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TEST YOUR VOCABULARY 2 15- After several years of hopeless wandering, the refugee family

found a home and were able to settle ....... in the north of

1- A good teacher should be ....... enough to be able to adapt to students England.
with different abilities. A) wholly B) permanently C) initially
A) flexible B) ambitious C) cautious D) racially E) wonderfully
D) eligible E) domesticated
16- People who are ....... usually carry a white stick to indicate that
2- Some people have such good memories that they are able to ....... they cannot see.
knowledge like a sponge. A) deaf B) mute C) limp
A) train B) squeeze C) absorb D) weak E) blind
D) eliminate E) transmit
17- Although the road through the mountains was ......... and thus
3- People often spend so much time and effort on the ....... of wealth that slowed us down, it was far more scenic than the direct route.
they miss out on the simple pleasures of life. A) vertical B) fundamental C) winding
A) destruction B) accumulation C) conquest D) indicative E) imaginative
D) acceptance E) conclusion
18- The area is ....... vegetated because of the poor soil.
4- Each of the witnesses ....... the getaway car completely differently, so A) slowly B) instantly C) sparsely
the police had no idea what kind of car to search for. D) vastly E) entirely
A) told B) investigated C) reasoned
D) spoke E) described 19- I cannot afford to live on my present salary, so I have to look for
a new job where the pay is ....... .
5- Though he is not a very good student, he made no grammar mistakes A) prevalent B) anonymous C) stable
on his paper. In fact, his grammar was so ....... that I'm sure he copied D) adequate E) comfortable
the whole thing from someone else.
A) believable B) abundant C) formidable 20- While some people are content to rent a house, others want to
D) accurate E) eccentric ....... one of their own.
A) invent B) purchase C) surround
6- When the Mongol invaders destroyed the ancient ....... system of Iraq D) discover E) manufacture
in the 12th century, crops could no longer be grown because of the
lack of water and the ancient civilisation died out. 21- The two ships collided because the fog was so ....... that they
A) agricultural B) nomadic C) industrial could not see one another.
D) irrigation E) construction A) sizeable B) visible C) frightening
D) dense E) broad
7- A surgeon's knife must be very ....... in order to make the fine cuts
required. 22- I waited for hours to see the president, but he was so heavily
A) sharp B) heavy C) wise guarded that I caught only a brief ....... of him.
D) dull E) steep A) indication B) view C) appointment
D) similarity E) glimpse
8- At the end of World War II, people were shocked to learn that a
single bomb could ....... an entire city. 23- We are getting a bit worried about the contract because, although
A) accommodate B) destroy C) conclude we received a verbal assurance that they would sign, we have
D) surrender E) disembark had no written
A) suspicion B) determination C) frustration
9- It is still ....... whether the atomic bombs dropped on Japan saved lives D) confirmation E) evaluation
by shortening the war: no one is really sure of the answer.
A) conclusive B) optional C) debatable 24- Ankara has changed out of all recognition in the 20th century and
D) exclusive E) reparable now bears no ....... to the small provincial town it was before the
founding of the Turkish Republic.
10- The fans were so ....... by the national team's victory that they drove A) resistance B) coincidence C) reliability
around blowing their horns all night long. D) resemblance E) indication
A) interested B) offended C) penetrated
D) appalled E) exhilarated 25- Since it was ....... that the talks were going to fail, journalists lost
interest and began to look for other stories to cover.
11- The negotiations failed because one side was angered after a A) profitable B) anxious C) evident
newspaper ....... the secret agreements. D) decisive E) dramatic
A) disguised B) eliminated C) decreased
D) resigned E) revealed 26- The royal wedding was the biggest social ....... of the year.
A) occasion B) excuse C) support
12- In order to ....... the situation, we must first acquaint ourselves with all D) debate E) apology
the facts.
A) assess B) compile C) eliminate 27- With interest rates falling, most people think that this is a good
D) practise E) utilise time to ....... in property.
A) purchase B) invest C) consume
13- It was a big ....... for the community when the snow stopped because D) evaluate E) intervene
driving was becoming difficult and dangerous.
A) humour B) endurance C) obstacle 28- Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, known in the West as Saladin,
D) relief E) relaxation accomplished many things in his life, but his greatest ......... was
the peaceful liberation of Jerusalem from the Crusaders.
14- Even if you can't get financial help from your family and have to work A) consistency B) existence C) appointment
your way through university, you are sure to succeed if you .......... D) achievement E) compilation
A) surrender B) attain C) persevere
D) assume E) compete 29- Many people oppose the death penalty because they believe that
it is wrong for the state to ........ a person of his or her life.
A) commit B) demonstrate C) apologise
D) condemn E) deprive
30- Since World War II, the chief function of nuclear weapons has been as 45- People want to elect the kind of politicians whom they can .......
a/an ....... to a 3rd World War because everybody is afraid of the on to keep their promises.
possibility of these awesome weapons being used. A) attempt B) invite C) choose
A) alternative B) hospitality C) deterrent D) rely E) entertain
D) existence E) invitation
46- In countries where there is no compulsory military service, it can
31- The ........ of the British Empire in the 19th century into vast areas took be difficult to find enough young men who will join up ..........
place partially because Britain needed new markets for the goods unless they are offered a good salary.
produced in its factories. A) accurately B) hopefully C) alternatively
A) exclusion B) expansion C) interference D) willingly E) hesitantly
D) victory E) devotion
47- The bag of coal was too heavy to lift, so we had to ....... it along
32- You must arrive ......... for your examination because if you are late, the ground.
you will not be allowed in. A) hinder B) resign C) drag
A) constantly B) punctually C) basically D) float E) resent
D) permanently E) effortlessly
48- The "eternal flame" at Elvis Presley's grave has been burning
33- In spite of the many difficulties, Mahatma Ghandi remained ....... to ....... since his funeral.
his promise to free India without the use of violence. A) hastily B) constantly C) effortlessly
A) faithful B) confused C) fundamental D) reflectively E) gradually
D) considerate E) exceptional
49- A passport requests foreign governments to allow the bearer to
34- When Georgie accidentally broke his mother's vase, she beat him even travel freely without ....... .
though he hadn't done it ........ . A) presence B) elegance C) intention
A) foolishly B) deliberately C) frantically D) hindrance E) investment
D) distinctively E) forcefully
50- When the climbers were found by the rescue team, they hadn't
35- Drivers stuck in traffic jams tend to suffer from ....... and are likely to eaten for six days and were ....... alive.
lose their tempers. A) barely B) moderately C) extensively
A) contentment B) grievance C) exhilaration D) ordinarily E) completely
D) density E) frustration
51- In order to ....... the system, you'll just push this button and it will
36- The young author committed suicide after 25 publishers had ....... his start operating.
novel. A) persuade B) intensify C) activate
A) rejected B) admitted C) printed D) conclude E) supply
D) praised E) resented
52- Although the terrorists thought they were moving about the
37- Students should enjoy their time at university, but, at the same time, country freely, in fact, their activities were being ....... monitored
they should not ....... their studies. by the secret police.
A) persuade B) decrease C) absorb A) artificially B) closely C) inventively
D) benefit E) neglect D) alternatively E) absolutely

