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1- Although the house was not very attractive from outside, the interior 15- We did not ....... anything at yesterday's meeting, so we will have
was ....... decorated without any show of ostentation. to start everything from the beginning tomorrow.
A) inevitably B) tenderly C) tastefully A) supplement B) expand C) function
D) rapidly E) additionally D) ignore E) accomplish

2- She meant ....... the news in his ear softly, but everyone else in the 16- The airport was crowded because there were a lot of young girls
room could hear. awaiting the ....... of a famous pop singer.
A) to shout B) to speak C) to wonder A) retreat B) interest C) arrival
D) to declare E) to whisper D) distance E) attainment

3- Both sides were ....... to start negotiating because each thought they 17- I went to the city tax office to pay my bill just before the
could win militarily. deadline, but there was so much ........ with everyone running
A) anxious B) reluctant C) observant around and shouting, that I was unable to pay.
D) miserable E) enthusiastic A) certainty B) consideration C) confusion
D) contentment E) celebration
4- The problem with him is that his performance is not very ........; one
day he plays superbly, and the next badly. 18- He went home for the holidays ....... to see his family, but also to
A) consistent B) genuine C) common try to meet his ex-girlfriend.
D) considerate E) routine A) wholly B) partly C) exactly
D) closely E) desperately
5- She used to run a small corner shop, but she is ........ employed at a
big department store as a sales assistant. 19- The village road is full of ....... and turns, so you have to drive
A) absolutely B) previously C) currently very carefully.
D) entirely E) permanently A) twists B) banquets C) lanes
D) spirals E) rotations
6- If Thomas Edison had not ....... the light bulb, our lives would be very
different today. 20- The police have begun a/an ....... into the robbery that took place
A) performed B) rehearsed C) discovered last night in a posh London club.
D) invented E) detected A) discovery B) trial C) investment
D) investigation E) arrest
7- Successful businessmen do not ....... when they see a chance to make
money; rather, they act quickly to take advantage of it. 2İ- I'm sorry I didn't say "hello" yesterday, but I didn't ....... you
A) hesitate B) confirm C) direct because you have lost so much weight.
D) decline E) hasten A) see B) realise C) observe
D) distinguish E) recognise
8- It is important for children to learn to ....... with others and not be
selfish as they grow up. 22- Nancy doesn't....... a computer, so she has to go to an internet
A) fight B) invest C) guide cafe to check her e-mail.
D) admire E) share A) enjoy B) hold C) own
D) wish E) declare
9- It was very difficult for her to bring up her daughter by herself after
her divorce because she got no ....... from her ex-husband, either 23- A terrorist group recently ....... several American diplomats and
financial or physical. held them for ransom.
A) hindrance B) trouble C) interest A) stole B) robbed C) killed
D) assistance E) partition D) tortured E) kidnapped

10- Oh no, I seem to have lost the ....... to the party, and they won't let us 24- Rhinoceroses used to ....... large parts of Africa, but there are
in without it. fewer of them all the time since they are hunted for their horns.
A) reception B) invitation C) direction A) survive B) inhabit C) reside
D) preparation E) instruction D) encounter E) conquer

11- I was so ....... when I got to the party in jeans and a t-shirt, as 25- The beliefs of the Druze of Syria and Lebanon are a closely
everyone else was dressed formally. guarded secret, but their religion seems to be a ....... of elements
A) bored B) determined C) embarrassed of Islam and Christianity.
D) attracted E) excited A) quality B) mixture C) crowd
P) strike E) capacity
12- I've lost so much weight over the summer that I will have to ....... my
winter clothes so that they will fit. 26- The Earth rotates on its axis as it ....... around the Sun.
A) alter B) cut C) sew A) revolves B) wanders C) crawls
D) vary E) transform D) crashes E) integrates

13- The plans for the new highway were drawn up ........ so it is natural 27- The ending of the book was too ....... . I would have preferred
that they contain so many mistakes. something more logical.
A) hastily B) painstakingly C) attentively A) interesting B) meticulous C) apparent
D) interestingly E) leisurely D) incredible E) acceptable

