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1. Proposed Position:
2. Name of Firm:
3. Name of Staff: Armando Afonso da Cunha Rodrigues
4. Date of Birth: 29-04-59 Nationality: Mozambican

5. Education:
- MSc in Natural Gas Engineering and Management, University of Salford, UK, 1993.
- MSc in Petrochemical Equipment Engineering, The Oil and Gas Institute, Ploiesti, Rumania,
6. Membership of Professional Associations:
7. Other Training:
- Diploma of Training in International Petroleum Economics, Petroleum Economics, Plc,
London, 1995
- Diploma of Training in Regulation of Utilities and Monopolies, from the Institute for Public
Private Partnerships, Washington, 1994.
- Postgraduate Diploma in The Management and Economics of Natural Gas, from The
College of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Oxford, England, 1991
- Diploma of Training Attachment in Financial Analysis of Petroleum Exploration and
Production Agreements, with the Technical Assistance Group (TAG) of the Commonwealth
Secretariat, London, 1988.
- Diploma in Energy Planning from the University of Campina Grande, Brazil, 1985.
8. Countries of Work Experience: Mozambique
9. Languages:
Proficiency in: Speaking Reading Writing
Portuguese mother language
English fair good fair
Rumanian good good fair
French fair good fair
Spanish fair good fair
10. Employment Record:
From: 2003 To: 2008
Employer: public service, non-remunerated
Positions held: Member of the Technical Councils of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy and of the
Ministry of Energy and Member of the Energy Scientific Council of the Ministry of Science and Technology
(since 2006); Supervisor of dissertation work on the use of coconut oil as engine fuel and for illumination in rural
areas, by a finalist student candidate for an engineering degree at the Chemical Engineering Department of
Eduardo Mondlane University.
From: 2003 To: 2008
Employer: self-employed, based in Maputo
Positions held: Energy Consultant: Downstream Petroleum and Gas
From: 2001 To: 2003
Employer: GalpEnergia Moçambique Lda
Positions held: Commercial Director
From: 2000 To: 2001
CV Armando A C Rodrigues

Employer: DANIDA, Maputo

Positions held: Energy Advisor
From: 1997 To: 2000
Employer: Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mozambique
Positions held: Urban Household Energy Project Coordinator
From: 1992 To: 2000
Employer: Ministry of Industry and Energy and Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mozambique
Positions held: Energy Advisor
From: 1985 To: 1991
Employer: Hidrocarbonetos de Moçambique (ENH)
Positions held: Assistant to the General Manager on natural gas developments
From: 1983 To: 1985
Employer: State Secretariat for Coal and Hydrocarbons, Mozambique
Positions held: Assistant to the Secretary of State on natural gas developments

11. Detailed Tasks 12. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks
Assigned Assigned

Draft skeleton petroleum A. Name of assignment or project: Assistance to the Ministry of Energy in the
products law for implementation of existing liquid fuels and natural gas distribution
Swaziland regulations;
Year: 2007- ongoing
Location: Maputo
Client: Ministry of Energy, Directorate of Fuels
Main project features: Discussion and harmonization of supplementary
regulations for the application of existing legislation on liquid fuels and
natural gas distribution. Assistance in determination of fair maximum prices
for natural gas supplies and price adjustment. Transfer of know-how to the
personnel involved;
Positions held: Independent consultant
Activities performed: Support to the Ministry of energy in the discussions
with stakeholders and harmonization of supplementary regulations and
analysis of issues arising from the implementation of the prescriptions in the
recently approved regulations on liquid fuels and natural gas distribution, as
well as on inspection and control of its application. Investigation of the
causes of a fire accident at a petrol station. Calculation of alternative fuel
prices and determination of detailed methodology for future natural gas price

B. Name of assignment or project: Preliminary survey of natural gas market

potential in Maputo and Marracuene
Year: 2006-2007
Location: Maputo
Client: Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH)
Main project features: Evaluation of the potential market for natural gas
and the gas market value in various segments of consumption in Maputo and
Positions held: Independent consultant

CV Armando A C Rodrigues

Activities performed: Collection of data and interviews with key people.

