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Green architecture for all future government buildings pushed

Lawmakers have filed a bill applying green architecture in the construction of future
government buildings in the country.
Rep. Juan Pablo Rimpy P. Bondoc !
"istrict# Pampanga$# author of %ouse Bill
&'(( to be known as the )reen Building *ct# said the future architectural design of the
government buildings should be environmentally friendly.
)reen building uses one third energy than conventional buildings. +t espouses the
reduction of operation costs by increasing productivity and using less energy# water and
other resources, improvement of public and occupant health due to improved indoor air
-uality# and decrease of waste# pollution and environmental decay# said "eputy .a/ority
Leader Bondoc.
Bondoc said it is imperative to adopt policies that will condense the general adverse
environmental impact of the built environment and will conse-uently cut costs and save
environmental resources.
Rep. 0arlo *le1ei B. 2ograles (
"istrict# "avao 3ity$# another author of the bill#
said the bill re-uires that all government buildings be set# designed# constructed# operated#
maintained and retrofitted using environmentally responsible materials# sustainable
architecture techni-ues and other green building practices for the purpose of reducing the
building impacts on environment and human health.
2ograles# chair of the %ouse 3ommittee on Labor and 4mployment# said buildings
have been responsible for large amount of land use# energy and water consumption# air
and atmosphere. 5uch fact runs counter to the very policy of the sustainable development
and the 3onstitutional right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology.
6nder the bill# the government shall ensure that ob/ective# accurate# comprehensive
and updated information on green building policies and standards are available at all times
not only to government institutions but also to the general public.
*ll historic structures shall be e1empt from the re-uirements of this act.
2evertheless# the green building policy may still be adopted in the operation or
maintenance practices# renovation and e1pansion of such structures provided that the
historical integrity of the structure shall not be compromised.
7urthermore# applicable standards shall be set for the purpose of planning#
designing# constructing# operating or maintaining# renovating and e1panding building
pro/ects and for retrofitting e1isting buildings.
NR # 3608
OCT. 3, 2014
8he measure provides for the creation of a )reen Building 2ational Board tasked in
the planning# design# construction# operation or maintenance practices# renovation and
e1pansion of government owned buildings and in the retrofitting of e1isting government
+t is also mandated to promote green building education to the public regarding the
benefits of green building standards# monitor the issuance of )reen Building
certification by authori9ed accrediting body and maintain registry of )reen Building
accrediting bodies and government institutions# which it shall make available to the
8he month of .arch in each and every year throughout the country shall be known
as )reen Building .onth to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of green
building standards. :'$ lvc