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BBS-Ashin Wirathu Alliance Is Sri Lanka

heading towards a Rohingya type attack on

islands besieged Muslis!
By Latheef Farook- Septeber "#$ "%&'
(he alliance
between anti Musli Sri Lankan racist out)it Bodu Bala Sena and Buras
blood thirsty Buddhist Monk Ashin Wiruthu$ responsible )or slaughtering
thousands o) Myanars Rohingya Muslis$ spells disaster )or the island*
(his e+treely dangerous alliance$ brought together by their coon hatred
towards Isla and Muslis$ perhaps trained and )inanced by their new )ound
Israel and ,nited States )riends $ has all the ingredients to turn the island into a
killing )ield )ro which it ay unlikely to reco-er )or decades to coe under the
e+isting local and global political en-ironent*
(his unholy alliance )its into the .ionist sponsored and ,nited States led global
anti Musli capaign to /usti)y the in-asion and destruction o) Musli
countries* (his is the reason why the Muslis suspect the hate ongers as
ercenaries o) )oreign )orces*
(he growing )ear aong the islands besieged Musli counity is that 0BBS-
Asin Wirathu Alliance1 ay lead to a Rohingya type attack on the islands
Already the Sinhalese e+treists led by 2athika 3ela ,ruaya and what is
percei-ed as its )ronts such as BBS$ Sihala Ra-aya and Ra-ana Balakaya
anaged to poison the inds o) Sinhalese against Muslis to /usti)y such an
attack on Muslis* In )act 23,s ,daya 4aanpila e-en stated once that 0a
&5&6 type Sinhala-Musli riot is ine-itable1*
It appears this hate capaign unleashed during the past three and hal) years
had already dented the centuries old traditional haronious relations between
Sinhalese and Muslis*

Bodu Bala Sena secretary Buddhist monk Galagoda Atte Gnanasara
receives a birthday present from the monk called Burmas Bin Laden
f Buddhism! Ashin "irathu#
3owe-er there are signs o) hope )or the island* Responsible eleents aong
the Sinhalese started waking up to the threat posed by these e+treists to their
society* Many adit that e+treists ha-e already caused considerable daage
to the iage o) Buddhis and the Sinhalese counity*
7n the other hand the Muslis begin to reali8e that this is not a con)lict between
Sinhalese and Muslis$ but the work o) )ew hundreds o) e+treists who do not
represent the Sinhalese counity as they clai* It was under this
atosphere that the BBS leaders et Myanars Monk Ashin Wirathu$
described by (ie aga8ine as the 0Monk o) (error1 in March this year*
Local ainstrea edia which usually gi-e wide publicity to Sinhalese
e+treists and help proote their agendas were 9uiet about this eeting*
3owe-er breaking the news website :7L7MB7 (elegraph stated on &" March
"%&' under the headline ;Buddhist Bin Laden (o <isit Sri Lanka= 0We-e >ot
Signed Any Agreeent with 5?5 Mo-eent1= BBS
We ha-e not signed any agreeent with Buras Buddhist onk Ashin
"irathu or the 5?5 o-eent1$ the :hie) @+ecuti-e 7))icer o) the Bodu Bala
Sena $ilanthe "ithanage told :olobo (elegraph* 3e said the caption o) the
photograph$ which is circulating -ia social edia saying 0the BBS has coe to
an agreeent with Buras terrorist 5?5 o-eents1$ is a slander* 0(his picture
was taken while our secretary <en* Galagoda Atte Gnanasarasigning the
-isitors book*1 he said* Ashin Wiruthu$ widely known as the Buras ;Bin Laden
of Buddhism has been in-ited to Sri Lanka*
>ine days later on "& March "%&' :eylon (oday published a report by Ruwan
Laknath 2ayakody under the headline1BBS in-ites Ashin Wirathu (hera to -isit
SL 0
(he an that (ie Maga8ine dubbed ;(he Aace o) Buddhist (error$ Leader o)
the 5?5 Mo-eent in Myanar$ who is notorious )or his anti-Isla rhetoric$ <en*
Ashin Wirathu (hera$ will be arri-ing in the island on an in-itation by the Bodu
Bala Sena BBBSC*

