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Capability Statement

Mainstay has been providing residential

and mixed use property management
services since its inception in 2000.

Over a decade later, as one of the UKs leading property
managers, Mainstay is respected throughout the
residential property sector for the quality of its service.
At its core is the belief that a sustainable property
management business can only be achieved through
delighting our customers. The residential property market
has changed beyond all recognition over the past decade.
Today, freeholders, leaseholders and property occupiers
rightly have higher expectations of their property
managers. They want quality and responsive services which are ef cient
and economical, and that positively protect and enhance the value of their
asset. Delivering excellence and developing long term relationships with our
customers is therefore at the centre of our strategic priorities.
Our mission is to provide industry leading property and facilities management
services nationally; to be the agent of choice for our markets and the employer
of choice for our team.
Our services should enhance our clients property asset values whilst ensuring
the safe enjoyment of occupants and delivery of exemplary customer service.
We aim to achieve this by applying ethical business practices in a fair and
conscientious way.
Our customers use the internet and new technologies every day and this has an
impact on their expectations about the use of technology to improve the service
and ef ciency in the management of their own buildings. We have responded to
this with investment in market leading technologies.
At the same time the innovation of our people is constantly driving them to
explore new approaches to service delivery.
Our commitment is therefore to deliver the very best property management
services available anywhere in the UK.
Paul Crook, Managing Director of Mainstay Group
Mission Statement,



Who Are We?
England and Wales
35,000+ units in management
20,000+ units in the pipeline
470+ employees
Regional estate management teams
Working towards ISO 14001
accreditation. Once achieved we
will be the frst managing agent
to hold all three accreditations.
October 2003: David Clark
joins Mainstay as a shareholder
April 2000: Mainstay founded
by Glyn Miles, Graham Donaldson,
Andrew Tilly
July 2010: Mainstay acquires
London based Market Focus
Asset Management.
April 2008: Mainstay launched
its Facilities Management Services
June 2011: London
Chancery Lane of ce opens
March 2011: Mainstay awarded
contract to manage Calthorpe
Estates Lettings Portfolio
December 2012: Mainstay
awarded contract to manage
Calthorpe Estates full residential
portfolio consisting of 4,500 units
April 2012: Property Week
RESI Awards - Finalists in the
Property Manager of the
Year category
October 2004: Key portfolio
client secured - Home Select
Finance (HSF)
April 2001: Mainstay commenced
business processing services for a
leading London lettings agency
September 2010: Paul Crook
joins Mainstay as Managing
Director from MITIE
October 2009: News on the Block
Regional Property Management
Company of the Year
September 2011: Mainstay
achieves IIP Accreditation
April 2010 until present:
Mainstay is confrmed as
Gold Sponsors for the
RESI conference.
March 2012: Mainstay achieves
ISO 9001 Accreditation
December 2011: Mainstay
begins management of the
prestigious 900 unit Chelsea
Creek development in London
May 2012: Mainstay achieves
OHSAS 18001 Accreditation
September 2012:
Building Services Manager
appointed Industry First!
Pre 2002 2004 2008 2009 2013 2010 2011 2012
March 2013: Mainstay launch their
graduate management program
Our Services
Commitment Accounting
is now allowing us to report
earlier and more accurately on
budgeted expenditure in year,
providing accurate data and
reducing the likelihood
of defcits.
Some of our Recent Innovations and Industry Firsts...
Management Contracts
(an industry first)
incorporating a set of measurable
key performance indicators (KPIs)
(monthly and annual targets) with
fnancial penalties for
Developer Consultancy
Services adding value by
providing our developer clients
with assistance in framing the
legal and operational structure
of their developments
Asset Management
Services enhancing
property management,
supporting managers in
day to day maintenance
activities and providing clients
with comprehensive asset
management advice and
lifecycle costings.
Real-time Customer
feedback captured data
is analysed on a weekly basis
to drive Continuing Professional
Development (CPD). Mainstay
employees are fully engaged
in the improvement process,
and a competitive element has
been added.
Structured Disaster
Recovery Plans
including both core
infrastructure and development
specifc risks. Mainstays
commitment is to draw up and
implement a disaster recovery
plan for each of its managed
residential sites, something
which is new to the industry.
Building Services
Manager the frst Managing
Agent to employ a Building
Services Manager to oversee our
asset strategies, providing full
lifecycle programmes for clients
and working to procure best
value long term maintenance
solutions for increasingly
complex plant and machinery on
our schemes.

Our customers are at the core of our
business and all its processes, which
are continually reviewed, as we seek
new ways to better our service
delivery and redefne the role of
the Property Manager.
