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vol. 22, no. 3, april 2008

Earthday 2008

State of the Planet Report

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5% Solutions to Global Warming
1/3 Military Budget Could Cure US......... 21
Studies: Need Near Zero Carbon . ........ 22
tive human activities. In honor of Earth Day, The PeaceWorker takes a Holy Shift! Baptists for Climate Change... 23
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Climate of Fear: Global Warming........... 25
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 In the Vietnam Era, the beginning of the end was when service members What’s Happening
turned their back on the war and the military. “Thoughts of an Ex-Marine Hold Abusive Military Accountable.......... 26
Officer Turned Peace Activist” updates that trend and “‘Winter Soldiers’ Progress: Halting Nuclear Development.... 27
Demand Elimination of War” explores today’s soldier-activism.......4 & 10 State OPW News
 Is it just too expensive to cut carbon emissions by the 80% Give Peace a Dance April 26...............28
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 Remember nuclear weapons? They’re still a major threat to life on
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vol. 22 no. 3, april. 20078 justice and environmental protection.

Iraq War Price Tag Tops Three Trillion Dollars

By Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

he Bush administration was wrong With virtually the entire armed forces they might reach $200 billion. But this
about the benefits of the war and committed to fighting the Germans and estimate was dismissed as “baloney”
it was wrong about the costs of Japanese, the cost per troop (in today’s by the Defense Secretary, Donald
the war. The president and his advisers dollars) was less than $100,000 in 2007 Rumsfeld. His deputy, Paul Wolfowitz,
dollars. By contrast, the Iraq war is suggested that postwar reconstruction
expected a quick, inexpensive conflict.
costing upward of $400,000 per troop. could pay for itself through increased
Instead, we have a war that is costing more oil revenues. Mitch Daniels, the Office
than anyone could have imagined. of Management and Budget director,
Public Has Not Felt the Cost
and Secretary Rumsfeld estimated
The cost of direct U.S. military Most Americans have yet to feel these
the costs in the range of $50 to $60
operations  not even including long- costs. The price in blood has been paid by our
billion, a portion of which they believed
term costs such as taking care of wounded voluntary military and by hired contractors. The
would be financed by other countries.
veterans  already exceeds the cost of price in treasure has, in a sense, been financed
(Adjusting for inflation, in 2007 dollars,
the 12-year war in Vietnam and is more entirely by borrowing. Taxes have not been
they were projecting costs of between
than double the cost of the Korean War. raised to pay for it  in fact, taxes on the rich
$57 and $69 billion.) The tone of the
Even in the best case scenario, these have actually fallen. Deficit spending gives
entire administration was cavalier, as if
costs are projected to be almost ten times the illusion that the laws of economics can be
the sums involved were minimal.
the cost of the first Gulf War, almost a repealed, that we can have both guns and butter.
Even Lindsey, after noting that the
third more than the cost of the Vietnam But of course the laws are not repealed. The
war could cost $200 billion, went on to
War, and twice that of the First World costs of the war are real even if they have been
say: “The successful prosecution of the
War. The only war in our history which deferred, possibly to another generation.
war would be good for the economy.” In
cost more was the Second World War, On the eve of war, there were
retrospect, Lindsey grossly underestimated
when 16.3 million U.S. troops fought in discussions of the likely costs. Larry
both the costs of the war itself and the
a campaign lasting four years, at a total Lindsey, President Bush’s economic
costs to the economy. Assuming that
cost (in 2007 dollars, after adjusting adviser and head of the National
Congress approves the rest of the $200
for inflation) of about $5 trillion. Economic Council, suggested that (Continued on page 6)

Iraq War Protest at Ports on May 1

According to the website of the military veterans, spoke passionately about citing his opposition to the war in Iraq
International Longshore and Warehouse Union the importance of supporting the troops by as one of the key factors in the union’s
(ILWU), nearly one hundred Longshore bringing them home safely and ending the decision-making process.
Caucus delegates voted on February 8 to War in Iraq. Concerns were also raised about Caucus delegates are democratically elected
support a resolution calling for an eight-hour the growing cost of the war that has threatened representatives from every longshore local who
“stop-work” meeting during the day-shift on funding for domestic needs, including set policy for the Longshore Division.
Thursday, May 1 at ports in CA, OR and WA education and healthcare. The website refers ILWU International President
to protest the war by calling for the immediate, to Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Robert McEllrath has written letters to
safe return of U.S. troops from Iraq. Stiglitz and Harvard economist Linda J. President John Sweeney of the AFL-
“The Caucus has spoken on this Bilmes, who recently estimated that the true CIO and President Andy Stern of the
important issue and I’ve notified the cost of the war in Iraq to American taxpayers Change-to-Win Coalition, and to the
employers about our plans for ‘stop will exceed $3 trillion  a figure they presidents of the International Transport
work’ meetings on May 1,” said ILWU describe as “conservative.” [See above article.] Workers Federation and the International
International President Bob McEllrath. The union’s International Executive Dockworkers Council to inform them of
Caucus delegates, including several Board recently endorsed Barack Obama, the ILWU’s plans for May 1. 
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COMMENTARY Editor ’s Viewpoint

Excessive Military Budget

Photo: Frank Barnett

Threatens Our Survival
By Peter Bergel

ven though the U.S. already I become that the situation is not just every month. Congress has allowed the
spends more for its military urgent, it’s dire. We have very little time government to “borrow” the surplus from
to make enormous changes and if we fail an otherwise healthy Social Security
than the rest of the world’s to make them, we are literally cooked. system in order to understate the size of its
countries put together, all three leading The good news is that it really wouldn’t annual budget deficits to the point where
presidential candidates are calling for take all that much money, compared to retirement benefits duly earned by working
increased military spending. April is the the military budget, to address global Americans are now at risk. The dollar has
month when the bill for this profligacy warming. A Scientific American article been falling steadily in value. Family wage
lays out a plan for meeting about a third of jobs have been moved to other countries
comes due for U.S. taxpayers and it’s U.S. energy needs with solar technology. by so-called “free trade” policies, while
also the month in which, since 1970, we The price tag is $420 billion between now irresponsible and greedy lending practices
have observed Earth Day. and 2050  a mere $10 billion per year. are undermining the solvency of our
That’s less than today’s fossil fuel subsidies. banking system. It’s not a good time to be
Survival Demands As the article concludes, “The greatest proposing additional federal spending.
obstacle to implementing a renewable U.S. On the other hand, global security
Huge Changes energy system is not technology or money, demands that we quickly make the kinds of
Continuing military spending at the however. It is the lack of public awareness changes Lipow mentions. Today’s security
current level is literally likely to doom that solar power is a practical alternative challenges are not the kind that can be met by
life on the earth. This is not just rhetoric, — and one that can fuel transportation as military action. Compared to the threats posed
it’s the sad, but sober truth. Being a well.” by global warming and peak oil, international
fundamentally optimistic person, I’m Still, as Gar Lipow notes in terrorism is a minor inconvenience and the
not usually inclined to engage in such “Eliminating fossil fuels is friggin’ occupation of Iraq is nothing but a distraction.
massive negativity, but we Americans cheap” on the Grist website, the Scientific Conclusion: the money has to come
can’t keep ignoring this situation with a American timeline is too long, the from the military budget. That money
sigh and a shake of the head. “Yes, but plan is not ambitious enough and it was supposedly appropriated to make us
what can I do?” just won’t cut it any more has some other shortcomings (which more secure. (Well, to be honest it was
if human survival is of interest to you. Lipow explains). Addressing these and appropriated in order to make the reelection
Those are pretty flamboyant shortening the timeline by half (20 of members of Congress more secure, but
statements, I can hear you thinking. How years), raises the price quite a bit  let’s not go there in this column.) If security
can you justify them? to an estimated $3.4 trillion over 20 is the goal, then let’s focus on some real
I was hoping you’d ask. years. Nevertheless, even with Lipow’s security threats. Global warming is at the
First, current military spending conservative assumptions, that amounts to top of that list and Lipow’s suggestions
endangers Americans more than it about $170 billion a year, or about a third begin to suggest what that kind of security
protects them. More on that in a minute. of the Pentagon’s annual budget (which will cost. We can’t afford not to do it.
More importantly, the “opportunity cost” does not even count the cost of the Iraq
of devoting so much of our wealth to the and Afghanistan occupations). Another
military is that we then lack the money
Cut the Military 
way to look at it is that the occupations
to address genuine threats like global themselves are expected to cost pretty Improve Security
warming, inadequate health care and the close to that amount during the next year. Additional good news is that cutting the
other environmental threats mentioned in military budget substantially is likely to actually
my focus topic article on page 17. improve our national and global security.
Where’s the Money
Suppose we cut the military budget
Come From? by two-thirds. One-third goes to dealing
The Opportunity Cost
We are probably all aware that our with global warming a la Lipow, thereby
The more I study the dangers posed economy is quite unstable right now. The acting to secure our environment. The
to humanity and other life forms on this U.S. is the world’s largest debtor nation other third goes to repaying the “loan” to
planet by global warming, the more aware and is running up huge trade deficits (Continued on page 7)
page  Table of Contents april 2008
the peaceworker

Solomon’s Searchlight COMMENTARY

Warfare and Healthcare
By Norman Solomon

t’s kind of logical -- in a pathological for a “single payer” system — in effect, declared that an “immediate challenge
way. A country that devotes a Medicare for Americans of all ages. Most that will confront the next administration”
vast array of resources to killing students seem to think it’s a good idea. is the matter of “how to tame the soaring
capabilities will steadily undermine its But once in a while, someone vocally costs of Medicare and Medicaid.” The
objects that such an arrangement would news article pointedly noted that current
potential for healing. For social justice.
be “socialism.” The objection takes me federal spending for those health-related
For healthcare as a human right. back to the media uproar of early 1965. programs adds up to $627 billion.
Today, we’re left with the unfulfilled I’ve been waiting for a New York Times
Arriving at Spiritual Death potential of Medicare for all. It could news story to declare that an immediate
Martin Luther King Jr. described the make healthcare real as a human right. It challenge for the next administration will be
horrific trendline four decades ago: “A could spare our society a massive amount the matter of how to tame the soaring costs
nation that continues year after year to of money now going to administrative of the Pentagon. After all, the government’s
spend more money on military defense costs and corporate gouging. At last annual military spending — when you
than on programs of social uplift is count, annual insurance-industry profits factor in the supplemental bills for warfare
approaching spiritual death.” reached $57.5 billion in 2006. in Afghanistan and Iraq — is well above the
If a society keeps approaching spiritual On Capitol Hill, lobbyists for the $627 billion for Medicare and Medicaid that
death, it’s apt to arrive. Here’s an indicator: corporate profiteers are determined can cause such alarm in the upper reaches
Nearly one in six Americans has no health to block H.R. 676, the bill to create of the nation’s media establishment.
insurance, and tens of millions of others a universal single-payer system to Assessing the current presidential
are badly under-insured. Here’s another: implement healthcare as a human right. race, the Times reported: “The
The United States, the world’s preeminent In the current presidential campaign, Democrats do not say, in any detail,
warfare state, now spends about $2 billion none of the major candidates can be heard how they would slow the growth of
per day on military pursuits. raising the possibility of ejecting the Medicare and Medicaid or what they
Gaining healthcare for all will require gargantuan insurance industry from the think about the main policy options:
overcoming the priorities of the warfare nation’s healthcare system. Instead, there’s rationing care, raising taxes, cutting
state. That’s the genuine logic behind plenty of nattering about whether “mandates” payments to providers or requiring
the new “Healthcare NOT Warfare” are a good idea. Hillary Clinton even has beneficiaries to pay more.”
campaign,  the audacity (not of hope but of duplicity) to There are other “policy options”
news/2008-03-05-12-05-43-news.php. equate proposed healthcare “mandates” with — including drastic cuts in the Pentagon
I remember the ferocious media debate the must-pay-in requirements that sustain budget. And healthcare for all. 
over the proper government role in healthcare Social Security and Medicare. Norman Solomon, the author of War
— 43 years ago. As the spring of 1965 got For Clinton’s analogy to make Made Easy, is on the advisory board
underway, the bombast was splattering sense, we’d have to accept the idea that of Progressive Democrats of America.
across front pages and flying through requiring everyone to pay taxes to the PDA’s new nationwide petition for
airwaves. Many commentators warned that government for a common-good program Healthcare NOT Warfare is online at
a proposal for a vast new program would is akin to requiring everyone to pay 
bring “socialism” and destroy the sanctity of premiums to private insurance companies defaultasp?formid=healthpet. The film
the free-enterprise system. The new federal for personal medical coverage. based on War Made Easy was recently
program was called Medicare. released to the national home-video
“Soaring Costs” market. For a review, visit http://www.
“Socialism” A recent New York Times story was
These days, when speaking on authoritative as it plied the conventional
campuses, I bring up current proposals media wisdom. The lead sentence
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the peaceworker

Thoughts of an Ex-Marine Officer
Turned Peace Activist
By Camillo “Mac” Bica

ften, as I’ve marched and of Iraq was a mistake - unjustifiable and unwarranted - based as it
demonstrated for peace, was on false or distorted intelligence, deception and lies. Not even
I’ve been verbally assaulted, President Bush still believes, if he ever did, that Iraq possessed
accused of being un-American, weapons of mass destruction or was linked to the terrorist attacks
of 9/11. While the Bush administration has offered, after the fact,
unpatriotic, even treasonous by those
various other explanations for the war, e.g., removal of a tyrant,
who carried American flags, sang democratization, etc., none seem sincere nor constitute justification
inspiring hymns, and boisterously and under international law. Consequently, the invasion of Iraq is
stridently asserted their patriotism, love Camilo “Mac” Bica aggression. I am anti the Iraq war.
of country and support for the troops
through bullhorns. …and the Bush Administration
At this writing, many in our country are celebrating the
Thought Experiment “success” of the surge and of the “new” military strategy in
Most of this criticism I dismissed as a failure to understand the Iraq. However, military success and improved strategy does not
nature and the reality of war and the moral and political obligations afford a moral and legal basis for continuing, even escalating, the
of citizens in a democracy. I was confident in my patriotism, occupation - the aggression against the Iraqi people. How could
my love of America and my concern and support for the troops. achieving “victory” in such a scenario, i.e., the triumph of the
I had, after all, served honorably as a motivated United States aggressors over their victims, be legally and morally justified? I
Marine Corps officer in Vietnam. But when this disparagement am anti the continued occupation of Iraq.
and denunciation began coming from fellow veterans, I became My personal experiences in war led me to conclude that
disquieted and felt the need to seriously ponder the possibility that the morally tragic and legally reprehensible incidents such as
perhaps I had gone astray, violating some sacred trust or bond. have occurred at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in Abu Ghraib,
So, what I offer in this essay is a thought experiment in self- Haditha, Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan
examination, an introspective journey into the mind and motivation were not the anomalous actions of a few aberrant individuals
of a former Marine turned peace activist. (I do not blame the troops) Instead, they were the direct
Perhaps my first realization in this exercise was that I allow at and inevitable consequence of the Bush administration’s
least the possibility that war, under very specific circumstances not incompetence, arrogance and contempt for the Constitution and
easily or often met, may be just, moral and necessary. Therefore, I the dictates of international law and treaties. What threatens
am not an absolute pacifist and, in the strict sense, I am not antiwar. the fabric and foundations of our way of life in these dangerous
times is not some amorphous, enigmatic horde of bloodthirsty
Opponent of THIS War… terrorists. Rather, it is the assault upon truth, individual freedom
I realized as well that I believe in the Constitution, the rule of and the values of justice and morality we hold sacred. I am anti
law, and support the fundamental purpose and mission of the United the Bush administration.
Nations, flawed though it may be, “to maintain international peace and It is clear from history that such criminal behavior, arrogance
security and to take effective collective measures for the prevention and hypocrisy - the characteristics of a rogue nation - brings no
and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of credibility, prestige or standing in the world, only disdain, animosity,
aggression or other breaches of the peace.” According to the United hatred and righteous indignation. Nor do acts of aggression bring
Nations General Assembly Resolution 3314 (XXIX), (international glory or vindication to those already killed or wounded in battle.
law), the unjustifiable and unwarranted “use of armed force by a State Justice and morality, the values I associate with being an American,
against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence require that an unjust and immoral war be ended immediately; that
of another State,” is a crime of aggression. Therefore, I am anti the aggressors possess the moral courage to acknowledge their
aggression and unjust, immoral and unnecessary war. crime; that they make retribution to the victims of their aggression
Further, I believe in the rights and dignity of all human beings. and apologize to the citizens of the aggressed nation and the rest of
Rational analysis of the facts has convinced me that the invasion the world community for their transgression. I am anti rogue nation.
(Continued on page 5)
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the peaceworker