14- The distance between the two goals, or the ........ of a football field, 28- There have been a few minor changes in the military situation
should always be the same. during the last week, but neither side has made any ....... gains.
A) height B) width C) depth A) trivial B) significant C) frightening
D) length E) breadth D) deliberate E) worthless
29- Most people would like to see world peace, but few people ....... 43- Though everyone knew it would be a disaster, no one could .......
believe that it can be achieved. the President from the disastrous course he was determined to
A) superficially B) honourably C) sincerely take.
D) freely E) intentionally A) persuade B) debate C) dispute
D) dissuade E) encourage
30- Your coat is too ....... for this weather — you should wear something
warmer. 44- Fortunately, no one was killed or injured although the bomb
A) light B) colourful C) cool ....... in a crowded shopping centre.
D) stylish E) heavy A) crashed B) shot C) exploded
D) erupted E) broke
31- Hard-working people look forward to their summer holidays so that
they can get some ........ away from the stress of the work. 45- Until recently, AIDS was thought to be a/an ....... disease, bat
A) meditation B) relaxation C) relativity recently its victims have been living longer and longer on a
D) sincerity E) redundancy cocktail of expensive drugs.
A) useless B) unbeatable C) unforgiving
32- If you don't do a job ....... the first time, you will probably have to do D) incapable E) irrelevant
it again.
A) importantly B) recklessly C) narrowly 46- While these drugs cannot actually cure an AIDS patient, they
D) properly E) closely can halt the ....... of his or her condition.
A) deterioration B) sickness C) aggression
33- During the final....... of the 20th century, there were startling D) fatigue E) judgement
developments in computers and mobile phones.
A) produce B) reign C) duration 47- I asked for the copying job to be done ........ but for some reason
D) decade E) interval it still has not been finished.
A) immediately B) occasionally C) lately
34- The Americans have always insisted that Saddam Hussein invaded D) currently E) presently
Kuwait ........ but other observers feel that there was plenty of advance
warning. 48- If you don't ....... more time to your studies, you are bound to do
A) temporarily B) forcefully C) intelligently badly this semester.
D) gentlemanly E) unexpectedly A) possess B) donate C) determine
D) devote E) deliver
35- The architecture of the 19th century is far more ....... than that of the
20th century, which tends to be plainer and more functional. 49- Our organisation has always had only a/an ....... meeting, but
A) decorative B) practical C) gradual some of the members think that we should get together more
D) advantageous E) grateful than once a year.
A) usual B) regular C) customary
36- Jerry finally ....... from his job because he was completely fed up with D) routine E) annual
his boss.
A) hired B) promoted C) occupied 50- I thought it was very ....... of Georgina to bring me flowers when
D) appointed E) resigned she found out that I had been ill.
A) honest B) useful C) considerate
37- There has recently been a big ....... in interest rates, causing some D) intentional E)reckless
worry among investors.
A) concern B) deposit C) decrease 51- Christianity originated in the Middle East, and from there, has
D) raise E) investment ....... all over the world.
A) sprinkled B) diffused C) spread
38- If you want to ....... a good degree, you have to study hard and not D) approved E) distributed
spend all your time having fun,
A) attain B) reveal C) purchase 52- We won't reach our ....... tonight unless we hurry, and I really
D) decline E) compensate don't want to stay at a roadside motel.
A) conjunction B) destination C) decision
39- The physicist Stephen Hawking is known for explaining difficult D) habitation E) conclusion
theories ....... so that ordinary people can understand them.
A) absolutely B) plainly C) elaborately 53- I was not going to buy this beautiful antique carpet, but when
D) sincerely E) recklessly the merchant gave me a ten percent ........ I just couldn't resist.
A) sale B) convenience C) collection
40- Though he ....... his car until it was shiny and bright, he could not D) subtraction E) discount
hide the fact that it was ten years old and his new girlfriend was
unimpressed. 54- After the difficult 3-month journey across mountains and desert,
A) swept B) polished C) rinsed the explorer was shocked when he saw his own ....... in the
D) refined E) perfected mirror.
A) reduction B) counterpart C) resemblance
41- One of the biggest environmental problems today is what to do with D) reflection E) impression
the ....... from nuclear power plants.
A) waste B) decay C) decline 55- Opinion is ....... between those who want to see a new policy
D) erosion E) isolation enacted and those who are happy with the way things have
always been done.
42- The Native Americans ....... came from central Asia, and some of A) tilted B) impressed C) trained
their jewellery is remarkably similar to traditional Tibetan jewellery. D) split E) introduced
A) sensibly B) primarily C) originally
D) basically E) mistakenly 56- Though Arabic is the national language everywhere from
Morocco to Iraq, English and French are also ....... spoken in
these countries.
A) initially B) intentionally C) widely
D) offensively E) convincingly
57- When he was taken to hospital, the doctors decided to ....... on him
straightaway to remove the blood clot from his brain.
A) examine B) heal C) qualify
D) cure E) operate

58- Ankara is the capital of Turkey, but the ....... financial and tourist
centre is still Istanbul.
A) main B) excellent C) perfect
D) strong E) exact

59- I am not happy with the ....... I got for the building work. I'm sure I
can find someone who will do it more cheaply.
A) guess B) estimate C) prediction
D) prophecy E)forecast

60- Twenty years ago, Turkey was ....... an agricultural country, but today
more than half the population lives in cities.
A) occasionally B) permanently C) scarcely
D) primarily E) barely


1. C 2. E 3. B 4.A 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.E 9.D 10.B
11.C 12.A 13.A 14.D 15.E 16.C 17.C 18.B 19.A 20.D
21.E 22.C 23.E 24.B 25.B 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.C 30.A
31.B 32.D 33.D 34.E 35.A 36.E 37.C 38.A 39. B 40.B
41.A 42.C 43.D 44.C 45.B 46.A 47.A 48.D 49.E 50.C
51.C 52.B 53.E 54.D 55.D 56.C 57.E 58.A 59.B 60.D