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Project Title:
Enhancing Math Learning with iPads

Funding Requested:

Project Budget:
Item QTY Cost Total Supplier
iPad Storage &
Charging Cart
for 36 iPad
Tablet Devices
4 $549 $2196 Global Industrial
iPads with
Retina display
Wi-Fi 16GB -
Black with
AppleCare+ (10-
pack) , p/n
$4580 $41220 Apple Education
Total $43416.00

Number of Children Served:

500 students

Problem Statement
Our school is an urban high school located in a city in the Southeastern United States.
Over 98% of the students that attend our high school are minorities and approximately
76% of the students are classified as economically disadvantaged. Historically, data has
shown that our students have scored poorly on the Math End-of-Course tests. For
example in the 2010-2011 school year, only 34% of students passed Math I and 14%
passed Math II. Most students have a fear of math or a pattern of little success in math
classes; however, with the incorporation of technology and 21st century learning,
students may become more comfortable and excited in with learning math.

We currently have 30 iPads within the school; however, we do not have an iPad cart to
house these iPads. In addition, to an iPad cart, we would like to request 3 more carts
with 30 iPads for each cart. These iPad carts will be distributed to each math grade level

Project Description
Incorporating 21st Century learning and technology into the curriculum is one strategy
educators can use to help enhance the learning of students in math courses and to
prepare them for the 21st century global workforce. With the Enhancing Math Learning

with iPads grant project we seek to use iPads as an instructional tool to help teachers
engage students and help them understand math concepts better; thereby; increasing
their scores on standardized tests. As the media specialist, I will provide math teachers a
list of free iPad apps that they can use in their instruction. Below are several of the apps
I would like to introduce:

ScreenChomp iPad App- use this app to create a digital whiteboard. It allows you to
record your voice and your ipad screen for video tutorials that can be created by
students. is a website of math video tutorials created by students using the
ScreenChopm iPad app.

Khan Academy iPad App Library of digital videos for students to practice their math
Geometry Pad - Geometry Pad is a dynamic geometry application for iPad.With the
Geometry Pad you can create fundamental geometric shapes, explore and change their
properties and calculate metrics.
MyScript Calculator - Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression
on the screen then let MyScript technology perform its magic converting symbols and
numbers to digital text and delivering the result in real time.
Math With Your Friends- MWYF is a FREE new game and a different kind of
challenge! Instead of letters, tiles show numbers (0-9) and operators (+ - x =). Instead
of words, players make equations to score points. Increase your score by taking
advantage of multipliers on the game board. Chat and social network friendly. Play up to
30 games at once, at your own pace
WileDMath - An ever-growing and expanding app designed to engage middle
school/high school students in mathematics. WileDMath is an educational app designed
by a math teacher looking to engage students through the use of effective technology in
and hopefully out of the classroom. WileDMath goes into a variety of math categories
including, algebra, geometry, Pythagorean Theorem, plotting points, graphing,
probability, square roots, percents, fractions, inequalities, algebraic properties and so
much more!

The media specialist will provide assistance with learning how to use these iPads with
the students. An end-of-the year report will be requested from all math teachers to report
on the effectiveness of using the iPads in their instruction. In this report, they will specify
the type of app or apps they used, if they observed any increase in motivation and
engagement in using the iPads in instruction, if they have observed any increase in
student grades and/or test scores after using the iPads, and to rate the use of iPad
effectiveness in student learning.

Request Summary

The MSDF grant will fund the purchase of 4 iPad carts and 90 iPads to use in math
classrooms to enhance instruction. These iPads will be used to engage and motivate
student learning in 9
grade math classrooms by utilizing several free iPad apps.
These apps will allow students to practice their math skills and engage in 21
learning. The ultimate goal is to increase student test scores on math standardized tests
in math. With the use of iPads we hope that students math skills and learning will be
enhanced, and that they will be more confident in performing math calculations.

Success Factors

Historically, the percentage of students that did not meet the state End-of-Course
Math test scores was 60% and higher. With the iPads to Enhance Math Learning
initiative, our goal is to reduce this number to 50% or lower. Thus this projects
success will be evaluated based on students performance on the Math End-of-Course
(EOC) tests. Success will also be evaluated through feedback from teacher and
student surveys and student formative and summative assessment results in the math

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Contact Name: Lakita Reese

Contact Title: Library Media and Technology Specialist

Mailing Address: 400 Pennsylvania Avenue; Savannah, GA 31404

Phone: (912)-395-5050


Fax: (912) 201-5054

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