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Support Status:
Praise God! We received some sizeable one-time
gifts and new monthly partners, so thank you! We are
still seeking to raise some additional monthly support
with the addition of a new child. Would you prayerfully
consider partnering with us in this way?
Contribute Financially:

Or call: (425)775-4800
All gifts are used as designated and receipted for tax
Te books that we will soon release in Khmer!
Nathan teaching a marriage seminar in August
Life has been full the last several
months! Were getting ready for the arrival of
our second son in December as well as fnishing
up three translation projects!
Christiana will be giving birth in
Thailandour frst international
birth experience! Due to fying
regulations and potential risks during late
pregnancy, she will be leaving for Bangkok in
mid November, and then I will join her with the
kids and Christianas mom in early December
(the due date is Dec. 13th). Christianas dad will
also be joining us in Thailand, where we will all
spend Christmas while we get our then new sons
papers in order. We would appreciate prayer for
Christiana, as she has experienced the efects
of preeclampsia with the last two children
that God will have His hand of mercy on all for
a healthy delivery. We are very thankful for God
providing fnancially through His people as well
as through family for travel and the extended
stay. We are blessed!
We will be fnishing three
translation projects in November, with
a total of fve books being released. This has
been a long process of translation, editing,
and re-editing to ensure that the books will
be understandable and useful to the Body of
Christ in Cambodia. We are so grateful for all of
you who have partnered with us fnancially to
sponsor these projects, and we are excited to
see how God will use these books to grow His
church in Cambodia! We will be releasing the
last three books in the Design for Discipleship
series by the Navigators, along with What Is a
Healthy Church? by Mark Dever (in partnership
with the Gospel Coalition), and True Discipleship
by William MacDonald.
A quick update on Paton: he is
doing well and growing like a weed! He hasnt
had a seizure since the last one over two months
ago, and also has not had a fever spike for over
a month. Our medical bills for travel and exams
have been fully covered by insurance and a few
gifts we receivedthank you so much for your
continued prayers for our little guy and for your
heartfelt support. We still do feel a bit drained as
sickness in our family seems to be a normal part
of life now, but we are learning to lean on Christ
in the midst of it all.
jul-oct 2014
ACTION USA PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-0398 Tel. 425-775-4800
ACTION Canada 3015A 21 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7T1 403-204-1421
ACTION New Zealand PO Box 8928, Christchurch 8440 Tel. 011-643-341-0933 ACTION Website:
ACTION United Kingdom PO Box 144, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 5WE Tel. 011-151-630-2451 UK Registered Charity 1058661
Prayer Corner:
Continued prayer for Paton and his
struggle against febrile seizures.
Praise that Patons medical expenses
have been covered!
Prayer for the health of our family. We
have been quite sickly this year.
Praise that we will fnish three
translation projects this year!
Prayer for a healthy delivery in Thailand
for Christiana and our new baby boy.
Prayer as we prepare for home-
assignment in 2015.
Praise for continued stability in the
kingdom of Cambodia.
Blog: | Phone: 408-350-5895
Maternity/Family pictures taken by our friend, Rena

Ava and Paton
Because He lives,
Translation Projects
We have four current translation projects as well as a num-
ber of books we would like to translate in the future. Our
current projects include, a re-edit of Fify Reasons Why Je-
sus Came to Die by John Piper, the Design for Discipleship se-
ries by the Navigators, True Discipleship by William Mac-
Donald, and authoring a Biblical Greek Grammar for Khmer.
You can help us cover our on-going costs through your gif.
Also, here is a list of possible future projects and their estimated
translation cost if you desire to sponsor one of these books:
Confessions by Saint Augustine (est. $5,000)
Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon (est. $5,000)
Knowing God by J. I. Packer (est. $3,500)
Foxes Book of Martyrs by John Foxe (est. $5,000)
Lectures on Galatians by Martin Luther (est. $3,500)
Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin (est. $10,000)
A Simple Way to Pray by Martin Luther (est. $1,500)
On the Incarnation by Athanasius (est. $2,000)
Te Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter (est. $3,500)
Te Pursuit of God by A W Tozer (est. $5,000)
(Account 79048)
You also can support these projects by joining our Cause, Adopt a Book:
Providing Biblical Resources for the Cambodian Church at
Donate Online
Printing Projects
Praise! We have raised the additional $4,000 that was needed to print three more
books in the Design for Discipleship series as well as True Discipleship! You can still
give to help sponsor the printing of future projects. Our next project will be Te
Attributes of God by A.W. Pink, and work is already underway!
Total printing costs: $1,500
(Account 79048)
Donate Online
Staff Salaries
We currently have three Cambodian staf members who work on our translation
projects. You can be a part of supplying the support needed to support them, as well
as enable us to hire additional staf so that we can increase our project output and see
more Christian resources translated into Khmer to the glory of God.
Current Need: $2000 per month
(Account 79048) Donate Online
Yes, I want to support the Wells by
Praying Giving $ (45603A)
Funding Translation Projects $ (79048)

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All contributions are tax-deductible, and you will be sent a receipt
for income tax purposes.
You may also call 425-775-4800 to donate and setup automatic
donations, or on the web at:
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and mail to: PO Box 398 Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-0398