Innovation is also key to the
development of our staf and
subsequently our service delivery.
This is why we constantly analyse
our methodology, and look to
implement new ideas and concepts
which will enrich our customers
experience and ensure that
maximum value is added to
the asset.
Our involvement with developers
and house builders often starts at
the planning stage; however our
innovative, adaptable approach to
asset management allows us to work
with our clients at any stage of the
development process.
Mainstay provides qualifed, expert
technical advice on all aspects of block
management, including:
Estate Management Frameworks
Performance-based Management
Contracts Incorporating a set of
measurable KPIs
Management Structures
Roles and Responsibilities
Legal Framework and Estate
Service Charge Structures
Asset Registers with detailed
Maintenance, Life Cycle Planning
and Reserve Funds
Site staf ng and security
Health and Safety compliance
Structured Disaster Recovery Plans
We add value to the development
process by highlighting any potential
design issues that may prevent
future efective management to the
beneft of your customers, or impact
unnecessarily on the levels of service
charge, such as:
Site confguration
Estate management strategies
Lift and gate specifcation
Refuse collection and recycling
Materials and fnishes
Resident and visitor parking
Photovoltaic and Solar Panel
Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Biomass Heating
Security measures
Mainstay will work closely with your
Sales teams to ensure that future
property owners have an accurate
picture of the services available on
the development and a clear idea of
the annual service charge budget
from the outset. We also liaise with the
Developers Site Manager, to ensure
a smooth transition from practical
completion to full management
Appointing Mainstay to take on the
management obligations under
the lease will provide you with the
reassurance that your property assets
and customers are in safe hands.

Our Services
Our Services
Management and
the Management
of Public Open
As an experienced national provider
of property management services,
Mainstay has a vast amount of
expertise in managing residential and
mixed-use estates. The increasing
reluctance of local authorities to adopt
the estate infrastructure, and changes
in planning requirements have led
to more and more private housing
estates requiring an alternative
solution for communal open space
We approach every development on
an individual basis because every
development is diferent; from large
areas of Public Open Space and
Equipped Areas of Play to un-adopted
roadways and wildlife areas, these
developments require a diferent,
adaptable and bespoke management
Whatever the requirements, a
management strategy prepared prior
to construction can really assist in the
long term. Mainstay works closely
with developers and their onsite sales
agents to introduce the services from
the outset and minimise the service
charge liability wherever possible.
Guidance on the complex service
charge structures is a key part of our
strategy ensuring that service charges
are always fair and equitable.
Where a development has already
commenced or is occupied and
running, Mainstay will work with
the client, (whether a Residents
Management Company or
Freeholder), to advise and assist,
ensuring that the service charges are
collected in accordance with the legal
Mixed-Use Scheme
Mainstay is a market leader in
management of complex city centre
mixed-use schemes. We manage
schemes ranging from smaller, niche
developments to 1200 unit plus
complex mixed-use schemes with a
diverse range of services including
concierge and site staf, leisure
facilities, retail, cafe bars, business
centres, of ces, live-work units and
guest accommodation.
Mainstay recognises the increasing
complexities of managing mixed-
use developments and believes
that management services have to
be individually tailored to refect
customers needs. All instructions are
seen as partnerships and Mainstay
works hard to ensure that all parties
succeed in meeting their, sometimes
difering, aspirations.
Our Services
Companies (RMCs)
Mainstay prides itself on the quality
and scope of services that we
ofer to our resident management
company clients. Whilst many
Residents Management Companies
are looking to cut costs on their
development, having a good quality
managing agent will provide you with
reassurance and comfort that your
obligations as a director are being
We will remove the worry and liability
of day to day management tasks,
such as:
Registration of Directors
Director training
Individual service charge budgets
Preparation of annual estimates of
Issuing of share certifcates and
maintenance of register
Health & Safety and Fire Risk
Assessment Compliance (see pages
19-20 for further details)
Managing contractors and verifying
invoices for payment
Maintaining interest bearing client
bank accounts, held under
statutory trust
Managing Major Works and s.20
consultation procedures
Completion and fling of annual
accounts and other statutory
information with Companies House
Low cost management services do
not ofer the service levels, inspection
regimes, health & safety compliance
or peace of mind that Mainstay can
provide. Nor can they ofer the depth
and breadth of technical knowledge
essential to maintain and enhance the
value of your asset.
Mainstays unique structure ensures
that our customers have a named and
contactable local team looking after
We provide all our sites with a locally
based Property Manager who is
supported by an extensive back
of ce team. This ensures that they
can devote quality time to each
development and establish long-term
working relationships with
our customers.