Thoughts of an Ex-Marine Officer

Continued from page 4
Pro-Military Troop Supporter & Critical Patriot Second, we must inform the underprivileged - who see
My respect for the military convinces me that the lives and the military as their only alternative to poverty, crime and
well-being of our young men and women are not automatically unemployment - of other educational and employment
forfeit upon enlistment, relegating them to the status of cannon opportunities available to them other than by joining the
fodder. Sending inadequately prepared National Guard troops military. Finally, we must make clear to all prospective
into combat and then failing to provide them with body and enlistees the realities of military service, the horrors of war
vehicle armor is unconscionable and criminally negligent. and the immorality and futility of the war in Iraq. I doubt this
Repeated combat tours and insufficient time for rest and information is contained within a recruiter’s motivational
rehabilitation between deployments increase the likelihood packet of hats, tee-shirts, bumper stickers and violent video
and inevitability of psychological, emotional and moral games. Under this administration, with potential enlistees
injury that is devastating and life-altering. Finally, the “stop- facing the inevitable prospect of fighting an immoral war of
loss” provision that prevents our servicemen and women aggression, I am anti recruitment.
from leaving the military once their term of service has been The fact that so many of our heroic sons and daughters are
completed is disingenuous and a violation of contract. I am pro languishing abandoned, their emotional and psychological injuries
military. I support the troops. untreated and their needs ignored, is a national tragedy and
It is apparent that the burden of this war is not being shared disgrace. The fact that America has become isolated in the world,
fairly by all Americans. Only a fraction of our citizenry respected no longer for our ideals but feared for our brutality, no
is directly affected, while the vast majority go about longer admired for our values of justice and freedom but hated for
their consumption-driven lives as usual, oblivious to the our hypocrisy and intolerance, should bring a tear to the eye and
sacrifices of our soldiers, sailors and Marines and to the anger to the heart of every true patriot. I am pro America.
death and destruction being prosecuted in their names. It
is not support, therefore, nor is it patriotic, to remain silent Better Patriot Now
when our troops are placed in harm’s way unnecessarily, to As a result of this exercise in self-examination, I have
kill and be killed subject to the whims and ineptitudes of realized that I am anti aggression. I am anti unjust, immoral,
our political leaders. I am anti apathy and I have learned and unnecessary war, but not anti war. I am anti the Iraq war,
that if patriotism means unquestioning allegiance and blind however; anti the Bush Administration, anti rogue nation and anti
obedience, such patriotism is inconsistent with democracy recruitment. In addition, I am pro military, pro veteran and pro
and with basic human decency. Such patriotism is an America. I have realized as well that the outrage I feel regarding
abeyance of our human reason. Such patriotism is inhumane the corrupting and disgracing of America by those political
and immoral. Such patriotism is to surrender our power to leaders and their co-conspirators who cherish not our values and
think critically. Such patriotism is a profound failure, both way of life but only wealth and power requires, no demands, the
intellectually and morally. true patriot to embrace truth and to cry out in condemnation and
protest. Finally, despite the criticisms and disparaging comments
Pro-Vet and Anti-Recruitment American and accusations by credulous veterans, I have realized that my
As has been clearly demonstrated by the unconscionable activism and dissent are an expression and fulfillment of my
treatment of our wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army moral and patriotic duty. I am confident, therefore, that I am more
Medical Center and at Veterans Administration facilities across the patriot today as I demonstrate for peace than when I wore the
the country, our returning veterans are not receiving the quality uniform of a United States Marine. 
of care they deserve and require to recover from their injuries Camillo “Mac” Bica, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at
and experiences in war. I am outraged by this lack of concern the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a contributing
and support for those who sacrificed so much for our country. I editor for military affairs at Cyrano’s His focus
am pro veterans. is in ethics, particularly as it applies to war and warriors. As
The fundamental moral principle of respect for persons a veteran recovering from his experiences as a United States
requires that we protect those most vulnerable from being Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, he founded, and
enticed, seduced, brainwashed and deceived into becoming coordinated for five years, the Veterans Self-Help Initiative, a
complicit in crimes of aggression and cannon fodder for therapeutic community of veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic
corporate war profiteers and opportunists. We are morally Stress Disorder. He is a long-time activist for peace and justice, a
obligated, therefore, to protect our impressionable young member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and a founding
people by striving to ban recruiters from our high schools and member of the Long Island Chapter of Veterans for Peace. Articles
colleges and by urging our representatives to rescind the No by Dr. Bica have appeared in Cyrano’s Journal, The Humanist
Child Left Behind Act’s military recruitment provision which Magazine, Znet,, Common Dreams,,
requires schools, in order to receive financial assistance, to Monthly Review Zine, Foreign Policy in Focus, OpEdNews.Com,
provide military recruiters with students’ contact information. and numerous philosophical journals.

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the peaceworker

Iraq War Price Tag

Continued from page 1
billion war supplemental requested for casualty statistics focus on casualties that result Before the war, Gordon Brown set aside
fiscal year 2008, as this book goes to press, from hostile (combat) action  as determined Power£1 billion for war spending. As of late 2007,
Congress will have appropriated a total of by the military. Yet if a soldier is injured or the U.K. had spent an estimated £7 billion
over $845 billion for military operations, dies in a night-time vehicle accident, this is in direct operating expenditures in Iraq
reconstruction, embassy costs, enhanced officially dubbed “non combat related”  and Afghanistan (76 percent of it in Iraq).
security at U.S. bases, and foreign aid even though it may be too unsafe for soldiers This includes money from a supplemental
programs in Iraq and Afghanistan. to travel during daytime. “special reserve”, plus additional spending
In fact, the Pentagon keeps two sets of from the Ministry of Defense.
Understating the Costs books. The first is the official casualty list The special reserve comes on top
posted on the DOD website. The second, of the U.K.’s regular defense budget.
As the fifth year of the war draws to
hard-to-find, set of data is available only on a The British system is particularly
a close, operating costs (spending on the
different website and can be obtained under opaque: funds from the special reserve
war itself, what you might call “running
the Freedom of Information Act. This data are “drawn down” by the Ministry of
expenses”) for 2008 are projected to
shows that the total number of soldiers who Defense when required, without specific
exceed $12.5 billion a month for Iraq
have been wounded, injured, or suffered approval by Parliament. As a result,
alone, up from $4.4 billion in 2003,
from disease is double the number wounded British citizens have little clarity about
and with Afghanistan the total is $16
in combat. Some will argue that a percentage how much is actually being spent.
billion a month. Sixteen billion dollars is
of these non-combat injuries might have In addition, the social costs in the U.K.
equal to the annual budget of the United
happened even if the soldiers were not are similar to those in the U.S.  families
Nations, or of all but 13 of the U.S.
in Iraq. Our new research shows that the who leave jobs to care for wounded
states. Even so, it does not include the
majority of these injuries and illnesses can be soldiers, and diminished quality of life for
$500 billion we already spend per year
tied directly to service in the war. those thousands left with disabilities.
on the regular expenses of the Defense
From the unhealthy brew of emergency By the same token, there are
Department. Nor does it include other
funding, multiple sets of books, and chronic macroeconomic costs to the U.K. as there
hidden expenditures, such as intelligence
underestimates of the resources required have been to America, though the long-
gathering, or funds mixed in with the
to prosecute the war, we have attempted to term costs may be less, for two reasons.
budgets of other departments.
identify how much we have been spending First, Britain did not have the same policy
Because there are so many costs that the
 and how much we will, in the end, of fiscal profligacy; and second, until 2005,
administration does not count, the total cost of
likely have to spend. The figure we arrive the United Kingdom was a net oil exporter.
the war is higher than the official number. For
at is more than $3 trillion. Our calculations We have assumed that British forces
example, government officials frequently talk
are based on conservative assumptions. in Iraq are reduced to 2,500 this year
about the lives of our soldiers as priceless. But
They are conceptually simple, even if and remain at that level until 2010. We
from a cost perspective, these “priceless” lives
occasionally technically complicated. A $3 expect that British forces in Afghanistan
show up on the Pentagon ledger simply as
trillion figure for the total cost strikes us as will increase slightly, from 7,000 to
$500,000  the amount paid out to survivors in
judicious, and probably errs on the low side. 8,000 in 2008, and remain stable for
death benefits and life insurance. After the war
Needless to say, this number represents the three years. The House of Commons
began, these were increased from $12,240 to
cost only to the United States. It does not Defense Committee has recently found
$100,000 (death benefit) and from $250,000 to
reflect the enormous cost to the rest of the that despite the cut in troop levels, Iraq
$400,000 (life insurance). Even these increased
world, or to Iraq. war costs will increase by 2 percent this
amounts are a fraction of what the survivors
year and personnel costs will decrease
might have received had these individuals lost
their lives in a senseless automobile accident. In Same Problems Affect the U.K. by only 5 percent. Meanwhile, the cost
of military operations in Afghanistan is
areas such as health and safety regulation, the From the beginning, the United Kingdom
due to rise by 39 percent. The estimates
U.S. government values a life of a young man at has played a pivotal role  strategic, military,
in our model may be significantly too
the peak of his future earnings capacity in excess and political  in the Iraq conflict. Militarily,
low if these patterns continue. 
of $7 million  far greater than the amount that the U.K. contributed 46,000 troops, 10 per
Joseph Stiglitz was chief economist
the military pays in death benefits. Using this cent of the total. Unsurprisingly, then, the
at the World Bank and won the Nobel
figure, the cost of the nearly 4,000 American British experience in Iraq has paralleled that
Memorial Prize for Economics in
troops killed in Iraq adds up to some $28 billion. of America: rising casualties, increasing
2001. Linda Bilmes is a lecturer in
The costs to society are obviously far operating costs, poor transparency over where
public policy at the Kennedy School
larger than the numbers that show up on the money is going, overstretched military
of Government at Harvard University
the government’s budget. Another example resources, and scandals over the squalid
View this story online at: http://www.
of hidden costs is the understating of U.S. conditions and inadequate medical care for .
military casualties. The Defense Department’s some severely wounded veterans.
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• It would protect our people by eliminating the Layout Editor: Gail Ryder
manufacturing and testing of nuclear weapons, every
aspect of which spreads deadly radioactive pollution Artists: Susan Garrett Crowley, Janet Essley, Deb Kleinow, Steve
and potentially endangers Americans. Lambott, Aaron Pyne, Gail Ryder, Natalie Shifrin Whitson
• It would protect our youth by involving fewer of them
in combat activities. Advertising Sales: Jeanette Hardison, Cassandra Robertson
• It would curtail investigation into new nuclear,
chemical and biological weapons technologies, Columnists: Peter Bergel, Norman Solomon, Phil Carver
reducing the risk that they will become public health
hazards. Writers this issue: Joseph Stiglitz, Linda Bilmes, Camilo
• We would be less tempted to settle international “Mac” Bica, Bill Towe, Brock Turner, Jack Dresser, Ph.D.,
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A military budget that consumes half our discretionary Soderman, Tom Reindell, Ambling Bear, Tom Hastings, Wilson Leong, Beth
national spending is not sustainable. Not only can we not afford Pearce, Hans Kramer, Laurie Cross, Robin Hart, Floyd McFarland, June
it, but it also forecloses other crucial policy options and warps Hemmingson, PedX, Heather, Gary Elam, Marc Sigel, Heather Edwards,
our worldview in ways that threaten our survival. The majority Michael Barkhuff, Peter Lynam-Melton, Jim Bowne, Dwight Long, Eric
of U.S. taxpayers, who do not profit from military spending, Nicita, John Granacki, Mairen Jordan, Jennie Reese, Peace & Justice, Irene
Nicolas, Angie Lindquist and The PeaceWorker Mailing Crew
are ill-served by continuing to foot the bill. We are all ill-served
when we ignore major security threats merely because they are
not amenable to military solutions.
As candidates for public office seek your vote, demand that
they respond to these security concerns. 
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Real U.S. Threat is Debt Crisis, Not Terrorism
By Bill Towe

he greatest threat to the U.S. and military spending increases are good for or deficit of a country plus cross-border
is not terrorism but the debt the economy. In fact, most economic models payments of interest, dividends, capital
crisis due to military spending, show that military spending diverts resources gains and other income. The U.S. is dead
budget deficits and trade deficits. from productive uses, such as consumption and last on the list. In 2006 the current account
investment, and ultimately slows economic deficit for the U.S. was $811 billion.
The President’s fiscal year 2009 budget growth and reduces employment.” Military To finance the growing military
proposes an additional $70 billion in war- Keynesianism does not work – it’s a form of spending, budget deficit, and trade deficit
related spending, on top of the $102.4 billion economic suicide. Due to excessive military the U.S. is borrowing funds from foreign
the administration continues to pursue for spending, the U.S. did not modernize or replace countries, particularly China and Japan. As
fiscal year 2008. The amount requested for our capital assets resulting in the U.S. becoming the dollar weakens, foreign countries are
fiscal year 2009 is merely a placeholder for the less competitive in the global market. becoming reluctant to finance U.S. wars.
first few months of the next fiscal year, vastly Just on economic grounds, the wars in
underestimating what would be required to …in Fact, We’re Dead Last Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be justified.
continue the war in Iraq at the current level We urge Congress to end the Iraq war
In 2007, the U.S. trade deficit was
of involvement. The administration plans to and work to reduce military spending
$711 billion, a slight decline after setting
seek additional funding for the war in Iraq and in order to fund human and community
records in five consecutive years. A telling
Afghanistan according to the Congressional needs: healthcare, housing, environmental
comparison that reveals just how much
Data Service. From fiscal year 2001 to fiscal protection and public transportation.
worse the U.S. is doing can be found in the
year 2008, the war in Iraq has cost $514 Bill Towe is the Coordinator for
“current accounts” of nations. The current
billion and in Afghanistan $149 billion for a North Carolina Peace Action
account measures the net trade surplus
total of $663 billion.

U.S. Loses Competitive Edge… Got books? Textbooks? Libraries?

