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Mark Sorency 7997 Westview Drive Lakewood, Colorado 80214 (303) 807 8723

A high achieving sales executive with demonstrated technical acumen. Exceptional problem solving skills and a contagious positive attitude. Consistent above plan performer with an edge for developing new business. Cross Industry experience with accounts ranging from fortune 500 to companies of 200 employees

Sales Skills Enterprise Sales Management, Solution Selling, Software Product Sales, New Business Development , Lead Generation, Public Speaking, New Product Introduction, Large and Small Deal Management, Sales and Technical Sales Leadership, Channel Development, Incentive Programs, Strategic Planning, Published Author.

Technology Expertise BPM, Middleware, Cloud (SAAS,PAAS,IAAS) , SOA, Business Intelligence, Database, Hadoop, Mobile, Integration, Analytics, Software Applications, Excel Expert, Development Tools, Software Architecture


$100 billion supplier of enterprise computing systems with operations in more than 170 countries

Brand Sales Leader



Led all sales aspects for multiple software brands. Responsibilities: Deal closure and progression,

forecasting, lead generation, marketing events, headcount, performance management.

Smarter Cities Sales Executive


Quota carrying sales position. West coast territory


Key products in Healthcare, Security \ Fraud, Operational Efficiency


Brand new category. 1.8 million dollar quota.

Cloud Sales Leader .

Responsible for IBM cloud portfolio sales, including Private, Public and Hybrid models, and services to deploy. SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS


Closed 2.4 million dollar transaction. Private Cloud at large credit firm.


New business growth 125%. Triple digit Public Cloud growth.


Quota 32 million. Delivered 40 million

WebSphere Sales Leader

Business encompasses technologies like BPM, Commerce, Connectivity, and Portal.


Innovative and results driven lead program


111% growth qtr. to qtr.


Annual quota 50 million. Delivered above 55 million

InfoSphere Sales Leader

Business encompasses technologies like big data, data integration and mapping


Grew business 150% from Q3 to Q4 2010


2x Pipeline growth enhanced by partner ecosystem leverage.


Annual Quota 24 million. Delivered 25 million


Y2Y growth from 18 million 2009 - 25 million 2010

Client Executive Sales


Lead for all aspects of our customer’s sales efforts. Responsibilities – Quota attainment, new business development, forecasting, deal progression and closure. Complex deals.

SOA Sales Executive Western US

Service oriented architecture sales leader for all accounts in Western US.


100% club 2 years straight


60% of deals closed were <250k


14 million dollar quota. Delivered 16 million

Software Client Lead Software Client executive for Colorado. Responsibilities Quota attainment, new business

development, forecasting, deal progression and closure. Technologies like Security, Service Oriented Architecture, Information Management, Integration, Software Development.


100% club 2 years straight


Large 6 figure deal in healthcare in first 6 months


6 million dollar quota. Delivered 6.2

o 2005 revenue 4.6 million. 2006 5.4 million. 2007 6.2 million

Broadvision (NASDAQ BVSN)

30 million dollar Software Company that develops, markets, and supports application software solutions that personalize e-business. Major Accounts Sales Executive- Western US \ Canada My focus was the largest opportunities in western US \ Canada. Managed a small “tiger team” of 2 reps, 2 SE’s, and 2 service project managers. We closed our first major deal in 90 days, against a multibillion- dollar competitor. We also closed an opportunity in healthcare in the first 120 days. Adding several new strategic partnerships, and some very unique marketing events increased the sales pipeline.


2 million dollar quota. Delivered 3.2 million

President Club winner

Top Sales Rep in 2004

Pipeline growth from 950k to over 5 million.

WebMethods (NASDAQ – (Part of Software AG)


Vice President Sales - West WebMethods is a leading integration software vendor focused on the web services and EAI markets. I managed all sales and revenue operations for the Western US and Canada. Responsible for revenue growth and expense management for business unit. Primary focus of team was Global 2000. Delivered best quarter in North America 9/01. Established and maintained relationships at C-level of all customers.

Revenue growth from 3 million 2001, to 9 million 2002

Increased RSM yield from 300k to 700k per qtr. Deal size from 150,000 to 350,000

Largest transaction was $2,300,000 in 2002.

Presidents Award 2002

Maintained Revenues as sales headcount was cut.



Vice President Sales \ Strategic Sales Navidec, built and managed e-business applications for our customers Responsible for an organization of 48 sales and technical individuals. Instituted numerous tools to manage our growth, and built a sales “culture” around results and field empowerment. I also managed strategic relationships with our investors and key customers.

Revenue increase from 7.2 million, to 14 million, to 30 million 1998 – 2000

Grew organization from 7 to 428

Implemented Insides team, SE organizations

2000 – 2001 #1 sales person - Netscape

1999 – Top Sales Western region Q1 (2.0 million dollar deal to local ISP) – Netscape

Oracle (NASDAQ ORCl)


Majors Accounts Manager Responsible for 8 million dollars in business to major accounts in Colorado. Most deals exceed 1 million

dollars including product, training, and support and consulting solutions. Working as part of virtual sales team, which requires extensive cross selling for all Oracle business units. Closed first 500k deal in 90 days. Closed first 2 million deal in 180 days.

1997 - 2 million dollar quota, delivered 2.8

1998 - Tahoe Bound Winner - $2.9 million deal with Healthcare firm. 150% quota year

1998 – Closed 5 million dollar transaction with local manufacturer. 145% quota attainment

Attachmate Corporation – Privately held


Territory Manager - Rocky Mountains Specialized in connecting Windows \ NT \ OS2 \ Mac workstations to multiple hosts utilizing TCPIP, APPC and other protocols. Managed all business issues in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming including corporate accounts, consultants, and channel groups. Increased sales by 150% (2.4 to 3.6 million). 1996 - Inducted into Attachmate Hall of Fame. (quota 3.2, attained 3.9)

1996 - Member of Attachmate Advisory Council.

1995 - Diamond Circle Member 112% attainment (quota 3.0 attained 3.4)