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Welcome Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cafe Chokolades

franchisee. We take great pleasure in giving you an introduction to our
world in the following pages. And as these pages unfold, we hope they
will give you a brief picture of what exciting times lie ahead.


What makes Chokolade b special and a unique product?

It has been described as a shake, yet it can't be shipped through a straw;
some liken it to an ice-cream but it cannot be scooped, nor can it be bitten
into. It looks like chocolate and it tastes like chocolate, but unlike chocolate
it doesn't melt at room temperatures, in fact, it remains chilled!

And then there's the matter of taste; each blend distinctively different, yet
carrying the unmistakable flavor that distinguishes Caf Chokolade. And of
course, ordering it is the easiest way to be recognized as a connoisseur of
good taste.

In matters of health too, Caf Chokolade scores high, thanks to its use of
high grade cocoa butter instead of the regular hydrogenated oil that
conventional brands prefer. As every nutritionist knows, hydrogenated oil is
bad for you, but cocoa butter enhances, both, taste and health. Caf

Neither milk shake nor ice cream; hard to describe and difficult to classify,
but impossible to resist. Here's to the taste that's redefining cool - Caf

'No preservatives added' is a claim that many labels make, but few can
justify. We can! Our ice creams contain no preservatives, which is why they
come with an expiration of just 12 days from manufacture.

You also get more per scoop than almost any other ice-cream. Unlike the
most Ice Cream brands that add almost 100% air during the manufacturing
process we add only 10% air the minimum needed to form an Ice cream. It
may cost us more, but its why you enjoy it even more.

What we do add in plentiful are fruits- fresh fruits in the widest variety
available, to add the natural goodness of nature to every mouthful of

From Great Beginning To Greater Futures

After my FY-B.Com result, in which I had one backlog and had barely
cleared the other subjects, my parents were obviously not over the moon,
but they are the cool kinds so it was not a problem. Sometimes girls would
call at odd times but then, as I said, my parents were the cool types.
Sometimes I would not come back all night, but as you know by now my
parents were the cool types. One day, the police came to my house to arrest
me for apparently having friends who turned out to be criminals of sorts
(you guys know how at that age you want to hang out with the bhais of the
college). I hope I could say again how cool my parents were, but
unfortunately my cool parents lost their cool and packed my bags along
with me and sent me to London for further education.
There was a time in India when apparently kids were naughty, and parents
would say isko hostel bhej do. It was their magic formula, but I am not
sure how much it worked. Since India has progressed and so have the
parents, now they say isko abroad bhej do. So the abroad theory was
used on me even though I didnt even clear my FY B.Com in India. Doesnt
make sense, but I was more than happy. Like every Indian student I was
excited to live in London.
So, in February 2002, a 19 year old lad lands in the City of the Queen with
a lot of dreams. I joined college and found a part-time job for self
sustenance as I did not want to burden my family back home. They were
also struggling to barely finance my education and more. So there was a
tremendous financial crunch at home too. Hence, I was determined that this
time I would not let them down.
Life was not a party anymore and my struggle period soon commenced.
Things were very difficult as most of my day was spent at college and there
was hardly anytime left to work. But no work or less work meant no food
and no house. For the first time perhaps I realised what the millions of
people surviving on the roads in our country go through. However my
strength lies in something my parents taught me - "When the going gets
tough, you get tougher. I felt challenged and I wanted to fight and win over
it. Win, not just for myself, but my parents back in India who had struggled
hard all their life to raise me. I did odd jobs like working at a construction
site and even cleaning toilets at a restaurant. This might sound
melodramatic but its true. There was a time I did not eat for 48 hrs at a
stretch as I did not have money. Eventually it came to a point that I left my
studies and started working full-time. Life slowly got comfortable as I did
not have to worry about surviving anymore. But right from a young age I
had dreamt about being a successful man. So it was not just pure survival
that I aimed for.
I started putting up stalls in a Sunday market, but every time it would be a
new product, as the last one did not sell well. Its funny to think of what all I
tried to sell, from Corn to bhel puri to fruits.
I soon realised that the Indian market in London was completely saturated.
So trying to sell Indian goods was a waste of time as there were too many
Indians who were already doing that. As one would know, half of Gujarat
and Punjab is in the UK. Cutting a long story short, I ended up importing
Chinese snacks from China to sell to the Chinese supermarkets. This worked
as if I had mined gold. I sold all my goods within a month and doubled my
income. There was no looking back after that. And at the end of that year I
saved up good money. By the way, I am pleased to tell you guys, I went for
a dinner to the same restaurant where I use to clean toilets and gave a tip
of 20 pounds!!! (That used to be my pay for cleaning toilets for 5 hrs). In an
odd way it was a great moment for me.
By this time I had completed 4 years in London and I felt very lonely. I
missed my family and friends. Above all, I missed my India. I had always
criticised India while I was in India but when I left my country I realised that
our India is the best. I was making money but I was not happy. So I
decided to listen to my heart and against all odds I decided to come back as
I was confident that if I can do well in a foreign land then I can do well in
my own country too.
Having moved to India and after a few flop business ventures I was given
the offer to take over Cad B (now Caf Chokolade). It had only 4 outlets at
that time and was making huge losses. Since it was a loss making company
it was offered to me at a reasonable price, but it was enough to take away
all my UK savings. I was in a huge dilemma as it was a huge risk to take
because even though I had the money to buy the company, I did not have
the money to pay for the monthly losses which at that point were 5 lakhs a
month and I knew that if it doesnt click I could be heading towards cleaning
the toilets again. All my family & friends were dead against it but I knew to
make it big I had to take big risks and as usual I did what I believed in and
bought Cad B.
In the first month I brought down the loss from 5 lakhs to 1 lakh. It was
very difficult in the beginning and there were many bad days and several
sleepless nights. At times I would issue cheques worth lakhs when there was
zero balance in my bank, but somehow arranged for the money before the
cheque would come for clearing. At times it felt more like war than business
and during this war I even lost some close friends. But I have been lucky to
find friends like Romi, Moiz and Hitesh, without them this would not have
been possible. Also, thanks to Mr. Vinay Dias who was the first one to
introduce me to Cad B (I would not be thanking him if things had not
worked out).
There are 2 principles that have always kept my company afloat - Quality
Products and Customer Care which in my case, are my franchisees and you
wonderful people who come to enjoy our products.
Currently we have 95 outlets in 32 different cities of India. We always see
American brands like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Starbucks and so on, but I have
dreamt of an Indian brand that will make its name globally. Hopefully with
all your support my dream will come true.