%light of &uslim thro'n out of their homes
BBS 4eneral Secretary$ <en* 4alagoda Aththe 4nanasara (hera said$ 0(here is
no need )or a hullabaloo yet* We will let the rele-ant people know in due course*
We ha-e in-ited hi and he will coe and we will ha-e a eeting* (hat is all*
(he edia does not need to know )or how long he will stay here* We will plan it
and re-eal it at the appropriate tie*1 BBS@ducation and Research ,nit :hie)
:oordinator$ :haila Liyanage$ said$ 0@-en though the dates are not con)ired
yet$ he is de)initely coing*
Buddhist countries in the Asiatic region are )acing di))iculties and e-en -iolence
)ro the Muslis and the other religions in the region* (he best e+aple coes
)ro (hailand$ Myanar and Bangladesh* (his is the -ery reason why <en*
Wirathu decided to start the 5?5 Mo-eent in Myanar* We -isited (hailand
and Myanar and we will be -isiting other countries in @ast Asia* We will
de)initely be starting an international network with global reach with likeinded
Buddhist ci-il society institutions$ Buddhist scholars and Buddhist acti-ist
organi8ations in these countries* With <en* Wirathu (hera we will be
discussingstrategic plans )or at least a regional network )or the tie being$ )or
which we need a concrete plan$1 he added*

Burning Musli -illages Musli )ailies thrown out o) their
(hese reports disturb specially Muslis*
Ashin Wirathu$ leader o) the anti-Musli o-eent in Bura$ has been a
0notoriouschauvinist1* In its co-er story the (IM@ aga8ine described Ashin
Wirathu= (he Monk behind Buras 0Buddhist (error1* 3is apartheid-like speech
stirred shocked reaction on(witter$ with users calling the onk a 0neo->a8i1
inciting anti-Musli pogros in Bura*
3is 5?5 Anti Musli organi8ation$ together with the Myanar ared )orces$
killed thousands o) Musli en$ woen$ children and the aged$ burnt Musli
localities and indiscriinately raped Musli woen besides looting Musli
properties and belongings* (hey threw bodies o) hundreds o) Muslis killed
into the Bay o) Bengal and co-ered the dead bodies with clothes usually worn
by Buddhists and claied that they are the reains o) Buddhist people who
becae -ictis*
It is this Ashin Wirathu who the BBS is in-iting to Sri Lanka* (his is like in-iting
3itler$ Mussolini$ Ariel Sharon$ Menache Begin or Ben/ain >etanyahu*
Sri Lanka is not Myanar* Myanar is a country which li-ed in isolation )or
decades* It was cut away )ro the world* 3owe-er Sri Lanka has a long history
o) ci-ili8ation and played a dynaic role in the (hird World a))airs and earned a
nae )or it*
Musli world has traditionally been )riendly with Sri Lanka*
7ur econoy is tied to any Musli countries* Alost a illion Sri Lankans are
eployed in the 4ul) States and their annual reittance e+ceeds si+ billion
dollars* (his brings relie) to illions o) )ailies* In )act eployent
opportunities abroad ha-e becoe the largest )oreign e+change earner to the
Musli countries always cae to rescue Sri Lanka in ties o) crisis* Aor
e+aple in the ,nited >ations sponsored ,nited >ations 3uan Rights
:ouncil resolution on March "# in 4ene-a calling )or a coprehensi-e
in-estigation into alleged serious -iolations and abuses o) huan rights$
coitted by both parties in Sri Lanka$ o) the &" countries -oted against )i-e
were Musli countries* (his included Dakistan$ Saudi Arabia$ ,nited Arab
@irates$ Algeria and Maldi-es *I) not )or these )i-e Musli countries Sri Lanka
would ha-e got only se-en -otes* Aour o) the countries abstained were Musli
and no Musli country -oted )or the resolution in the '#-eber ,>3R: in
Eo the Sinhalese e+treists who ha-e unleashed a destructi-e capaign
against Muslis understand the seriousness o) their anti Musli adness!
,nder the circustance do we need to /eopardi8e these )riendly relations )or the
sake o) )ew hundreds o) e+treists who suspected as .ionist 2ewish
ercenaries help ipleent .ionist global anti Musli capaign here in the
island*! ,nder such circustance is it wise )or Sri Lanka to allow these
e+treists to hi/ack the country and hobnob with ass urderers o) Myanar
7n the other hand Muslis worldwide are care)ully watching the ongoing anti
Musli capaign in Sri Lanka* (hey were also aware o) the carnage against
Musli in Aluthgaa$ Eharga (own and Beruwala in 2une this year under the
watch)ul eyes o) police and Special (ask Aorces*
We are not li-ing in the pre colonial era* We are part o) the world and the world
is not part o) Sri Lanka as these e+treists think*
(he price the country will be ade to pay )or the ongoing attacks on the islands
Musli counity will be unpredictable*
Posted by Thavam