In addition to proposed war funding, the GREAT NORTHWEST BOOKS
non-war military budget will increase by
nearly 5% over that of fiscal year 2008 under WILL TRAVEL THE STATE TO
the proposed budget, reaching $541 billion BUY BOOKS FROM YOU!
in fiscal year 2009. This includes funding
for nuclear weapons under the Department In Portland at 3314 SW First Ave, in a beautiful 1890’s church
of Energy budget. The U.S. military budget (503) 223-8098 -- Open weekdays 9am - 6pm
is the world’s largest and it continues to grow.
Please call us for more information
The Congressional Budget Office has
estimated that the deficit for FY ‘09 will ON-LINE BOOK SALES & APPRAISALS:
be $198 billion. This estimate assumes that
only $70 billion will be appropriated for
military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,
and does not include the additional
supplemental funding that will be requested
later in the year by the President.
The Center for Economic and Policy
Research released a report in May, 2007 on
the long-term economic impact of increased
military spending. The research showed that,
after an initial demand stimulus, by about
the sixth year the effect of increased military
spending turns negative. Dean Baker, an
economist who worked on this research
project stated, “It is often believed that wars
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How Should Progressives and Peace Activists
Deal with the Democratic Party?
By Brock Turner

aul Craig Roberts speaks for progressive and registered with the who actually voted for Democrat Al Gore
a lot of us when he says that Socialist Party USA. I continue to over Green Party candidate Ralph Nader
suspect that the Socialists, Greens and in 2000, but voted for Green David Cobb
arguably the “greatest failure
certain other third parties’ progressive over Democrat John Kerry in 2004. I
of 2007 was the newly sworn in movements are more committed to admit, part of me felt pretty sure, based
Democratic Congress” in his article promoting peace and justice, yet on polling, that Kerry was going to carry
“Thinking for Yourself Is Now a pragmatically I am not sure that casting Oregon. All of us in the progressive
Crime” in the February 2008 Issue votes for or contributing funds to such movement know of the many betrayals
parties is the most effective strategy in experienced by progressive causes during
of The PeaceWorker.
enacting progressive positive change. the eight years of Clinton-Gore. These
Dennis Kucinich has famously include welfare reform, increased military
As a lifelong progressive, activist and
stated “A lot of people ask me why spending and the war in Kosovo, and I
pacifist I feel many of these same concerns.
I’m still a Democrat, well, I see myself think it is safe to assume that, had Al Gore
The “Homegrown Terrorist Act” that
as a missionary!” Inspired by the late assumed the White House in 2000 he
Roberts references, which was drafted by
Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and would have retaliated against the attacks
Jane Harman (D-CA), and overwhelmingly
Congressman Dennis Kucinich I reluctantly of September 11, 2001 with a bombing
passed (404-6) by a newly Democratic-
changed my voter registration from Socialist campaign in Afghanistan similar to that
controlled House of Representatives (yes,
to Democrat in 2000. I have found that, of President Bush. However, Gore was an
sadly only six brave Democrats actually
at least for me, it is more practical to get early outspoken critic of the Iraq War and I
voted against this bill), clearly curtails the
involved in the local Democratic Party and feel some comfort in knowing that had Al
United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights
try to promote change from within. To that Gore become president (and I believe he
and sets a terrible precedent. Roberts
end, I served as a Precinct Committee Person was elected) that the disastrous episode in
rightly points out that this bill has a very
for the Democratic Party of Oregon for two Iraq would never have occurred.
loose definition of what actually constitutes
years and also was a delegate to the 2004 As a former third party member
homegrown terrorism and could easily
Oregon State Democratic Party Convention myself, I certainly feel for those who
lead to a new McCarthyism in the United
representing Kucinich as a presidential believe the Democratic Party is simply
States where anyone could claim that
candidate. The Kucinich delegates to the not responsive to peace and social
another with whom he or she has a grudge
Democratic Party of Oregon’s annual justice concerns, but I have personally
is a “homegrown terrorist” and create
convention were successful in getting found working within the party to be the
witch hunts by employing scare tactics.
Congressman Kucinich’s call for the creation most effective way to bring about real
However, I think it is important to note
of a cabinet-level U.S. Department of change. If anyone thinks they can find
that one prominent Democrat and former
Peace implemented into the Oregon State an effective way to actually convert at
Presidential contender did vote against this
Democratic Party Platform. least ten or so U.S. House Members and
poorly drafted piece of legislation: Ohio
least one or two U.S. Senators to the
Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I remain
Best Hope Remains with Dems Green Party or another truly progressive
convinced that Kucinich represents a small
alternative to the Democratic Party, I am
but significant portion of elected Democrats Kucinich’s tireless attempts to establish certainly open to hearing about it. 
who see peace and social justice as key a cabinet position for the Department of Brock Turner is a student at Portland
issues in our national agenda. Peace clearly show his interest in peace Community College majoring Political
activist community issues. While I have Science. Turner served as a delegate
Former Socialist personally become utterly disgusted with for Dennis Kucinich at the 2004 Oregon
the Democratic Congress’s continued
Turns Democrat submission to President Bush in practically
State Democratic Party Convention and
For many disillusioned voters, the has been an active participant in rallies
everything he requests  from war and vigils calling for the closure of the
temptation to abandon the Democrats funding to domestic eavesdropping to harsh
and jump ship to a third party (such as School of the Americas in Fort Benning,
interrogation tactics  I still believe that Georgia and in other peace and social
the Greens) is certainly inviting. Because trying to work within the Democratic Party,
I was an ideological liberal when I justice actions. His views are likely to
rather than against it remains our greatest be controversial among readers of The
first registered to vote at the age of 18, hope for progressive positive change.
I found the Democrats insufficiently PeaceWorker.
I am one of those strange progressives
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government nuclear disarmament DEMOCRACY

peaceTHE BIG
politics FINANCE Military Intelligence taxes
“Winter Soldiers” Demand Elimination of War
by Jack Dresser, Ph.D.

n the winter of 1777-78, after in Detroit to share their experiences. policy, violating the Geneva Conventions
suffering three terrible defeats Remaining faithful to their oath beyond and other international treaties which are
by the much larger British force their obligated service and harkening back defined by Article VI of our Constitution
and marching hundreds of miles, to Paine’s words, they named this the as “the supreme law of the land.”
“Winter Soldier Investigation.”
the 11,000-man Continental Army
retreated to a winter headquarters
Atrocities like My Lai had ignited Missed Turn
popular opposition to the war, but
at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Food Invited by Chairman William
political and military leaders insisted that
was in desperately short supply, 2,000 Fulbright to present their findings before
such crimes were isolated exceptions.
men were without shoes, and many the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,
The members of VVAW testified at that
Lt. John Kerry delivered ringing
were without blankets. Typhoid fever, time on the systematic brutality and war
testimony on behalf of the group. Kerry
dysentery, malnutrition and exposure crimes they had witnessed and inflicted
concluded his testimony, “We wish that
claimed some 2,500 lives that winter. upon the people of Vietnam, stating that
a merciful God could wipe away our
American patriot morale had declined unspeakable practices such as “free fire
own memories of that service as easily as
severely and whole militia companies zones” were in fact U.S. government (Continued on page 14)
had deserted to return home. The
soldiers remaining formed powerful
bonds that led them to eventually
prevail in our war for independence.
Of these men, and the 700 women
who fed, nursed and warmed them
through that winter, revolutionary
figure Thomas Paine wrote, “The
summer soldier and the sunshine
patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from
the service of their country; but he
that stands it now, deserves the love
and thanks of all men and women.”
Those that endured have come to be
called the “winter soldiers.” 7241 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Isolated Exceptions? Portland, Oregon 97202 Fresh, Whole, Organic Deli:
503-235-7350 • Green & Prepared Salad Bar
Every veteran once swore to “support
and defend the Constitution of the United • Soups, Salads, Hot Buffet
States against all enemies, foreign and
• Wholesome Baked Treats
domestic.” Many do not foreswear that Featuring New and Used Books • Raw Food Dishes
oath upon removing the uniform. Thus,
in 1971 following the court-martial of Lt. Located in the heart of the
Calley for the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, Local Merchants, the heart of our community
some 150 honorably discharged  many Sellwood/Moreland Neighborhood Individuals Nourishing Community Since 1971
highly decorated  members of Vietnam
Veterans Against the War (VVAW) gathered 24th & Hilyard • 343�9142 • open 7am � 11pm

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government nuclear disarmament DEMOCRACY

peaceTHE BIG
politics FINANCE Military Intelligence taxes
Paying the Penalty for Nonviolent Action
By Starhawk

oday is March 16. Five years Israeli groups that have sent me formal clubbing a weak, cringing, forelocked
ago, I was in a small village invitations, and even though Israel Jew. Israel was founded by a generation
in the Occupied Territories claims to be a refuge of last resort for that said, “Never again will we be the
of the West Bank of Palestine with everyone born Jewish, as I am. The fact ones who cringe and get clubbed.”
that I’m here, not there, is a measure of Instead, she has spent sixty years on the
a group of volunteers from the
how much the Israeli authorities fear a Nautilus, building her military muscle.
International Solidarity Movement, movement of nonviolent resistance in But somewhere deep inside is still the
which supports nonviolent resistance general, and the ISM in particular. perception that Israel is tiny, fragile and
against the occupation. weak and anyone who attacks her is the
giant with the club. So, the suffering of
We had gone because the villagers Deep inside is still the perception the Palestinians, the real disparities in
were being menaced by tanks from the that Israel is tiny, fragile and weak power, become invisible.
Israeli military, and wanted witnesses, and anyone who attacks her is the
but by the time we arrived, the tanks had giant with the club.
gone. Instead we wandered through the
What Nonviolence Does
olive groves, studded with pink cyclamen Nonviolence dramatizes and makes
and blood — red anemones, and ate visible the true power differentials. Week
barbecued lamb in the courtyard of an Why is Nonviolence after week, unarmed Palestinians and
ancient stone house with domed ceilings So Threatening? their allies march to the Wall to face tear
and arched portals. It was a strangely Violence attacks the body, but gas, rubber bullets, clubs, and at times,
idyllic day — until on our way back to nonviolence threatens something live ammunition. Women sit in front of
Nablus we got a call. Down in Rafah, in deeper and more tenuous — the self bulldozers, children march out of school
the Gaza strip, a young volunteer named — perceptions and rationalizations that to confront soldiers.
Rachel Corrie had been crushed to death let basically good people act in cruel Nonviolence humanizes the enemy.
by an Israeli military bulldozer as she and heartless ways. The Israel/Palestine When the Palestinians are seen as
attempted to prevent the demolition of a conflict enacts on a mass scale some ‘animals,’ as filled with blind, irrational,
Palestinian family’s house. of the same dynamics as family abuse. implacable hatred, it is easy to hate
Israel is like the abused child who grows them in turn and to justify every system
of control and every incursion. But
Denied Entry up to be an abuser.
Abusers generally feel like victims nonviolence gives the enemy a face.
Today I sit in a room in Washington Moreover, in the demonstrations against
D.C. overcome by grief as in the next — and truly the Jewish people have been
victimized, again and again in history, the Wall and the peace camps set up in
room my new friend Laurie writes out the villages, Israeli peace groups often
card after card with the names of the culminating in the still unhealed wounds
of the Holocaust. Every rocket attack, come to stand with their Palestinian
dead — American soldiers and Iraqi allies, shattering the myth that Israelis
civilians  pile after pile of them. every shooting spree in a Yeshivah,
every suicide bomb in a bus reinforces and Palestinians can never get along,
I’m grieving for all the dead, and a never collaborate or work together for
bit for myself, because I meant to be that sense of fear and persecution that
seems to cry out for violence in return. common ends. Abuse is perpetuated
back in Palestine, or at least in Israel, by secrecy and silence. The ISM and
now. But I have been denied entry and Once in Germany I walked through
an exhibition on the propaganda of other peace groups such as the Women’s
sent home, because of my past work International Peace Service and the
with the ISM. I have been denied entry, the Holocaust. One cartoon seemed
to illuminate the dynamics of the Christian Peacemaker Teams have
even though my intentions this time brought thousands of witnesses into the
were strictly to work with permaculture current conflict: a burly, blond, muscle
— bound body — builder of a German places that outsiders are not supposed
and ecology groups, including the three (Continued on page 29)
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the peaceworker

for inflation it will be more than four times as expensive as the
ELTWAY Vietnam War. All this for a war and occupation of a country that
never threatened the U.S. In 2001 Iraq was not an ally of Al Qaeda

ULLETIN and had no military delivery systems. So even if its mythical

weapons of mass destructions had actually existed, it had no way
to deliver them. This was common knowledge at the time.
By Phil Carver While much of the world is working toward nuclear disarmament,

the Bush budget asks Congress to fund the first new U.S. nuclear
or up-to date reports on many progressive issues weapons in two decades and requests additional funding to build a
see the Center for American Progress at www. new nuclear bomb making plant. The budget requests $10 million for and the Center on Budget and the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) program and $100 million
Policy Priorities at  For justice issues to begin construction on a new plutonium pit facility.
see the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at www.aclu.
org/ and Amnesty International at  For Ban Cluster Bombs
the issues of national defense and the Iraq war see the Friends The Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S. 594) would
Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) at  effectively ban the U.S. from using or exporting cluster bombs. In early
. For the issues of energy and global warming see the Union of March, two new senators signed on as co-sponsors of this bipartisan bill.
Concerned Scientists (UCS) at  and the But still only 18 senators have agreed to co-sponsor this legislation.
Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) at  . The majority of those killed by cluster bombs are ordinary
people, civilians walking down a road, farming, or playing
2009 Federal Budget where deadly unexploded munitions have been left behind.
U.S. cluster bombs also kill U.S. soldiers. Travis Bradach-Nall was
President Bush released his proposed budget following his only 21-years-old when he was killed by a U.S. cluster munition while
State of the Union address. The president proposes $3.1 trillion serving as a U.S. Marine in Iraq. Watch this short video of his mother,
in spending for the fiscal year 2009 that starts Oct. 1. Lynn Bradach, telling her son’s story and urging that the U.S. ban
The budget includes an overall cut of almost $500 million cluster bombs.
from energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, while Increased support for this legislation would also send a
increasing funding for fossil fuels and nuclear energy by more message to the rest of the world. In two months, more than half of
than $350 million. The proposal also includes $8 billion in loan the world’s governments will gather in Dublin, Ireland to continue
guarantees for coal (including liquid coal projects), $18.5 billion negotiations on a global treaty banning cluster bombs. The
in loan guarantees for new nuclear facilities, and $2 billion for U.S. will not be there. But by increasing support for the Cluster
reprocessing nuclear waste. In addition, the president proposes Munitions Civilian Protect Act you can show the world that many
cutting $104 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, members of Congress and millions of people in this country want
the principal source of funds for acquiring lands for parks, wildlife to ban these horrible weapons.
refuges and other conservation use. The proposal would leave the
fund with only $45 million, less than one-third of its current level.
The president also would cut $134 million from the Clean Water U.S. Iraq Contractors Outside the Law
State Revolving Fund. As the United States engages in the “war on terror,” it
For the first time in history, the total 2009 U.S. military budget is outsourcing key security and military support functions,
proposed by the president will surpass one trillion dollars. Even particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, to private companies to carry
without including Iraq war spending, the military budget has out the work. Currently, U.S. contractors in Iraq operate in a virtual
increased by 70 percent since President Bush took office, according rules-free zone. They are exempt from Iraqi law per a Coalition
to the White House. The Friends Committee on National Legislation Provisional Authority order and they fall outside the military chain
estimates that the increase may be closer to 100 percent. Richard of command. They have not been prosecuted under U.S. law.
Kogan of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities notes that Late last year, at a Congressional hearing of the Committee
from 2001 to 2008 “The defense/security category also has grown on Oversight and Government Reform, the general counsel of
four times as rapidly as all domestic programs combined — a Blackwater admitted that one of its employees had shot and
category that includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the other killed an Iraqi security officer on December 24, 2006. However,
entitlements, and the domestic discretionary programs.” http:// the U.S. Attorney’s office of the Western District of Washington refuses even to confirm if an investigation is underway and if
Congressional Democrats, including Sens. Clinton and charges will be filed.
Obama, have not challenged this warped sense of priorities. Most recently, the media has reported that former KBR contractor,
Linda J. Blimes of Harvard University and Joseph E. Stiglitz Jamie Leigh Jones, was allegedly gang-raped in 2005 by KBR colleagues.
of Columbia University have just published a book titled The While the Dept. of Defense refuses to probe the charges, citing the case’s
Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. This status as “open” with the Dept. of Justice, even repeated inquiries by U.S.
war will be the second most expensive in U.S. history, adjusted Congressmen have been met with Justice Department silence.
for inflation. It will only be exceeded by World War II. Adjusted (Continued on page 13)

