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his countenance was enough to influence eretz influences everyone around him.

many people to adopt the Torah’s way. This was the way of Yitzchok Avinu.
Hard Times Chazal ask: how does one sanctify the Noach was a tzaddik, but he did not
Almighty’s name? When a ben Torah is influence others around him to follow
The Torah Path Will Guide Us Through All Tests honest in his dealings and deals cordial- his lead. On the other hand, Avrohom
ly with others, this elicits the response: and Yitzchok, each in their own way, had
agree. “Happy are the parents who taught him a major impact on their surroundings.
By Rav Moshe Shternbuch Chazal tell us that Potifar’s wife was Torah! Happy is the rov who taught him Because of their actions, many people
acting lesheim Shomayim. She knew Torah!” came to recognize the greatness of the Al-
The following was that she would have descendants from While speaking to the Almighty, Av- mighty’s ways.
written by Rabbi Daniel Yosef and was willing to do anything in rohom asked, “If there are ten tzaddikim We should learn from the Avos and do
Yaakov Travis based on her power to actualize that vision. Unbe- in the midst of the city, will You save whatever we can to bring Jews closer to
a drasha given on leil knownst to her, these children would be it?” The Chofetz Chaim explains that the Torah. This is a great source of protec-
Shabbos by Rav Moshe from her daughter and not her. words “in the midst of the city” refer to tion for ourselves and the entire Jewish
Shternbuch, Rosh Av Beis The words of Chazal teach us a valu- people who have a positive influence on people.
Din of the Eidah Hacha- able lesson. We must be very wary of their place of residence. If the upright cit- •••••
reidis of Yerushalayim. good intentions, for if they are misguided, izens keep to themselves, however, their Rav Shternbuch’s shiurim on the par-
••••• they can cause a person to do a lot of dam- merit will not be sufficient to save the city sha are being prepared to be published
age, such as by embarrassing others or from destruction. by Feldheim Publishers as a sefer. For
LIVING IN TRANQUILITY causing them financial loss. Sometimes, Even though Yitzchok was not actively information about dedication opportuni-
“Yaakov wanted to live in tranquility, the intention of lesheim Shomayim can be involved with geirus and kiruv, he had a ties, ideas for the title of the sefer, or shai-
yet he was immediately afflicted with the los for the rov, contact dytravis@actcom.
apparent death of Yosef. When tzaddikim com.
want to live in peace in this world, the Al- Never lose sight of the fact that the price for your •••••
mighty responds, ‘Is the tranquility I have Rabbi Travis is a rosh kollel of Kol-
prepared for them in the next world not actions must be paid sooner or later. lel Toras Chaim in Yerushalayim, and is
sufficient? They want to enjoy this world the author of Shaylos U’Teshuvos Toras
as well!” (Rashi 37:2). a recipe for disaster, if not strictly bound huge indirect impact which brought many Chaim and “Praying With Joy - A Daily
Rashi’s comment begs the question: by halacha. people into the fold. Rav Shternbuch’s Tefilla Companion,” a practical daily
Why is it so terrible if tzaddikim want The Torah writes that Aishes Potifar rosh yeshiva, Rav Moshe Shneider zt”l, guide to improving one’s prayers, avail-
tranquility in this world? After all, peace wanted Yosef to lie with her, and Chazal would tell his talmidim, “A Jew who able from Feldheim Publishers. For more
of mind will further enhance their Divine explain that this means in the next world. walks in the streets of London with a information about his work, contact dy-
service. Why did the desire for a tranquil Yosef understood that if he gave in to his yarmulka and tzitzis and acts with derech
life cause such harsh consequences for desires, he would suffer greatly in the next
Yaakov Avinu? world. In Heaven, they would repeatedly
The Avos laid the foundation for the show him the vision of how he had trans-
character of the Jewish people for all sub-
sequent generations. Avrohom Avinu cre-
gressed while he was alive.
The technological advances of the past
At the Shabbos Table
ated chessed, while Yitzchok pioneered
din and mesiras nefesh. What was Yaa-
century have brought many kinds of me-
dia into existence. All of these technolo-
with Rabbi Juravel
kov’s role in shaping the Jewish people? gies can show or inform us about the past By Rabbi Dovid Juravel
Yaakov Avinu suffered greatly through- and the present in a way that was incon-
out his life. He was driven away from ceivable in past times. What is their deep- Yosef Hatzaddik was in prison for At the last moment, the king realized
home by Eisav, he was nearly killed by er significance? ten years. He asked the sar hamash- his mistake and rescinded his order.
