e* a unit of meaning that runs as part of and in the direction of the 2theme3+ concise
expression of intent
!hy change$ (o"$
!II&.$ !hat4s in it for me$
!hat do "e "ant our audiences to do$ 5o differently$
(o" do "e "ant them to feel$
!hat do "e "ant them to thin#$
(o"/"hat do "e communicate to others "ho are not directly involved $
,. Me"ia- Au"iences- Sc)e"ules (-ee ,ommunication 6lan Implementation .atrix)
.. &rainin# Mana#ers to !o$$unicate
/. 0valuation
(o" "e "ill #no" "e are successful$
!hat measurements shall "e use$
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14
1%. Bu"#et
11. Appen"i1
%isting of communication vehicles
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14
Sa$ple listin#*
6rint ne"sletters/magazines
6osters banners similar media
!eb site' other "eb8based media1 blogs "ebinars etc.
0e"s conferences
9lectronic ne"sletters
9lectronic boards messaging and communication soft"are
,omputer/video #ios#s
.ulti8media presentation
To"n .eetings
%unch and learn events
&ace8to8face small meetings
:irtual meetings
7ff site meetings retreats and events
7nsite events speeches training
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14
Me"ia an" Ve)icles 2or Or#ani3ational !o$$unication
&able o2 Messa#es an" Au"iences
(ma#e multiple copies for each identified objective)
44444 44444 44444 Ot)er sta5e)ol"ers
1. Business Objective
1. !o$$unication
44444 44444 44444 Ot)er sta5e)ol"ers
2. Business Objective
2. !o$$unication
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14
!o$$unication Plan 8$ple$entation Matri1
Purpose Au"ience6s7 &i$in# 9 :re;uency Messa#e Met)o" 9 !)annel Accountability
)ale *niversity (uman +esources Internal ,ommunications 1%/3/2%14