Communication is key to the
successful smooth management of
your development. As part of our
evolving customer service model,
each home owner has access
to a secure residents web page
providing current updates and
useful information ensuring that you
are fully up to date with all the day
to day aspects of managing your
We aspire to build long term
partnerships with clients, developing
mutual trust and a thorough
understanding of their business
priorities. Our management services
are comprehensive and our contracts
fexible to allow amendment to suit a
clients individual needs and specifc
site requirements.
Our dedicated team with expertise of
managing prestigious and complex
mixed-use schemes work with our
customers to meet their needs in this
highly specialised area of property
asset management and to provide the
high level of services that enhance the
value of the development.

Our Services
Mainstays Facilities Management arm
(MFM) plays a vital role in ensuring
that the properties that are managed
by Mainstay are secure, clean and well
maintained, ofering an integrated
and ef cient service model for our
MFM directly employs in excess of
250 site and feld based employees
providing a wide spectrum of
building support services including
24hr concierge teams, planned
maintenance, caretaking, cleaning
and reactive building / electrical
repairs. The direct employment and
management of these key services
allows Mainstay to consistently deliver
high standards of presentation as
well as an immediate response to
the issues that arise when managing
This self perform turnkey approach
ofered by Mainstay is focused
on meeting client and customer
requirements for quality, ef cienc y
and value for money service, and
provides the following key advantages
over a supply chain model:
1. It provides better control of
resources and responsiveness
for meeting client and customer
requirements at a site level. The
supply chain model tends to be much
less fexible.
2. It allows the delivery of best
management practice to achieve
and sustain a high quality of service
delivery. Direct provision allows a
more efective control of quality.
3. It provides a more proactive
approach to continuous performance
improvement with prompt adoption
of appropriate technological
developments and the pursuit of
cost ef ciencies.
4. It provides clarity for our customers
- The responsibility for resolving
residents issues can rest with
various parties the Developer, the
Managing Agent, or the Landlord. Our
customers ability to speak directly
with the organisation who they pay
and hold responsible, through our site
based staf allows them to be guided
to the quickest point for resolution
rather than dealing with a fourth
All employees are professionally
inducted and provided with the
training not only to carry out their role
efectively but to understand where
they ft within the overall operation.
We consider this a necessity to enable
our employees and Mainstay to
provide the best property services
Our Services
and Tenancy
At Mainstay, property management
and asset management go hand in
hand. With that in mind, we believe
in a joined up approach to the
operational and strategic aspects
of residential and mixed portfolio
Mainstay recognises that
management of residential and
commercial portfolios is about
maintaining rental growth,
maximising capital growth, meeting
statutory requirements and satisfying
your customers needs in ef cient and
cost efective ways. This requires a
truly responsive service with expert
decision makers close to hand.
Strong relationships with letting
agents across the UK help us to
deliver a rapid turnaround on voids
and an excellent renewal rate. We
believe in providing high quality and
measurable performance data on
all aspects of your portfolio. Where
possible we are happy to agree targets
and performance criteria that are tied
to incentivised fee structures.
The priority of our commercial
management team is to maximise the
full potential of our clients property
assets to ensure that the best return
on investment is achieved.
We believe in an active hands on
approach to management of property
and facilities management and are
committed to exceeding our clients
Adding value,
whatever the
type of property
and location.
Our management services are
comprehensive and fexible to
allow modifcation to suit clients
individual needs and specifc building
requirements. Our dedicated team
has expertise in managing all types of
commercial property throughout the
country and work with our clients to
maximise income returns in order to
maintain and improve capital values.
Services include:
Collection of rent, service charge
and insurance premiums
Delivery of detailed income and
expenditure accounts
Regular inspection of property
Budgeting, procurement and
supervision of contracts
Payment of outgoings relating to
common parts
Advising on tenants, applications
for assignments, sub-lettings,
alterations and change of use
General liaison with the client and
other professional advisors
Regional management teams operate
within the North, Midlands, South
East and South West allowing MFM to
provide a truly national service which
is consistent in its approach from
Southampton through to Newcastle.
Management staf undertake regular
Employment Law and Health & Safety
training, to ensure that they have
the skills and confdence to manage
efectively and safely, and to bring out
the very best from our people.

Utilising years of experience
in property management and
maintenance, Mainstay is able
to combine its expertise with its
customer focused culture to provide
total commitment to service quality.
This fexible and transparent
approach, underpinned by our
extensive industry knowledge, allows
us to provide facilities management
solutions on a single or multi-site
scale through a seamless single point
of contact.