Elifaz, he spent 20 years living with the The Chofetz Chaim explained that in the kim to intercede with Paroh on his be- As a reward, Elisha received a nevuah
wicked Lavan, his daughter Dinah was past, Jews had emunah that the Almighty half, but he did not. Hashem caused that the next day, food would be plen-
abducted, his wife Rochel died young, knows and sees everything, and that ev- Paroh to have dreams, which resulted tiful. One shekel would buy a se’ah of
and his son Yosef was presumed dead. ery one of our actions is recorded. As the in Yosef’s sudden release and his rise wheat or two se’ah of barley. Hashem
Yet Yaakov remained the pillar of truth generations got weaker in their faith, they to greatness. caused the soldiers of Aram to hear
and Torah and he was always steadfast in needed a more tangible metaphor for this The Chofetz Chaim says that the the sound of troops. Thinking that the
his learning, despite all of his agonizing spiritual reality. Media which capture and normal course of events is that ev- Yidden had hired alien armies to assist
tribulations. record sounds and images, to be replayed erything looks hopeless prior to the them, they left their belongings and
For this reason, when Yaakov Avinu at a later time, are here to illustrate what it salvation from Hashem. He cites as fled. The Yidden found these belong-
asked for a peaceful life, the Almighty means that all our deeds are being record- an example the episode when Dov- ings and the prophecy was fulfilled.
responded that it was impossible to grant ed and that we will see them again when id Hamelech was with his troops in The Chofetz Chaim says that it will
his request. Yaakov had to pave the way we reach the next world. Plishtim, and the Amaleikim attacked likewise appear to be bleak before
for learning Torah despite the great suf- Rather than being distracted by the Tziklag, burned the city and took the our final redemption and this is hint-
fering and adversity that the Jewish peo- flashing lights and technological wizardry women and children captive. “They ed in the posuk which states, “It was
ple would face in all of the coming gen- of these devices, we should view them as
erations. This was Yaakov Avinu’s unique a message from Above. This is the les-
task in this world. By overcoming this son of Yosef Hatzaddik: Never lose sight The normal course of events is that everything
challenge, he earned himself and all of his of the fact that the price for your actions
descendants a special place in the World
to Come.
must be paid sooner or later. looks hopeless prior to the salvation from Hashem.
Someone who suffers in this world can KIRUV BY EXAMPLE raised their voices and cried, till they evening and it was morning,” mean-
expect tranquility in the next. The Vilna “Yaakov lived in the land that his father had no more strength to cry,” the po- ing that it will appear dark before the
Gaon once told his talmidim about the had inhabited (megurei aviv)” (Bereishis suk says. Dovid Hamelech’s troops light of Hashem’s yeshuah shines. The
excruciating torments that a person may 37:1). blamed the attack on his being absent Chofetz Chaim exhorts us not to lose
endure in the next world. One of his stu- The Medrash explains that the words from Tziklag and they wanted to stone heart.
dents took this terrifying shiur to heart megurei aviv (literally, the dwelling place him. “But Dovid strengthened him- Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l says that
and passed out. When he came to, the of his father) are a hint to the fact that self in Hashem.” He inquired of the this is reflected in the story of Chanu-
Gaon told this talmid that the shiur need Yaakov’s father, Yitzchok, was able to Urim Vetumim, which told him that kah. All seemed hopeless to the Yid-
not frighten him. He had suffered greatly influence many geirim to join the Jewish he would succeed if he would pursue den. Many Yidden had already been
in this world and would not receive such people (megurei referring to geirim, con- the Amaleikim. They encountered an killed and the end was nowhere in
harsh treatment in the next. Each of his verts). We know that Avrohom, whose pri- Amaleikite slave who had been aban- sight. Then Hashem caused the small
tribulations would detract greatly from mary middah was kindness, brought many doned because he was ill and was left group of Chashmonaim to defeat the
any punishment that was due to him after people close to the Almighty through his to starve. He led Dovid Hamelech to Greeks and brought about the miracle
leaving this world. warm, giving nature. How did Yitzchok, the Amaleikim and Dovid defeated of the oil lasting for eight days.
whose main attribute was din and Divine them and rescued all the captives. May we take faith in Hashem for
FOR THE SAKE justice, accomplish this? The Chofetz Chaim cites another both our personal difficulties and those
OF HEAVEN Yitzchok Avinu did not go out and try example. When Aram besieged Shom- that plague Yidden as a whole when
Yaakov Avinu’s son, Yosef Hatzdadik, to influence the masses like his father did. ron, the hunger was so great that the the situation appears totally hopeless.
also endured many tribulations during his He spent most of his time in isolation, people ate a donkey’s head, which And may Hashem reward this faith by
lifetime. After being sold by his broth- deeply consumed with his Divine service. cost eighty silver coins. Fuel was alleviating our personal situations and
ers into slavery, he was harassed day and Yet his righteousness and integrity shone scarce and dove droppings had to be by bringing the final redemption.
night by Potifar’s wife, who wanted him so brightly that anyone who met him im- used for fuel. The king blamed Elisha •••••
to act immorally. She threatened him with mediately perceived that his ways were Hanovi, claiming that he hadn’t dav- To have Rabbi Juravel speak at
all types of physical harm if he did not the right path in life. The very sight of ened properly, and ordered him killed. your function, call 646.320.3125.

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