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SAP TechEd


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by Chip Rodgers, SAP AG
So You Want to Attend
SAP TechEd 2011?
3 Unique Reasons to Help Convince Your Boss to Send You
With communication tools like Skype, Twitter, and
telepresence technology, and with training, learn-
ing communities, and technical information
available online, do we still need in-person events?
When it comes to SAP TechEd, the answer is yes for
many reasons and here are three to note when
your boss asks why you want to attend this year.
#1: Pick the Brains of Top Experts
SAP TechEd is a key technical training and network-
ing event for IT professionals who develop,
implement, optimize, and upgrade SAP solutions.
Held in four global locations, SAP TechEd is a unique
opportunity to learn best practices, get hands-on
technical training, experience interactive demos,
meet the managers and developers of SAP products
and solutions, and connect face-to-face with the
people with whom you regularly interact on SAP
Community Network, a dynamic online community
of over 2.5 million SAP partners, customers, employ-
ees, and other experts across the world.
With such a robust and active online commu-
nity, why does it make sense for people to take the
time and expense to attend SAP TechEd? The live
experience encourages attendees to learn from
each other, network, and innovate together live
and in person. They can hear directly from top
industry experts; conference speakers include SAP
employees, customers, partners, and other com-
munity members from a gamut of backgrounds.
#2: Address Hot-Button Trends
SAP is committed to helping SAP TechEd attend-
ees cut to the core of the topics that interest
them. Thats why this years event theme is Inno-
vate the Future. Attendees can instantly obtain
value from the knowledge, skills, and relation-
ships they gain at SAP TechEd value that helps
their organizations react to todays IT challenges
and prepare for business in 2015.
SAP TechEd ofers content for learners at all
levels, covering everything from product road-
maps to technical deep-dives. Attendees can build
a customized agenda from hundreds of sessions
organized by eight tracks and 35 sub tracks (see
Figure 1 on the next page). Full conference
attendees can reserve a spot in two hands-on
workshops where they can try featured technolo-
gies and follow along with the presenter in real
time. Plus, all attendees receive a full subscription
to SAP TechEd Online so they can later watch
sessions that they might have missed on-site.
A comprehensive mix of SAP technology ofer-
ings will be on display, including SAP NetWeaver,
SAP BusinessObjects solutions, SAP In-Memory
Appliance (SAP HANA), Sybase Unwired Plat-
form, and more. Best of all, these cutting-edge
topic areas come with a complete set of product
and technology roadmaps, says Bernhard
Steigleider, global content owner for SAP TechEd.
#3: Leave with Actionable Knowledge
Education enables professionals to work smart-
er with smaller budgets and fewer resources.
Chip Rodgers (chip.rodgers@sap.
com) is Vice President and COO
of SAP Community Network
( He is
responsible for leading the
operations teams for SAP
Community Network, including
managing all content develop-
ment, overseeing collaboration
with evangelists and community
managers, and spearheading
business management for
SAP TechEd and SAP TechTour.
SAP TechEd 2011
Las Vegas: September 12-16, 2011
Bangalore: October 19-21, 2011
Madrid: November 8-11, 2011
Beijing: November 15-17, 2011

Attendees gain
invaluable insight when
connecting with other
SAP customers, partners,
and product experts at
SAP TechEd. The event is
about helping people
get the most out of their
SAP investments, no
matter what stage of the
journey theyre on.
This article appeared in the Jul
Sep 2011 issue of
SAPinsider ( and appears
here with permission from the publisher, WIS Publishing.
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Attending SAP TechEd is an efective way to get
the professional development you need. Each
year, SAP TechEd produces excited and satised
attendees, thanks to the in-depth sessions, quality
content, and networking opportunities. When
asked if they would recommend SAP TechEd,
attendees on average rate the event as a 9 on a
scale of 10. Plus, they say SAP TechEd helps them
better understand SAP and SAP products.
Take David Hull, a solution architect with Walt
Disney Co., for example. Hulls responsibility is to
add value to his company. So when he nds some-
thing benecial, he must make a business case for
it. Thats why events like SAP TechEd and the
blogs on the community network are valuable.
Someone is ofering instruction on what they are
doing, how they are doing it, and where they are
taking it. Junaid Maniya, Sr. SAP Security Lead
at Hollister, Inc., agrees: The workshops and
sessions were wonderful, interactive, and knowl-
edgeable. I learned a great deal that I will use
immediately upon returning to work. I highly
recommend SAP TechEd to any professionals
thinking about implementing or upgrading SAP.
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Here are two closing tips: Take advantage of
early-bird discounts and view the agenda and
sessions early to plan the best possible confer-
ence experience.
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Session tracks 2011 Sub tracks 2011 Takeaways for attendees
Technology Overview
and Infrastructure
SAP Technology Strategy and Roadmaps
Technical Infrastructure and Technology Guidance
Virtualization and Cloud Technology
Get an overview of the SAP technology portfolio, insights into its
planned innovation and evolution, and guidelines for technology
implementation and system landscape planning.
Application Lifecycle
Management (ALM)
ALM Overview Deployment
Requirements and Design Operations
Build and Test Optimization
Gain insight into a comprehensive methodology to support your
ALM processes starting from blueprint and system landscape
design to testing, deployment, successful operations, and change.
Business Intelligence
(BI) and Performance
Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboarding
In-Memory, Mobile Analytics, and Data Exploration
Business Intelligence Platform
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions
Suite Integrations
Get in-depth training on the two new releases from SAP Business-
Objects: BI 4.0 and EPM 10.0. Add value by combining these new
releases with other SAP solutions, or by applying our in-memory
solutions for dramatic performance improvements.
Enterprise Information
Management (EIM)
Content Management and Search
Enterprise Data Warehousing
Data Integration and Data Quality Management
Master Data Management and Data Governance
In-Memory Computing
Learn how SAPs EIM solutions help you create, cleanse, integrate,
manage, govern, and archive structured and unstructured data.
Gain insight into the latest and greatest in in-memory computing.
Business Process
Integration, and
Business Process and Rules Management
Process Integration
Repository and Governance
Portal Collaboration
Gain hands-on experience with SAP NetWeaver process integration,
modeling, and composition. Learn about best practices and planned
innovation to develop process-centric and collaborative solutions.
Custom Development Custom Development Overview
Development for SAP Business Suite
Development for SAP NetWeaver Hubs
Development for On-Demand Platforms
Extend or enhance existing SAP solutions or create custom applica-
tions based on the SAP NetWeaver platform. Leverage development
tools for on-premise and on-demand deployments, and learn about
user interface creation.
Security, Compliance,
Identity, and Access
Identity Management
Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management
Security and Secure Interoperability
Authentication Capabilities: SSO and Federation
Learn how to take advantage of the security capabilities of SAP
NetWeaver from management of identities to standards-based
encryption and connectivity across the whole IT organization.
Mobile Mobile Synchronized Application
Mobile Hybrid Web Container
New Generation Online Mobile Application
Mobile Device Management
Learn how to develop, deploy, and manage mobile solutions on
major mobile platforms, which bring data from your SAP landscape
to the mobile devices of your choice.
FIGURE 1 q Overview of the
SAP TechEd 2011 session tracks
and sub tracks
80% of attendees change their
plans on how to implement
SAP products and services after
learning new best practices at
the conference.