Determination of current consumption of energy and of the potential for
substitution with natural gas in the residential, commercial, industrial,
transport and power generation sectors as well as of estimated future
consumption and the market price in each segment in comparison with the
alternative sources of energy;
C. Name of assignment or project: Preparation of draft complementary
regulations for implementation of the Natural Gas Distribution and Sale
Year: 2006
Location: Maputo
Client: Ministry of Energy, Directorate of Fuels
Main project features: Submission of skeleton regulations with detailed
methodologies and procedures regarding: i) Safety of gas installations in
buildings; ii) Safety of natural gas distribution networks; iii) Licensing of gas
technicians for works on gas installations and gas networks; iv) Licensing of
inspectors for gas installations and distribution networks; v) Determination of
maximum prices for sale of natural gas; and vi) Determination of energy
content of natural gas.
Positions held: Leading consultant and main report contributor
Activities performed: Liaison with client; Review of relevant literature;
writing of skeleton regulations in i) to iv) above and review and comments on
all reports.
D. Name of assignment or project: Review of the regulations on liquid fuels
Year: 2005-2006
Location: Maputo
Client: Ministry of Energy
Main project features: Working with a team from Cliet’s staff. Preparation
of a new regulation on liquid fuels procurement, imports, production,
distribution and marketing, including price determination, provision for the
production and blending of biofuels.
Positions held: Independent consultant and preparation of draft proposals
Activities performed: Investigated problems associated with current
regulations; assisted the Ministry staff in discussions with stakeholders;
reported on problems identified and mitigation measures recommended and
prepared skeleton regulations, covering, among other matters: i) licensing of
activities, and petroleum installations; import and supply rules; blending of
biofuels; safety of installations and price adjustment mechanism; ii)
specifications for all liquid fuels in use in Mozambique; iii) safety regulations
for the construction and operation of filling stations for liquid fuels and for
compressed natural gas; iv) detailed methodologies and procedures for
implementation of a public support measure to finance the construction of
liquid fuels installations in remote areas.
E. Name of assignment or project: Evaluation of a fair price for natural gas
and electricity supply to consumers in the Bazaruto Islands
Year: 2005
Location: Bazaruto, Inhambane Province
Client: Rani International (Hotel owner and operator)
Main project features: Calculation of fair gas and electricity prices, by i)

CV Armando A C Rodrigues

the long run marginal cost methodology and ii) reasonable rate of return on
assets and comparison with alternative energy sources. Recommended
acceptable price range for negotiations with suppliers and measures for
improving savings on energy payments.
Positions held: Independent consultant and report writer
Activities performed: data gathering; interviews with suppliers and client;
detailed price calculations and report writing.
F. Name of assignment or project: Zambézia Province Energy Survey
Year: 2004
Location: Quelimane, Zambézia Province
Client: Fundo de Energia, FUNAE (on sub-contract to SAL Consultoria e
Investimentos Lda)
Main project features: The assignment consisted on a baseline survey of
the energy supply and demand situation in Zambézia, including a detailed
survey of energy utilization by the residential sector in each district;
evaluation of natural energy resource potential; identification of activities
undertaken by consultants, financial institutions and NGOs with relevance to
energy supply and demand; identification of the potential for decentralized
energy management interventions and of project candidates for public
financial support.
Positions held: Liquid fuels specialist; co-manager of project execution and
report writer.
Activities performed: Preparation of the proposal; Review of relevant
literature and data; assistance in project management; recruitment of local
consultants; preparation of questionnaires for survey of household energy use
and for semi-structured interviews; supervision of work by specialists in
various fields; contribution for the petroleum fuels and potential project
candidates sections of the report; compilation of all contributions an writing
of the final report.
G. Name of assignment or project: Assessment of Regional Petroleum Fuels
Market for Temane-Pande Condensate
Year: 2004
Location: Maputo
Client: Sasol Petroleum Temane
Main project features: Evaluation of the liquid fuels market in
Mozambique and neighboring countries for substitution with the natural gas
condensate, either as is, blended or processed into end user products. Only
gasoline, illuminating kerosene, diesel and fuel oil were considered relevant
for substitution with the condensate or its products. The study covered
Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland. A detailed investigation
of the heat fuels market in the manufacturing industries and
commercial/services sectors in Maputo; Inhambane and Beira was also
Positions held: Independent consultant, report writer
Activities performed: Investigation into the market structure, procurement
features, current consumption and demand projections, price structure,
import, storage, transportation and distribution costs, and product
specifications for all countries covered by the study; interviews with
industrial heat fuels users; writing the report and presentation of the results.
H. Name of assignment or project: Distribution and supply of petroleum

CV Armando A C Rodrigues

Year: 2001 to 2003
Location: Maputo- Mozambique
Client: Galp Energia Moçambique.
Main project features: Development of infrastructure and other conditions
for increasing market share of liquid fuels distribution in Mozambique,
including LPG.
Positions held: Commercial Director
Activities performed: Preparation of methodologies and procedures for
price setting, development of sales point infrastructure, client management,
credit and receivables management; development and implementation of
commercial strategy; application of a new computer based commercial
management information system; day-to-day coordination of commercial

13. Certification:
I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes my
qualifications, my experience, and myself. I understand that any wilful misstatement described herein
may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

Date: 14/05/2008
(day/month year)

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