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the peaceworker
Beltway Bulletin
Continued from page 12
Learn more about Amnesty International USA’s efforts to hold in broad domestic spying operations that involve collecting and
private military contractors accountable for human rights violations analyzing the personal information of Americans in ways that are
in the “war on terror.” “essentially the same” as TIA. The elements that reportedly make
up the new spying encompass a variety of mass surveillance and
Remove Block on States’ Clean Car Effort data mining programs about which the ACLU has previously
H.R. 5660 directs EPA to grant California the waiver it needs to warned, including:
move forward with requiring cleaner cars. Thirteen states (California, • TIA and other data mining programs
Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New • The NSA’s illegal wiretapping program, the so-called
Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP)
and Washington) have now adopted the standards that will reduce • The Patriot Act’s broadening of FBI power to collect
tailpipe greenhouse gas pollution by 30 percent by 2016. third-party personal information without a subpoena
All together, automakers would have to produce clean cars through Section 215 searches and National Security
for 30 percent of the U.S. auto market, drastically reducing global Letters
warming pollution and saving Americans money at the gas pump. • The Treasury Department’s expanded surveillance
By 2020, these thirteen states will have reduced national global of financial transactions through Cash Transaction
warming pollution by 434 million metric tons, an additional 89
Reporting and Suspicious Activity Reporting
percent over the new federal fuel economy standards of 35 mpg by
2020 • The CIA’s illegitimate access to the SWIFT database to
monitor international financial transactions
• DHS’s efforts to increase collection and monitoring of
Report Confirms Domestic airline passenger data
NSA Dragnet Spying • Partnerships between these government agencies and
The American Civil Liberties Union cited reports that private sector entities to collect and monitor customers’
show the NSA has effectively revived the Orwellian “Total data and transactions
Information Awareness (TIA)” domestic-spying program. The • The erosion of privacy through the judicial creation of
program was described by current and former intelligence a distinction between content and “transactional data”
officials in the March 10 edition of the Wall Street Journal. (such as the recipients of e-mails or phone calls and the
The ACLU said the new report confirmed its past warnings times and dates of each communication) through the
that the NSA was engaging in extremely broad-based data mining Patriot Act and prior developments.
that was violating the privacy of vast numbers of Americans. This “Congress needs to investigate immediately whether its will
program was banned by Congress in 2003. has been thwarted, and the media needs to give this program
“Congress shut down TIA because it represented a massive the attention it deserves as a radical departure from the privacy
and unjustified governmental intrusion into the personal lives that Americans have always expected,” said Fredrickson. “Just
of Americans,” said Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the how many times is Congress going to sit back and watch this
Washington Legislative Office of the ACLU. “Now we find out administration run roughshod over its prerogatives?”
that the security agencies are pushing ahead with the program The Freedom of Information request the ACLU filed March
anyway, despite that clear congressional prohibition. 13 is intended to gain information about the “role that the NSA
The Total Information Awareness (TIA) program was a plays as a hub for the collection, analysis and distribution” of
mammoth data mining program that envisioned programming “transactional information of Americans.” It seeks information
computers to trawl through an extensive list of databases from the NSA as well as the FBI, CIA, the Office of the Director
containing personal information about Americans – including of National Intelligence, and the Departments of Treasury,
communications, medical, travel, education and financial data Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security.
– in an attempt to detect supposedly “suspicious” patterns. In 2006, the ACLU published a summary of what it believed
Congress shut down the program amid bipartisan objections that the NSA was doing, based on the various media reports citing
it was the most far-reaching domestic surveillance proposal that current and former intelligence officials. In the piece, entitled
had ever been offered. “Eavesdropping 101,” the ACLU warned that the NSA was not
“Year after year, we have warned that our great nation is just carrying out warrantless wiretaps on selected individuals,
turning into a surveillance society where our every move is but probably carrying out broader data dragnets that violated
tracked and monitored,” said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the privacy of millions of Americans. This prospect has not
the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Project. “Now we have always remained in focus during the debates over the agency’s
before us a program that appears to do that very thing. It brings illegal spying.
together numerous programs that we and many others have The ACLU white paper “Eavesdropping 101” is online at
fought for years, and it confirms what the ACLU has been  
saying the NSA is up to: mass surveillance of Americans.” Phil Carver, a former OPW Board Chair, writes this column
According to the new Journal report, the NSA was engaging exclusively for each issue of The PeaceWorker.
page 13 Table of Contents april 2008
the peaceworker

“Winter Soldiers”
Continued from page 10
this administration has wiped away their War Crimes Charged
memories of us. But all that they have
Testimony was recorded over three
done… by this denial is to make more
days by 55 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
clear than ever our own determination to
describing racist dehumanization of the
undertake one last mission  to search
enemy, the impacts of war upon civilians,
out and destroy the last vestige of this
and systematic violations of the Rules of
barbaric war, to pacify our own hearts, to
Engagement which limit use of deadly
conquer the hate and fear that have driven
force, resulting in regular, widespread
this country these last ten years and
atrocities including indiscriminate firing
more... So, when thirty years from now
and deliberate, unreported murder of
our brothers go down the street without a
civilians made inevitable and routinely
leg, without an arm, or a face, and small
tolerated by government policy.
boys ask why, we will be able to say
Witnesses repeatedly emphasized that
‘Vietnam’ and not mean a desert, not a
the wars themselves are war crimes under
filthy obscene memory, but mean instead
international law and the Constitution,
where America finally turned and where
and that the brutal, horrific and terrorizing
soldiers like us helped it in the turning.”
conditions of war inherently produce specific
But America has failed to turn and
war crimes. When faced with choices
thirty-two years later launched another
between rules and morality on the one hand,
equally brutal, equally mindless, equally
and the survival instinct on the other, the
unjustified attack on the nation of Iraq,
latter invariably prevails. “I am here today
again in violation of international treaty
to pass judgment not on my fellow soldiers,
laws  the U.N. and Nuremberg Charters
not on my commanders, but on war itself,”
that prohibit wars of aggression  and once
said one soldier. Said another, “I’m very, very
more violating Article VI, Paragraph 2, the
sorry. I’m no longer the monster I once was.”
“Supremacy Clause,” of our Constitution.
So once again winter soldiers are needed.
War Must Be Eliminated
Different War, Same Lies The only answer, they concluded,
is the elimination of war altogether.
Thankfully, a current generation
To achieve this, imperial American
of outraged veterans is arising and a
militarism must be confronted and
Winter Soldier II investigation was
ended. IVAW calls for immediate
held March 13-16 at the National Labor
and full withdrawal of troops from
College in Maryland where members of
both countries, full reparation and
Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
compensation to our victims, and full
replicated the model of their VVAW
benefits and health care for veterans.
predecessors. “Over 30 years later,”
Supplementary panel discussions
IVAW states, “we find ourselves faced
explored the impacts of wars on civilians,
with a new war, but the lies are the same.
enemy dehumanization, the breakdown of
Once again, troops are sinking into an
the military, the costs of war at home, and
increasingly bloody occupation. Once
the key role of the growing GI resistance
again, war crimes in places like Haditha,
movement in bringing peace. Panelists
Fallujah and Abu Ghraib have turned
included un-embedded photojournalist Dahr
the public against the war. Once again,
Jamail and Amy Goodman, who hosted
politicians and generals are blaming ‘a
streaming audio coverage on Pacifica Radio.
few bad apples’ instead of examining the
The sessions were broadcast on Free
military policies that have destroyed Iraq
Speech TV (DishNetwork channel 9415),
and Afghanistan.”
and streaming online video was provided on
Eugene’s Veterans for Peace bus took
 and ,
several Oregon veterans to Washington
where archives may now be viewed. 
DC for the hearings. One Eugene
Jack Dresser is a Vietnam Era
veteran, Sergio Kochergin, testified.
veteran turned peace activist..

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Please. 200 words or less. Yes, you can pick up this paper for free –
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Help for Wounded Vets better world.
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Veterans of America Foundation into a new group, Veterans for America, Better yet, join Oregon PeaceWorks and
 become an important part of Oregon’s
I am happy to report that this transformation has gone very well and we are largest and most effective network of peace
actively helping both service members and veterans alike. Building on our 26-
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and environmental activists. When you do,
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just released says that immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes than
Address_ _______________
are native-born citizens. People born in the United States are eight times more
likely than immigrants to be incarcerated.
Go to any cosmopolitan city, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and you City __________State_ ___
will hear a wide diversity of languages from around the world being spoken. Zip _ ________________
So much for the “speak English” only spiel of talk radio hosts.
As far as the assimilation argument goes, I see multitudes of Mexicans and Phone_________________
Latinos and their children working, speaking English and assimilating quite
well, thank you. Please make your check payable to:
Every day the bigotry, intolerance and prejudice that drives the anti- Oregon PeaceWorks
immigration movement becomes more apparent. 104 Commercial St. NE
--Ron Lowe, Grass Valley, CA
Salem, OR 97301

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Earthday 2008
Planetary Health Demands Immediate Action
By Peter Bergel

e all know that our than in the preceding four million. Today logging. Some deforestation is caused by
planet’s life support our numbers have surged to nearly six poor people desperately seeking a way
systems are not holding and half billion and our population is to survive. Some is caused by corporate
up well to the mistreatment we increasing by nearly 80 million people greed. Either way, the carrying capacity
each year  220,000 each day. Natural of the planet is decreased.
humans have been subjecting it to,
processes typically act to limit the It does not have to be this way.
but this month The PeaceWorker population of any species when it exceeds François Bourguignon, Chief Economist
takes a closer look at just how the the carrying capacity of its environment. and Senior Vice President for
planet is faring. The news is bad in a Development Economics at the World
lot of different areas. Bank says, “Compensation for avoiding
deforestation could help developing
Global Warming countries to improve forest governance
Arctic ice cover has been shrinking and boost rural incomes, while helping
at the rate of about 8% per decade since the world at large to mitigate climate
1980. Not only does this melting raise change more vigorously.” However, this
ocean levels, but the loss of large white approach would depend on financial
areas that reflect sunlight back into space assistance from developed countries,
has the effect of raising temperatures such as the United States, which is
more rapidly as well. Scientists project crippling its ability to address world
that the Arctic may be ice-free in security problems like those mentioned
summer before mid-century. Greenland’s in this article by devoting half of its
ice shelf, already shrinking steadily, discretionary national spending to its
is at risk of disappearing entirely, a military.
phenomenon that would threaten many
coastal areas around the world with Desertification
About 3.6 billion of the world’s 5.2
Nice of the ten warmest years on record Deforestation is the permanent billion hectares of useful dry land for
have occurred during the past decade. destruction of forests and woodlands. agriculture has suffered erosion and soil
Please see additional articles A majority of people in rural tropical degradation. In more than 100 countries,
in the 5% Solution section of this areas — about 800 million — live one billion of the six billion world
PeaceWorker. in or around vulnerable forests or population is affected by desertification,
woodlands, depending on them heavily forcing people to leave their farms for
for survival. Yet deforestation at five
Fiercer Storms jobs in the cities.
percent a decade is steadily depleting Desertification is devouring more
Between 1975 and 1989 there were this resource base, contributing to 20
171 category 4 or 5 storms. Between than 20,000 square miles of land
percent of annual global CO2 emissions worldwide every year, affecting 74% of
1990 and 2004, there were 269. Such and seriously threatening biodiversity.
storms are worsened by unusually warm North American lands. In Africa, more
Although tropical forests cover only than 2.4 million acres (73% of its dry
ocean surface temperatures in the tropics about 7 percent of the Earth’s dry land,
 temperatures that are rising due to lands) are affected by desertification.
they probably harbor half or more of all Desertification takes place in dry land
global climate change. species on Earth. areas where the earth is fragile, rainfall
Deforestation is driven largely is minimal and the climate harsh. Topsoil
Population by economic incentives to expand depletion is followed by loss of the
Incredibly, the world’s population agriculture, create new grazing land for land’s ability to sustain crops, livestock
has grown more in the past fifty years ranching and profit from commercial (Continued on page 18)
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State of the Planet Report

Wars and Other Conflicts Cripple the World
By Margaret Hepziban & Peter Bergel 

he U.N.’s technical definition According to, 322 entity’s resources are coveted by another
of the term “major war” is “a international land boundaries separate because of overpopulation, famine,
military conflict inflicting 1,000 the 192 independent states and 70 drought or just greed. Others result from
battlefield deaths per year.” In 1965 there dependencies, areas of sovereignty and injustices, religious and ethnic conflicts
other miscellaneous entities. In many and domination of one group by another.
were ten major wars underway. As of mid-
cases, ethnicity, culture, race, religion In viewing the list below it is
2005, eight major wars were underway and language have divided states into interesting to note how little most of us
(down from 15 at the end of 2003) with separate political entities as much as in the U.S. know about most of these
as many as two dozen additional conflicts history, physical terrain, political fiat or wars and the suffering they cause.
proceeding with varying degrees of conquest, sometimes resulting in arbitrary
intensity. The majority of these wars are and imposed boundaries. Maritime states Currently Ongoing Wars
intrastate or civil conflicts. have so far established over 130 maritime
The following list, including links
boundaries and jointly developed zones
to more detailed explanations, can be
Most of the casualties are now civil- to allocate ocean resources and to provide
ians. In World War I a small percentage found at http://www.globalsecurity.
for national security at sea.
of casualties were civilians (5-10%), but org/military/world/war/index.html.
Many wars are the result of cross- (Continued on page 19)
today 75% or more (some sources say as border resource conflicts where one
many as 90%) of those killed or wound-
ed in war are non-combatants.
Africa, to a greater extent than any
other continent, is afflicted by war. Since
1960, Africa has suffered over 20 major
wars. Angola, Sudan, Liberia, Burundi and
Rwanda are among those countries that have
recently suffered serious armed conflict.
These wars have caused untold economic
and social damage. Food production is
impossible in conflict areas, and famine often
results. Widespread conflict has condemned
many of Africa’s children to lives of misery
and, in certain cases, has threatened the
existence of traditional African cultures.

