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Failure of Auto-Deployment into Runtime system

Pre-requisite: A runtime system is defined in CMS for a development location.
A change in the ID is done on a !ava Pro"ect. #his change is activated in
D#$ and C%S. #he change does not arrive on the $untime system.
Components: ID& CMS
CMS& ID version '( )*+ SP ,+
#he usual process -ould .e li/e this: #he .uildserver .uilds one or several
ne- archives in a %uildrequest. #he Auto-Deployment is contacted .y the
%uildserver and the corresponding %uildrequestId is transmitted. #he Auto-
Deployment then contacts the %uildserver to get the archives and deploys
those on the SDM-Server.
1) Check the configuration in the CMS
0o to CMS 1andscape Configurator $untime Systems
a2 chec/ that a runtime system is configured for your location and that
the connect parameters for the SDM Server are correct.
.2 Chec/ that the chec/.o3 4disa.le automatic deployment5 is not
2) Watch the status an isplay logs in the !D"
a2 6hen activating an activity in the ID& go to the Activation $equests
7ie-. 8ou can see the results of the deployment in the ro- mar/ed
-ith a .lue arro- .
.2 In case you can see there only a 495 sign go to the 4Development
Configurations Perspective5 in the 4Acitve DCs5 7ie-. $ightclic/ on
your DC and clic/ on 4Central Deployment 1og5: this gives you the
latest deployment log.
In case you do not find a matching deploy log continue. :ther-ise have a
loo/ if there are any errors to .e seen in the deploy log.
#) $a%e a look at the &CS-Deploy'ueue Monitor
Determine the connect parameters to the !;-server -here the
.uildserver is running on. #his information is stored in the CMS <
Configuration =CMS 1andscape Configurator Component %uild
Service >$1 2
Connect to the >$1 http:??@host':@port'?#CS?Deployer and see if your
.uildrequest is displayed for your .uildspace. If you find it there& your
request is still -aiting for deployment.
3ample: here the .uildrepuests ABCB& ABCD& ABB+& ABB)& ABBC of
.uildspace #P$#EAts#est,ED are still -aiting for deployment.
a) If the of .uildrequests for your .uildspace is
diminishing& this -ill mean that the deployment is running
and the request -ill .e deployed sooner or later.
b) If nothing is changing something is -rong. #he deploymet
should start immediately. If nothing is happening for several
minutes go to the ne3t step =*2 for further analysis.
c) If the .uildrequest is not displayed there it might have
already .een deployed. Continue -ith the follo-ing:
Find out the .uildrequestID of the deploya.le archive:
In the ID ta/e the 4$equest ID5 as diplayed in the
4Activation $equests 4 7ie-. 0o the the C%S 6e.>I
$equests Simple search enter the in
the $equestID field and clic/ on search. Gave a loo/
in the 4Follo--up $equests5 #a. for any $equest Ids.
#he $equest ID -hich produced a deploya.le archive
is the correct one. 8ou can find out if a DC is
deploya.le if you loo/ in the %uild1og and find 4"arsap5
or 4Create deploy file5 entries there. #he .uildspace
name is the name displayed at the top of the page.
nter the .uildspace name and the request ID in the
#CS-DeployHueue Monitor in the 4Chec/ Deployment
Status5 part. Press 4su.mit5 to get more information
and a lin/ to the deploylog.
If the archive is deploya.le& .ut no .uildrequest is
sho-n in the #CS-DeployHueue Monitor& this is a
notification error. Please open a message on %C-C#S-
C%S -ith a detailed description.
() &est the SDM manually
>se a SDM-client =?usr?sap?@SID'?!C@ID'?SDM?program? $
.I-. $ auf >JIK2 to connect to the SDM-Server for the given
location. 8ou find the information a.out the location in the CMS-
Configuration. 6ait for the response of the SDM server. #hen disconnect
again& other-ise you are .loc/ing any deployment on this server.
Follo-ing errors are possi.le:
,2 #he SDM-Server is not running. -' Contact the system administrator to
start the process. Alternatively start the process yourself using the
management console.
;2 #he SDM-Server is .loc/ed .y another process. -' 6ait for this
process to finish .loc/ing the server. Inform the user -hich is .loc/ing
the server to disconnect form the SDM-Server& if you happen to /no-
If this -as the error you can start the Autodeployment manually:
0o to the 4#rigger autodeployment5 part of the page and enter the name of
the .uildspace in the 4.uildspace5 field& then press 4su.mit5. After a
successful start of the Autodeployment you -ill get the message:
Autodeployment was successfully started.
*2 Gave a loo/ at the logs:
0o to the directory ?usr?sap?@SID'?S8S? and have loo/
at the logs recently -ritten.
Info:cannot create a SDM connection for the buildspace:
TPRTAtsTest!D ""communication error: connect to SDM
failed:communication error: Ser#er ld$%&$ did not accept lo'in re(uest as
apiadmin on port &!$!) * +ron' password supplied * Re(uest for ,o'on
re-ected. Remainin' lo'on attempts until SDM ser#er will be shut down: .
here the pass-ord configured in CMS for the SDM -as -rong.
Further information
Jet6eaver Developer Studio:
!; engine log vie-er: