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So, Laurence, youre looking for someone who can reach blue chips
And pitch proudly to them about Pavegen tiles through noble lips
A sales guru who can generate loads of global leads and prospects
Inspiring the purchase of your revolutionary cleantech by Chief Execs

I can categorically state that Im definitely your chap
Currently compiling these lyrics on paper upon my lap
In addition to CV & cover letter, Im composing this song
So here it goes, and youre welcome to sing along

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im charming and poetic
If youre looking for someone with a selling skill
Then choose me because Im at the top of this bill

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im qualified and magnetic
If youre looking for someone with attention to details
My thorough preparations will deliver you infinite sales

Pavegen was founded by the legendary Laurence Kemball-Cook
Renewable energy from footsteps is a clever innovation to hook
Laurences passion for sustainable urban energy is his mojo
I want to work for this industrial design engineer genius, so lets go

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys was first on the green schools agenda
Mr Moffat and Dr Baxter are mightily impressed by their esteemed alma mater
24 Pavegen tiles are permanently installed along a busy corridor
Generating excitement from 1100 energetic pupils, thats for sure

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im kind and sympathetic
I will re-invigorate your Kickstarter project
Turning it around into one which is perfect

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious I love banter and wit
Ill work hard and smart all day long
Occasionally bursting into unexpected song

There are now Pavegen installations which are greening other schools
St Saviours, Dyke House, Rednock, Evans, Riverdale, all producing joules
You can rely on me to bring lots more of them on board
With your tech on their sites, pupils will never get bored

Pavegen will power the UKs 32,000 schools & colleges one day
Plus all those located around the world when I get my way
Pupils powering the corridors, classrooms, playgrounds, and gyms
Generating electricity from footsteps gives the planet many big wins

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious youll adore my spirit
Campaigning for Pavegen to be installed everywhere
Pitching to the key decision-makers without a scare

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious your sales will rise into orbit
Pavegen slabs are being installed at Westfield Stratford centre
Energy from shoppers footsteps, spring-summer-autumn-winter

There are many shopping centres beyond Stratford
Around 400 in the UK are waiting to be powered
2,000 in Europe plus 10,000 across the United States
Billions of footsteps treading through their front gates

An installation of 12 Pavegen tiles at West Ham station
Made it the greenest transport hub across the nation
Powering external lights along a footway to the Olympic Park
Storing energy during daylight hours, releasing it in the dark

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious youre enjoying this skit
Of all the new shopping centres and malls under construction in the field
Over 70% of them are in cities across Asia, keen to join the big retail build

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious this song is mesmeric
Toyota used Pavegen to help market their exciting green Yaris
An interactive billboard in London, the next stop should be Paris

Uniqlo utilised Pavegen for their Heattech clothing range
Participation proved popular during the heat spot games
It was a successful experiential and digital campaign
And I will help other retailers to evoke a similar gain

Renewable energy should always be on every school curriculum
Stepping on Pavegen tiles produces power and provides education
Schools using the slabs to source their own electricity
And saving money on energy bills will also be the key

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im passionate & energetic
People walking across Pavegen tiles for every occasion
Energy from footsteps is the key to sustainable salvation

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious I care about our planet
If you are looking for someone to inspire and educate
Ill make it easy for potential clients, let me demonstrate

Installation of Pavegen tiles at all transport hubs is essential
Millions of commuters adding to the renewable energy haul
Then walking across your slabs in buildings and office blocks
While shoppers contribute during visits to nearby stores and shops

I possess the skills to grow Pavegen through exponential sales
Covering pavements each day the equivalent size of Wales
My mission will be to ensure that Pavegen rules the world
Every urban space conquered by your tiles being unfurled

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Ill guarantee that sales are met
Pavegen tiles will become the standard for city pavements
Accumulation of footsteps makes renewable energy sense

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im unlikely ever to quit
Expanding energy-harvesting to roads, train rails and tram tracks
Transport infrastructure will generate renewable energy to the max

Pavegen slabs in all shops, stores, offices, stadiums, and homes
API wireless data updates accessible on tablets and smartphones
Installing energy-generating tiles globally as integral foundations
Will help towards sustainable futures for all the worlds nations

I have many notable sales successes under my belt
My business development strategies are hotter than melt
Ive worked for several start-ups to increase their size
Im very observant too, essentially all ears and eyes

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im full of luck and merit
Pavegen has its headquarters in funky Cromer Street
Ive got the aptitudes to succeed in the sales hot-seat

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious I have a lot of bulldog grit
This is a requirement for achieving top sales potential
Spotting golden opportunities which are fully commercial

Revellers at Bestival on a rainy, muddy Isle of Wight
Charged over 1,000 phones for 4 days while on site
Now hoping to power the entire festival with dance moves
A wholly sustainable music festival, Rob da Bank approves

Pavegen at WWF events around the world for Earth Hour
Encouraging the general public to turn up and generate power
London, Singapore, and Johannesburg recently took up the baton
Citizens of all three cities embraced the message with adulation

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im friendly and heroic
Powering festivals, events, stadiums, or illuminating every sign
With advertisers and creatives adding to the sales bottom line

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Each city needs a Keep Walking kit
Diageos Johnnie Walker brand saw the marketing light
Installations at prominent sites kept engagement bright

Billions the world over will tread on this specially adapted slab
A concept originally conceived in a Loughborough University lab
Science Museums energising late night dance gig secured over 85,000 joules
While the New Broadcasting House wing inspired BBCs procurement jewels

