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Week 4 (21t

July 2014 25
July 2014)
Days Assignment/Tasks Output Mentor
July 2014

- Company flyers - Small task that has
been completed.
Mr Juari as an

July 2014

- Proposal of stationary

- I started to get
information stationary
in Kudat.
- Survey top stationary

July 2014

- Started to do a proposal
- Do an introduction and
company background.
- The reason and the
purpose of the

July 2014

- Test re-new license

- A small test to know
whether we are
understand how to re-
new a license or not
Mr Azry,
supervisor of
the company
and Project.
July 2014

- Draw a map

- Learning how to draw
a simple map

Mr Azry,
supervisor of
the company
and Project.

Learning Process
Stage 1: Activist
Monday (21
July 2014), I have meeting with Mr Juari to discuss about the task that
has given to me in Blueprint Company. As we have given a blueprint for our practicum, we
had to follow the entire task that has given. For this week, I have been a task to do a flyer
about company profile in a small a4 paper. With the information that I gain in first week I
started to do the task by using a Microsoft word and software Picasa 3.
The next days, I started to do proposal for stationary with my partner,
NurAziemawani Binti Amran. For the first step we divide the work into two parts. I will do
the organization chart, the part of company background while my partner will do the
marketing. After that, I started to find information and do the organization chart. I will
explain each of the responsibility of members. Thus, they will know each of the jobs that will
represents in the proposal.
This week is a day for me and my partner to start our proposal because we have to
do 5 proposals that each of the proposals has a mark for individual. Thus, after I gained
information about company profile, I will explain the reason of the proposal and the
advantages to the company. The reason should be appropriate because the business must
gain a profit rather than loss that will affect company performance. On the evening, I have
meeting with Mr Azry. He asks me to prepare for Thursday because I will have a test about
On Thursday (24
July 2014), I have been a test with Mr Azry to re-new license. As I
learned it in week 3, I found it a little bit easy. I can manage well the document needed and
what should I do. For the first test, I must online and open EPNV portal to key in data and
fill in the form. According to Mr Azry, these test will give me 5 percent point if pass with
flying colours. Duration that has been giving is 15 minutes and I must finish on time.
On Friday (25
July 2014), I learned about a mapping. According to Mr Azry, to get
license PMS for Sijil Taraf Bumiputera the document such as map for company direction has
to send. Thus, he teaches me to draw a simple map to let me know a little bit about
drawing. He shows me one of friends Company that asked him to draw his map. Thus, in
way he doing it, he taught me how to do it also. He teaches me by using software Microsoft
word the easy software to understand.
Stage 2: Reflector

This week I learned how to prepare flyers for company as stated in blueprint for
practicum students. This time the task is differ from the other task. So, I found difficulty to
starting. Usually, this task will give to marketing department but for this time Mr Juari asked
me to doing it because he wants to see my capability in marketing side. To finish it, I
learned a lot with Mr Juari. It makes my day to continue doing it.
Next is about seeking information about company background. On the first day
practicum, I already been briefing by Madam Aniza about company background. Also by Mr
Juari that story a little bit about company performance. Thus, I found a little bit easy when
writing a proposal. Other than that, I and my partner were agreeing to divide the task into
two parts. Indirectly, it gives advantages to us to finish it early.
However, when I doing the proposal, I found a little bit difficult because the writing
style were a little bit differ from my previous studies. Thus, I have to refer to my wise
supervisor and ask him about the order and ask my partner about the correct arrangement.
Other than that, from the test that I through, I found that my knowledge will
increase if I practice and understand what Mr Azry teach me. Although I am nervous, I can
manage it well because of supporting and motivation to get full mark. Thus, I can do well in
my test and get flying colour.
Finally, I learned about mapping that taught by Mr Azry. This is new knowledge for
me during my practicum. If before I learned about license and fill in document tender, now I
learned how to draw a simple map. I just have to draw the building and put a sign to give a

Stage 3: Theorist
On these weeks I can relate my studies in Entrepreneurship with this proposal
because when I study with my lecture that teaching by Mr Irwan Dunhill, he teaches us how
to prepare a document and a proposal. Moreover, we have to create our product and sell it.
From the experience, I know how to do a mini proposal and create a new product to sell for
my company. Based on Bruce R. Barringer and R. Duane Ireland on his topic Introduction to
Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship is Entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals
pursue opportunities without regard to resources they currently control. Besides that
Entrepreneurs assemble and then integrate all the resources needed such as the money, the
people, the business model and the strategy to transform an invention or an idea into a
viable business.
Indirectly, I also learned that marketing is important to business as I had been
taught in Marketing. Based on books Marketing an Introduction an Asian Perspective by
Armstrong, Kotler and Da Silva, if performance is lower than expectations, than satisfaction
is lower. However, if performance is higher than expectations, than satisfaction is higher.
This is means sellers pay more attention to the specific products they offer than to the
benefits and experiences produced by the products. They focus on the wants and lose
sight of the needs.
Hence, I practice these terms in my proposal so that I can give what people wants
rather than needs. On other words, with the previous studies, this is very helpful for me to
complete the task that has given. I can practice what I learned in campus through working

Stage 4: Pragmatist
On the fourth week, I learned how to apply my marketing and Entrepreneurship with
the task that given to me. Although I found a difficult to create a flyers and a new proposal,
I can ask Mr Juari or Mr Azry to guidance me. My partners also help me with the
arrangement how to compile the document into one file.
Indirectly, it showed that we have an improvement with our cooperation and team
work. This is a good thing for us because with a good environment, we can work as a team
and help each other.