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The candidate must fill out this form in his/her own handwriting.
(use [ ] wherever applicable)
No. :

Course applying for:

B.Th. [ ] B.R.E [ ] B.D [ ] M.Th. [ ]

1. Name: _______________________________________

2. Permanent address:

3. Present address for Communication:

4. Date of birth:

5. Place of birth: State:
6. Nationality: 7.Mother tongue:
8. Languages known:
9. Educational Qualifications:
Level Name
Certificates or Degrees received or
High School


Bible School

Logos Evangelical Seminary
Mail: Post Bag 39, Secunderabad 500 003 A.P. India
Location: Dabilpur (V), Medchal (M), 501401 R. R. Dist., A.P. India
Ph. (08418) 252294, 252293

Price Rs. 350/-
10. Fathers full name & address: _________________________________
11. Fathers occupation _________________________________

12. Are you presently employed: YES [ ] NO [ ] if, YES where?

13. If not employed, how are you supported?

14. Marital status: [SINGLE] [ENGAGED] [MARRIED] [SEPARATED]

If married, date of marriage: _____________________________

15. Names and ages of children, if any: ____________________ age _____
____________________ age _____
16. How did you first come to know about Bharat Bible College?

17. Why do you choose to study Bharat Bible College?

18. Do you have the experience of salvation? YES [ ] NO [ ]
(Enclose on a sheet of paper about your Christian experience and call to the Christian ministry)

19. Are you baptized? YES [ ] NO [ ] (Enclose Baptism Certificate)

20. What is the present state of your health? (Enclose Medical Certificate)

21. Of which local church are you a member? _________________________
(Enclose Recommendation Letter from pastor)

22. To which denomination do you belong? ___________________________

23. Have you been involved in any kind of Christian work? _______________

if so, give details _____________________________________________

24. Do you have any special talents such as games or music (give details.)

25. Have you ever been dismissed or placed on academic or disciplinary probation? YES
[ ] NO [ ]
If yes, explain reasons _______________________________________

26. Are there any legal cases pending against you? YES [ ] NO [ ]

27. What do you plan to do after you complete this Course ? _____________

28. If accepted as a student at the BBC, are you willing to abide by its rules and
regulations and will you seek to promote and maintain a spirit of unity and love
within the College family? YES [ ] NO [ ]

29. Give names and addresses of two Christian leaders who have known you for at least
three years, and arrange for letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the
College. (use the Reference Letters prescribed form provided along with this application).

1. ________________________________________



2. ________________________________________



30. Will you be sponsored financially while at B.B.C by some organization or individual?
YES [ ] NO [ ] If so, state the name and address of the person with whom the
College should correspond.



Besides a high academic standard, the College seeks to maintain a spiritual atmosphere
conductive to the purpose of education in the Christian tradition, It should be understood that
any behaviour either on the campus or away which indicates that a student has little desire to live
a life honoring God or whose conduct reveals disregard for the spirit of the College standards,
would be sufficient reason to ask the student to withdraw from the College.

A student is enrolled in the BBC for a period not less than two years If for any reason,
except in any emergency or for reasons acceptable to the Director and the Faculty the student
discontinues from the college before the two years period is completed, he is under obligation to
reimburse to the college money expended on him since his registration at the rate of Rs.50/- per
Declarati on

After filling-up this form with my own handwriting, I hereby pledge that, if accepted as a
student at the B.B.C., I shall endeavor to maintain the standards set by the College and abide by
all its rules and regulations.

I, Mr./Ms. ______________________________________________ also do hereby declare that the
particulars furnished by me in this application are true to the best of my knowledge. If anything is
found false I may be held responsible by the college and disciplinary action may be taken against

Date: Signature of the Applicant

I, the undersigned, will abide by any disciplinary action that the College deems necessary
against my son/daughter at any time.

Signature of Parent / Guardian

Fee Information

Registration: Rs. 150/- (or US$10) to be paid by all students at the beginning of each
year (non-refundable)

Tuition: FREE

Boarding & Lodging: For B.Th.: Rs. 23,000/- per year (or US$700/- overseas sponsored); of
this Rs. 14000/- must be paid at the time of registration in July.

For B.D. & M.Th: Rs. 25,000/- per year (or US $800/- for overseas
sponsored). of this Rs. 16,000/- must be paid at the time of registration
in July.

Graduating Classes: Graduation Fee: Rs. 1400/- (including Marks Memo & Alumni fee)
Computer use: Rs. 500/- and Gown Deposit: Rs. 1000/- (refundable)

Refund of fees: If the college takes disciplinary action against any student for violation of
its rules, the college is not obligated to refund any of the fees paid by
the student.