Scan the QR to visit our
website now.
Adaptable Property Services
Utilising years
of experience
in property
and maintenance.

Case Studies and Testimonials
Chelsea Creek,
London SW6
This is one of Londons most elegant
new landmark developments. It
was created by the award-winning
developer, St George and it combines
luxurious city living with blissful
tranquility. The development is a
stones throw away from the stylish
Kings Road, Knightbridge, Kensington,
Chelsea and the Thames riverfront.
Scheme Overview
This is a transformation of a 7.5-acre
brownfeld site into a new dockside
development based around waterside
living. A refurbished lock will link
Chelsea Creek to the River Thames,
with a series of waterways fowing into
the heart of the development.
The development is surrounded by
landscaped gardens, has a 24-hour
concierge service and an exclusive
spa and gymnasium. The scheme has
a phased occupancy development
strategy and will deliver 489 homes
(including 147 afordable homes) with
a mix of commercial uses including
retail and of ce in a high-quality
When making our selection as to who
should manage Chelsea Creek, we
were keen to choose a partner who we
believe will share our values in terms
of transparency, attention to detail
and absolute focus on excellence
both in service delivery and setting
the benchmark standard across the
scheme. Nick Hutchings, Managing
Director, St George Central London.
We were delighted to be appointed
to manage such a prestigious scheme
and to be working with such an
inspirational company as St George.
We look forward to working closely
with St George to ensure that the
quality of the management services
to the development establish a new
benchmark standard for the industry.
Paul Crook, Managing Director of
Our Approach
In a frst for the industry, we have
collaborated with St George to
develop a performance risk-based
contract that is designed around a set
of key performance indicators (KPIs)
that focus on delivering exceptional
customer service across all aspects
of the developments management,
facilities and services.
These KPIs are split into four key
Financial performance
Scheme management
Customer service
Health and safety
They cover items from service charge
accounts, concierge dress code,
response times and compliance to
health and safety.
We directly employ all staf, including
a high level estate manager, a 24/7
concierge service and cleaning staf
to maintain control over the quality of
service delivery. They combine with
Mainstays of-site support systems
to deliver an exceptional 1million
service charge budget.
To meet St Georges high standards,
the estate manager has a mobile
device with bespoke software
that enables him to send real-time
information back to head of ce for
support and immediate action.
To support residents, we deliver
information through a dedicated
website that displays routine and
emergency notices, details of any
service charges as well as site-based
and local information.
All of our work is underpinned by our
implementation of our accreditations
ISO 9001 (quality management) and
OHSAS 18001 (occupational health
and safety management systems).
Phasing and Handover
We engaged early with St George
and their legal representatives so
we could help with aligning the
lease and service charge budget
for this complex phased occupancy
strategy. We were able to adapt to the
challenges and needs of the developer
as well as leaseholders and have
always shown a cohesive approach
through weekly meetings and onsite
discussions with everyone involved.
Were incredibly proud to work
with St George a company that is
already leading the way in sustainable
development. And we fully support
the need to raise standards higher and
achieve their 20/20 vision initiative,
sharing a commitment to a more eco-
friendly way of life that benefts the
wider community as well as residents.
Centenary Plaza,
This scheme is made up of 387
apartments over 19 foors. It is one of
Birminghams most prestigious and
centrally located developments.
Scheme Overview
This development is a purpose-built
apartment block with an additional
commercial unit that is currently
occupied by Nite Nite Hotel. It has
a high level courtyard on the 4th
foor that is solely for residential use.
The development also has a 24/7
concierge service, a gym, a business
suite and two conference rooms that
are exclusive to residents.
Our Approach
Centenary Plaza does not have a
Residents Management Company
(RMC), but we aim to have a close
working relationship with the working
group, Centenary Plaza Leaseholders
Association and individual
leaseholders and tenants.
We have developed a set of key
performance indicators (KPIs) that
are focused on keeping residents
happy across all aspects of the
developments management, facilities
and services.
These KPIs are split into four sections:
Financial performance
Scheme management
Customer service
Health and safety
The KPIs cover elements of service
charge accounts production,
concierge dress code, response times
and compliance with health and
safety and we directly employ all site
staf, including the concierge team.
To support residents, we deliver
information through a dedicated
website that displays routine and
emergency notices, details of any
service charges as well as site-based
and local information.
All of our work is underpinned by our
implementation of our accreditations
ISO 9001 (quality management) and
OHSAS 18001 (occupational health
and safety management systems).
Energy and Cost Saving
Once we had been appointed, we
started to focus on key areas where
cost saving could be made. First, we
re-negotiated all lift contracts and
reinstated all non-operational lifts.
We saved more than 50 percent
on existing costs by doing this. We
also arranged for 30,000-worth of
warranty works to be carried out
We then focused on reducing the
communal landlords electricity
costs which were more than
100,000 per year. By tendering the
electricity contract, we secured an
extremely competitive rate, reducing
electricity costs signifcantly. Other
energy saving initiatives have been
investigated and researched with the
aim to reduce electricity costs even
For example, we have been able to
bring new energy and cost-saving
technology to the forefront of our
service ofering by working with
numerous industry-leading partners.
In the case of this particular scheme,
we focused on LED lighting initiatives
and after completing second-stage
trials, we expect these to provide
signifcant savings for our customers.
Customer Focus
Due to the size of this development,
our property manager has
increased site visits to one half day
every fortnight. This means that
leaseholders and residents have
more opportunities to discuss their
issues privately and highlight any
issues that may require inspection by
the property manager.
Case Studies and Testimonials Case Studies and Testimonials
Fulford Place, York
This case study shows our proactive
and pragmatic approach to health,
safety and compliance on managed
properties we encourage cost-
efective improvements.
Possible issues
There has been a lack of
understanding by external assessors
who dont specialise in residential
property management. They can over-
specify measures of control that are
expensive and potentially detrimental.
Scheme Overview
Fulford Place is a fairly modern
development of 91 residential
apartments in York. Mainstay took
over its management in late 2010.
The property is made up of six
conjoined blocks, an external car park
and a secure entry system. Inside,
theres a single stairwell in each block
and service riser cupboards on every
Our Approach
We send a health and safety expert
into new management properties to
establish whether or not there are any
serious health and safety issues that
need to be addressed.
With Fulford Place, it soon became
clear that the assessment wasnt going
to be straight-forward and 34 fre
safety related issues were identifed.
They ranged from quantities of
waste materials found in communal
areas and damaged and therefore
inadequate fre safety equipment, to
faults with the fre detection systems
and a lack of service/maintenance
records for life safety systems.
The assessment system at Mainstay
scores a percentage for each property
the higher the percentage, the
better. Average scores are around 80
percent. But this scheme scored a
worrying 56 percent far below what
we wanted to see.
After the assessments, we looked
at all the mechanical and electrical
equipment on site and defned
the testing and maintenance
There have been tremendous
improvements since our frst
assessment took place. The testing
and maintenance of the mechanical
and electrical equipment happens
regularly to ensure legal compliance
also prolonging the life expectancy of
the equipment.
Life safety systems, such as fre
detection and emergency lights,
have been repaired; they are also
now subject to testing and
maintenance regimes.
Waste materials have been
removed from the site and
monitoring regimes implemented
to ensure there is no further
build up.
Residents have been informed not
to store combustible materials in
the service riser cupboards and
items which were located in these
areas have been removed.
A fre action plan, informing
residents of the actions to take
should a fre occur, has been
devised; displayed in the communal
areas and provided to the residents
for their records.
The focus has been on getting safety
systems working and removal of
materials which are a source of fuel
thereby reducing the fre loading of
the communal areas.
This approach has seen our risk
assessment scoring on the scheme
soar from 55 percent to 82 percent;
with further improvements planned.
At Calthorpe Estates our aimis
to maintain the Estate to a high
standard and provide our customers
with an exceptional level of service.
We take pride in creating the best
place to live and work and look for
partners, who share our passion
and add value to customer services.
Since Mainstay has been managing
our rented portfolio, there has been
a remarkable absence of customers
calling directly to complain about
poor service and for only the third
time, since my 13 year involvement
with Calthorpe Estates, we have
achieved nil voids.
This is clearly down to making sure
customers are happy, properties are
kept in good condition and quickly
let, which leads to a reduction in
income loss. There is a degree of trust
and reassurance with Mainstay at
the helm!
The added value and all-round
exceptional levels of service Mainstay
have brought to our rental portfolio
made it the obvious choice to appoint
them on the wider residential element
of our historic and prestigious estate
in Edgbaston, consisting of 4,500
units. We are already well underway
with the transition of management to
Mainstay, and already we are seeing
the benets of their service delivery.
We look forward to a long and
successful partnership
Jayne Herritty, Sales and
Marketing Director for
Calthorpe Estates.
