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tips +tricks
Keeping out-of-offce replies out of TOPdesk
During some periods of the year, such as the holiday periods,
a number of your contact persons will be out of the offce.
When they are, emails that you send from a TOPdesk call to
the caller are often answered with out-of-offce replies.
If you use the automatic mail import, these out-of-offce
replies can be an unnecessary addition to calls, or even
generate new calls. This happens when the subject line of the
out-of-offce reply does not contain the call number.
How do you avoid this? Depending on your situation, there
are one or more solutions:
1. Run the mail import from a sub folder instead of the inbox.
Replies from the caller, including the out-of-offce reply, will
end up in the inbox and are only imported after the email
is dragged to the sub folder.
2. Create a rule on the mail server that makes sure emails
with out-of-offce or automatic reply as subject are
placed in a different folder than the import folder.
3. Adjust the mail server so an address can only send one out-
of-offce reply.
4. Turn off the automatic confrmation from newly created
calls during holiday periods. Please note: this affects all
Improving work with major calls
Registration and group specifc calls can be done quickly with
major calls. Major calls often concern calls that affect a large
number of users, for example a disturbance.
How can you see which major calls are still open? How do
you quickly link a new call to a major call without having to
fll in all the data again? There are two options:
1. The Caller card
You can view all current major incidents on the Major calls
tab of the Caller card. The columns in the overview can be
set up the way you prefer. If you choose the right columns for
your organization, you can instantly see which disturbance
this concerns. When a customer phones about a disturbance,
and you have entered name to the Caller card, you can use
icons to directly create a frst or second line
incident. The caller data will be copied and the call is flled
with the correct information from the major call.
2. The Current Major Calls widget (TOPdesk 5.4 and higher!).
This new widget can be added to your Home via de Add

button. This widget shows you directly whether
there are current major calls. The separate calls can be
expanded to view more information, and the

let you create a new call based on the major call.