The Application must be accompanied by the following documents:

i. Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
ii. True copies of educational certificates and mark-lists. (Originals of these are to be presented to the
Registrar at the time of registration).
iii. A personal statement relating experience of salvation and call to the Christian ministry.
iv. A Recommendation letter from your Local Church. (on the prescribed form provided along with this
application form).
v. A Medical Certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. (on the prescribed form provided along with
this application form).
vi. Baptism certificate.
vii. Financial guarantee from Sponsor (or) Parents
viii. Birth Certificate / Nativity Certificate

Date: ________________

I here by promise to pay the sum of Rs. 23,000/- (rupees twenty three thousand for B.Th.
course) or Rs. 25,000/- (rupees twenty five thousand for B.D/M.Th. courses) towards the
boarding & lodging charges of Mr./Ms.________________________
_____________________________for the academic year 201____ - ____.

Signature of the Guarantor

Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________



Phone / Cell No.: ______________________

Email: _______________________________

Note: 1. Fee can be paid in two installments (75% at the time of registration and the
remaining before second semester)

2. If the supporter or guarantor fails to pay the promised amount before the
stipulated time the concerned student will be asked to drop out.

Logos Evangelical Seminary
Mail: Post Bag 39, Secunderabad 500 003 A.P. India
Location: Dabilpur (V) Medchal (M) 501401 R. R. Dist., A.P. India


Please, answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge, your answers and
information regarding the candidate will be treated as Strictly Confidential. Please, mail the
completed from directly to the Registrar Bharat Bible College.

Name of the Applicant: ___________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

1. Do you believe the applicant is born again? _______________________________

2. How long have you known the candidate as Christian? _________________________

3. How long has he/she been a member of your Church? _________________________

4. What do you know about his/her family background? __________________________


5. Are his/her parents your Church members? __________________________________

6. Would you vouch for the candidates conduct, dependability, sincerity and hard
work he/she seeks to pursue his/her Theological studies?

7. Since you are recommending the candidate, would you be willing to accept
responsibility to see that he/she conducts himself/herself in strict conformity with the
College discipline while he/she is a student at Bharat Bible College?
YES [ ] NO [ ]

8. Has the applicant applied to Bharat Bible College on his/her own or is he/she being
sent by the Church? ____________________________________________________

We assure you that you will be kept informed of the performed of the
performance, progress and general conduct of your candidate from time to time if
he/she is accepted as a student at Bharat Bible College.

Church Stamp Pastors Signature

Logos Evangelical Seminary
Mail: Post Bag 39, Secunderabad 500 003 A.P. India
Location: Dabilpur (V) Medchal (M) 501401 R. R. Dist., A.P. India


As it is important that utmost care be taken in the selection of those entering the
college we shall be obliged if the reference will kindly answer the following questions to
the best of your knowledge. All the information received will be treated as Strictly
Confidential. This letter after it is duly completed should be sent directly to the Registrar,
Bharat Bible College.

NAME OF THE APPLICANT ____________________________________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________


1. How long you have been acquainted with the applicant? __________________

2. Do you believe that the applicant is a born-again Christian?_________________

3. What do you know of his/her general behaviour?_________________________

4. Willingness to work hard? YES [ ] NO [ ]

5. Has the applicant shown ability to manage economically? YES [ ] NO [ ]
6. Has he/she been involved in any evangelistic activity? If so what kind, where and how
long? ______________________________________________________
7. Do you know anything in the applicants personality which impairs his/her usefulness
as a Christian worker?
8. If you know anything in addition to the foregoing which in your opinion would
especially qualify/ or disqualify the applicant for Christian work will you please state
frankly and fully remembering that this information will be kept strictly confidential.

Address Occupation Signature

Logos Evangelical Seminary
Mail: Post Bag 39, Secunderabad 500 003 A.P. India
Location: Dabilpur (V) Medchal (M) 501401 R. R. Dist., A.P. India


1. Name of the candidate: __________________________________________________

2. Date of examination: _________________ Place: ____________________________

3. Age ____________ 4. Sex ____________5. Marital status: YES [ ] NO [ ]

6. Pertinent medical history (please inquire particularly about TB and other infections,
diseases, venereal disease, nervous disorders, convulsive disorders, diabetes operations
undergone, menstrual history, headaches):
7. Physical Handicapped: YES [ ] NO [ ]

8. ENT: Hearing: ____________________ Ears____________________,

Eye Sight Rt. ________________Lt. _______________

Having personally and thoroughly examined Mr./Ms. ____________________________ a
candidate for admission at Bharat Bible College. I hereby certify that, to the best of my
knowledge, he/she is free of disease which would endanger others and is physically fit to carry on
with the proposed studies.

Remarks ________________________________________________________________

Doctors Address:

Signature of the Doctor with Seal