This month’s cover, “A World of

Opportunity” was created by Florida
artist Deborah Kleinow. A lifelong
artist, Kleinow, has worked in a
variety of media, specializing in
colored pencil, which she uses to
create detailed, realistic portraits
and mixed media collages. She
has created a large body of work in
support of humanitarian and peace
causes including several covers for
The PeaceWorker magazine.

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Planetary Health Demands Action

Continued from page 16
or human activity. The economic a very heavy, dense metal that is ideal uranium mining. Radioactive waste can
impact of the loss of more than $40 for armor-piercing artillery shells and be dangerous for periods ranging from a
billion per year in agricultural goods for making especially solid armor plate. few days for some types (isotopes), such
falls disproportionately on the poor as It has been used by the U.S. military in as Iodine-131, to quarter of a million
agricultural prices increase. According the Balkans and in Iraq. When it is used years (for Plutonium-239). During the
to the World Wide Fund for Nature, it creates mildly radioactive dust that is period for which they are dangerous,
the world lost about 30% of its natural contaminated with alpha particles. Alpha radioactive wastes must somehow be
wealth between 1970 and 1995. As the particles are known to cause cancer confined. Since no way has been found
land dries out, the potential for wildfires, and other negative health effects when to do this for the time periods involved,
such as those seen last year in Southern ingested. Although the U.S. military has particularly for plutonium, all the “high-
California, increases. not acknowledged the dangers of DU, it level” waste that has been generated
Dust from deserts and dry lands is is widely suspected of being a factor in since the dawn of the nuclear age in the
blown into cities around the world. Dust “Gulf War syndrome.” 1940s is still in “temporary” (sometimes
from Africa reaches Europe through the Mercury: This naturally occurring leaky) storage.
Pasat wind, and even reaches U.S. cities. element is toxic to humans, interfering Despite the monumental failure of the
Dust particles, which are less than 2.5 with the brain and nervous system. It nuclear industry and the government to solve
millionths of a metre in size, are inhaled, is released into the environment in a the waste storage problem, nuclear weapons
causing health problems and have been variety of ways and finds its way back are still being manufactured and new nuclear
shown to boost death rates. into human bodies primarily through power plants are being planned.
fish, where it concentrates as it moves
Global Poisoning up the food chain. Large predatory fish Clean Water
can have mercury concentrations in their One in five people on the planet
Lead: The “e-waste” produced by
bodies that are 10,000 times higher than today survive on less water per day than
unrecycled cell phones, computers,
those of their surrounding habitat. it takes to flush a toilet. In 2000 18% of
televisions, monitors and other
These are just a few of the thousands of the world’s people did not have access
technological equipment is being
toxic substances human routinely release to adequate water supplies. By 2015
exported to the developing world,
into the environment and are mentioned that percentage is expected to nearly
especially to China and sub-Saharan
as examples. The more poisons we use in double to 34%  more than a third of
Africa. This is being done under the
our industrial and agricultural processes, all humans.
guise of providing developing nations
the more we contaminate our surroundings Wetlands once covered 12 percent of
with high tech equipment which can
with them as they inevitably escape or are the planet’s land area. Today half of that
be repaired and re-used. However,
disposed of irresponsibly. wetland area is gone as rivers run dry or
there are estimates that up to 75% of
the imports are irreparable and end up wetlands are converted to farmland or
in unlined landfills, burned (directly Radioactive Waste human settlements.
releasing toxins into the environment) or Radioactive waste is a special case. Worldwide, 70% of the water used
in open air dumps. Thus the poisons they It derives from generating electricity by humans is used for agriculture while
contain reach the soil and groundwater. in nuclear power plants, building and 22% is used by industry and 8% is used
The average desktop computer contains exploding nuclear weapons, and using for domestic purposes. In the wealthier
an average of 8 pounds of lead. The nuclear materials in industrial and countries, industrial water use moves up
scavenging of gold, copper and other medical technologies. Of these sources, to 59%, domestic use goes to 11%, while
valuable raw materials, without adequate the overwhelming majority in terms of agricultural use declines to 30%. Rich or
safety measures or protective gear, volume stems from nuclear weapons poor, though, the industrial and agricultural
is opening a Pandora’s box of toxic production, but the commercial waste uses are polluting the water so as to make
materials, including lead, for the people contains a much higher amount of it increasingly unfit for consumption.
least capable of monitoring or managing radiation. All of this material, regardless
its long-term health effects. of its level of intensity, is highly Species Depletion
People of any age are susceptible to dangerous to humans and must be Loss of biodiversity is one of the
the health effects of lead, but children prevented from entering the biosphere. most consistent signs of ecosystem
are most vulnerable. Of course a great deal of it already has, distress. Estimates range widely, but
Depleted uranium, the material due to fallout from nuclear weapons generally current estimates of species
left over after fissionable uranium (U- testing, various radiation spills and loss are ten-fold to a thousand-fold
235) is removed from uranium ore, is accidents, and unsecured “tailings” from
(Continued on page 19)

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Planetary Health Wars Cripple World

Continued from page 17
Demands Action
Continued from page 18 Algeria Insurgency 1992
Angola Cabinda 1975
greater than historic levels, leading some Burma Insurgency 1950
to speculate that the earth is already China Senkaku Islands 1968
entering the sixth major extinction of life China Spratly Islands 1988
on the planet. This extinction, however, A FULL-LINE GROCERY Colombia Insurgencies 1970
differs from the rest because the primary Fresh organic produce, bulk foods, Congo (Zaire) Congo War 1998
cause appears to be the effects of human organic herbs, teas, coffees, Georgia Civil War 1991
activity. Thirty-five percent of existing
species could be extinct by 2050.
wines & microbrews, supplements, India Assam 1985
books, gifts and much more. India Kashmir 1970s
India Naxalite Uprising 1967
Conclusion FRESH DAILY Indonesia Aceh 1986
The effects of global warming
Your choice of soups, juices, muffins Indonesia Kalimantan 1983
caused by human activity are potentially
disastrous for the future of life on & scones, hot soup & baked goods. Indonesia Maluku 1999
earth, but the planetary threats resulting Organic salad bar Monday - Friday. Indonesia Papua / West Irian 1963
from human activity go beyond global Israel Al-Aqsa Intifada 2000
warming to a spectrum of other threats. OPEN DAILY Israel Lebanon 2006
Looking at the big picture, it is hard to Ivory Coast Civil War 2002
M-F 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 10-6
escape the perception that the planet Korea Korean War 1953
is acting to control an out-of-control 159 S.E. 2nd Street, Newport, OR 97365
Laos Hmong Insurgency 2000
species (us  though other species will (541) 265-8285 Moldova Transdniester 1991
perish in the process).
There is good news, but it is highly Namibia Caprivi Strip 1966
Nepal Maoists 1996
conditional and very demanding. We can
(probably) avoid the most destructive Nigeria Civil Disturbances 1997
consequences of global warming and the Pakistan Baluchistan 2004
other threats listed above, but to say that Palestine Civil War 2007
it will not be easy is the understatement Peru Shining Path 1970s
of the century. Fortunately, the lifestyle Philippines Moro Uprising 1970s
to which OPW’s 5% Solution program Russia Chechen Uprising 1992
points can address most of these threats, Somalia Civil War 1991
either directly or indirectly. The bottom Spain Basque Uprising 1970s
lines are these:
Sri Lanka Tamil Separatists 1983
1. Every person, business, institution
Sudan Darfur 1983
and government must learn to live more
lightly upon the earth and must pledge Thailand Islamic Rebels 2001
and deliver a 5% carbon footprint Turkey Kurdistan 1984
reduction each year. Uganda Civil Conflict 1980
2. The world, led by the United United States Afghanistan 1980
States, must redirect its military United States Djibouti 2001
spending toward addressing these threats United States Iraq 1990
rather than focusing on far less serious United States Philippines 1898
threats and global power projection just Uzbekistan Civil Disturbances 2005
because they are amenable to military
Yemen Sheik al-Houti 2004
approaches. 
Peter Bergel is OPW’s Executive Rev. Margaret Hepziban is a pastor
Director and founding editor of The in the Abiding Love Fellowship of
PeaceWorker. Christ Jesus, in Lake Oswego, Oregon
and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in
Counseling Psychology at Portland State
Please Recycle University. Peter Bergel is the Executive
Director of Oregon PeaceWorks.
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Bush Vetoes Torture San Francisco Cheney’s Arrogance
Prevention Legislation Gets Greener Reaches New Heights
President Bush has vetoed legislation San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom by John Byrne
that would have barred the CIA from last month signed into a law a require-
ment that the city’s taxi fleet be con- On the fifth anniversary of President
using waterboarding — a technique that
verted to low-emission vehicles by 2011; George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq,
simulates drowning — and other harsh
ordered all city departments to purchase President Bush said he has no doubts
interrogation methods on terror suspects.
100 percent recycled paper and reduce about waging the unpopular war despite
Bush said the bill would harm the overall paper use by 20 percent by 2010; the “high cost in lives and treasure.”
government’s ability to prevent future and announced his support for a tidal- Vice President Dick Cheney had
attacks. Supporters of the legislation argue energy project in the San Francisco Bay, a different message. Informed during
that it preserves the United States’ right to despite a recent study’s conclusions that a Good Morning America interview
collect critical intelligence while boosting the project would be more expensive
broadcast March 19 that two-thirds of
the country’s moral standing abroad. than it’s worth. Newsom has proposed
strict green-building standards for his Americans now think the war was not
“The bill would take away one of the
city and will submit a carbon tax to worth fighting, Cheney said: “So?”
most valuable tools on the war on terror,
voters. San Francisco residents also live “So you don’t care what the
the CIA program to detain and question
happily without plastic bags or toys con- American people think?” ABC’s Martha
key terrorist leaders and operatives,”
taining bisphenol A and phthalates.  Raddatz asked.
deputy White House press secretary
 Grist Magazine,  He added: “I think we cannot be
Tony Fratto said.
. blown off course by the fluctuations
The bill would restrict the CIA
of the public opinion polls. There has
to using only the 19 interrogation
techniques listed in the Army field
Obama Pledges in fact been fundamental change and
transformation and improvement for the
manual, barring it from using In a YouTube video at http://www. better. That’s a huge accomplishment.”
waterboarding, sensory deprivation Cheney added that the economy was
or other coercive methods to break &feature=related, Barack Obama made going through a “rough patch, there’s no
a prisoner who refuses to answer the following pledges specifying what he question about it.”
questions. Those practices were banned would do as president: The Vice President was in Oman.
by the military in 2006. 1. End the war in Iraq. That day, he went fishing in the waters
The legislation cleared the House in 2. Cut tens of billions of wasteful between Oman and Iran, borrowing the
December and won Senate approval in military spending. Sultan of Oman’s 60-foot royal yacht.
February.  3. Cut investment in unproven A Cheney spokeswoman told the
missile defense systems. Associated Press that the vice president,
4. Not weaponize space. his wife Lynne, and daughter, Liz, a
5. Slow development of future former State Department official who
combat systems. is traveling with her father as a private
6. Institute an independent board citizen, headed out under sunny skies
to ensure that the quadrennial into the Gulf of Oman on “Kingfish I,”
defense review is not used to owned by Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
justify unnecessary spending. Oman allows the United States to use
7. Set a goal of a world without four air bases -- including one just 50
nuclear weapons. miles from Iran -- for refueling, logistics
8. Not develop new nuclear and storage of pre-positioned military
weapons. supplies. 
9. Seek a global ban on production John Byrne writes for RAW STORY,
of fissile materials. 
10. Agree with Russia to take ICBMs about_US_opposition_to_war_0319.html.
off hair-trigger alert and seek To view video from ABC’s Good Morning
deep cuts in nuclear arsenals. America, March 19, 2008: http://
If he is nominated and elected, peace
people will want to remind him of US_opposition_to_war_0319.html.
these promises. 
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the peaceworker

5% Solutions to Global Warming

One-Third of Military Budget
Could Cure U.S. Carbon Addiction
by Gar Lipow

cientific American’s grand plan requiring more solar thermal and less choices could lower these costs further.
to provide a bit over a third of photovoltaic power (unless PV prices First, the grand plan contains almost
U.S. energy from solar sources drop a lot faster than Scientific American no demand reduction, other than what
projects). So we can double to ~$2.5 would occur as a side effect of less
provides insight into what it would
trillion, or $126 billion per year. This is fossil fuel use, plus electrification of
cost to phase out all, or most, U.S.
still a fraction of our military budget. transport. However, we know there is a
greenhouse emissions. Bottom line: a One more step raises costs further. In huge potential for inexpensive efficiency
lot less than current military spending. the Scientific American projections, around improvements. At the low end, the
two thirds of the electricity passes through McKinsey group calculates that we
The total cost of the Scientific CAES storage. CAES is a hybrid system, could reduce by around 11% in absolute
American plan: $420 billion over the burning natural gas to use the compressed terms at a savings. My own book
course of that 40 years, or slightly over air more efficiently. Emissions from this suggests that efficiency improvements
ten billion dollars per year  less than natural gas are around 30% per kWh alone could reduce emissions by more
current fossil fuel subsidies, less than the compared to our present grid. That implies than 60%, at a cost lower than the
new subsidies “clean coal” would require. total emissions of 20% per kWh compared current cost of coal electricity.
The authors suggest phasing out to today, or an 80% reduction. Secondly, we can use non-electrical
fossil-fuel powered electricity over Global warming is just that  global. solar to displace a lot of generation.
the course of forty years, using a If we, the most intense greenhouse Even in existing buildings, low
solar dominated electricity grid. They polluters, cut our emissions by only temperature solar thermal could replace
suggest Compressed Air Electricity 80%, that does not leave room for a lot of electricity used for space, hot
Storage (CAES) and thermal storage to development by the Global South, which water heating, and other low temperature
compensate for the intermittent nature of produces one fifth, or fewer, greenhouse purposes. (Scientific American does
solar electricity, and High Voltage Direct gases (GHG) per person than we do. already suggest a smart grid, including
Current (HVDC) transmission lines to Reasonably, we need to reduce by 95% low temperature storage of climate
move solar electricity from where it is or better, to leave some possibility of control energy in buildings.) In new
generated to where it is needed. fossil fuel use for others. buildings, passive solar is the next
So, no more than 30% of our kWh cheapest choice after efficiency.
Move Quickly  should pass through CAES storage. Third, under-using wind costs the
Pay the Premium Scientific American suggests that the Scientific American plan a lot. I understand
However, we can’t wait 40 years, and next least expensive storage method why the authors concentrated on solar. Solar
we especially can’t wait 40 years for a costs about double CAES. At most that potential in the U.S. is hundreds, perhaps
35% reduction in emissions. So suppose increases total costs of the proposed thousands of times current U.S. consumption.
we tripled the investment, and spent over system by a third. Extrapolating from Commercial wind potential, in contrast,
the course of 20 years. That would be SciAm’s own figures, that suggests may be as little as ten times projected U.S.
about $1.26 trillion, or $63 billion a year a total cost of ~$3.4 trillion over the consumption in 2100. But wind electricity
over twenty years  a rounding error in course of twenty years, or less than $170 is also currently much cheaper than solar
the Pentagon budget. billion a year to completely eliminate electricity. In addition, studies have shown
Unfortunately, it is not that simple. fossil fuels over the course of 20 years. that wind, when produced at multiple sites a
The “Grand Plan” saves a lot of money great distance apart, has potential to provide
via slow implementation, giving the Thinking Through the Costs a certain amount of very reliable power, even
technology time to develop. Implementing before storage is used.
However, Scientific American
it more quickly, with less mature Still another saving is that the
actually made a number of expensive
technology, would cost more, probably Scientific American plan included
technology choices. Making other
(Continued on page 24)
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5% Solutions to Global Warming

