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South-East Europe Transport Observatory

Hindenburgring 18, 61348 Bad Homburg, Germany 21, Kodratou Str., 104 36 Athens, Greece
Tel.: +49-6172-930 528, Fax:+49-6172-930 550 Tel.: +30 210-52.79.300, Fax: +30-
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Job Description Counterpart Staff
recently founded regional organisation of the Western Balkan countries under the auspices
of the European Union, which is also financing the observatory for a transitional period of
time. The responsibility of SEETO is to support the partner countries in the implementation
of the Regional Core Transport Network across all Western Balkan countries especially
with view to international coordination and exchange of information. The core network
comprises of roughly 6000 km of roads and 4300 km of railway lines and is based to a
considerable part on the relevant pan-European Transport Corridors.

For the Team of the Observatory a
IT Manager
is needed to work on database, network, and GIS related issues.

Description of position
The IT manager shall have the overall responsibility for the management of information
flows related to the development of the regional transport network. He/she will take over
tasks in managing GIS data, producing reports, maps, administrating local databases and
local area networks as well as being the web master for the SEETO site. He/she is a full
time team member and counterpart to the foreign expert position transport specialist.
He/she will work within an overall team of about 10 people consisting of foreign experts and
their counterparts in the head office located in Belgrade and with National Coordinators in
each of the partner countries. Acting as a counterpart means participating and contributing
in/to the work of the foreign expert, aiming to take over stepwise more and more of the
foreign experts tasks in course of the following two years. Working language is English,
which he/she should speak and write fluently. He/She shall be national of one of the seven
SEETO partner countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, FYRO Macedonia,
UNMIK/Kosovo as defined by UNSC 1244, Montenegro, Serbia & Montenegro).

Main Tasks of the IT Manager
Overall management and supervision of collection and dissemination of information,
Updating infrastructure inventory, traffic and transport investment databases,
Preparing maps, reports, analyses and other presentation materials using GIS,
Preparing and maintaining the SEETO web site,
Management of video conferencing system,
Managing GIS database for transport network and others local databases,
Administrating of local area network, users, servers and other IT equipment
Support/Advise to partners on IT technical and GIS matter

The IT manager is expected to work as part of a highly qualified small team, but personal
initiative and motivation will be important as will excellent interpersonal skills to be able to
transfer new ideas. Education in geography with computer sciences needed. A minimum 5
years working experience that includes GIS, databases, IT architecture. Good knowledge
of networking and network services. Experience in web site designing, administering Linux
operating system, SQL database servers, Visual Basic software programmer and
South-East Europe Transport Observatory

Hindenburgring 18, 61348 Bad Homburg, Germany 21, Kodratou Str., 104 36 Athens, Greece
Tel.: +49-6172-930 528, Fax:+49-6172-930 550 Tel.: +30 210-52.79.300, Fax: +30-
e-mail: e-mail:

developer would be an advantage. Proficiency in English is essential and a good
knowledge of one other Balkans language would be desirable.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server, Share Point technology
Experience in managing and configuring local area network
Experience in using and configuring services SMTP, HTTP, DNS, VPN, etc.
Experience in managing and configuring personal computers to work in local network
Knowledge of Windows operating systems
Experience in HTTP and web site designing
Microsoft Office with good knowledge of Microsoft Access

Remuneration and Contract
Salary will be offered at commercial rates commensurate with experience; assistance with
accommodation and home travel expenses will also be included in the package.
Employment contract will be initially with the consulting company that has been contracted
to set up SEETO. The contract will then revert to SEETO itself when its legal status has
been finalised in Serbia. The contract will be renovated annually based on performance;
annual increments in remuneration are expected. Candidates will be engaged for a 3
month probationary period before contract is finalised.

Your application should consist of
Curriculum Vitae in the standard format
a 1000 word statement on your expected contribution to the development regional
information systems related to improving regional transport
information certifying good health
degree and education certificates (copies)
copy of passport
reference from current employer

Send applications to
Mr. Douglas Rasbash
SEETO Manager

Closing date for applications Friday 25
March 2005

Interviews will be held in SEETO HQ Belgrade in April; expenses will be paid.