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im bold and energetic
I can lead your sales team with broad smiles
Inspiring all staff to sell a multitude of tiles

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Ill boost your sales by more than a bit
With all my lucrative leads and prospects in place
I can certainly blast Pavegens profits into space

14 Pavegen tiles at St-Omer Station in northern France
Engaging daily commuters, giving sustainability a chance
And retro-fitted flooring inside Renaissance Works HQ
Stepped on by employees and visitors, no need to queue

Partnerships with Lexus, Toyota, Kia, and Ford
All seeking to demonstrate a low-carbon accord
Christmas trees at Westfield Sydney and Midsummer Place
And at The Gadget Show, Xmas footsteps not going to waste

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Pavegen is proving to be a popular hit
Ive got attitude and Im a prolific sales closer
But that doesnt turn me into just another poser

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Ill help to roll out your tiles double quick
Pavegen has won a shedload of top awards
Smart cities are the future we aim towards

Pavegens product range is to grow far beyond paving
Roadgen, Railgen, Doorgen, Shoegen, all energy saving
The possibility of this innovative tech is endless
With the world agreeing that it really is tremendous

Renewable energy and big data is all the rage
Loved by Steven Hawking, a well-known sage
The Internet of Things, 8 billion connected devices
The power of Pavegen will soon become priceless

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Unleash me for sales as Im the perfect fit
Pushing boundaries is in Laurences DNA
Pavegen is a dead cert to go all the way

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
I adore the Pavegen Education Kit
Clients and customers will flock to the Pavegen shop
Solar panels and wind turbines are facing the chop

16 tiles at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium
Better than being powered by uranium
Lets install Pavegen across Qatar before the World Cup
Using it to turn the Middle East into a sustainable energy hub

Laurence was the youngest delegate on the China Trade Mission
Conquering the Peoples Republic with tiles is a major ambition
David Cameron was delighted with Pavegens entrepreneurial king
The hosts felt impressed, everyone was won over in Beijing

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Business development is easy to get
Lighting an art project at Heathrow airport
Flying fast and high to become a global export

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Rio de Janeiros slums can be lit
Collective power from united communities in the favelas
Energy from footsteps is better than solar, wind, and gas

Ive compiled a multitude of prospects and leads
Planting the foundations of many sales seeds
Our future is sustainability in an urban setting
Saving the planet is Mother Natures betting

Pavegen technology will be installed across the globe
I am going to shout about it into everyones ear lobe
Safeguarding the planet one footstep at a time
The Earth only has one life, not a cats nine

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious this song is eliciting credit
Your HQ is near Kings Cross station in the heart of London
So throw me straight into Pavegens boiling sales cauldron

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious Im anything but apathetic
I will always be a loyal Pavegen brand advocate
I brazenly know that Im your best job candidate

Its true that I possess a host of people skills
Ill use this artful attribute to close lucrative deals
I can multi-task plus Ive got intense dedication
I will set your sales cycle into perpetual motion

Ive closed more contracts than you can imagine
Developing sales techniques which always win
Over the phone, via social media, and operating in the field
So I know that growing Pavegen is something which I can build

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious my sales targets will be hit
Calls, visits, events, social media, connecting with prospects all day
This is sure to bring in lots of new business for Pavegen along the way

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Youre a company where I can commit
Pavegen is definitely the worlds most exciting firm
Your amazing cleantech is here for the long-term

Lets talk about miles, or rather 26.2 of them to be very precise
Pounding 176 Pavegen tiles at the race climax as an energy device
Elite runners from all over the world and far beyond
Harvested renewable energy at the Paris Marathon

Pavegen helped launch the new Adidas Boost
An innovative running shoe that had me seduced
Showcased at the Santiago Marathon in Chile
Spectators powered screens on route, yes really

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Selling for Pavegen will feel sweet
Motivational messages gave runners a personal boost
Stopped them from flagging when they needed it most

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious my love of Pavegen runs deep
Selling tiles until reaching the finishing line
Turning the world into a Pavegen shrine

Generation Green at Westfield Stratford City
Included dancing by Jordan and Perri from Diversity
Shoppers jumped and danced on the tiles
Sustainability awareness soaring by miles

LED lights along a corridor in Terminal 3 at Heathrow
Powered by passengers passing through in a constant flow
The collaboration received the Ferrovial Innovation Award
Generating energy, footfall data, heat maps, all on board

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
More stations to declare a fossil fuel quit
St Omer train and West Ham tube are just the start
Turning transport hubs into ones which are smart

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Renaissance Works has been lit
Business centres and offices will follow their eco lead
The corporate world planting a renewable energy seed

Pavegen installed 200 tiles on a football pitch
Old energy giving way to a new energy switch
A unique solution for a cramped favela in Rio
The worlds slums can embrace a novel scenario

Pavegen Pitch was officially opened by soccer superstar Pele
Yes, the striker who turned the legs of defenders into jelly
He was super impressed with Laurences technology
This is a business model which loudly screams quality

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious that we should meet
Not working for you will feel like torture
Pavegen is helping to #MakeTheFuture

Hire me, hire me, you wont regret it
Its obvious I love an environment thats hectic
Hire me for selling the innovative Pavegen technology and tiles
Oh, come on Laurence, I really am the perfect chap by miles

As I bring this song for Pavegen to a definitive close
Ill carry on stepping across your tiles with my soles
I would be proud to serve as part of your crack team
To power Pavegen into a mean lean sales machine