New Studies: Need Near Zero Carbon Output
By Juliet Eilperin

T …Politicians Don’t Get It Yet Warming Continues

he task of cutting greenhouse
gas emissions enough to avert For now, at least, a goal of zero After Emissions Decline
a dangerous rise in global emissions appears well beyond the reach But Caldeira and Oregon State
temperatures may be far more difficult of politicians here and abroad. U.S. leaders University professor Andreas Schmittner
than previous research suggested, are just beginning to grapple with setting now argue that it makes more sense to
say scientists who have just published any mandatory limit on greenhouse gases. focus on a temperature threshold as a
studies indicating that it would require The Senate is poised to vote in June better marker of when the planet will
the world to cease carbon emissions on legislation that would reduce U.S. experience severe climate disruptions. The
emissions by 70 percent by 2050; the two Earth has already warmed by 0.76 degrees
altogether within a matter of decades.
Democratic senators running for president, Celsius (nearly 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
Their findings, published in Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack above pre-industrial levels. Most scientists
separate journals over the past few Obama (Ill.), back an 80 percent cut. The warn that a temperature rise of 2 degrees
weeks, suggest that both industrialized Republican presidential nominee, Sen. Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) could
and developing nations must wean John McCain (Ariz.), supports a 60 percent have serious consequences.
themselves off fossil fuels by as early as reduction by mid-century. Schmittner, lead author of a
mid-century in order to prevent warming Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who is Feb. 14 article in the journal Global
that could change precipitation patterns shepherding climate legislation through Biogeochemical Cycles, said his
and dry up sources of water worldwide. the Senate as chairman of the Environment modeling indicates that if global
and Public Works Committee, said the new emissions continue on a “business as
findings “make it clear we must act now to usual” path for the rest of the century,
Radical Change Needed… address global warming.” the Earth will warm by 7.2 degrees
Using advanced computer models to “It won’t be easy, given the makeup Fahrenheit by 2100. If emissions do not
factor in deep-sea warming and other of the Senate, but the science is drop to zero until 2300, he calculated,
aspects of the carbon cycle that naturally compelling,” she said. “It is hard for me the temperature rise at that point would
creates and removes carbon dioxide to see how my colleagues can duck this be more than 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
(CO2), the scientists, from countries issue and live with themselves.” “This is tremendous,” Schmittner
including the United States, Canada James L. Connaughton, who chairs the said. “I was struck by the fact that
and Germany, are delivering a simple White House Council on Environmental the warming continues much longer
message: The world must bring carbon Quality, offered a more guarded reaction, even after emissions have declined.
emissions down to near zero to keep saying the idea that “ultimately you . . . Our actions right now will
temperatures from rising further. need to get to net-zero emissions” is have consequences for many, many
“The question is, what if we don’t “something we’ve heard before.” When generations. Not just for a hundred
want the Earth to warm anymore?” asked it comes to tackling such a daunting years, but thousands of years.”
Carnegie Institution senior scientist Ken environmental and technological While natural cycles remove roughly
Caldeira, co-author of a paper published problem, he added: “We’ve done this kind half of human-emitted carbon dioxide
last week in the journal Geophysical of thing before. We will do it again. It will from the atmosphere within a hundred
Research Letters. “The answer implies a just take a sufficient amount of time.” years, a significant portion persists for
much more radical change to our energy Until now, scientists and policymakers thousands of years. Some of this carbon
system than people are thinking about.” have generally described the problem in triggers deep-sea warming, which keeps
Although many nations have been terms of halting the buildup of carbon in the raising the global average temperature
pledging steps to curb emissions for atmosphere. The United Nations’ Framework even after emissions halt.
nearly a decade, the world’s output of Convention on Climate Change framed the Researchers have predicted for a long
carbon from human activities totals question that way two decades ago, and many time that warming will persist even after the
about 10 billion tons a year and has been experts talk of limiting CO2 concentrations to world’s carbon emissions start to fall and
steadily rising. 450 parts per million (ppm). (Continued on page 23)

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5% Solutions to Global Warming

Near Zero Carbon Output
Continued from page 22

that countries will have to dramatically curb in turn would affect the accuracy of quantifiable and essentially permanent
their carbon output in order to avert severe Caldeira’s modeling. “Neither of these climate change on centennial timescales.”
climate change. Last year’s report of the U.N. are known precisely,” he said. Steve Gardiner, a philosophy
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Although computer models used professor at the University of
said industrialized nations would have to cut by scientists to project changes in the Washington who studies climate
emissions 80 to 95 percent by 2050 to limit climate have become increasingly change, said the studies highlight that
CO2 concentrations to the 450 ppm goal, and powerful, scientists acknowledge that the argument over global warming “is a
the world as a whole would have to reduce no model is a perfect reflection of the classic inter-generational debate, where
emissions by 50 to 80 percent. complex dynamics involved and how the short-term benefits of emitting
they will evolve with time. carbon accrue mainly to us and where
Common Sense and Still, O’Neill said the modeling “helps the dangers of them are largely put off
clarify thinking about long-term policy until future generations.”
Weasel Words
goals. If we want to reduce warming to When it comes to deciding how
European Union Environment a certain level, there’s a fixed amount of drastically to reduce greenhouse gas
Commissioner Stavros Dimas, in carbon we can put into the atmosphere. emissions, O’Neill said, “in the end, this
Washington last week for meetings After that, we can’t emit any more, at all.” is a value judgment, it’s not a scientific
with administration officials, said he question.” The idea of shifting to a
and his colleagues are operating on the carbon-free society, he added, “appears
assumption that developed nations must
The Bottom Line
to be technically feasible. The question
cut emissions 60 to 80 percent by mid- Caldeira and his colleague, H. Damon
is whether it’s politically feasible or
century, with an overall global reduction Matthews, a geography professor at
economically feasible.”
of 50 percent. “If that is not enough, Concordia University in Montreal,
Juliet Eilperin writes for the Washington
common sense is that we would not let emphasized this point in their paper,
Post; http://www.washingtonpost.
the planet be destroyed,” he said. concluding that “each unit of CO2
The two new studies outline the challenge emissions must be viewed as leading to
in greater detail, and on a longer time scale,
than many earlier studies. Schmittner’s study,
for example, projects how the Earth will
warm for the next 2,000 years.
But some climate researchers
Holy Shift! Baptist Leaders
who back major greenhouse gas
reductions said it is unrealistic to expect Urge Climate Change Action
policymakers to think in terms of such
vast time scales. Over 40 prominent Southern Baptist “Our cautious response to these issues in
“People aren’t reducing emissions leaders released a statement last the face of mounting evidence may
at all, let alone debating whether 88 month urging action against climate be seen by the world as uncaring,
percent or 99 percent is sufficient,” said change, asserting that “the time for reckless, and ill-informed. We can
Gavin A. Schmidt, of NASA’s Goddard timidity regarding God’s creation do better.” The signatories also
Institute for Space Studies. “It’s like is no more.” The declaration is a urged action on other environmental
you’re starting off on a road trip from notable departure from a statement ills and called on churches to preach
New York to California, and before you released after the denomination’s about caring for the environment.
even start, you’re arguing about where 2007 annual meeting that questioned One of the signatories, Jonathan Merritt,
you’re going to park at the end.” human impacts on climate change. “We stressed why environmental protection is
Brian O’Neill of the National Center believe our current denominational so important. “[W]hen we destroy God’s
for Atmospheric Research emphasized engagement with these issues have often creation, it’s similar to ripping pages from
that some uncertainties surround the been too timid, failing to produce a unified the Bible,” he said. 
strength of the natural carbon cycle and moral voice,” the new declaration says.  Grist Magazine, 
the dynamics of ocean warming, which
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5% Solutions to Global Warming

One-third of Military Budget Cure
Blumenauer Continued from page 21

overbuilding to handle an extreme case and then using 3-4 quads of fossil fuels
where volcanic activity greatly reduces (mostly natural gas) for transport and
available solar energy for a year or two. industry.
Capitol Hill A grid that was more evenly divided
between sun and wind would still need
So conservatively, the cost of
eliminating 95% of fossil fuel use over

overbuilding for both the volcano case the course of 20 years would be $170
and for wind draughts. But since the two billion annually if we can get small
are unlikely to occur simultaneously amounts of genuinely sustainable, net-

Program over as long a period as either one

by itself, the overbuilding would not
need to be as large. In addition, while
zero-emissions biomass. Alternatively,
for $240 billion annually we can do it
with no biofuels. So we can completely
Thirty bicycles will be made wind by itself needs less storage than phase out fossil fuels for around a third
available to government employees sun by itself, a grid that combines of current military spending.
on Capitol Hill under a pilot bike- approximately even amounts of both (Zero biofuels is absurd, though. If
share program announced by will need even less storage. In fact, one nothing else, we want to tap methane
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) at very important part of the designing a from waste, if for no other reason than
a National Bike Summit month combined solar/wind grid is to figure to convert that methane into CO2 that
week. “You have such a huge out the ratio of wind to sun generation will produce far less warming. Similarly,
concentration of people” on the Hill, capabilities to get maximum reliability. after we close all coal mines, we want
he said, “and so much of the errand (For example, the Midwest and Great to tap the non-biomass methane they
running doesn’t need to fire up an Plains are probably a lot steadier source emit into the atmosphere. Sustainable
engine.” Blumenauer, founder of the of power than California.) biomass potential may be small, but it is
160-member Congressional Bike not zero.)
Caucus, hopes bike sharing will take
A Bargain, Compared This assumes no breakthroughs in
off nationwide. Currently, only 1 renewable production or storage 
percent of all journeys in the U.S. to the Alternative
which is also absurd.
are made by bicycle. As Blumenauer This assumes pretty complete
This only tackles fossil fuels, not
pointed out, “How many people are electrification of transport and
agriculture and forestry. Though these
stuck in traffic on their way to ride a industry, and that backup for solar in
are extremely important, I also suspect
stationary bike at a health club?”  climate control comes from renewable
that converting them to sustainability
 Grist Magazine, grist@ electricity, not fossil fuels. It also
would cost an order of magnitude less assumes we replace at least feedstock
than eliminating fossil fuels. In the
for chemicals with biomass, and perhaps
course of increasing energy efficiency,
tiny amounts of biofuel to run freight
we would probably make a start
trains, short run freight trucks, and
by reducing paper use, substituting
perhaps backup engines on plug-in
agricultural waste for a large part of
hybrids as well. I don’t think we can
wood use, and supporting more energy
do completely without liquid fuel, but
efficiency in agriculture. I further
we can probably reduce liquid fuel
suspect that half or more of the cost
consumption to four or five quads.
subsidizing more sustainability could
If natural gas inputs into the electrical
be paid by converting existing subsidies
grid are already producing all the
into less perverse incentives. 
emissions we can afford, then we have
Gar Lipow is the author of the book
to get liquid fuel from net zero emission
Cooling It! No Hair Shirt Solutions to
sources. Alternatively, maybe this is an
Global Warming. This article was posted
argument for spending another 70 billion
on Gristmill 
or so annually on storage so that our
electrical grid is truly fossil fuel free,
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 Seize the Opportunity to
T Abolish Nuclear Weapons
U By Glenn Carroll

ithout a word of public debate, nuclear weapons became a
seemingly inevitable fact of life and death on our planet. After
World War II ended with two single bombs destroying the Japanese

F Information relevant to the

SMART Security Plan
cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The Bomb became big business with vast
factory complexes on government reservations in several states across the

Climate of Fear: A government agency, now called U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), was formed
to oversee private contractors who churned out no less than 30,000 nuclear warheads

Global Warming over the next four decades and established the nuclear industry as an economic force
in human affairs.

Security Nuclear Competition

A people’s movement to “Ban the Bomb” formed instantly in response to the
wartime bombing of Japan, and to the “test bombings” on the lands of the Western
Shoshone Nation in Nevada and Utah and the Pacific islanders of the Moruroa Atoll.
From protests on the street to civil disobedience at weapons sites, the public has
A new report from the European been vocal and insistent that our only reasonable option is to abolish nuclear weapons.
Union’s two top foreign-policy officials Indeed, in 1996 the World Court issued a landmark decision defending this basic ethic
warns of a wide range of security threats when it declared the manufacture, possession or use of nuclear weapons to be illegal.
that will be caused or exacerbated by The Cold War bomb factories were built in secret in the 1940s and 1950s. They
climate change. The report echoes the operated without public oversight until the Cold War ended in 1991, when crumbling
concerns of earlier U.S. and U.K. reports, Russian and U.S. nuclear bomb factories and reactors were forced to shut down.
warning of “significant potential conflicts” With the Cold War’s end, shocking security issues and environmental
over energy resources, climate-related contamination throughout Russia and the U.S. bomb complexes were discovered.
mass migration, economic instability, Huge inventories of U.S. nuclear waste and weapons-grade plutonium had piled up
and more. A growing rich-poor and and were stored in slipshod, temporary containers  even cardboard boxes tossed into
north-south divide is forecast in the E.U. landfills.
report, caused by resentment over richer The U.S. is for the third time seeking permission from its people to rebuild the
countries having released far more climate- nuclear weapons complex. There are eight sites that would be involved in the current
changing greenhouse gases and poorer DOE vision: Savannah River Site (SRS) near Augusta, Oak Ridge in Tennessee, Los
countries bearing the brunt of the effects. Alamos and Sandia labs in New Mexico, Pantex in Texas, the Kansas City Plant,
The thawing Arctic is another potential Lawrence Livermore in California and the Nevada Test Site.
flashpoint, according to the report, as There are literally dozens of facilities proposed to be spread around at these eight
countries and companies rush to exploit sites, and the sites are being pitted against each other to lure DOE to set up the new
newly accessible energy sources in the facilities there. SRS, for example, is competing against Los Alamos for a consolidated
region. “Climate change is best viewed plutonium center.
as a threat multiplier which exacerbates
existing trends, tensions, and instability,” Window of Opportunity
the report says. “The core challenge is that
climate change threatens to overburden Thanks to the National Environmental Policy Act, DOE is now required to hold
states and regions which are already fragile public hearings for an environmental impact statement before it can build new bomb
and conflict-prone. The risks include factories. The public has spoken clearly and unequivocally at each opportunity that we
political and security risks that directly reject nuclear weapons under any and all circumstances.
affect European interests.”  It has been nearly 20 years now since our country has manufactured new nuclear
Sources: The Guardian, Associated weapons. Momentum is on the side of nuclear disarmament and the final abolition of
Press, Grist Magazine,  weapons of mass destruction. Our national security lies down the path of nuclear waste
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what’s happening in the movement