Calthorpe Estates
The Calthorpe Estate is one of the
most sought after residential areas in
Birmingham. It covers approximately
12 square miles of the suburb of
Scheme Overview
The Calthorpe Estate provides
quality residential living. Properties
range in value from 150,000 to
more than 4million. Since 1974, the
development has been a designated
scheme of management under Section
19 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.
The management commission is
made up of 4,500 properties within
two distinctive yet related portfolios.
The frst comprises leasehold
fats and houses across 31 private
developments throughout Edgbaston
residents pay a service charge for
the maintenance and upkeep of all
communal areas and amenity land.
The second comprises freehold
houses, all of which are subject to
the Calthorpe Estates Scheme of
Our Approach
We worked with Calthorpe Estates on
its tenanted portfolio before we were
appointed to their long leasehold and
scheme of management portfolios.
Our mission is to provide a balanced
management service that meets the
strategic aims of the developers as
well as the occupational needs of the
We work closely with our clients
senior management team to achieve
this. They help us to fully understand
the key drivers for their business so we
can identify opportunities to create
value to their residential estate. Key
drivers for residents include value for
money, accessibility to key staf and
peace of mind that they are living in a
safe place.
Our supply chain delivers value and
quality services through regular
market testing and buying power that
ensures savings and ef ciencies can
be delivered to residents through their
service charge.
To support residents, we deliver
information through a dedicated
website that displays routine and
emergency notices, details of any
service charges as well as site-based
and local information.
All of our work is underpinned by our
implementation of our accreditations
ISO 9001 (quality management) and
OHSAS 18001 (occupational health
and safety management systems).
Case Studies and Testimonials
Phasing and Handover
We engaged early with Calthorpe
Estates and their former agents to
agree a phased handover. As well
as the migration of all the property
data, this also included a Transfer
of Undertakings (Protection of
Employment) or TUPE transfer of
the existing management team.
Because of the number of units, this
transfer took place in two phases.
The freehold scheme of management
portfolio (and a small number of
leasehold developments) were
transferred just before Christmas 2012
and the rest were transferred by the
end of January 2013.
These properties had been managed
for a long time by another agent, so it
was important that carefully worded
letters provided clear explanations
for the change. Communications
highlighted the added value and
greater ef ciencies that residents
would beneft from through the
resource, systems and infrastructure
that Mainstay ofers as a specialist
residential business.
Chatham Maritime
( The Quays)
Chatham Maritime (The Quays) is
an award-winning residential and
commercial development overlooking
a 320-berth marina and the River
The development has two iconic
glass towers 19 and 16 storeys high
as well as two fve-storey wharf
buildings. There are more than 300
apartments with bars and restaurants
on the lower levels.
In March 2012, Mainstay took over
responsibility for the management of
the commercial and residential areas
of the development:
Our Approach
The legal and management structure
of this scheme is complex and the
most important thing to begin with
was to understand the legal and
service charge framework that had
been put in place before we were
appointed, and adapt it as required to
provide a clear and structured service.
Because of the fragmented disposal
structure, this wasnt easy, but we
were able to add value and clarity
at all levels. Indeed, due to our
excellent performance the developer
instructed for us to take on additional
management obligations.
Case Studies and Testimonials
Phasing and Handover
The frst handover was the estate
element of the scheme. This involved
testing and informing all diferent
tenures of what was happening as
well as letting them know about any
changes that would take place to
make sure the site was compliant and
functioning as directed by the leases.
A new robust structure was
implemented. A more efective estate
manager service made improvements
and delivered value for money for
all parties contributing towards the
service charge. All contracts and costs
were reviewed and a lot of time was
invested in reviewing utility bills to
make sure the best deals were secured
across the site.
The second stage of the handover
involved the Marina Point West, a
high-rise building with apartments
over 22 foors. Completions have
taken place and homeowners are now
moving in. Mainstay is working closely
with the developer to agree a process
for completing snag and defect issues
to avoid any impact on the service
Chris Langdon, Development
Director for Ardmore
The Quays, Chatham Maritime, is
a complex mixed-use regeneration
project that includes both
commercial and residential uses.
The ownership structure is complex
and the project is also incorporated
into the wider ChathamMaritime
area, an on-going scheme
that is a partnership between
the principal landowners and
developers alongside the Homes
and Communities Agency, Medway
Council and the Chatham Maritime
Trust. The Chatham Maritime Trust
has been established to protect the
long termvision of the estate and
manages the overarching estate,
including roads, landscaping and
marina infrastructure.
During the construction and
development process Byrne Estates
managed the developed through
in-house structures which aligned a
directly employed sales teamwith the
aftersales and maintenance divisions of
the construction group.
