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Biochemistry is the study of chemical process that occur in living matter,

including organic molecules. It is a discipline under life science that studies the
structure, function, metabolism, and mechanism of the different components of
cells. Biochemistry is applied in a wide range of scientific fields. The
pharmaceutical industry relies on biochemistry because the chemical make-up of
the body must be studied in relationship to the chemicals we might put in out body
via prescription or over the counter drugs. Antidepressants like Paxil, Zoloft and
Prozac, called serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), are used because there is an
underlying medical assumption that in depressed people, serotonin gets used too
quickly then affects mood significantly. By inhibiting the bodys quick grab for
serotonin, more free serotonin is allowed to circulate and thus improves
depression. Biochemistry helps to make the development of drugs like SSRIs
possible. Biochemistry work in hormones, enzymes, proteins and cell interaction
all enhance understanding of what type of chemicals might be needed to correct
imbalances, without adversely affecting the other chemicals produced in the body.
Genetic research, like the forensic, human genome project, is just as valuable, and
is a field in which many experts in biochemistry take part. Production of
manufactured insulin, which is now grown rather than extracted from dead pigs.
Additionally, the current research regarding stem cells has led to very important
information about chemical processes that essentially cause cell death, called
apoptosis. If stem cells might be used to repair parts of the body, it is essential that
the cells will be viable. Biochemistry study may help with treatment of hereditary
disease, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Biotechnology, the use of living
things to make products, is another field in which the biochemistry expert thrives.
As well, the food industry attracts biochemists. Product development of foods that
are least have highly beneficial qualities. Most wineries and breweries use
biochemistry to make alcohol. Experts in biochemistry make chemical products
like herbicides or pesticides. Many work in small research labs that may study
specific things or analyze materials for contaminants. For example testing water
and food for live parasitic agents.


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