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1he D|fference 8etween the 1erm|nator and

Star Wars' 8att|e Dro|ds |s "Statefu| Awareness."
Does our I1 Automat|on System nave It?
8osloesses ote opetotloq lo oo locteosloqly oppllcotloo-ceottlc wotlJ. 5o wby coot l1 ootomotloo tools-
pottlcolotly koobook Aotomotloo-wotk ot tbe oppllcotloo level lo tootlme eovltoomeots?

I. Introduct|on
An auLomaLon ls a self-operaLlng machlne. lL does mosLly whaL ls programmed Lo do,
buL lL cannoL deLecL or reacL Lo slLuaLlonal or conLexLual changes or condlLlons.
Conslder Lhe 8aLLle urolds from SLar Wars, Lhose dlm-wlLLed machlnes who carrled
blasLer guns buL really only served as fodder for Lhe fllm's heroes Lo klll off ln vasL
numbers. 1hey are programmed Lo walk and move buL lack slLuaLlonal awareness, so a
drold who, leL's say, comes across a blazlng flre mlghL have lnsLrucLlons Lo hose lL down
for 10 mlnuLes Lhen move on. 8egardless of wheLher or noL Lhe flre was exLlngulshed.
Cn Lhe oLher hand, 1he 1ermlnaLor can process when Lhe slLuaLlon changes and reacL
accordlngly. ln Lhe blazlng flre" scenarlo above, he would see lL, ldenLlfy Lhe lnLenslLy
and slze of Lhe conflagraLlon, deLermlne Lhe source and wheLher Lo use a chemlcal
flame reLardanL or waLer, assess rlsks Lo hls mlsslon, and Lhen Lake Lhe approprlaLe
The virtual host is
stuck. We cant restart
the OS until the
virtual host is fixed.
Waitwas I not
supposed to restart
the database yet?
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And so lL ls wlLh l1 auLomaLlon. MosL l1 process
auLomaLlon (l1A) or 8unbook AuLomaLlon (88A) Lools
cannoL deLecL Lhe sLaLe of Lhe appllcaLlon-whlch ls key
ln deLermlnlng whlch auLomaLed sLeps musL be Laken Lo
carry ouL a process or remedlaLe a slLuaLlon.
lor example, mosL 8unbook AuLomaLlon soluLlons are
sLaLlc and cannoL accounL for mulLlple changlng
condlLlons durlng process execuLlon. ln oLher words,
Lhey requlre LhaL you model all condlLlons before you
can use Lhem. 1hls lssue ls LhaL Lhese Lools cannoL adapL
Lo Lhe numerous unforeseen faulLs and Lyplcal lssues
LhaL occur ln appllcaLlon managemenL and auLomaLlon.
1haL ls why organlzaLlons sLruggle Lo use 8unbook
AuLomaLlon aL Lhe appllcaLlon level for faulL
managemenL or Lo supporL avallablllLy managemenL,
when someLhlng goes wrong lL ls a manual flx.

II. We|come to Inte|||gent kunbook Automat|on
1o address Lhese challenges, a new generaLlon of appllcaLlon managemenL and
auLomaLlon Lools has emerged LhaL use sLaLeful awareness" aL Lhe appllcaLlon level.
1he resulL ls a more lnLelllgenL form of 8unbook AuLomaLlon LhaL accounLs for Lhe
healLh and sLaLus of Lhe appllcaLlon ln carrylng ouL varlous processes.

III. kunbooks and kunbook Automat|on Are Infrastructure-Centr|c, Not
l1 organlzaLlons manage run-Llme appllcaLlons largely Lhrough an lnfrasLrucLure-cenLrlc
approach (neLwork, server monlLorlng), whlch ls Lhen used Lo derlve appllcaLlon healLh.
1he challenge wlLh Lhe approach ls LhaL lL ls noL appllcaLlon-aware, and cannoL Lell you
anyLhlng of Lhe crlLlcal appllcaLlons runnlng on Lop of Lhem. ln some cases, appllcaLlon
level monlLorlng ls lmplemenLed, whlch provldes analyLlcs abouL an appllcaLlon's

