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Pattern #78349
Knot instructions
Info Keywords
Added by: Morgouille
When: 7 months ago
Strings: 12
Rows: 24
twist, alternating, one-directional, asymmetrical, arrow
Hand knitted toys and tea cosies knitting patterns and crafts
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
Colors: 6
Views: 6284
Photos: 1
Rating: 5.0
cf. 26231; 2176
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Psquid1317 likes this.
Working on this right now!
Kestrel (moderator)
Indeed, but whilst you or I may be able to double, or triple, a pattern with no difficulty, other users don't find it
quite so simple.
Our goal with this site is not just to provide patterns for people to work from or to provide a community for
people to work and share with, but it is also to make the whole idea and creation of friendship bracelets
accessible. For people who aren't as creative, or who are more intimidated by the whole thing, this is why we do
what we do. We are still explaining now about non-repeating patterns such as #28 because time and time
again, they catch people out. And the same with #41670 and #41671 - because the changes, whilst they may
be slight, enable someone to try something new, something different.
I'd appreciate if there's anything more to be said on the matter, that it gets directed to PM - if only to stop the
notifications to others that may become constant, and unnecessary. If something needs said about it
afterwards, I can then say so via GB.
Maybe in this case you're right, in my opinion it's too similar.
What I'm saying, I'm saying in general about adding patterns. When I'm looking for new patterns I'm finding
over and over again variations of the same basic patterns (like #28 - doubled, tripled, quadrupled, with border,
with more or less strings or colours, shaded, two-coloured, rainbow... but it's the same good old #28).
Kestrel (moderator)
As it is, #26231 is simply a recoloured version of #2176. This pattern, incidentally, is not.
Those two knots make a far bigger impact on the pattern than the recolour does when you look at the knot
structure (and since I didn't join the site til patterns were into the #4---- numbers, I can claim no responsibility
for adding what is a simple recolour).
Nobody has to like it, but in _this_ case, it is a different pattern. Changing two knots and adding the extra
colours has changed the knot structure, and it will be for that reason alone the pattern was added.
But you violate your own TOU - almost exactly the same pattern was added to "Similar patterns" and it was
probably added by a moderator so I guess you had preview on that. I think there are too many too similar
patterns and it messes the place up.
I've signed up here in 2010 but I was following this site a bit longer and there were less people here and there
were bigger variety of patterns. This place is growing bigger and getting more followers. Maybe you should
recruit more mods to keep this place?
No offense, I don't want to sound like I was complaining all the time but I care about this site and I wish I didn't
see it messed up. I'm pretty strict when it comes to TOU and any other rules especially copyrights.
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