Hold Abusive Military Contractors Accountable
By Members of the Code Pink Staff

War is hell of fraudulent and abusive behavior, Code Pink Also Notes…

for everyone including fostering a work environment CODEPINK held 11 kiss-ins around
involved. For conducive to violence against its own the country on Valentine’s Day with the
women, this employees, we call upon Mr. Robert message “Don’t Enlist, Stay and Kiss...
hell can be Kittel, Suspension and Debarment that way everybody makes out!”
especially deep. Official of the U.S. Army Legal In Berkeley, CA and Gainesville, FL,
Recruiters Services Agency, to debar Halliburton/ peaceful kissers shut down the recruiting
don’t tell those KBR from future contracts in Iraq. stations for the day.
who enlist that For more information, please read the Click here to see photos and news
30% of military Jamie Lynn Jones recent New York Times article, “Limbo coverage of kiss-ins in DC, NYC,
women will be for U.S. Women Reporting Iraq Assaults” Berkeley, and Pittsburgh.
sexually assaulted while serving. Women and see  Bring the spirit of Berkeley to your
who work as contract employees in Iraq Please sign our petition in support city by starting a Military Recruiting
face similar dangers. of the Jamie Leigh Act of 2008, which Zoning Initiative in your city. If that
Jamie Leigh Jones, a former mandates that companies report criminal sounds like gibberish, stay tuned for easy
Halliburton/KBR employee in Iraq, violations and provide this information recipes for zoning recruiters away from
recently testified at a Congressional to new employees. Thank you for kids in your city  to be posted soon on
hearing that she was drugged and brutally helping us hold abusive companies our website. 
gang-raped by her co-workers in 2005. accountable and provide justice to
Three years later, KBR and the military courageous women like Jamie Leigh.
have failed to punish the perpetrators or
provide redress for Jamie Leigh.
We met Jamie Leigh in Washington
and we were moved by her courage 
under tremendous pressure  to speak
out publicly and start an organization, The
Jamie Leigh Foundation, to help other
women. Since Jamie Leigh spoke out, 38
U.S. women, all contract employees in
Iraq, have come forward to report crimes
of sexual harassment and assault in the
workplace. Halliburton/KBR has failed to
protect the safety of its contract employees,
and, in fact, has fostered an environment
wherein sexual violence is accepted.
Moreover, the company requires employees
to sign a private arbitration agreement,
forcing them to give up their right to sue the
company or have a trial by jury.
“Halliburton is trying to force this into
a secret proceeding, which will do nothing
to prevent continued abuses of this nature,”
Jamie Leigh told Congress. “The United
States government has to provide people with
their day in court when they have been raped
and assaulted by other American citizens.”
Due to Halliburton/KBR’s pattern
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what’s happening in the movement

Progress Made on Halting Nuclear Development
By Fred Miller

Last year, we got Congress to cut funding Replacement Warhead, a nuclear trifecta), Your calls pay off. 
for “Complex 2030”, the administration’s the administration is trying again. They’ve Fred Miller is the President of
plan to completely rebuild the nuclear made some changes to the program, and Washington State Peace Action. You can
weapons complex. The program could easily are trying to hide aspects of it behind new contact him at 425.774.5701.
cost $150 billion, and would produce 125- names. They still are betting on nuclear
150 nuclear bombs per year. Of course, more holocaust, though, as the door to peace
nukes will stop terrorism, right? and prosperity. To make comments about
Despite their failure in Congress (we the Bombplex, click on http://salsa.
also got Congress to cut funds for the
nuclear bunker buster and the Reliable campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=22268

Got a Tax Refund Coming?

Put it to Work
for Social Change!
Donate all or part of it
to Oregon PeaceWorks.
George W. may not know
what to do with it, but we do!
Just endorse it to Oregon PeaceWorks and mail it to
104 Commercial St. NE,
Salem, OR 97301.
To double your effectiveness,
photocopy the front and the back of
your check and send the copy to the White House.
Tell George this is how you want your money used.

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Statewide OPW News

Give Peace a Dance Returns to
Salem’s Grand Ballroom April 26
regon PeaceWorks’ popular bass and Davis Brown on drums. This
Give Peace a Dance is a show you’ll want to catch. Kicking
off the evening, Dr. Atomic’s Medicine
(GPAD), Oregon’s grandest Show will perform its special brand
annual peace party, is scheduled of political satire, always popular with
for April 26th at Salem’s Grand GPAD audiences. An extra special treat
Ballroom. Tickets are available on this year is a performance by Salem-
OPW’s website right now. based duo The Undertones.
In addition, OPW Director Peter
Bergel will again serve as auctioneer as
The popular Ty Curtis Band will great donated items and services go on
headline the festivities, which will the block to raise much-needed funds
celebrate Earth Day in accordance for Oregon PeaceWorks. This is always
with OPW’s new 5% Solution Project. a hilarious part of the evening so come
Twenty-one-year-old Ty Curtis and his prepared for bidding fun.
band are an Oregon sensation. Driven Ty Curtis Band
Plan now to join the festivities and,
by Curtis’ guitar and vocals, the band especially needed in coordinating the
if you have some time to volunteer, call
delivers listenable and danceable blues fundraising auction, which is an exciting
this year’s GPAD Coordinator Winter
with admixtures of rock, funk, and even part of the evening’s entertainment.
Pope (503.999.0465). Assistance is
swing. Backing Curtis are Jim Smith on For additional information, or to
purchase tickets at a saving of $3 each,
visit OPW’s website now. 
5% Solution Project
Surges Forward OPW Wish List
OPW’s innovative 5% Solution to the pledge, links to carbon OPW needs the follow-
the Climate Crisis Project is gathering footprint calculators, ing items. Please contact us
momentum. The project seeks suggested ways to cut your (503.371.8002) if you can help.
pledges from individuals, businesses, own footprint, an extensive
1. Laptop computer with a
institutions and governments to cut bibliography and the 5% video output port running
their carbon footprints by 5% per year Solution PowerPoint Windows XP or Vista for 5%
in order to reach cuts of 88% by 2050 presentation. All of this can be Solution presentations.
as the International Panel on Climate conveniently downloaded. 2. A researcher to figure out
Change prescribed. Some examples • OPW is negotiating how large the current gaso-
of what we’re calling “Emissionary” partnerships with other line subsidy is and a donor
work: organizations to promote to fund that research.
• Regular presentations the 5% Solution as an action 3. Volunteers who can help pro-
about the project are being component of their own mote the 5% Solution.
made throughout the mid- programs. 4. People to sponsor 5% Solu-
tion House Parties.
Willamette Valley. Visit the website or call Melissa
5. People who want to be
• Pledges from both individuals Austin at 503.585.2767 today to host trained to give 5% Solution
and supportive business are a 5% Solution house party, schedule a presentations using OPW’s
being collected. public presentation, learn when you can 5% Solution PowerPoint as a
• An extensive set of project attend an already-scheduled presentation, basis.
materials is available on volunteer to help promote the 5% 6. A volunteer who can help keep
OPW’s website, including Solution or obtain other information.  OPW’s website current. 

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Paying the Penalty Seize Opportunity

Continued from page 11 Continued from page 25
to go: into refugee camps under siege, day, under fire from Israeli sniper towers management, environmental restoration
into villages and streets and checkpoints in the distance. Tom Hurndall ran under and securing the bomb materials from
and the daily, dehumanizing grind of life bullets to rescue children under fire from dismantled weapons.
under occupation. They witness, they Israeli snipers, who targeted and murdered We have a rare window of
write, they take pictures and videos, and him. There are many, many more. opportunity to establish a turning
then they go home and talk to people. I feel somewhat overrated to be point in human history  to publicly
They go where the mainstream media is counted among their company. My plans, express the vision and goal that
unwilling to go, and tell the stories that as I’ve said, were actually different may inspire our country to lead the
are not being told. this time. I had hoped to work with the world in ending the global nuclear
land, to teach some of the techniques of nightmare.
People of Amazing Courage bioremediation that I know and to learn Nuclear weapons are a human
from the many wonderful groups there. artifact and it is humanly possible
The ISM, in particular, has heroes and
I feel great grief that I cannot do to turn away from the wasteful path
martyrs. Working with the ISM, I’ve been
that work. But if that is the price of my of nuclear madness. We can turn our
privileged to meet people of truly staggering
commitment to justice and nonviolence, hearts and minds to a new frontier of
courage — among whom I do not rank
I am willing to pay it. It’s a tiny price, human ingenuity  honoring treaties
myself. My own courage is middle rank.
indeed, a miniscule sacrifice, compared to dismantle nuclear weapons,
Yeah, I’ll stand in front of a tank, but at the
to those, like Rachel, who have given managing radioactive nuclear
end, if it doesn’t stop I’ll get out of the way.
their lives. waste and securing weapons-grade
I’ve known a woman who would walk up
Starhawk is an author, activist, plutonium and uranium from future
to artillery and put her hand over the mouth
nonviolence trainer and spiritual teacher. use as nuclear weapons.
of the gunbarrel. Rachel and her team stood
Her latest book is The Earth Path. We are standing at a choice point
out in front of Palestinian wells, day after
in history. If it is human nature to
learn from our mistakes, then it is
wise for us to remember that it was
the Bomb itself (and the rockets we
developed to deliver them to the
us the stark and glorious revelation
that our planet is finite, fragile and
destructible and  most important of
APRIL 26TH all  that we are all in it together. 
Glenn Carroll of Decatur is

coordinator of Nuclear Watch South.
This editorial was published in the
Atlanta, GA Journal-Constitution
Also Performing
Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show ~ The Undertones
Appetizers, Desserts & No Host Bar
Silent and Oral Auction
$15 in advance $18 at the door
Doors open at 6 pm ~ Tickets are limited!
Grand Ballroom, 187 High Street NE, Salem Oregon

503-585-2767 - Buy tickets online at -

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- strong enough to lift people out of your attendance on this new date.)

Calendar poverty and restore hope. Contact:

Childcare will be provided, but you
must let us know in advance if you need
childcare. Coffee and light breakfast food
April 5: Salem, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. will be served in the morning and lunch
Statewide annual gathering offering will be provided. Claggett Creek Middle
information and skills needed to help School, 1810 Alder Dr NE, Keizer, OR
stop the passage of new mandatory
minimum sentences in Oregon. Kevin April 5: Salem, Nonviolent
Mannix’s proposed ballot initiative (IP Communication Workshop. Nonviolent
40) would be the worst thing to happen Communication (NVC), also called
to Oregon’s criminal justice system since compassionate communication, helps us
Measure 11. At this event we will: 1. connect us with what is alive in ourselves
Provide detailed information about IP and in others, moment-to-moment, and
40 and its potential impact on Oregon; what we or others could do to make life
To offer calendar items email 2. Provide detailed information about more wonderful. NVC strengthens our (electronic copy the legislative measure that is directly ability to inspire compassion from others,
preferred) or hard copy to The Peace- competing against IP 40; 3. Discuss the respond compassionately to others and
Worker before the 12th of the month for most effective messages for educating ourselves and guides us to reframe how
following month’s issue. voters and making our movement for we express ourselves and how we hear
criminal justice reform stronger; 4. others. Learn how to resolve conflicts
Provide training on how you can ensure by focusing on what we and others are
April 1: Salem, 7 p.m. “Fair Trade for a your family, friends, and neighbors are observing feeling, needing, and requesting.
Fair World” - Free Workshop sponsored by registered to vote; 5. Plug you into to Westminster Presbyterian Church 3737
and at the Straub Environmental Learning our core campaign strategies. Free, Liberty Road South. For more information
Center. Roxanne Magnuson, a representative but registration is required so we know visit 
from Equal Exchange, will discuss the how many people to plan for. Please
economic and social values that fair trade call 503.335.8449 or email denise@ April 6: Salem, 2 - 6 p.m. Nonviolence
brings to those who produce our food and for more information Workshop. Sponsored by Peace Village,
beverages was well as the value overall to the and to register. (If you have previously Inc. and presented by Cathey and
world population. Corey Knudson will tell registered, please call or email to confirm Charles Busch. Title: “You must be the
artisans’ stories to show the importance of
buying fair trade goods. He will also display
goods from countries all over the world,
fairly traded at the store 10,000 Villages
located in Salem. Straub Environmental
Learning Center, 1320 A St. NE, next to
Olinger Pool, near North Salem High.

April 4: Eugene, 7 p.m. 40th

Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s
Assassination. Free showing of two
films: “360 Vision” – a short film
explaining the King family lawsuit
against federal conspirators, and “JFK”
by Oliver Stone - a drama about the
assassination of President Kennedy. PLC 1027 Willamette Street, Eugene, 541.683.5903,
180, 14th & Kincaid Univ. of Oregon.

April 4: Memphis Tennessee. “The

Dream ... Reborn” - Marking the 40th
anniversary of the assassination of  all ORGANIC
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Ella Coffee & Milk
Baker Center for Human Rights will host  Weekend Breakfasts
a major gathering to celebrate Dr. King’s 8am-2pm
life. We will focus on the ecological
solutions that can heal the Earth while  open ‘til midnight
every day
bringing jobs, justice, wealth and health
to vulnerable people, especially positive  veggie & vegan menu
solutions from today’s generation of
visionary leaders. King would have
worked for a peaceful, green economy

page 30 Table of Contents april 2008

the peaceworker
plant identification, focusing on plant Featuring “Gift of Peace” a play by

families among the 4,000 plants native youth, and Art for the Sky. Sliding scale
to Oregon. Details about the April registration. More information: http://
12 field trip will be announced in the
continued classes. The program costs $5 and is
open to the public. It is co-sponsored
html. Red Lion Hotel at the Quay, 100
Columbia St. Contact: David Hazen,
by the Friends of Straub Environmental 541.343.2109, 
Learning Center and the Willamette
Valley Chapter of the Native Plant April 12: Corvallis, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Society of Oregon. To register, please Second Saturday’s first Open Mic hosted
call 503.391.4145. Straub Environmental by Cassandra Robertson. We welcome
Learning Center, 1320 A St. NE, next to your participation with song or poetry,
Olinger Pool, near North Salem High. for a seven (7) minute slot (if you are a
duo or a trio, you can have a double slot).
April 10: Salem, 11:30 a.m. University Send an email with “open mic signup” in
To offer calendar items email Convocation: “Is God Green?” The the subject line to Cassandra Robertson, (electronic copy Impact of Religion on Environmental  All ages
preferred) or hard copy to The Peace- Issues. The Center for Religion, Law welcome to perform. Please mention what
Worker before the 12th of the month for and Democracy and the Center for microphones and plug-ins you will want.
following month’s issue. Sustainable Communities present a We will have a basic amp with 4 inputs,
conference on the impact of religion on and we are hoping to keep the technology
environmental issues. A panel discussion simple! The show is (as always) at
change you wish to see in the world,” will follow the convocation later in the Sunnyside Up Cafe, 116 NW 3rd. St, from
(Gandhi). Interactive workshop on day. Free. Info: 503.370.6654. Cone 6 - 8 p.m. . Please come by 6 unless you
nonviolence. Contact Cathey or Charles Chapel, Willamette University. make arrangements otherwise. We will also
Busch 541.996.4766, cathey.charles. have signups that night, IF we still have . Hatfield Room, April 11 - 13: Vancouver, WA., 6 space. Sunnyside Up Cafe, 116 NW 3rd. St.
Willamette University 503.370.6213. p.m. Friday-4 p.m. Sunday. Regional
Conference of the Campaign for a U.S. April 12: Salem. Wildflower
April 8: Salem, 7 p.m. Hollywood and Department of Peace. Keynote speakers: Identification Field Trip. Details about
Beyond Film Series: “No Regrets for Our Marianne Williamson, Riane Eisler. the April 12 field trip will be announced
Youth.” A film, set in post-World War II
Japan and inspired by the life of Hotsumi

Gregory Kafoury
Ozaki, who was executed for treason for his
assistance to the Soviet spy Richard Sorge.
A discussion will follow the film, led by

Mark McDougal
Willamette Japanese Professor Ron Loftus.
Info: 503.370.6280. Free at Roger Hull
Lecture Hall, Hallie Ford Museum of Art,
Willamette University. Of counsel: Linda Williams
“Justice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.”
April 8: Salem, 7 p.m. Panel presentation on
sustainable business practices. Kim Dinan, People’s Lawyers
Marion County’s Waste Reduction Coordinator, 202 Oregon Pioneer Building, 320 S.W. Stark Street, Portland, Oregon
will present an overview of Marion County’s
Phone: 503/224-2647
Earthwise certification process. Panelists from
Salem local landscaping, medical, recycling,
and auto repair businesses who have attained
their Earthwise certifications will discuss
their experience with the certification process
as well as their experiences on the path
towards becoming more sustainable. Straub
Environmental Learning Center, 1320 A St. NE,
next to Olinger Pool, near North Salem High.