About I1A and k8A
Accordlng Lo Lhe 8uslness
sofLware glossary:
l1 ptocess ootomotloo (l1lA), olso koowo os too
book ootomotloo (k8A), ls tbe oblllty to
otcbesttote ooJ loteqtote tools, people ooJ
ptocesses tbtooqb wotkflow.
8eoeflts of l1lA locloJe. keJoceJ bomoo ettots,
fostet tespoose to mlssloo-ctltlcol system
ptoblems ooJ mote efflcleot ollocotloo of
tesootces. nowevet, ocblevloq tbese beoeflts
lso't olwoys ttlvlol. lo complex l1 eovltoomeots -
pottlcolotly wbeo systems ote vlttoollzeJ ot
clooJ-boseJ - lmplemeotloq l1 ptocess
ootomotloo coo be cbolleoqloq.
And CarLner says:
l1lA ls movloq ftom oo oocllloty copoblllty to o
cote competeocy fot oll l1 otqoolzotloos os tbey
seek oqlllty wltb key loltlotlves socb os clooJ ooJ
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Powever, wlLhouL Lhe ablllLy Lo lnLelllgenLly respond, or empower sLaff Lo do so, Lhese
analyLlcs wlll have llmlLed beneflL Lo ensurlng Lhe upLlme of appllcaLlons ln Lhelr run-
Llme envlronmenL. 1hese Lools Lend provlde a hlsLorlcal vlew, versus a responslve
soluLlon Lo addresslng real-Llme lssues.
ln con[uncLlon wlLh Lhls approach, l1 organlzaLlons may couple monlLorlng wlLh scrlpL-
based Lools Lo help lmprove Lhe efflclency of rouLlne and pre-deflned Lasks.
ScrlpLs and run books can be effecLlve Lo auLomaLe baslc Lasks wlLh a known sLarL" and
sLop", however, Lhey are noL well-sulLed, nor are Lhey scalable for complex, run-Llme
envlronmenLs. 1hls ls due Lo Lhe facL LhaL Lo address run-Llme AppllcaLlon ManagemenL
wlLh Lhls approach, lL requlres scrlpLs Lo be wrlLLen for every posslble scenarlo, and
every posslble comblnaLlon of scenarlos LhaL may occur for each appllcaLlon - and Lhey
musL be conLlnually updaLed and adapLed as Lhe envlronmenL grows.
lurLhermore, Lhls Lyplcally sLlll requlres manual declslon-maklng. And lf scrlpLs are noL
run properly, based on Lhe sLaLe, and ln conLexL of each appllcaLlon's hlerarchy and
dependencles, Lhey provlde llmlLed uLlllLy - and ln cases may acLually compound Lhe
appllcaLlon downLlme and daLa corrupLlon problems Lhey soughL Lo prevenL.

IV. What |s "Statefu| Awareness" of the App||cat|on?
An l1 auLomaLlon Lool wlLh sLaLeful awareness" aL Lhe appllcaLlon level:
LeLs you vlew Lhe appllcaLlon hollsLlcally-as Lhe sum of all lLs servers, vlrLual
hosLs, neLworks, daLabases, CS's and code.
undersLands Lhe dependencles beLween all of Lhe above componenLs and
Can deLermlne Lhe sLaLus of all of Lhose componenLs and processes.
knows whaL sLeps Lo Lake for each process-based on lLs sLaLe.
AuLomaLlcally Lrlggers Lhe correcL sequence based on all componenL or process
changes and relaLlonshlps.
ueLecLs when Lhe sLaLus of any changes ln any componenL or process and
course correcLs" based on any and all changes ln Lhe sLaLe of Lhe appllcaLlon.

V. now |s Statefu| Awareness oss|b|e?
ueslgnlng a Lruly lnLelllgenL l1 auLomaLlon soluLlon aL Lhe appllcaLlon level requlres
flndlng someLhlng all appllcaLlons have ln common-someLhlng ln Lhelr archlLecLures
LhaL can be leveraged ln order Lo deLermlne and orchesLraLe Lhe necessary sLeps. 1hls
requlres an examlnaLlon of how an appllcaLlon's componenLs lnLeracL and relaLe wlLh
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one anoLher as well as well as how Lhe app lnLeracLs wlLh lLs exLernal (or surroundlng)
envlronmenL (Lhe CS, neLwork, sLorage, eLc.).

As lL Lurns ouL, Lhe answer-whaL all appllcaLlons have ln common-ls aL Lhe process
component |ayer. 1he process componenL layer glves us Lhe common framework we
can leverage Lo creaLe Lruly appllcaLlon- and plaLform-agnosLlc vlslblllLy and conLrol for
all appllcaLlons.
All appllcaLlons are comprlsed of bulldlng blocks, commonly referred Lo as processes
and/or servlces. AppllcaLlon-agnosLlc managemenL flrsL requlres an undersLandlng of
Lhose componenLs LhaL make up appllcaLlons - Lhls lncludes Lhe underlylng CS,
daLabase, sofLware sLack, and plaLform, whlch are common across varlous appllcaLlon
archlLecLures. 1hen, Lhrough use of a comblnaLlon of lnLegraLed appllcaLlon-cenLrlc
monlLors, lL ls posslble Lo Lhen be aware of how an appllcaLlon ls behavlng, wheLher lL ls
up, down, or parLlally lmpalred, lncludlng whaL parLs of an appllcaLlon are lmpacLed.
Second, lL ls crlLlcal Lo undersLand Lhe lnLerdependencles of Lhose componenLs, ln order
Lo gracefully sLarL, sLop, sLaLus, and lnLeracL wlLh Lhe lndlvldual componenL processes,
as Lhey relaLe Lo Lhe appllcaLlon as a whole. WlLh Lhe Lechnlcal framework ln place,
supporL and managemenL can Lhen be enabled across all appllcaLlons, regardless of who
bullL lL, whaL Lhe underlylng componenLs are, or where lL ls runnlng - from a slngle vlew.