Now, having withstood multinational and local competition over the
years, Cafe Chokolade is looking to expanding operations all over the
country. A dream we hope to convert into reality with the help of our
franchisee partners.

To Get You Started#

List of equipment
Items Qty Rate Amount Kw Amp
Brownie plate 12 185 2220
Pizza Oven 1 12500 12500 2000 15
Heavy duty Mixer 2 9500 19000 1600 15
Sandwich Griller 1 7500 7500 1200 15
Electrical Fryer 1 5500 5500 1200 15
Ice Cream Waffles cone machine (
OPTIONAL ) 1 9500 9500 1200 15
Brownie Induction Plates 1 2500 2500 1200 15
Pizza making accessories 1 Set( PIZZA
oven TRAY,SERVING TRAY, Lifter, cutter,
sprinklers 1 7500 7500
Deep freezer ( 400L) Blue star 1 21000 21000 1100 15
Ice Cream Fridge Celfrost (450L) with ice
cream containers. 1 35000 35000 1100 15
Micro Oven 1 3000 3000 2000 15
Small fridge for Pizza (Raw material) 1 8000 8000 1000 15
Cutlery and crockerys ( Approx )

12000 12000



* Above Prices might vary 10 to 15% from
vendor to vendor

Air-conditioning 0.30
1 Computers / Printer 0.45
Signage 0.26
Internal Branding 0.32
Brand (Franchisee Fee (one time) 5.00

Subtotal (Rs. lacs) 6.33
Total Investment (Rs. Lacs)
# : Additional cost of Rs.3.5 lacs (appx) for interiors of the Outlet.
Pos software 15,000
Uniform ( 2 set *3) 4,938
Menus & Flyers 15,000
Branding of inside the outlet ( visuals etc). 33,000
Interior Design Fees. 25,000
Raw Materials ( Goods required for sale) 52,000
Does not include
Municipal / licensing fees.
Preoperative Expenses.
Cost of generator, if necessary.
Electric Load : 30 KV


Items Qty
Service Tray 5
Ss Spoon big 4
Ss Spoon ( For Chocolate ) crush 2
Ice cr cone roller 2
Coconut grater 1
Tea spoon 5
Palta ( For Ice cream ) 2
Chopping board 2
Sandwich cutter 1
Disposable glows (pkt) 4
Chokolade B glasses (crystal )- (Doz) 12
Chocolate Shot glasses (Doz) 6
Hi ball water glasses (Doz) 1
Sandwich plates (Doz) 3
kot holder 1
Paper Napkin holder 8
Table Menu stand 10
Name tags for Staff 6
Dry fruit jars 12
Squeeze bottle 6
Waffle cone Tin + bulb ( Cone warmer) 1
Cloth Duster - 1 doz 1

Cleaning materials

Following is the list of cleaning material, necessary for the daily
cleaning of the store and please find the attachment for the

* Liquid detergent 5lit
* Phenyl 5 lit
* Vim bar 5
* Herbotik 5 lit
* Surf 2pkts
* Nylon scrubber 10
* Scotch brite 12
* Mop clothes 12
* Soft dusters 12
* Collin spray 2
* Door mates 3
* Air freshener 6
* Mop with rod 2
* Mop heads 6
* Squeeze
* Broom 2
* Floor scrubber 2
* Garbage bags - 5kg
* Dustbin - 2 big n 2 small
* Buckets 2

For the Washroom-
*Hand wash liquid dispenser - 1.
Need to be fixed on the wall next to the mirrors (Right).
* Hand towel (Left) holder. (6 towel in stock)

Automatic fragrance dispenser unit (20 seconds).
* Brush 1 n Harpic 1.
* Door mate small.