April 9 & 10: Salem, 7 p.m. - 8:30

p.m. Wildflower Identification. Learn
to identify common flowers of forest,
field, woodland, riparian areas in this
three-part class. Dr. Morris Johnson,
Professor Emeritus at Western Oregon
University, will explain the basics of

page 31 Table of Contents april 2008

the peaceworker
April 21: Salem, 7:30 p.m. Global Warming 2008. The program begins at 7 p.m. at the

Roadshow. Oregon Secretary of State Bill Hudson Hall (inside Rogers Music Center)
Bradbury was chosen as one of the first ten to at Willamette University. Free.
fly to former Vice President Al Gore’s property
continued in Tennessee and receive training on how to
present Gore’s lecture on global warming.
April 26: Salem, 6-11 p.m. “Give
Peace a Dance.” Oregon’s best peace
Bradbury’s enthusiasm and optimism is party, featuring the Ty Curtis Band.
uplifting as he shares scientific findings on a Also presenting Dr. Atomic’s Medicine
subject that will affect us all. Info: 503.370.6465 Show and The Undertones. Appetizers,
Smith Auditorium, Willamette University. Free. desserts and no host bar. Silent and oral
auctions. Admission: $15 in advance
April 22: Salem, 7 p.m. “Hop on the or $18 at the door. Doors open at 6
Biodiesel Bandwagon” - free workshop. p.m., event begins at 6:30. Contact
Lee Litvin of Pacific Biodiesel will 503.585.2767 or buy tickets online at
discuss the technology and science behind  Grand
To offer calendar items email large scale production of biodiesel. James Ballroom, 187 High Street NE. (electronic copy Santana of Flower Power will discuss the
preferred) or hard copy to The Peace- resources available in and for the Salem April 29: Salem, 7 p.m. Sample Green
Worker before the 12th of the month for biodiesel community. There will also be a Cuisine Workshop. Learn about cooking
following month’s issue. demonstration on the process of making and eating sustainably from top chefs and
biodiesel at home. Straub Enviromental local farmers as they explain the basics of
Learing Center, 1320 A St. NE, next to “green” cuisine and offer some delicious
at the April 9 & 10th classes. To register, the Olinger Pool, near North Salem High. samples of sustainable foods when the April
please call 503.391.4145. Sustainability Workshop series concludes.
April 24: Salem, 7 p.m. “The Tie Discover where to get fresh, locally grown
April 15: Salem, 7 p.m. Free Between Global Warming and Energy produce in Salem. Wilson- Hines Room
Household Sustainability Workshop. Policy” - Energy policy expert Ralph of the Goudy Commons at Willamette
Deborah Topp, the Natural Resource Cavanagh will talk about the inextricable University’s campus. Visit http://
Outreach Specialist of the City of link between energy policy and climate for a campus map.
Salem’s Public Works Department, change policy as the Straub Environmental Free. Registration is required. To register or
will discuss water conservation and Lecture Series continues on April 24, for more information, contact the friends of
storm water issues. Bailey Payne, the
Recycling Coordinator from Marion
County Public Works - Environmental
Services will provide information Support Peace on
about composting. A representative
from the Energy Trust of Oregon will
lecture about conserving energy on an
individual level. Straub Environmental
Learning Center, 1320 A St. NE, next to That’s right! Oregon PeaceWorks is
Olinger Pool, near North Salem High.
raising funds with online auctions and . . .
April 19: Salem, Native Plant Garden
Tour. Tour native plant gardens at
various Salem and Keizer locations. The Visit to learn more,
tour, hosted by the Friends of Straub call 503-585-2767, or come by the OPW office.
Environmental Learning Center and the
Willamette Valley Chapter of the Native
Plant Society of Oregon, will start at the
Straub Environmental Learning Center, CLEAR MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS
1320 A St. NE, next to Olinger Pool.
Directions to the gardens and plant lists • Free appraisals – • Zero-down programs
will be provided. There will be guides at call now to qualify! • ALL credit situations
each garden. The tour will highlight five
different kinds of native plant gardens. • Residential and considered
commercial loans • Free pre-qualification 4203 SW 48th Place, #210
These include a small front yard in Portland, Oregon 97221
downtown Salem, an Oak savannah • Purchase, refi, equity with no obligation
restoration project, an elementary school loans, lines of credit • Reverse mortgages
garden, and the Martha Springer Garden
The tour is free and open to the public.
For more information, call 503.391.4145. call RON BURIAN: 503.525.7888 877.525.7888 OR

page 32 Table of Contents april 2008

the peaceworker
that gives people from all over the Education Day on July 21 or Capitol Hill

world the chance to encounter the life in Washington, D.C.
and culture in Palestine in addition
to donating some of their time to a August 14 - August 31: The Peace Cycle
continued local community organization through
voluntary work and internships.
2008. Starting in Amman, Jordan, and
cycling through Arab villages in Israel, then
touring the occupied West Bank meeting
June 6 to June 22: The Super-T for Social with groups, individuals and families, and
Action Trainers. Take your facilitation to a ending in Jerusalem. Cyclists must raise
new level of creativity, range and effectiveness the costs of the trip plus a donation towards
in this intensive 17-day super-training: humanitarian charities in Palestine. This year,
4 state-of-the-art workshops, plus 3 rest the Peace Cycle will raise funds for Medical
days, sequenced for maximum growth for Aid for Palestinians. MAP is a U.K. charity
participants. The Super-T is for experienced providing support to the health and medical
and less-experienced trainers and facilitators needs of vulnerable Palestinians living in
To offer calendar items email who want to take their work to a new level of Gaza, the West Bank and across the Middle (electronic copy creativity and effectiveness, as well as new East. For more information email cyclists@
preferred) or hard copy to The Peace- trainers who want to learn the major principles for a cyclists information
Worker before the 12th of the month for of this rapidly-developing field. The Super-T pack. 
following month’s issue. is ideal for a trainer’s sabbatical, for facilitators
looking for inspiration and fresh approaches, Sept. 7 - 9: Europe. The Peace Cycle
and for international trainers wanting to make 2008 in Europe. Cyclists from all over
the Straub Environmental Learning Center a study trip to North America. (There is a Europe will converge on Brussels for 2
at 503.391.4145 or email  June 4-5 orientation for overseas participants.) days of media events and demonstrations
To register contact Training for Change. to demand the European Parliament
April 30: Salem, 7 p.m. Free Wind Power Registration forms are available on the web takes action to end the occupation and
Workshop. Free seminar sponsored by the at , phone give peace a chance in the Middle East.
Energy Trust of Oregon and the Friends of 612.827.7323, or email  For more information on taking part in
Straub Environmental Learning Center will TPC2008 email cyclists@thepeacecycle.
explain small wind technology and how July 4-7: Seabeck, WA. “Seabeck com for a cyclists information pack.
much energy landowners can generate from 2008 - 50 years of Peacemaking in 
a residential system. Participants will also the Puget Sound.” The Fellowship of
learn about costs, financial incentives and Reconciliation has been conferencing
tax credits, and how to assess the available for 50 years at the Seabeck
wind resource. Straub Environmental Conference Center to plan for a
Learning Center at 1320 A Street NE. more peaceful and just future for all.
Workshops, keynoters, a talent show, Advertise
June 15 thru July 13: Palestine. The a wonderful children’s program, in
Palestinian Summer Celebration lots of great music and fun amidst The PeaceWorker
2008 Month #1 in the Bethlehem Area. the serious business of planning Now ONLINE 10 times a year
Come and join Palestine, learn Arabic, for peace. Contact: 503.585.543 or
study history, know the people and their  Free link to your website.
For rates or other information
culture, share some time with local
families and volunteer with a local July 18 – 20: Peace Action’s 50th Call Jeanette
community organization. Everything Anniversary National Congress.
is optional, the Palestinian summer Trinity University, Washington, 541.752.5860 (9am-5pm)
celebration is a unique annual program D.C. Followed by a Congressional

page 33 Table of Contents april 2008

the peaceworker

Your NATURAL Baby Store Clip these Handy Lists

White House Contacts
Organic Teething Dolls
Comment Line: 202.456.1111; Fax:
Chemical-Free Wood Toys 202.456.2461
Organic Cloth Diapers Bush: 
Ergo Baby Carriers Cheney:
White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,
Maya Wrap Slings Washington, DC 20500
Wooden Baby Toys
Robeez Soft Baby Shoes Congressional Contacts
Capitol Switchboard: 202.224.3121; Toll
120 SW 4th St  Corvallis  541.753.8733 free: 1.877.762.8762 (SOB-U-SOB).
U.S. Senate, Washington D.C. 20510,
House of Representatives, Washington
D.C. 20515
Senator Ron Wyden
DC: 202.224.5244; Fax: 202.228.2717;
Portland: 503.326.7525; Fax:
503.326.7528; Eugene: 541.431.0229.
Senator Gordon Smith
DC: 202.224.3753; Fax: 202.228.3997;
Portland: 503.326.3386; Fax: 503.326.2900;
Rep. David Wu, 1st District
DC: 202.225.0855; Fax: 202.225.9497;
Portland: 503.326.2901; Fax:
503.326.5066; www/,
click “contact information.”
Rep. Greg Walden, 2nd District
DC: 202.225.6730; Fax: 202.225.5774;
Medford: 541.776.4646; 
gov, click “email”
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District
DC: 202.225.4811; Fax: 202.225.8941;
Portland: 503.231.2300; Fax:
503.230.5413; 
Rep. Peter DeFazio, 4th District
DC: 202.225.6416; Fax: 202.225.0032;
Eugene: 541.465.6732; Fax: 541-
.65.6458; 800.944.9603; 
gov/defazio/, click “email me.”
Rep. Darlene Hooley, 5th District
DC: 202.225.5711; Fax: 202.225.5699;
Salem: 503.588.9100; 888.446.6539; Fax:
503.588.5517; ,
click “contact Darlene.”

Oregon Contacts
Oregon Legislature:
800.332.2313; 503.986.1187; http://www.; State Capitol, Salem, OR
Governor Ted Kulongoski:
503.378.3111; http://www.governor.; State Capitol, Salem, OR

page 34 Table of Contents april 2008

the peaceworker

Oregon Peace Contacts Neighborhoods for Peace, 541.686.2531

Beyond War/PSR, 541.485.0911; www.
; 
Portland Peace and Justice Center,;  971.223.2268; 3758 SE Milwaukie Av-
Oregon PeaceWorks enue, Portland, OR 97202; http://www.
104 Commercial St. NE Faith in Action, 541.484.6671
Salem, OR 97301
Citizen Democracy Watch, Stuart Portland Peaceful Response
Voice: 503.585.2767
Henderson, 541.997.3345; P.O. Box 5112, 97208-5112, 503.344.5078;
Fax: 503.588.0088
 
Grants Pass 
Steve Furey,  Physicians for Social Responsibility
Hood River 503.274.2720; 
Columbia River Fellowship for Peace SOA Watch Oregon
Albany Peace Seekers, jmagru2@msn.
PO Box 33, Hood River, OR 97031; 503.285.5165; 
 United Nations Association - OR
Wasco County Citizens/Human Dignity Elaine Nelson, 4336 NE 40th, Ave.
Peace House, 541.482.9625, info@
; Trish Leighton, Portland, OR 97211; 503.591.0160;.UN-, http://www.peacehouse.
541.298.5890; www.una-oregon.
Klamath Falls org.
Klamath Basin Peace Forum kb- War Resisters League 503.238.0605
North Coast Peace Coalition,; 541.885.1402; Women’s Int’l League/Peace/Freedom
541.882.0297; ; 503.224.5190
McMinnville Port Orford
Central Oregon Peace Network
Yamhill Valley Peacemakers Foncy Prescott, 541.332.1032
Phil Randall, 541.388.1793, phil@
503.434.1198; ; 
 Roseburg
Human Dignity Coalition, PO Box 6084,
Medford Mike Barkuff, 541.672.2398; Gape
Bend, OR 97708, http://www.humandig-
Medford Citizens for Peace & Justice Triplett, ;office@humandignity-
PO Box 8243, Medford, OR 97504; info@ Salem; http://www.medfordcpj. Fellowship of Reconciliation
org 503.566.7190; 
Cathy Staal, 541.466.5343
Newport Salem Resistance Diane Sim-
Coos Bay
Department of Peace, Claire McGee, mons, 503.884.0567 or Betty James,
Monica Schreiber, 541.756.2042
541.265.9647, , 503.363.6340.
 Silverton
Alternatives to War, 541.753.1343,
Pendleton 
; 
Pendleton Peace Net, 541.966.4168 http://www.silvertonpeoplefor
Citizens for Global Solutions, boboz@
Portland Springfield
Action Speaks/Code Pink, 503.241.3388 Anita, 541.747.5886 or Jeannie,
Cottage Grove
American Friends Service Committee 541.747.9045; jeannieechenique@aol.
Stand for Peace, Scott Burgwin,
; 503.230.9427 com
541.767.0770, scottburgwin@hotmail.
Americans United for Palestinian Human The Dalles
Rights Contact: Peter Miller PeteskiToo@ Wasco County Citizens for Human Dig-
Gail and Birdy Hoelzle, 541.942.7414;  nity; Trish, 541.298.5890; WCCHD@
Citizens for Global Solutions, E. Kennedy,
503.231.4978 Tillamook
Women’s Action for New Directions
Friends of Sabeel—North America Tillamook County Citizens for Human
541.338.8605; 
503.653.6625; ; Dignity, Linda Werner, 503/355-8509; P.O.
Eugene PeaceWorks, 541.343.8548,
 Box 415, Rockaway Beach OR 97136;
; www.efn.
Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death 
Penalty,  Waldport
Justice Not War Coalition, 541.606.2877;
Oregon Network for Compassionate Coastal Progressives Joanne Cvar,
Communication (Statewide) 503.450.9909; 541.563.3615; 541.563.3615; cvar@
Taxes for Peace Not War, 541.342.1953;
Oregon Peace Institute 503.725.8192; White Salmon, WA
CALC/Progressive Response,
 Kathy Thomas, 509-493-2071;
541.485.1755; ; cal-
Peace and Justice Works, 503-236-3065; 

page 35 Table of Contents april 2008

Mark Your Calendars! GIVE PEACE A DANCE - April 26, 2008