VI. "Statefu| Awareness" Can Ut|||ze Lx|st|ng Scr|pts
MosL l1 deparLmenLs have lnvesLed Llme ln creaLlng scrlpLs LhaL help auLomaLe boLh
rouLlne and someLlmes complex Lasks. ScrlpLs can be a very powerful way Lo help
lmprove l1 operaLlons efflclency. Powever, scrlpL llbrarles are ofLen noL well
documenLed and Lyplcally managed ln a decenLrallzed and non-sLandard approach
across Lhe organlzaLlon. 1hls leads Lo a fragmenLed use of Lhese scrlpLs, ofLen llmlLlng
Lhe beneflLs across Lhe whole organlzaLlon.
ln Lhe new generaLlon of appllcaLlon managemenL and auLomaLlon Lools, exlsLlng scrlpLs
can be lncorporaLed lnLo Lhe process Lo lmprove Lhelr use. LffecLlvely, Lhese new Lools
can leverage exlsLlng scrlpLs, buL Lo do so ln a sysLemaLlc manner, whereby Lhe scrlpLs
can be lnvoked auLomaLlcally based on Lhe sLaLe or conLexL of Lhe overall appllcaLlon.
1hls noL only exLends Lhe power of Lhese scrlpLs ln a clearly deflned and conLrolled use
case, lL also Lles Lhelr use Lo Lhe overall sLaLe of Lhe appllcaLlon-ensurlng LhaL only Lhe
rlghL scrlpLs are run Lo Lake Lhe rlghL acLlons aL Lhe rlghL Llme, helplng Lo furLher reduce
human error.

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VII. Use Case: ush-8utton App||cat|on kecovery
ush-8uLLon AppllcaLlon 8ecovery (8A8) uses Lhe dependencles of each process Lo
undersLand how Lo recover an appllcaLlon. lor example an appllcaLlon server requlres a
daLabase Lo be up before lL sLarLs. 8efore sLarLlng Lhe appllcaLlon server, ouLdaLed sLaLe
flles need Lo be deleLed, logs need Lo be copled so Lhey don'L geL over wrlLLen and
queues ln daLabase Lables have Lo be updaLed. Modellng Lhese dependencles allows a
user Lo auLomaLlcally recover an appllcaLlon no maLLer whaL sLaLe Lhe appllcaLlon ls ln.
lor example, an appllcaLlon server loses connecLlvlLy Lo a daLabase for a momenL. 1hls
could be due Lo a neLwork swlLch fallure LhaL has an auLomaLed fallover. 1he l1
lnfrasLrucLure ls back up and runnlng wlLh mlnlmal downLlme and ls noL generaLlng any
alerLs. Powever, Lhe shorL neLwork dlsrupLlon has caused Lhe appllcaLlon Lo sLop
funcLlonlng. 8ecause Lhe appllcaLlon ls belng monlLored Lhe fallure ls recognlzed.
1he sLeps Lo recover Lhe appllcaLlon are ofLen as slmple as resLarLlng Lhe appllcaLlon
server, buL lL can be more complex requlrlng scrlpLs Lo be run and addlLlonal dependenL
daLabases and appllcaLlon servers Lo be resLarLed ln a speclflc order.
AuLomaLlng Lhe sLeps Lo recover an appllcaLlon wlLhouL relylng on large numbers of
scrlpLs or manual execuLlon of each sLep ls whaL 8A8 ls abouL. When Lhe appllcaLlon
dependencles and buslness rules are undersLood and Lhe sLaLe of Lhe processes LhaL
make up Lhe appllcaLlon ls known, Lhe process Lo recover an appllcaLlon can be
auLomaLlcally deLermlned and Lhen execuLed wlLh Lhe push of a buLLon.

VIII. Summary
l1 rocess AuLomaLlon and 8unbook AuLomaLlon are powerful ways Lo sLreamllne l1
managemenL buL lack Lhe ablllLy Lo work aL Lhe appllcaLlon level-ln runLlme
lnLelllgenL l1 AuLomaLlon and 8unbook AuLomaLlon sysLems LhaL feaLure sLaLeful
awareness" of each componenL and process wlLhln Lhe appllcaLlon have Lhe poLenLlal Lo
dramaLlcally speed recovery Llme and slgnlflcanLly reduce Lhe resources requlred Lo
recover an appllcaLlon.

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