* Umbrella bin for the customer.

All the above mentioned stuff must be kept ready at the store well in
advance, 4 days before opening store.

Does not include cost of rent
Average food cost over the year which includes the food cost of promotion

Counting On Your Support

The entire investment for and management of the branch are the
franchisee's responsibility. A few points to be kept in mind are

1. All renovation, interiors and signage must be as per the
specifications provided by the company.
2. All manpower will be on the rolls of the operator.
3. Licensing of the shop must be carried out by the operator as per
existing rules in the name of the landlord / Cafe Chokolades.
4. A minimum of 1 telephone lines should be obtained.
5. Purchases should be as per specifications laid down by the
6. Quality must be maintained to Company standards.
7. Stringent checks must be kept on the service, including on-time
8. Wastage and leakages must be controlled.
9. Hygiene factors must be kept under strict check, as explained by
the Company.
10. A record of all customer feedback is to be kept.
11. Books of Accounts are to be maintained in an organised manner
and made available to the Company whenever asked for.
12. All payments to the Company under the Agreement should be
made by demand draft strictly according to the payment
schedule.(4 PDC cheque should be reached to company by every
day of the month against next month billing payment.
13. Complete confidentiality on all trade secrets and products
manufactured is to be maintained at all times.
14. Sales Tax should be paid by the franchisee as per the law.
15. All promotions and marketing initiatives launched by the
company should be promoted aggressively.
16. Rs-25000/- cash to deposited against raw materials which is

Gross margin

Maximum Margin is on Premium Chokolade Thick
shakes/shots/Sandwiches. Up-selling and suggestive selling plays
major role in our business.

(Gross Margin calculation on Signature products)
1 set comprise of
6 bulk *3.2 ltrs of Chokolade mix
4.5 kgs Chokolade paste
2.5 kgs Chokolade flakes.
1 set cost Rs-4620.73/-
We get 126 glasses of Chokolade B large ( Per large
cost Rs-36.67/- )
Selling price of Chokolade B large: Rs-90/-
Total gross sales on 1set : Rs- 11340/-
Gross profit : Rs-6719.27/-
Gross margin : 145.41%

Lending You A Helping Hand
What Caf Chokolade will provide to the franchisee:

1. Brand Name.
2. Specifications for the interiors and the kitchen layout.
3. Posters, Pictures etc. for the restaurant.( Danglers )
4 Art work for branding.
5. One of the companys chefs and one management representative will be
deputed at the franchisees outlet for approximately 10 days to help in the
launch and training of staff. Travel by Air, accommodation in at least a 3
star hotel, local travel and food to be at the cost of the franchisee.
6. One of the Company's kitchen staff will be deputed at the franchisees
outlet for a one-month period to help in the launch and training. Travel,
accommodation and food to be at the cost of the franchisee.
7. Assistance in the setting up of systems, suppliers and inventory levels
including manuals.
8. Standard consumption norms.
9. Hygiene specifications.
10. Supply of a raw materials one in a week. Monday need to be indent and
Wednesday outlet will received the materials.
11. Specifications for the uniforms to be worn.
12. A launch package, including Menus, Shirts for staff to be provided by us.
13. Marketing support in the form of advertising, promotions including co-
promotions with other brands and new menus.

14. Regular visits by company executives to check and quality, hygiene,
systems, books of accounts etc. ( Cost of accommodation in a 3 star hotel,
local travel & food to be borne by the franchisee.
15. Regular training programme for franchises/staff

What Our Partners Say

We began cautiously but confidently with our first outlet at Malad. We
couldnt believe the response and over the past few years, we have
not only increased our volumes but also our presence through 5 other
outlets. Obviously it is hard work, but also very exciting, not to
mention an extremely profitable business venture as well.
Mrs. Priyank Doshi , Vile Parle / Malad / Infinity / Mumbai

I started this venture independently and against the wishes of my
family, who were unsure of the viability. But I was convinced looking
at the tremendous goodwill the brand enjoys in the market. Once
customers had tasted a Cafe Chokolades prodcuts anywhere, they
would remember it enough to come back for more. This speaks
wonders of their product quality and has helped me develop such a
loyal customer base, that I am looking to expand the business
Mr Harshal Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

As a housewife prior to operating a Cafe Chokolades outlet, I was
looking to invest my time in a solid opportunity. I am glad to be
associated with somebody as far sighted and fair as Cafe Chokolades
who not only helped me set up, but have also helped nurture and
grow my business into a lucrative proposition.
Mrs.Anil Gangurde, Mulund / Swap Nagari, Mumbai