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for support applications to the Wacken Foundation

Preliminary remark:

The Wacken Foundation is a non-profit foundation under civil law based in 24869 Drpstedt
!auptstra"e 4# and dedicates itself to advance !ardrock and !eav$ %etal &usic'
The foundation i&ple&ents its purpose a&on( other thin(s but not onl$ e)clusivel$ b$ the financial
support for purchasin( &usic instru&ents and also the re*uired technical e*uip&ent offerin( of a
reward for concert prices financin( of costs which occur directl$ and indirectl$ fro& artistr$ resp' the
trainin( of talented $oun( &usicians'

1. Who can be supported?
+rtists bands son(writers and co&posers ,writers- can be supported' .speciall$ bands without a
labelpartner publisher etc' as well as bands which alread$ have a label partner or publisher etc' can
be supported' /ut the &a)i&u& benefitted a&ount &ust not e)ceed 401 of the supported pro2ect
in case of doubt the sponsorship will transfer into a deficienc$ (uarantee'

2. What is the focus of the support?
The focus lies on the support of talents b$ &akin( financial &easures available to bands and artists in
order to (ive the& the opportunit$ i&ple&ent certain pro2ects'

3. What do I hae to hand in?
3ou have to hand in an infor&al application in writin( via e-&ail info4wacken-foundation'co& as
well as an co&prehensible calculation which illustrates the in-5outco&e situation of the planned

!. What can be applied for?
3ou can appl$ for the i&ple&entation of concerts tours etc' for 6D productions for the purchase of
&erchandise &aterial as well as an invest&ent of travel costs' .speciall$ activit$ which (uarantees
the professional pro(ress in 2ud(e&ent of all curators will be supported' The board of trustees
decides on (rantin( and the a&ount of a clai&' !owever applicants do not have an$ clai& on
advance' The &a)i&u& benefitted a&ount is 7000- .uro'

". When is the deadline for applications?
There is no deadline' +pplications can alwa$s be handed in8

#. $o% often does the board of trustees decide on the applications?
9everal ti&es a $ear dependin( of the nu&ber of applications a &eetin( of the board of trustees is
bein( held and applications are bein( discussed' :n case of possbile toursupport there is the option
of an e&er(enc$ appeal' The benefitted a&ount &ust not e)ceed 401 of the entire char(es for the
tour' 3our re*uest has to be sub&itted to the Wacken Foundation at least 7 weeks before the
be(innin( of the tour'

&. When %ill be the disbursement?
The disburse&ent will be &ade within a &onth after the decision on the application' The activit$
benefitted b$ the Wacken Foundation has to be proved with transcripts of bills vouchers receipts
and so on'' We ask $ou to hi(hli(ht indicate or characteri;e all activit$ benefitted b$ the Wacken
Foundation on $our website,s- fl$er,s- poster,s- b$ inte(ratin( the Wacken Foundation lo(o and
h$perlinkin( to the foundations website'