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Teacher: Linh Phuong Nguyen

Class: IELTS 5.5

Date of Creation: July 7
Day on the Syllabus: 1


1. Introduce students
and have them apply
he skill of expanding
the answer (reason +

Unit 1 (pg. 16) -


Expanding your
answer: reasons,


From workbook:
1. get lost in a book
2. in my year
3. escapism
4. historical and
cultural contexts
5. ample opportunity
6. cant stand
7. struggle
8. dread
9. revise

Stage Objective What would the teacher do?
Homework 15 minutes
Part 1:
Have the students listen to the recording.
List out the questions that they hear
List out the useful phrases that they find in the

Have students choose which answers are best and
explain why: answers given enough details and

Have students answer the questions in pair. Call out
students to answer:

Do you work or are you a student?
Why did you choose that job/course?
What is the most difficult thing about your

Part 2:

Have students contribute the answers and the
teacher writes on the board

Part 3:

Have students contribute ideas relating to their first
schools on board

Call some students to talk about their first school,
including all the points given in the cue card
Lead-in Provides a relevant
lead-in activity
(videos, games,
stories or quizzes)
to make the
students curious
about the content.
Revise the skills learnt in previous lesson: (5 minutes)

Structure of IELTS
Expanding the answer

Write on the board

Do you think it is wonderful to be in love?

Have the students share their thoughts for this question

Lead to the new lesson: provide the sample answer that
include a reason and example

Strategy Explains step-by-
step what to do to
answer each type of
Explain the skill to expand the answer (reason +

Explain to them that never give a one-word answer to a
question. Give a reason + example for each answer

PRACTICE (pg 12) (10 minutes)

Part A
Demonstrate the first question: Do you think there are
friendships that never end?

Answer: Yes
Reason: Read articles about the 7 year expiration date
on friendships -> if friendship last for more than 7 year ->
last a life time
Example: known my best friend for more than 7 year ->
our relationship is still as good/strong as it ever good

Paraphrase: a never ending friendship/ last a life time

WE DO: Handout the questions on friendship topic (part 3
questions). Have students fill in their own reasons and

Have students discuss with their partners

Call some students to answer the questions
Practice Gives students
opportunities to
practice using the
new strategy with
the instructor, with
their classmates,
and individually.
Activity 3 (Integrate) 10 minutes - :

YOU DO: Divide the students into pairs and discuss the
questions in the textbook

Have them share with the class on their personal
experience and guide them through how they can expand
the answers

I DO: Do a sample answer to part 2 to demonstrate to the
Discussion Provide the
students with the
opportunity to
discuss their
answers with their
Students will have a chance to discuss in the activities
mentioned above

Beyond score: ask the students to do in the break time if
they wish to or can do it at home and give them the
answer key
Can explain the
in detail.

Summary of
errors by students
and gives a
summary of tips to
overcome these
Remind the students about the commonly-made errors:

Answer too basic, not enough details
Not answer in full sentence
Repeat the words from the questions

How to fix it? Expand your answer using WH question,
paraphrase appropriately, use flexible vocab and