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Assignment on

Case study of Entrepreneurs:

“Mr. Mozammel Hoque & Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan”

Md. Faisal Murshed ID: 11
Sidul Hoq Reefat ID: 20
Md. Rakib Uddin ID: 21
Tonmoy Ghosh ID: 25

BBA Department
10th Intake/ Fall Semester
Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

Executive Summary

We are very much thankful to our honorable course coordinator Prof. Md

Mohiuddin for given us such a great opportunity to analyze the life of two successful
entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.
Though we are the students of business administration & now we are studying
“Entrepreneurship” we should learn about successful entrepreneur’s life history, their
strengths, weakness, opportunity & threat. This will help us in our future life for creating
a new venture & successfully control it.
This assignment has given us the chance to analyze the business life of “Mr.
Mozammel Hoque & Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan”, two successful entrepreneurs of

From this assignment we can point some entrepreneurial skills, their drawbacks
etc which will be helpful in our practical business life.

Table of Contents

SL Subject Page

1 Life history of Mr.Abdul Khaleque Pathan [AKP] 4-5

2 “SWOT” analysis of Mr.Abdul Khaleque Pathan 5-6

3 Wining Strategy & Conclusion of Mr.Abdul Khaleque 6
Pathan [AKP]
4 Life history of Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH] 7-8

5 “SWOT” analysis of Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH] 8-9

6 Wining Strategy & Conclusion of Mr. Mozammel 9

Houque [MH]

Case Study of Mr.Abdul Khaleque Pathan [AKP]

Life history:

Mr. Khaleque was born on the 14th May,1959 at Jarun, Konabari Gazipur of Dhaka. His
father was Mr.Abdul Pathan and Begum Alek Jan was his mother. Mr. AKP started his
education in Hatimara High School from which in 1979, he passed the S.S.C examination.
For financial reasons, he could not continue his student studies. Mr.Abdul Khaleque
Pathan had early married around his twenties.

Now, Mr.Abdul Khaleque Pathan [AKP], owner of Khaleque Group of industries. The
Enterpries under the ownership of Khaleque Group as on
16-08-2000 are:

a. Khaleque Knitting & Garments Pvt Ltd.

b. Keya Cosmetics.
c. Khaleque & Co.[Bricks]
d. Bandhu Bricks
e. Keya detergents Ltd.
f. Khaleque Trading House
g. Poly Advertising Firm
h. Keya Spinning [proposed]
i. Keya Sweater Ltd. [proposed]

Since boyhood, Mr. AKP entrepreneurial vision & for that reason, after the school hours,
when his classmates used to play in the evening, Mr.AKP would sell chocolates,
cigarettes etc. from which trade he saved some money to buy chicken, ducks and goats.
Mr.AKP then would buy chicken from one market at a lower price to sell the same to
another market at a higher price. Thus, he earned some money and with that he along with
his one of his friends, started partnership business of chicken.

Once losing all his savings, he became so much frustrated. At this time, his wife rescued
him by giving TK.600 only. She also allowed AKP to sell her ornaments to start a
business. With this money, Mr.AKP took lease a pond for fish cultivation. Around the
same time, Mr. AKP’s father-in–law offered him a supervisory job in his bricks field with
a monthly salary of TK.600. But the main in whom the entrepreneurial sprit was burning,
could not remain satisfied with the job. As such, he left the same and borrowed some
money to supply firewood’s to different fields of the locality.

Mr. AKP as trusted person and the lenders used to extend him any amount of funds
whenever he needed. This is how, in 1983, Mr. AKP applied for truck on credit from the
Progati industry with a down payment of Tk. 40,000 of which he could mobilize only Tk.
25000 of his own past savings and the remaining Tk. 15,000, he raised from the lenders.
He was well aware about the mechanisms of brickfield business and the ways of making
handsome profit from such business. It is therefore, AKP was always aspiring to be the
owner of a brick field.

