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Profesora Loyo Gil Gabriela English


Christopher Marlowe was baptized on 26th February 1564 in Canterbury, England.
His exact date of birth is unknown. He was a poet, dramatist and translator of the
Elizabethan Era in fact he was the first Elizabethan tragedian. He studied at The
Kings School and then got a scholarship to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He
graduated with Bachelors in Arts in 1584. Dido, Queen of Carthage was his first
drama. It was acted on by a group of young actors known as Children of the Chapel
somewhere in between 1587 to 1593 although we know it was published in 1594.
His play Tamburlaine the Great was performed on the stage in 1587 in London. This
play was among the first of the blank verse plays. It became an instant success. This
was the only play published during his lifetime whereas all others were published
posthumously. The Jew of Malta was about a Jewish character who takes revenge on
the city establishments. Christopher Marlowe wrote this play in 1589 or 1590
however we know for sure that the play was performed in 1592. It was very
successful and remained popular for the next five decades. Its oldest edition to have
been survived is one from 1633 even though it was put in the Stationers Register in
1594. Marlowes play titled Edward the Second was about King Edward and his
removal by che Queen and Barons who disapprove of the extra influence of his
favorite people in the court. This play was also put in the Stationers Register in 1593
which was almost a month after Marlowe died.

Main Characters

Brief Summary
Pues en contexto la obra gira en relacin al personaje principal Fausto que es como
un brujo o mago y el quiere tener a las almas a su dispocision cuando el quiera y
convertirlos en lo la forma que desee.
Pero para esto tiene que ir al inframundo y convocar a Lucifer y dar le su alma pese a
esto conoce a Nefistoteles quien le da lo que necesita para invocar a Lucifer.
Opinion of the play
Me pareci una obra muy interesante al principio pens que seria aburrida pero no lo
fue y tambin que seria de terror por la iluminacin y el ambiente creado pero estuvo
bien y siento que duro muy poco bueno a mi se me hizo muy poco tiempo