Following the acquisition of Market
Focus Asset Management by Mainstay
on a central London development
project of ours we were extremely
impressed by the professional approach,
proactivity and customer focus. As
members of the Urban Land Institute
we have long recognised the gap in
the property management market of
mainstream organisations sharing the
long termvision of placemaking and
the contribution properly structured
and focussed management can make
both in terms of the quality of the
environment alongside supporting key
value drivers.
Consequentially as we looked to
restructure the ownership and renance
the The Quays in a dicult economic
environment we decided it was
important to appoint a market leader
who recognised the importance of
adding value to any newinvestment
in the scheme and we impressed
throughout the selection process
with the approach taken by
Mainstay in recognising that the
customer, as in the residents as
opposed to the developer, and their
experience at the development was
of paramount importance.
Likewise we considered that the
unied structure of Mainstay
assisted in ensuring exibility,
responsiveness and well-managed
and robust controls in addressing
any issues that arose. The
commitment shown by Mainstay at
every level of the business to getting
under the skin of each aspect of
the development in nalising their
proposal gave us every condence
that not only would the inherent
value of the project be protected but
also be enhanced.
Mainstay takes on the role of the
responsible person or duty holder as
defned in the numerous regulations
and codes of practice associated
with property management; which
includes but is not limited to
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)
Order 2005
The Health & Safety at Work Act
Lifting Operations & Lifting
Equipment Regulations
L8: Control of Legionella
BS 9999:2008
BS 9991:2011
We ensure that the requirements
of the above, and other statutory
regulations and Approved Codes
of Practice (ACoPs) are met, with
a proactive approach to statutory
inspections and planned maintenance
Our robust management systems
ensure nothing is overlooked
when it comes to ensuring
compliance. Statutory inspections
and preventative maintenance are
planned and tracked through our
integrated management systems;
ensuring all works are undertaken
judiciously, in a timely manner with
the minimum of disruption.
Our approach not only fulflls the
legal requirements placed on the duty
holders but protects the investment
and extends the working life of
installed M&E.
Our approach to Health & Safety is as
robust as our approach to compliance
of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E)
installation; however this is tempered
with a pragmatic and realistic
view by Health & Safety advisors
experienced in the feld of property
management to avoid unnecessary
recommendations or costs.
We risk assess all managed properties,
providing suitable and suf cient
assessments for the property to
fulfll legislative requirements and
the needs of the insurance companies.
Our employees are highly trained
enabling them to conduct their duties
with due regard to themselves and
others and all training is refreshed
with regular updates.
Health, Safety and Compliance
Our approach not only
fulfills the legal requirements
placed on the duty holders
but protects the investment
and extends the working life
of installed M&E.

Recent changes to planning, and
the overall need to look after the
environment has meant that many
housebuilders are now leading the
way in relation to building eco-friendly
homes and creating sustainable
We therefore realise how important
it is to be alert and knowledgeable
about eco-friendly build products
and methods, and work with our
clients to advise on best practice,
future maintenance planning and
cost implications. Examples of such
Recycling strategies
Rainwater Harvesting
Green Roofs/Green Walls
Photovoltaic and Solar Panel
Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Biomass Heating
We are also looking at ways to
introduce greater sustainability into
the management of our existing
schemes by examining recycling
opportunities and ways of reducing
power and fuel consumption.
Through our Facilities Management
Company (MFM see page 10) we
are working with numerous industry
leading partners to bring new energy
and cost saving technology to the
forefront of our asset management
services, such as LED Lighting
Initiatives which we anticipate will
provide signifcant and immediate
savings for our customers.
We have taken
huge strides in
reducing our
carbon footprint
across all areas of
the business and
in partnership with
our clients.
Across the business we are always
looking at ways to improve our
ef ciency. One key focus is that we are
currently working towards ISO14001
Environmental Management, of which
some of our initiatives include:
Website enhancements enabling
leaseholders to log in securely with
a unique password and view site
updates, reducing the number of
letters issued - reducing paper and
mail usage
Web conference calling adopting
a new video system enabling video
interaction, reducing travel and fuel
Paperless billing/Electronic
Demands Take up has been
excellent at least a third of
customers and steadily increasing.
Based on our customer research,
we anticipate that 90% of our
customers will ask for their
payment requests to be sent by
this method, resulting in signifcant
environmental savings.
Supporting our clients to achieve
their environmental targets (e.g.