There came an opportunity when Mr. AKP received a loan of Tk.3 lakhs from Sonali
Bank and started a brickfield in Gazipur. Under his dynamic management, in the
following year, the small brickfield grew into one of the largest brick fields in the
country. Mr. AKP is now owner of five giants bricks fields in which Sonali Bank
extended as Tk.70 lakhs. The plant is now [mid 2000] producing more than two core
pieces of bricks per year. The financial assistance of Sonali Bank help Mr.AKP to great
and encouraged him into new industrial venture while the brick field project enjoyed the
fruits of success. He was the first entrepreneur to venture knitting garments industry in
Bangladesh in end of eighties. In 1996, he commenced cosmetics industry in Bangladesh
brand name as “ KEYA”.

As stated earlier, Mr. AKP married in his twenties, he is blessed with one son & two
daughters. He loves maintaining a simple life. Since 1996, Mr. AKP has been
recognized as one of the Commercially Important Person (CIP) of Bangladesh & was
awarded the National Export Trophy for the year 1996-1997 by the government of

“SWOT” analysis of Mr.Abdul Khaleque Pathan [AKP]:

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats of Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan [AKP]:


1. Since boyhood, Mr. AKP had entrepreneurial vision and he utilized it in his
business activities.
2. He got high level of energy, hard labor and maximum capacity of utilization
because he used to drive his own truck by night though he had his own truck
3. He was a trusted person and for this reason the lenders used to extend him any
amount of funds whenever he needed.
4. He had confidence in his ability to succeed because once he lost all his
savings he started business again with the help of his wife.
5. He got the ability of value achievement over money because he utilized the
lend money in proper way.


1. He was a very sound minded man.

2. Mr. AKP believed his friends so much and for this reason he was a victim of
conspiracies by one of his best friend.
3. Once a bank rejected his requested loan because he had not any previous
experience when he wanted to start garment business.


1. Now a days he become a renowned person so if he wants to start a new

business he could get any amount of loan from the bank and other financial
2. He got an opportunity to work for his father-in-law’s brick fields and for this
reason he could understand the brick field industry well.
3. Now a days his Keya Detergent powder is doing well and he is thinking it will
be the close competitor of Wheel, Surf-Exell.
4. Because he awarded by national export trophy for this reason he had an
opportunity to ensure any kind of business loan.


1. At the initial stage he was disturbed because of some local people jealousy.
2. Now a days his business is threaten by other competitors.
3. Sometimes he was taken to the custody for social harassment.
4. Though he was innocent but for some reason he got some bad impression.

Wining Strategy:

1. He was the first entrepreneur in garments and Cosmetic sectors, because he

got visionary skill.
2. He is a big ambitious person.
3. He always take right decision and he was so innovative.
4. He was a moderate risk taker and always prefer to take risk such as he venture
garment industry with his own investment.
5. He always use his opportunity to contribute to society and for this reason he is
recognized. Some of his social contributions are – Hatimara College, Dhaka
Allergy Hospital and some rural poor people of the locality.


From the case study we have learn so much about entrepreneurship. If any
one is innovative, risk taker, visionary etc he may become a successful
entrepreneur in his life. Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan is a successful entrepreneur
with all of this skill. He introduces new venture in Bangladesh and now a days
these business are quite successful. So, we should be innovative and risk taker in
our life to become a successful entrepreneur and serve ourselves.

Case Study of Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH]

Life history:

Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH], the Managing director of Bangas-Tallu Industry Group,
was a very poor man. He become Hero-from-Zero. How it is happened it describe in

Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH], is the eldest of the five issues of his parents with four
sister. They were very poor. His used to collect dry leaves from the forest with which his
mother had to prepare daily food. Many days his family members had to remain unfed
and starved, living in a dilapidated house, timely repair of which was not possible to be
done for want of required amount of money. From this fact, one can imagine the level of
poverty in which MH’s family had to fight to out to live really very hard days they had to
cross in those days.

