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19 BangaloreMirror
heres always something brew-
ing in Koramangala and the
latest addition is a gastro caf
named Happy Brew. From the
name, we did expect a micro-
brewery, but soon learned that the
happiness was limited to Kingfisher.
Thankfully, the pricing and the am-
biance ensured that we could adhere
to Bangalores famous Grin and beer
philosophy. The place resembles a
courtyard more than anything else,
with the bar at the centre and good
times caricature adorning the wall. A
flight of stairs leads you to an area
which wont let you get too high,
mostly thanks to the really low ceiling!
The walls here are made of wooden
panels with some lovely black and
white photos of smiling people.
While it seemed like an excellent
area to lounge on a weekend after-
noon, the heat became quite unbeara-
ble in a while! The playlist was a nostal-
gia attack we heard everything from
Modern Talkings Brother Louieto Geri
Halliwells Its Raining Men and That
Thing You Do songs which the
younger members in our group didnt
even recognise. But between the
songs, the brew and the food, we were
all kept reasonably happy!
Appetiser: The drinks menu consists of
beer, beer tails, mocktails, coffee and
a few milkshakes. Conveying our or-
der turned out to be tougher than a
Mars mission, since it took three at-
tempts before the waiter got it
right! The only beer tail
that worked was Diesel
(lager with cola). The
Beer Mojito and Kiwis
Paradise (beer with kiwi)
sounded promising but
fell flat on taste. The Blue
Lagoon mocktail fea-
tured Blue Curacao and
scored on looks, but that was
it. It also didnt help that a couple of
drinks we asked for (including a Brow-
nie shake) werent available.
The poor form continued in the
form of the Chicken Chowder soup,
which, far from its thick, creamy ava-
tar, was only a few steps away from a
clear soup! Hope surfaced in the form
of the Coorg Pork Fry. The freshness of
the pork was a contentious topic at the
table, but I quite liked the well-cooked
meat and the mildly spicy masala. The
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp was a hit with
perfectly grilled prawns that were suc-
culent and mildly spicy, though the
bacon was a tad extra salty. The vege-
tarian representation Adrak ki Din-
gri was splendid as well with batter
fried mushrooms in a spicy, tangy
sauce. The Barbequed Chicken (Spicy
Sholay) lived up to its name and is rec-
ommended to those who can
handle spice.
Entre: In addition to
burgers and pizzas, there
is also quite an attempt at
pasta fusion. The Penne
Makhanwala with the
huge carrot slices were
enough to kill ones appetite.
The Spaghetti Chettinad, with
mince meat in a spicy sauce flavoured
with coconut milk, was much better.
The Pigs in a Thermal Blanket burger
was quite good too well-cooked pat-
ty and a mildly sweet n spicy, tangy
sauce. The fries that came with it de-
serve a special mention!
The Ratnagiri Mutton, which as
per the menu was cooked with special
Malwani spices, was another dish we
all liked. The Veg Thai Curry was a dis-
appointment with the promise of Thai
chilly paste and coconut cream re-
maining just that. We ended the meal
with the Goan Fish Curry (with rice)
that turned out to be a splendid con-
coction of coconut cream, kokum and
red chillies!
Afters: The menu gave us exactly five
options and we tried three. We also
managed to place the order in our first
attempt. Sweet! The Blueberry
Cheesecake had a bed of Graham
crackers which made it slightly softer
than the regular ones. Not bad, but not
that great either. The White Choco-
late Brownie was more cake than
brownie but it really worked with the
sticky gooey white chocolate that
topped it. But the Classic Mud Pie was
the best, baked to perfection and filled
with delicious chocolate ganache!
In all:Except for a couple of hiccups, we
really enjoyed the food. The cheap
beer and the location should work for
the college kids who frequent the
neighbourhood. The bonus is that
they might learn a few old songs as
well! Speaking of learning, the staff
needs to learn the use of pen and paper
for our happiness to be complete.
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Manu Prasad
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Just short of happiness
From top: Goan Fish Curry, Coorg
Pork Fry, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and
Classic Mud Pie
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Cuisine A mix of cuisines
Owner Rakesh,
Chef Rajiv, Bharat
Alcohol Yes, beer and a
little more
Price range A meal for two would
cost around `1,100
(inclusive of taxes)
Parking Yes
Wheelchair No
Service Friendly, but a
little tardy
Music Nostalgia playlist
Sound level Comfortable
Ambience Pleasant and cheerful
Hours 11 am 11 pm (Till 1
am on Fri, Sat)
Home delivery No
Reservations Might not be a
bad idea
Happy Brew
#40, 4th B Cross, 5th Block
Koramangala, Bangalore Tel: 40937001