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Fast Fluency Formula About Video

Hi, I'm Aaron Campbell cofounder And I'm here tointroduce y
ou today to an exciting, newdevelopment on our website. It's called theFast Fluenc
y Formula. What it is, is abrand new language learning programdesigned to put yo
u on the fast track tospeaking English more confidently andmore fluently, so that y
ou can beunderstood by others when you speak,and you can understand what peopl
e aresaying to you.
So what do you get when you sign up forthe Fast Fluency Formula? Well, everymo
nth you will receive a complete monthlyfluency lesson set. Now, this consists of a
main listening in both slow and fastspeeds on a really interesting topic. Also,you g
et active speaking lessons, so youcan practice on your own. Furthermore,you get gr
ammar stories so you canpractice talking about the topic in differentgrammar tense
s. OK?
Also, you get something that we're reallyexcited to introduce. And that is a realcon
versation between two native speakersof English about the topic. When youlisten t
o that conversation, you're going tohear English as is it is spoken in aconversationa
l way. And in addition to thatconversation, you're also going to receive acommenta
ry on the language use in thatconversation. So we're talking aboutidioms, phrases,
difficult vocabulary. Andwe'll tell you and we'll give you examples ofhow that's us
ed so that you canimmediately apply that in your ownconversations.
Now, in addition to that, you'll have accessto our Conversation Connect where you
can put everything you're learning into usewith conversations with other people in
aface to face real time way. And that isexactly what you need to take yourEnglish t
o the next level. You need realconversation. So that is the Fast FluencyFormula. T
hat's the lesson set you're goingto get every month. But that's actually notall. We're
also adding some bonuses tohelp make this an even more attractive andmore usefu
l set of lessons.
First, you get a learning strategy videoeach month. And from month to month asyo
u learn these new strategies, these newtechniques, you can begin putting them tous
e. And you'll build a tool box of tools andstrategies that you can use inconversation
. So that's something you'llget every month. That's our first bonus.

Our second bonus, are weekly speakingfluency lessons that go together with thelist
ening fluency lessons we put on ourblog each week. In addition to thosespeaking fl
uency lessons, you'll get theconversation questions, which you can usewith people
in our Conversation Connect orwith your friends, English speaking friends.So that'
s something you can use eachweek. It's fresh, interesting content thatwill keep you
speaking and keep youconnecting with other people andpracticing everything we're
teaching you.
In the third bonus, we're adding to the FastFluency Formula is an interactive forum
.And this is something that we'veresearched and we feel that is going toreally integ
rate with your daily life,something easy to use, fun to use, andsomething that will a
llow you to connectwith other people in meaningful andinteresting ways. So that's
what you'regetting. It sounds like a lot, and it is. Butwe feel this is the best thing w
e can giveyou based on all of the comments thatwe've gotten from our surveys on o
We've taken everything in, we've listened toyour needs. And we know what you w
ant.You need to take your English to the verynext level to make it more advanced,
sothat when you talk to other people you'reunderstood and you have a confident,pa
ssionate feel to the message that you'regiving people. Also, you want to be able tou
nderstand everything that native Englishspeakers and advanced English speakersar
e saying to you and not worry about notunderstanding.
That's where you need to be. And if youcan do that, it opens so many doors ofoppo
rtunity. We feel that joining the FastFluency Formula is the best thing you cando to
take your English to an advancedlevel to be a confident, fluent, andsuccessful Eng
lish speaker. Get startednow.