38- In the early 1990s, there was such strong public ....... to a new tax in 53- The shielding in a nuclear power plant should be able to .........
England that the government was forced to back down. very intense heat and violent explosions.
A) purchase B) funding C) support A) defend B) alternate C) withstand
D) evidence E) resistance D) indicate E) expand

39- The weather is normally good around here in summer, but this year it 54- No one could believe that Jim ........ in the swimming pool as he
has been ....... good. was such an excellent swimmer.
A) extravagantly B) exceptionally C) approximately A) drowned B) rescued C) floated
D) evidently E) currently D) survived E) choked

40- Ancient cities were always established on sites that were easily 55- Most people want a job not only with a good salary, but with
defended and had ....... water. good ....... such as insurance, vacation and pension.
A) practical B) original C) wasteful A) averages B) assignments C) intelligence
D) abundant E) imaginary D) livelihood E) benefits

41- Since no one ....... for the dangerous mission, the captain had to order 56- We couldn't go back because the road was blocked, so we had no
someone to do it. ....... but to go forward.
A) volunteered B) dedicated C) entrusted A) excuse B) option C) intention
D) assessed E) recognised D) deterrent E) apology

42- Bananas are picked and exported when they are green so that they are 57- Alexander the Great pursued his policies so ......... that he
....... and ready to be sold when they reach their destination. conquered all the known world of his time,
A) rotten B) raw C) ripe A) suspiciously B) fortunately C) occasionally
D) sour E) wilted D) vigorously E) objectively

43- Students have to ....... that they have learnt all or a satisfactory amount 58- She has written to her ex-husband to try to get some money from
of their material, and this usually means passing their examinations. him, but so far, there has been no ....... .
A) inform B) demonstrate C) cultivate A) tolerance B) delay C) response
D) intensify E) consider D) investment E) objection

44- In the United States and England, it is ....... to eat turkey on Christmas 59- There was a traffic accident at the corner because one driver
day, the 25th of December. forgot to ....... that he was going to turn.
A) responsible B) loyal C) applicable A) indicate B) imagine C) inquire
D) permanent E) traditional D) approve E) convince
60- Students do not usually like ....... teachers who refuse to let them play
around in class, but often, they learn more from that kind of teacher.
A) hospital B) strict C) intentional
D) lenient E) essential


1.A 2.C 3.B 4.E 5.D 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.E
ll.E 12.A 13.D 14.C 15.B 16.E 17.C 18.C 19.D 20.B
21.D 22.E 23.D 24.D 25.C 26.A 27.B 28.D 29.E 30.C
31.B 32.B 33.A 34.B 35.E 36.A 37.E 38.E 39.B 40.D
41.A 42.C 43.B 44.E 45.D 46.D 47.C 48.B 49.D 50.A
51.C 52.B 53.C 54.A 55.E 56.B 57.D 58.C 59.A 60.B