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Job Title: Programme Coordinator

Terms of employment: Full time employment.

Reports to: Programme Manager

Location: Mumbai
About Arpan - Arpan is a registered NGO based in Mumbai working on the issue of child seual abuse
with a team of dedicated and skilled professionals since the year !""#.
$he mission of the organi%ation is to empower indi&iduals' families' communities and society with
pre&ention and inter&ention skills to reduce the occurrence of child seual abuse and heal its
psychological' social' seual and physical conse(uences.
Arpan accomplishes the mission through &arious pro)ects aimed at empowering stakeholders like
children' parents' teachers etc. through training programmes' awareness sessions' pro&iding for psycho*
therapeutic ser&ices to facilitate the process of Pre&ention and by ad&ocating with schools and the
go&ernment systems in order to create a more sensiti&e and aware society and legal system to deal with
the issue of child seual abuse.
For more information on our acti&ities please see http+,,,whatwedo.html

Job Purpose: $he primary purpose of this role is to coordinate and implement the pro)ects of Arpan with
a special focus on the Personal -afety .ducation module and $raining of trainers/ 0$O$1 pro)ect within
pri&ate schools. $he Programme Coordinator will also play a crucial role in resource de&elopment work
with the Programme Manager for the same.
Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
* 2ill be responsible for networking with interested pri&ate schools and educational institutions for direct
implementation of the personal safety education module and, the training of teachers, trainers for
replication of the module with their set ups.
*2ill be responsible for coordinating and conducting P-. lesson plans with children' workshops with
parents' teachers' and school authorities in the pri&ate school set up along with the Programme Officers.
*.2ill be responsible for coordinating and conducting the training of teachers, trainers module in the
interested schools
*2ill be responsible for monitoring the performance of the Programme Officers conducting the P-.
lesson plans as well as the $raining of $rainers pro)ect within pri&ate schools.
*2ill play a supporti&e role to the Programme Manager in designing modules' ser&ices' acti&ities' plan
documents etc. for the benefit of the P-. module and training of teachers, trainers module within pri&ate
schools and educational set ups.
*2ill play a supporti&e role to the Arpan team during the annual Arpan e&ents for coordination and
logistical work.
**2ill be responsible for any other task, assignment allotted by C.O,Programme Manager.
Knowledge, skills and abilities:
*Graduate in -ociology , -ocial 2ork,-ocial .ntrepreneurship, 3uman
4e&elopment,Psychology,Counseling and other related disciplines.
*Minimum 5 years of work eperience in the de&elopment sector preferably in areas of child rights'
trafficking etc wherein the candidate has shown capacity pro)ect implementation.
*Candidate should be comfortable working with all age groups and on the issue of child seual abuse.
*Candidate should be a team player as well as should ha&e eperience in leading teams.
*-hould be asserti&e and positi&e communicator
*-hould present a proficiency in speaking' reading and writing .nglish and basic knowledge of 3indi and
Marathi would be preferable.
*-hould be comfortable with working on computers and internet
*-hould be a good negotiator and networker
--hould be able to work towards targets
* Candidate should comfortable with etensi&e local tra&el and fleible working hours.
alary: As per market standards and rele&ant academic (ualifications and eperiential background of the
selected candidate
6f you are interested' please forward your resume with ! references by !"
eptember !"$$ at Please note that shortlisted candidates will be contacted directly and no
correspondence with regard to the status of application will be encouraged.