He started his education in a village maqtab. He was quite brilliant student and that was
why with stipends, he could continue his studies till the college level. If he did not get
scholarship/stipend his student life would have been finished much earlier
MH as the only son of his parents, had to shoulder the burden of the family in the absence
of his father. They had limited family properties, besides MH was then an unemployed
young man. It was really difficult for the family to manage daily express.

After coming to Chuadanga, he joined as a distillery agent in the Keru and Co., a private
company, at a salary of Tk. 67 per month. His work to mix water with sprite. The job was
very easy but as the assignment given was unfair, MH was feeling uncomfortable. As a
helper in the wine preparation process, MH was constantly suffering from moral sense
that would keep him always in a depressed mood.

At the time, for default of payment of land rent popularly known as (Khajna), many land
auctions were conducted by munseef courts. In such an opportunity, MH purchased an
area of land of 105 bighas with TK. 390 only. The land area MH bought was full of water
hyacinth. At that time, he did not have enough money even to clean this low land. But
afterwards that piece of land was instrumental to the upward change of MH to prosperity
and social prestige. Luck favored MH in the year after he bought the land.

In 1957, MH resigned from Keru & co. and sold 50 bighas of low land at Tk. 9000 of
which he purchased a house with Tk.3000 and used the rest of money to set up a shoe
store at Chuadanga Bazar.

He became interested in contact business. But he had not enough money for the purpose.
When he was able to secure a contact, the local rich person who promised to assist him
financially declined to do so, possibly at the influence of some of the local bad people. At
this, he was in utter financial crisis. But he did not leave the job that he got as a contract
rather he started the initial foundation of the contracted building work with little saving
that he made so long from his small shoe store.

Mr. Mh. Is blessed with three sons and five daughter, all the sons are master degree
holder and each of them is very serious and sincere in working as the director of group.
Mh’s only regret is that his father could not see his prosperity and achievement made by
him through. Mr. MH. Stated with choked voice that 1952, at the time of his marriage,
him father-in-law was very much reluctant to agree to proposal by stating that MH. was
then an all most destitute who had no property at all.

“SWOT” analysis of Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH]:

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats of Mr. Mozammel Houque [MH]:


1. He was a hard worker and had the dedication to his family because they
lived a very poor life.
2. He was quite brilliant student that’s why he could understand a situation
3. He had a moral sense that’s why he resigned from Keru & CO.
4. He was a very committed person that’s why an engineer of Kusthia very
pleased to him in his contract business.
5. His luck is one of the strength of his success.


1. At the early stage of life he was very much poor.

2. After his father death he had to maintain his entire family. He had to
shoulder the burden of the family.
3. At the early stage he had limited family properties, besides he was then
an unemployed young man.
4. In 1957, he became interested in contract business but he couldn’t
manage sufficient investment.


1. He purchased an area of land of 105 bighas which he rent the land to land
2. He wanted to be a government employee.
3. He was successful in utilizing the opportunities that he got with hard labor
and dedication.


1. Because of some local bad people he was in under financial crisis when
he wants to start contract business.
2. He identified those bureaucratic complexities in securing governmental
facilities to set up industries in Bangladesh.
3. In his industry experienced consultant are not available to minimize the

Winning Strategy:

He was poor and his family has not any financial resources. After his father’s death he
had to shoulder the burden of the family. For this reason he joined as a distillery agent in
the Keru and CO. He purchases a land and used to get rent from the land users who
cultivate this land. He wanted to become a contractor. He was inspired to enter into
manufacturing business by Mr. Jahur of Chittagong. When he started his business of
spinning mills he got huge labor force. His vital cause of winning is hare labor and


From the case study we have learn so much about entrepreneurship. If any one is
innovative, risk taker, visionary etc he may become a successful entrepreneur in his life.
Mr. Mozammel Houque was very poor, but he never fell depressed. With his hard work
and dedication he maintains his family as well as he becomes successful in his life. So,
we can understand that if we don’t have sufficient money but we are dedicated we can
become successful in our life.