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Today saving plans play an important role in the economy. Indias high savings
rate has been a crucial driver of its economic boom, providing productive capital and
helping to fuel a virtuous cycle of higher growth. Indian mutual fund market has high
proportion and about 5% to 10% of the Indian population is in mutual fund investment. A
person from any category intends to invest in small saving options.
Person having income from thousands to lacs invest in these plans for return, tax
benefit of future savings. These plans are for everyone in an agricultural country like
India. Today around 27% of total investments are covered by small saving plans. This
project will help to know about the small savings options and how customer prefers
these plans. After the analysis done, it shows people invest according to the market
condition. In this condition, they take interest in fixed return and equity linked saving
schemes i.e. mutual funds.
The methodology used in this report, is primary and secondary data sources.
Sample size of 10 male and 10 female respondents is considered. The parameters
which include collection of secondary data are yield, issued by, minimum and maximum
amount of investment, life/lock in period, capital appreciations, tax benefits, advantages
and disadvantages.
Finally the analysis part which was made through SPSS and through excel and
graphs were being plotted from data collected and interpreting from graph. Through this
analysis part, how customer invests by considering every aspect of current scenario.
Through this project customer came to know where to invest their money whether in
fixed return or variable return type of investments.


1 Each investor has different psychology so study becomes biased and sample
may not help to gather in depth knowledge.
2 Due to limited area coverage, behavior of investors may be different in other
3 Due to limited time, it was not possible to make in-depth study of these plans.
4 Investors behavior is affected.
5 Market condition also affect the survey i.e. investments depends on market
conditions i.e. Bullish or Bearish.


1 Analyzing the investment preference of people in small saving plans.
2 Analyzing the inclination of Social Economic Class towards the investments.
3 To know whether the people have knowledge of all these plans.
4 To know about the relationship between age and investment of the people.
5 To know which groups are inclined towards future reinvestments.
6 To know which plans are suitable for the people to get the maximum return.