Berkeleys/St Georges Vision2020)
Implemented policy change in our
feet to allow use of only Eco or low
emission diesel vehicles
Reduction in of ce printers from 16
to 4 with the facility to print double
sided reducing paper use
Virtualisation of 12 physical
servers down to 2 physical
servers. This reduced our carbon
footprint signifcantly via energy
consumption for powering servers
and air conditioning units in the
server room
Environment and Sustainability

, M
At Mainstay
our approach is
simple, we listen
to and understand
our people
We believe that behaviour breeds
behaviour; consequently respect
for each other is always high on our
agenda. We know that this culture
flters through our team to our
customers, resulting in a professional
and positive experience.
Todays homeowners have high
expectations. They want quality and
responsive services which are ef cient
and economical. Delivering excellence
therefore has to be at the centre of our
strategic priorities.
We have high expectations of future
colleagues who wish to join our
business, which is refected in our
recruitment and selection process.
All applicants take part in a rigorous
assessment centre which includes
psychometric testing as well as a two
stage interview process. The net efect
is that we continue to build upon
the exceptional customer service we
ofer aided by the identifcation and
appointment of the best candidates.
In addition, and recognising the
need to attract and grow the very
best people in the industry, Mainstay
launched its Graduate Management
Programme. The Mainstay Graduate
Management Programme is an
exciting, challenging and unique
opportunity for high calibre
individuals to develop a career in the
residential property management
industry and to acquire the necessary
skills to take early responsibility and
become our leaders of the future.
In real roles and with real
responsibilities, graduates are given
exposure to the diferent facets of
residential property management, and
are involved in key business decisions,
driving us to achieve our mission
to be the industry leader in the
provision of residential property asset
management and facilities services.
Along side the extensive practical
experience gained, graduates will be
expected to continue their studies
for the IRPM Qualifcations with a
view to achieving full Membership of
the Institute of Residential Property
Managers (MIRPM), and the Royal
Institution of Chartered Surveyors
(Assoc. RICS).
Service Delivery
and Training
A major factor in Mainstays successful
approach is our investment in training
and support for each and every
employee. To ensure that Mainstay
services are personalised to refect
home owners as customers, each
development under management has
an experienced property manager,
who has clear responsibility for every
aspect of the customer relationship.
Our managers are supported by an
extensive back of ce team, providing
frst-line support and advice to both
the manager and the customer.
Mainstays property teams are
supported by our fnance, compliance,
and health and safety departments, all
operating with a signifcant breadth of
experience, professional qualifcations
and accreditations. We ensure that
all relevant expertise can be readily
sourced, allowing our managers to
maintain a one-to-one relationship
with their customers.
Ofering IRPM training to all
colleagues within Mainstay
and maintaining professional
memberships, our employees have
access to the most up-to-date
information available, ensuring
we remain at the forefront of a
developing and growing sector for
the beneft of our customers.
Mainstays underlying approach is
clear, recruit the best, deliver better.
Our People
Mainstay recognises the need to
encourage sustainable development
and works closely with clients to
ensure environmental management,
health and safety management and
social and ethical conduct on our
schemes is of the highest standard.
We seek to encourage sustainable
long-term value creation and are
happy to work with our customers and
to be accountable for our actions in
this respect.
There is a Group wide commitment
to charitable giving that is fully
supported by all employees and in
particular our Social Committee,
which work closely with a number of
local and national organisations to
help promote and raise funds. Over
the years Mainstays Social committee
has organised numerous charitable
events, supporting a wide variety of
fantastic causes, some of which are
outlined below.
In 2012 a mobile blood donation unit
was arranged to visit our Head Of ce
on various occasions throughout the
year. Over 50 Mainstay employees
took part and donated blood, which is
a fantastic commitment and one that
goes along way in supporting the vital
work carried out by the National Blood
Every pint donated can save up to
three lives: they could be babies,
mothers in childbirth or people
having operations or sufering from
medical conditions, so the support of
companies like Mainstay is crucial if
we are to continually hit demand.
The National Blood Service
All our initiatives carried out during,
and previous to 2012, will be
continued over the coming years.
In addition, during 2013 a team of
Mainstay employees will be taking
part in the Birmingham half marathon,
raising money for various local and
national charities. Another member
of our team is taking part in Bridge to
Bridge which entails cycling 200 miles
from the Menai Bridge in North-West
Wales to the Severn Bridge South-
West Wales, all in aid of Blackmarston
school, a school for children with
learning dif culties.
As an employer fully committed to
social responsibility, we understand
the importance of working with and
supporting our local community,
and the larger national charities.
Through the great work of our Social
Committee and our committed,
passionate team of employees, each
year we are able to provide funding to
a number of worthy causes.
Corporate Social Responsibility
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Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester, WR5 2ZX
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